Bartherus, King of the Franks (Fictitious Person)

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Geni профиль Bartherus, King of the Franks (Fictitious Person)

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Batherus, roi des Francs

Псевдоним: "Baltaire", "Balterus", "Bartherus", "Bartherius", "Battaire", "Bertherus", "Bartherus "Roi des Francs""
Дата рождения:
Смерть: Умер
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Childéric, King of the Franks (Fictitious Person) и N.N.
Муж N.N.
Отец Chlodius III, King of the Sicambrian Franks (Fictitious Person)
Брат Clodius I King Of The West Franks, King of the West Franks и Dagobert

Профессия: King of the Franks, Roi des Sicambres, Roi des Francs, ABT 0238 - 0272, ruled from 253, King of East Franks, Koning van de Franken (253), roi des Sicambres, Chief of the Sicambrian Franks, Raized Aragon Led armies into Italy, roi des Francs
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About Bartherus, King of the Franks (Fictitious Person)

born: 180 or 190 or 205 or 238 or 250

died 272 or 282

Bartherus King of the Franks

Born : Abt. 238

Died : 272

Ruled from 253

Father Hilderic King of the Franks


Marriage ?

Children Bef 264 - Clodius III King of the Franks

Forrás / Source:

Born : Omk 0238

Kung Bartherus av Frankerna

Blev ca 34 år.

Far: Kung Hilderic av Frankerna (212 - 253)

Född: omkring 238

Död: 272


Familj med ?


Clodius III av Frankerna (264 - 298)




b. 205 A.D.; d. 272 A.D.

One son is recorded: Clodius, b. 230 A.D.


Note: The Franks and Germans spoiled Italy as far as Ravenna, 264, and razed a town of Arragon to the ground, 267. The King reigned nineteen yearsin the reign of Aurelian, the Emperor.

Bartherus, King Of The Franks

238 - 272

◦King of The Franks, reigned 19 years. † death 0272.·Died in the reign of Emperor Aurelian (270-275). event 0264.·with a Frank and German army which ravaged Italy as far south as Ravenna birth 0238. event 0267.·responsible for the razing of the town of Arragon to the ground

Name: Bartherus King Of Franks Given Name: Bartherus Suffix: King Of Franks Sex: M Birth: ABT 0197 Death: 0272 _UID: 8781BC6BFF1D2443921516BAEBA24BA8A9C5 Change Date: 27 Dec 2007 at 03:00:00

Father: Hilderic King Of Franks b: ABT 0177

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


   Has Children Clodius III King Of Franks b: ABT 0217