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Barbara Jean TWEDT

Псевдоним: "Barbara Jean Zinn", "Barbara Jean Kearney", "Barbara Jean Dumas", "Barb", "BJ Spencer (comic)"
Место жительства:: The Villages, FL, United States
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Minneapolis, Hennipen, MN, United States (США)
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь Egil Eugene Twedt и Mary Ann Craig
Жена Private
Мать Private User и Private
Сестра Private
Неполнородная сестра Private

Профессия: Disabled - retired
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      ex-husband's child
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      father's ex-spouse

About Barbara Jean TWEDT

Went to high school at Patrick Henry in Minneapolis, MN. Graduated in 1975. While in college at the Univ of MN Twin Cities Campus, was a member of the Army ROTC program - Platoon Sargent. Was hit by a Mack truck while driving my car on Nov. 2, 1996. In a coma for a month. In a wheelchair since can't use my right arm/hand, and have a hard time talking. Was Road Manager for Australian Dwarf Tossing in late 1980's, did Stand-up Comedy for 7 years (until I was hit) 1989-1996 (used a stage name of B.J. Spencer, Spencer out the respect of my Grandmother), and studied both long and short form of improvisation. Watch me at: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWnSRlsavAk]


I'm so glad to be a member of Geni.com, finding out that I come from a long line of strong people. There were Vikings and Knights Templar's. I've noticed the last few months with lock-downs, social distancing, gaining 10 lbs from not going anywhere and eating anything in sight I've been feeling weak. I've been remembering my great grandparents, aunt/uncles, and cousins and strong they were under more severe conditions. So when I'm using my wheelchair or walker around the house in my mind I tell myself I'm strong. And I'm starting feel strong again like before the CCP Pandemic started.

So thank you Geni.com and everyone that contributes to it for saving one person from being weak.

Father - Egil Eugene TWEDT Mother - Mary Ann CRAIG and sister Mary Ann TWEDT.

Thomas Moore KEARNEY is on Geni.com as Tom KEARNEY