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John Carter, Sr.

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Смерть: Умер в Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Место погребения: Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Thomas "the Blacksmith" Carter, of Charlestown и Mary Carter
Муж Elizabeth Carter и Elizabeth Carter
Отец Anna Carter; Elizabeth Carter; Mary Fowle; Abigail Stone; Hannah Converse и ещё 1
Брат Joseph Carter; Thomas Carter, Jr.; Samuel Carter; Mary Brinsmead (Carter); Hannah Brown и ещё 1

Профессия: Captain
Менеджер: Private User
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Ближайшие родственники

About Capt. John Carter

1st Burial Ground, Woburn, Middlesex, MA [S174] [S123] [S91]

"Here lyes ye body of Cap't. John Carter aged about 76 years, deceased

ye 14 of September 1692"


"Here lyes ye body of Cap't. John Carter aged about 76 years, deceased ye 14 of September 1692"

John Carter was usually distinguished on Woburn town records as "Captai n John" or "the Captain." John Carter came to this country with his fa ther, and at maturity, settled at Charlestown, in an area called Charle stown Village, which was later called Woburn. Here he received land nea r the Mystic River in 1640.

1640 Dec. 8 : John Carter, John Tidd, Frances Kendall and others atten ded a special meeting to draw up and sign the "Town Orders," or the law s of the town as they were called.

1644 May 29 : Together with his brother-in-law, William Greene, Thomas t ook an oath to become a freeman, thus proving membership in the church, a nd giving him the right to vote on civic matters.

1653 : From this date on, John became involved in several controversie s. In a Court judgment this same year, records show that John Carter w as cited for; "stubbornness & rebellion agst his master, shalbe openly a nd severely whipped at Woborne, not exceeding ten stripes."

In another controversy in 1658, John, with his friend Edward Johnson, h ad a dispute over land boundaries with Thomas Dutton, which led to the t hree asking the General Court for a ruling. On Nov. 12, 1659, the court r uled that Mr. Dutton should pay Ensign Carter £ 3, 2s, 4d from a previo us trial and that £6 for the committee's hearings should be divided amo ng the three men. Also that: "lastly. Wee agree, that, whereas Thomas D utton hath clamorously abused Ensigne John Carter, calling him theefe & l jar, and in saying the said Carter hath stolne the childerns land, he, t he said Dutton, the next Lords day, in a full meeting, doe then and the re acknowledge that he hath wrongfully abused the sajd Carter, which he r efusing, wee judge that he pay vnto the sajd Carter the some of ten pou nds starling, at or before the twentieth of the next December after the d ate hereof."

This ruling caused further problems for John, as Thomas Dutton and a Mr . Gardner made the statement that John Carter had slandered his friend, E dward Johnson, who had drawn up a lease for Dutton, saying it was "knav ishly drawn oor knavishly intended," also that the town records "were n ot worth a straw." (Johnson was the town secretary or recorder.) This r esulted in Johnson starting a law-suite against John on Dec. 10, 1658. F rances Kendall acted as a witness for John and Edward Converse, a frien d of Edward Johnson's, came on his behalf, but agreed with John as to t he shape of the town records. The jury found John guilty and should "b oth publicly and solnly in front of the military company at Woburn, upo n their next training day, in the former part of the day as soon as the c lerk of the band hath called over the list, shall make this following a cknowledgment in these following words,"

"I, John Carter do acknowledge that I have wronged, slandered and defam ed Capt. Edw" Johnson in saying that he did falsify the Town Records, f or which I am sorrowful."

The ruling goes on to say that if the terms were not met, John was to p ay Johnson five pounds and court costs. (John served under Johnson as a l ieutenant in the same military company.)

1668 Sept. : John Carter and Edward Johnson sat on a committee to make a d ivision of timber and woodlands among the proprietors. For this service , they were each granted land.

1669 Feb. 22 : John sat on a jury of inquest, appointed to look into t he accidental death of Samuel Converse. Samuel had been caught in the w heel of the gristmill he and his brothers had inherited from their fath er, Edward Converse, of this genealogy.

1670 : John Carter, Ruth Blodgett and Mary Kendall (wife of Frances), s at as witnesses on a case involving a child of Joseph Wright and his in volvement with the Anabaptist's. Because the child was born deformed, t he Puritans, for favoring the Baptist religion regarded it as the Lords p unishment.

1672 May 15 : On this date, the General Court ruled that John's son-in -law, James Converse, should be appointed a ensign and that John should b ecome a Captain in the Woburn Military Company, filling the vacancy lef t by the death of Capt. Edward Johnson.

1674 March 11 : The selectmen of the town, including Frances Kendall a nd John Carter, agreed that any member of their council that was late f or the meetings held at 9: A.M. should be fined three shillings. The fi rst fine was paid at the next meeting by Capt. John Carter, for the amo unt of six pence for being about one hour late, it was not long before F rances Kendall (of this genealogy) paid the same fine.

1675 Dec.: During the King Philip War, Company 5 of the Massachusetts R egiment, was made up in part of Woburn men, including Capt. John Carter a nd Ensign James Converse. They marched to Rhode Island on Dec. 19 and t he next day fought in the notorious "Great Swamp Fight."

1677 Dec. : "Capt. John Carter and Lt. Wm. Johnson are allowed ten shil lings each, costs for attending the Courts to give evidence against the A nna Baptists."

Capt. John Carter drew up and signed his will on June 15, 1691, which w as very extensive, naming son John as executor. After bequeathing five h undred acres in Quinebaug into five equal parts, his estate was still i nventoried, at £1,020, of which was divided into five parts that son Jo hn received two of and the remainder went to sons-in-laws Peter Fowle, J ames Converse and to daughter Abigail. He had an undated Codicil, ment ioning his second wife Elizabeth.

John Carter is buried in the old burying-ground, Park Street, Wob urn. His grave marker is inscribed as:

Here lyes

Ye body of

Capt. John Carter

Aged about 76 years

Deceased ye 14th day of

September, 1692

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Хронология Capt. John Carter

Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Возраст 25
Woburn, Middlesex, MA
8 август 1645
Возраст 27
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
8 март 1646
Возраст 28
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
21 апреля 1648
Возраст 30
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
19 января 1650
Возраст 32
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
6 февраля 1653
Возраст 35
Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Bay Colony
14 сентября 1692
Возраст 74
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts