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About Captain Henry C. Coate

Was an Army officer during the War of 1812 as recorded in the "Register of the General Society of the War of 1812".

Two of Henry's wives were sisters. There names are verified in deed records in Newberry Co., South Carolina. Betsy signed her name on them when Henry sold land in 1805. Polly signed her name on them when Henry sold land from 1808 onward. He had apparently posted a 1000 dollar bond for Betsy's father, and when she died, it almost appears that Mr. Long was obligated to give another daughter to Henry as a wife.

Henry, his wives, and all his children were apparently Quakers as they are listed in Medlin's, [UL:Quaker Families of South Carolina and Georgia:UL]. It is entirely possible that Henry was married to a Mary previous to these two Long sisters. I say this because a Henry Coate purchased land in 1793 next to "Little" John Coate on Scotts Creek and he had a wife listed as Mary when he sold that same land in 1794. Currently though, it is believed that the Henry Coate who married Mary was the one in the SC area married to Mary "Molly" Pitts. (C-1895a-d, 2234, 2296)

Henry was the second postmaster for the District of Newberry starting on Jan. 3, 1799. At the time, the town consisted of only a courthouse, jail, post office, three or so homes, and a couple of taverns and stores . He is in the Newberry County court records in 1789 and 1796 as being sued for falsely imprisoning someone, but the case was dropped both times as an unjust accusation (at least that's how I decifered the strange court wording of the cases, C-1531).

Henry was Sheriff John Speak's deputy elected about Dec. of 1800. The Deputy Sheriff conducted most of the business of the Sheriff's office and was a highly respected citizen. In 1802, Henry had the difficult duty of hanging the first convicted horse thief at Newberry, SC; William Tate, alias "Tonnyhill". He was also the deputy of Sheriff Long in 1807.

Henry commanded the Calvary for many years which was originally raised by Craig and Frederick Nance. He was also the durrogate of the Ordinary, Samuel Lindsay, Esq. when Lindsay became paralized in his right arm and lost his ability to speak until his resignation in Nov. 1815. (C-1074, 1527)

His marriages were one of the few recorded in the courthouse during this early time period. They are transcribed here from the Old Newberry District Quarterly Vol.4 No. 2 1995 p38-40 via Gary W. Coats of Portland, Oregon.

South Carolina

Newberry District

Know all men by these presents that we Henry Coate and Benjamin Long----are holden and firmly bound unto Samuel Lindsey Esquire, Ordinary for the District of Newberry or pricinct in the full and just sum of One Thousand Dollars, to be paid to the said Samuel Lindsey or to his successors ordinarys of this District to which paynment will and truly to be made. We bind ourselves and every of us, our and every of our heirs, executors and administrators and either of them in the whole, and for the whole jointly and severally, firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated the twenth Seventh Day of January in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and three and in the Twenty Seventh year of American Independence.

The condition of the above obligation is such that here as the said Samuel Lindsey hath this day under his hand and seal Licensed the Reverend Mr. John Boulger, to join in the holy state of Matrimony the above bounden Henry Coate to Miss Betsey Long--Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage and that the said Henry Coate and Benjamin Long---or either of them, their or either of their heirs executors or administrators, or any of them, do well and truly save and keep harmless the said Samuel Lindsey and all other persons whatsoever, as well in executing, as granting the said License, against all other Persons whatsoever, then this obligation to be void, or else to be and remain in full force and virtue---

Sealed and delivered Henry Coates -LS-

in the presence of Benjamin Long -LS-

Samuel. Lindsey

Written on back

Henry Coateses Bond---recorded in Will Book C page (460)

South Carolina

Newberry District

Samuel Lindsey ORdinary

for the District of Newberry

By Samuel Lindsey Esquire Ordinary

To the Reverend Mr. John Boulger

You may join in the Holy State of Matrimony Capt'n Henry Coate Esquire of the District of Newberry and State aforesaid of the One Part and Elizabeth Betsey Long (Daughter of Capt'n Benjamin Long Esq'r) of the District and State aforesaid, of the other part, provided you know of no reasonable cause to obstruct the same and for so doing this shall be your sufficient licence. Given under my hand and seal this Twenty Seventh day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and three, and in the Twenty Seventh year of the American Independence.

(Written on back) This is to certify that agreable to the tenor of the within Licence I have consistent with the Constitution of the United States married the within mentioned parties this Jan'y 30th Anno 1803. J.C. Boulger Marriage Licese for Capt'n. Henry Coate and Miss Elizabeth Betsey Long---exhibit A. Recorded in Will Book C page 461.

South Carolina

Newberry District(under seal)

Samuel Lindsey

O.N. District

By Samuel Lindsey Esquire Ordinary of the District of Newberry aforesaid.

To the Reverend John Boulger

You may join in the Holy State of Matrimony Capt. Henry Coate Esquire, of the District of Newberry & State aforesaid of the one part and Polly Long, Daughter of Major Benjamin Long Esquire of the other part. Provided you know of no Reasonable Cause to obstruct the same: And for so doing this shall be your sufficient License, given under my hand and seal this Ninth day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and eight and in the Thirty second year of American Independence.

This is to Certify that agreable to the tenor of the within License I have united in the Holy Estate of Matrimony the within mention'd parties--January 10th 1808. J.C. Bolger V.L.M.

