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About Caleb Kimball

Caleb Kimball(2), in Kimball, Judith A. The History of the Kimball Family in America. (Kittery, Maine: Kimball Family Association, 1988), 36-37.

Caleb Kimball(2) (Richard(1)) was born in Ipswich, MA, in 1639. He resided in Ipswich and died in 1682. He was a prosperous farmer and owned at different times many tracts of land. … An inventory of his estate was taken 23 Sep 1682.



Category: Ipswich, Massachusetts

Biography ==Caleb Kimbal (or Kimball) was born in Ipswich, in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, in 1639. He was the son of Richard Kimball I and Ursula Scott of Rattlesden, Suffolk, England. <ref name=GMIV>Anderson, Robert C. Richard Kimball in: The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Volume IV, I-L, NEHGS, Boston, Massachusetts, 2005 p. 154-60 (Online database. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2008.) </ref> <ref name=KimHist>Morrison, Leonard Allison and Stephen Paschall Sharples. History of the Kimball family in America from 1634 to 1897 and of its ancestors the Kemballs or Kemboldes of England : with an account of the Kembles of Boston, Massachusetts Damrell & Upham, Boston, Massachusetts, 1897 p. 44: 46: 63-4 </ref>

His parents emigrated to Ipswich aboard the Elizabeth in 1634, with six children. Caleb was their first child born in New England. <refname=GMIV /> His father Richard, in his will written on March 4, 1674/5, left Calebland called 'Ting's lot, all my land at Wattell's neck', his marsh 'at the hundreds called Wiatt's marsh', his working tools excepting two axes, and 14L to be equally divided amongst Caleb's seven children. <ref name=GMIV /> Caleb married Anna Hazeltine, on November 7, 1660, in Ipswich. <ref name=GMIV /> <ref name=IpsVR /> <ref>Citing court records: Massachusetts Vital Records Project, Ipswich - Marriages, p. 253(accessed 30 Aug 2017)</ref> Anna was born at Rowley, Massachusetts on April 1, 1641/2 [1: 2m: 1641] <ref name=RowlVR /> the daughter of Robert and Ann (unk) Hazeltine. She was a sister of his Caleb's brother Benjamin's wife. <ref name=KimHist /> In Robert Hazeltine's will proved in September, 1674, he left bequeststo his daughter Anna, and his grand daughter Anna Kimball, daughter of Caleb Kimball, among others. <ref>Case 12686: p. 1-5: Essex County,MA: Probate File Papers, 1638-1881, Online database. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2014. (From records supplied by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives.) </ref><ref>Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, Volume 5, 1672-1674. The Essex Institute, Salem, Massachusetts, 1916 p. 385</ref> Caleb resided in Ipswich where he was prosperous farmer and owned at different times many tracts of land. <ref name=KimHist />

Caleb died at Ipswich in 1682. <ref name=KimHist /> <ref name=Prob /> His estate was inventoried on September 23, 1682, widow Hannah was administratrix. The estate was valued at L560 12s, with his homestead being assessed at L120, and other land holdings at 214L.<ref name=Prob>Case 15529: p.1-4>Essex County, MA: Probate File Papers, 1638-1881, Online database. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2014. (From records supplied by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives.) </ref> His inventory also included eighteen head of cattle, twenty-three sheep, ten swine, and three horses. <ref name=KimHist /> His widow was granted a portion of L98, 15s 4d, and the remainder in her charge until the sons came of age (21) and the daughters reached age 18 or married. * eldest son Caleb Jr. to have a double portion of L98, 15s 4d

  • sons Robert and Benjamin Kimball, L 49 15s 8 d each* daughters Anna, Elizabeth, Abigail, Mary and Sarah L 49 15s 8 d each <ref name=Prob />

Widow Anna died at Ipswich on April 9, 1688. <ref name=IpsVR /> <ref name=KimHist /> She died intestate, and eldest son Caleb provided herinventory, assesses at L479 14s 3d, on September 14, 1688as administrator. <ref>Case 1651:p. 1-7: Suffolk County, MA: Probate File Papers, .Online database. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2017. (From records supplied by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives. Digitized mages provided by </ref>

Children ==# Caleb Jr. born on September 8, 1662 ; died on February 4, 1736; married first, Lucy Edward on November 23, 1685 who died August 13, 1714;married second Elizabeth Rindge(intentions published May 21,1715); married third Hannah (___), who died January 3, 1721; married fourth April 14, 1722 Mary Burley, who died November 23, 1743. <ref name=IpsVR/> <ref name=KimHist /># Anna or Hannah born on December 11, 1664 <ref name=IpsVR />; married Christopher Martin of Bradford. <ref name=KimHist /># Elizabeth born on September 8, 1666; died in August, 1728; married Jeremiah Jewett on January 4, 1687. <ref name=IpsVR /> <ref name=KimHist /># Abigail born in July 1668; died May 30, 1755; married Nathaniel Adams in January, 1693. <ref name=IpsVR /> <ref name=KimHist /># Mary born c 1671; married Thomas Potter on June 16, 1696. <ref name=IpsVR /> <ref name=KimHist /> <ref>Potter Charles Edward. Genealogies of the Potter Families and Their Descendants in America to the Present Generation : with historical and biographical sketches, Alfred Mudge & Son, Boston, Massachusetts, p. 1</ref># Robert born c 1674; died in England, June 27, 1703; married Alice Norton on October 23, 1699. <ref name=IpsVR /> <ref name=KimHist /> # Abraham born June 29, 1676 <ref name=IpsVR /> <ref name=KimHist /> ;died by September, 1682, as he is not mentioned in the distribution of his father's estate. <ref name=Prob /># Benjamin born on March 27, 1678 <ref name=IpsVR />; died unmarried in 1704, leaving part of his estate to his sister Sarah. <ref name=KimHist /># Sarah born on May 19, 1681; died on April 1, 1738; married Joseph Fellows on December 17, 1701. <ref name=IpsVR /> <ref name=KimHist />#Richard born ___; died on April 10 1678. <ref name=IpsVR /> <ref name=KimHist />

Research notes

Ipswich Births : Kimball, Caleb, s. Caleb, Sept. 8, 1662. CTR (p. 214) : Kemball, Anah, d. Caleb, Dec. 11, 1664. CTR (p. 212) : Kimball, Elizabeth, d. Caleb, Sept. 8, 1666. CTR (p. 215) : Kimball, Abygaill, d. Caleb, July ––, 1668. CTR (p. 214) : Kimball, Abraham, d. Caleb, June 29, 1676. CTR (p. 214) : Kimball, Benjamin, s. Caleb, Mar. 27, 1678. CTR (p. 214) : Kimball, Sarah, d. Caleb, May 19, 1681. CTR Ipswich Marriages : KIMBALL, Caleb, and Anna Haseltine, Nov. 7, 1660. CTR (V.2 p. 253) : Kimball, Abigail, and Nathaniell Adams, Jan. ––, 1693. (p. 252) : Kimbole, Caleb, and Luce Edwards, Nov. 23, 1685. (p. 257) : Kimball, Mary, and Thomas Potter, June 16, 1696. (p. 255) : Kimball, Robert, and Alice Norton, Oct. 25, 1699. (p. 256) : Kimball, Caleb, and Elizabeth Ringe, int. May 21, 1715. (p. 253): Kimball, Caleb, Sergt., and wid. Mary Birdley, int. Apr. 14, 1722. (p. 253) : Kimball, Sarah, and Joseph Fellowes, Dec. 17, 1701. (p. 257) Ipswich Deaths : KIMBOLE (Kimball), Anna, wid., Apr. 9, 1688. (V. 2 p. 605) : Kimball, Richard, s. Caleb, Apr. 10, 1678. CTR (p. 604) : Kimball, Robert, in England June 27, 1703. (p. 604) : Kimball, Lucey, w. Caleb, Aug. 13, 1714, a. 47 y. GR1 (p. 603) : Kimball, Hannah, w. Sergt. Caleb, Jan. 3, 1721-2. (p. 602) : Kimball, Caleb, Sergt., Feb. 4, 1736. (p. 602) : Jewett, Elizabeth, w. Jeremiah, Aug. ––, 1728. (p. 596): Fellows, Sarah, w. Joseph, Apr. 1, 1738, a. 56 y. 10 m. 12 d. (p. 533) : Adams, Abigail, wid., May 30, 1755. (p. 476)<ref name=IpsVR> Vital Records of Ipswich Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849, The EssexInstitute, Salem, Massachusetts, 1928</ref> Rowley Births: Haseltine, Anna, d. Robert and An, 1: 2m: 1641. (p. 90) <ref name=RowlVR> Vital Records of Rowley Massachusetts to the End of the Year 1849, The Essex Institute, Salem, Massachusetts, 1910</ref>



See also:* Davis, Walter Goodwin. The Ancestry of Phoebe Tilton, 1775-1847, Wife of Capt. Abel Lunt of Newburyport, Massachusetts. Anthoensen Press,Portland, Maine, 1847 p. 111-3* Cutter, Richard W. Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, Volume 3, Lewis Historical Publ. Co., Boston, Massachusetts,1908


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Caleb Kimball's Timeline

Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts
September 8, 1662
Age 23
Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts
December 11, 1664
Age 25
Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
December 11, 1664
Age 25
Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States
August 8, 1666
Age 27
Ipswich, Essex County, Province of Massachusetts
July 1668
Age 29
Age 31
Ipswich, Essex Co., MA, United States
Age 32
Ipswich, Essex Co., MA, United States
Age 35
Ipswich, Essex Co., MA, United States