Bilé mac Breoghain, King of Galicia

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Bilé mac Breoghain, King of Galicia

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Spain
Смерть: Умер в Galicia, Spain
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Breoghan, King of Galicia и NN . daughter of Breoghan, of Galicia
Муж Baun of Galicia
Отец Milesius Galamh King of Ireland, King of Braganza, Spain и Ithe
Брат Ithe

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About Bilé mac Breoghain, King of Galicia

Breoghan (or Brigus) was king of Galicia, Andalusia, Murcia, Castile, and Portugal—all of which he conquered. He built Breoghan's Tower or Brigantia in Galicia, and the city of Brigantia or Braganza in Portugal—called after him; and the kingdom of Castile was then also called after him Brigia. It is considered that "Castile" itself was so called from the figure of a castle which Brigus bore for his Arms on his banner. Brigus sent a colony into Britain, who settled in that territory now known as teh counties of York, Lancaster, Durham, Westmoreland, and Cumberland, and, after him were called Brigantes; whose posterity gave formidable opposition to the Romans, at the time of the Roman invasion of Britain.

He is listed as an Ancient Irish King by a merged profile, but he is not in the list of High Kings of Ireland because he was a Celtic king originating from the Iberian Peninsula of Spain and a branch moved to Ireland. He is a descendant of Mohammed the Prophet and Ramses II Pharaoh of Egypt from an inter-marriage of Celtic Iberian royal line to a Moorish royal lineage during the 700 year occupation of Spain by Arabs.

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Bilé King of Galicia

Father: Breoghan (Brigus) King of Galicia

Misc. Notes Bilé; was king of those countries after his father's death; and his son Galamh [galav] or Milesius succeeded him. This Bilé had a brother named Ithe.

Part II of Irish Pedigrees, or The origin and stem of the Irish nation, by John O'Hart, published 1892, pages 44-55

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Хронология Bilé mac Breoghain, King of Galicia

Возраст 60
Galicia, Spain