(Written on back) Capt'n Henry Coate Marriage License---exhibit H

By 1820, he seems to have fallen out of favor with his in-laws. They brought a suit against him at that point in time. Here is a transcribed copy of another suit brought against him in 1825. "Newberry County Equity Court Records LDS # 24, 134 1825, No. 12, Young I. Harrington and James Farnandis v Henry Coat - Bill for Appropriate Relief - filed May 3, 1825 South Carolina - Henry Coats! You are required to appear in the court of equity for Newberry district at ? hours, on the tenth day after ? ? to answer a certain bill herein filed against you by Younge I. Harrington and James Franandis to perform such ? as the said court may pronounce in the proceeding. And you are required to file your plea, answer or demurer to the complaint (Bill) within thrity days after that fixed for your appearance as aforesaid; in default whereof, the said bill ? taken as complained and an attachment ? ? and against you. Witness F. B. Higgins, commission of said court at Newberry Court House, the third day of May the year of Our Lord eighteen hundred and twenty five and forty ninth of the anniversary ? of the United States of America Signed - F. B. Higgins South Carolina, Newberry District - In the court of equity To the chancillors of the said state, ? Young I. Harrington and James Farnandis would shew, That in 1815 having entered into ? in merchandise, by the style of Harrington and Farnandis, ?, a lot from Hencry Coate, in the village of Newberry which lot was then unimproved, but by them built on and at present rented from the said Coate by A.L. Gilbert. That by the terms of the said has - they were to have the ? ? of the said lot for eight years commencing on the fist of January 1816 and was to pay for the same by erecting a brick store house, which they did and which is the one now occupied as a store by the said A. L. Gilbert. That by the said has - they were not ? to erect any other building. That more the less for their own convenience, they did erect during the time a larger and valuable warehouse of wood, which they was about removing at the experation of the said has - when the said Coate expressed that if they would sell it to him and let it remain on the said lot, he would pay ? give them by not, payable in one year, for two thirds of what two merchanices to be chosen by the domplainants and his Y should value it at. That accordingly they did confiding in his said promise, they did pursuit the said warehouse to reamin on his lot, when they deliverd him possession, at the expiration of their leas and he has rented it out yearly ? ? along with the other buildings on the the said lot and has received and continues to receive valuable rent for it. That he and they according to their agreement has - the late George Sheppart and William Abney, ? on the sixth of ? 1824 valued the said warehouse at ? thrity four dollars and eighty-six cents as appraised by them ? ? filed and was ? (the last couple of lines are just to dark to read from the photocopy) said contract and the said valuation ? Wherefore they pray that he may be compelled to answer this bill; and to pay them for the said warehouse with interest, or give them (lien?) not iwth interest against ? the said contract: or to allow them quietly and ? to enter the said lot at a time convenient to them and remove the said building and account to them for the rents and profits thereof: and that the court would grant them such other relief as the court may entith them to in equity: to which said they pray the writ of suppoena may be ? directed to him and urging him to appear and in this court to answer this bill and to ? ? shew of the court in the promises Oneall and Harrington, comp ? _____________________________ Exhibit A - Bill Small scantling 592 fee at 2.? = 14.80 larger do - 880 do at 3.? = 26.40 1466 feet weatherboarding at .75 = 10.99 1072 do cieling at 1.00 = 10.72 300 do - partition at 1.25 = 3.75 880 do - floor - at 1.00 = 8.80 5720 shingles - 11.87 968 feet sheeting - .75 = 7.28 10 square framing wall at 1.50 = 15.00 11 square weatherboarding at 1.00 = 11.00 9 48/100 framing roof at 1.50 = 14.52 9 48/100 shingling at 2.25 = 13.80 13 20/100 framing ? and sleeper 1.50 = 19.80 8 32/100 cieling at 2.50 = 20,80 2 25/100 partition do - 3.00 = 6.75 3 60/100 flooring square joint at 3.00 = 10.80 3 sqr do - ruff laid = 1.00 3 door locks and hanging at 3.00 = 9.00 52 light sash and ? at 18.3/4 = 9.75 3 shutters at 75 = 2.25 Total = 230.05 46 pans of glap in windows at 12.? = 5.75 Total = 235.81 We haveing been called on to value a house purchased by Henry Coate, Esquire from Harrington and Farnandis, as it now stands on the lot of said Coate, have valued the same as above to two hundred and thrity five dollars eighty one cents - Aug. 6th, 1824 (can't quite make this name out) George ? ________________________________ transcribed by Charlotte Coats 4/9/00 (that's almost a hundred years after this was filed)"

He had some other unusual court transactions before his death, and then died without a will. The Sheriff sold off his estate. It lists quite a number of slaves and land. The items on this list include calico, homespun, combs, sugar, tobacco, and toward the end Rum and Whiskey. He had a walnut coffin made with a raised or raising lid and was buried somewhere in Newberry County. Son John Coates is the only child mentioned in the transaction. (Charlotte Coats Siercks)

According to Summer's Book, "Captain Henry Coate (son of "Little John" ), died January, 1828, and left widow, Polly (Long) Coate, and children Amelia (wife of John Lindsey), Elizabeth (wife of William G. Nance who died just before death of her father), John, James M., George R., Benjamin F., Amanda (she married Benjamin Cochran) William H., and Barbara. Benjamin F. and Amanda Cochran moved to Richmond , Va. Amelia Lindsey was the only child by his first

marriage to Elizabeth Long. The widow, Polly, afterwards married John Gaskins, and descendants moved to MS." 5

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