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William Gwin

生日 (83)
出生地 Orange County, Province of North Carolina
逝世 1829年1月27日 (79-87)
Sumner County, Tennessee, United States
葬于 Sumner County, Tennessee, United States

Mordecai GwinElizabeth Gwin之子
Hannah Gwin的丈夫
Colonel Edward Gwin; Sarah Howell; Elizabeth Hamilton; Jane Hamilton; Mary Gwin另外4个的兄弟

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About Captain William Gwin

Captain in the American Revolution. DAR Ancestor #: A048742

Ben M. Angel notes: Lifespan information taken from grave indicates that the years of birth and death are 1746 and 1829 (gravestone says died AD 1829, aged 83 years).

From John Gwin's "Gwin Genealogy" page (section: An Outline of the Known Family):

22.01--William Gwin, Capt.,

  • b. ca. 1744 in Orange Co., NC;
  • d. 27 Jan 1827 in Sumner Co., TN, age 83;
  • bd. Ellis Cem., Sumner Co., TN--stone gives age, not DOB;
  • m. 7 May 1782 in Orange Co., NC, to Hannah McCombe (b. ca. 1756 in Orange Co., NC; d. Apr 1841 in Sumner Co., TN [age 82]; bd. Ellis Cem., Sumner Co., TN--stone gives age, not DOB);
  • 7 ch. listed in the paperwork Hannah filed for a widow's pension.

23.01--Sarah "Sally" Gwin,

  • b. 19 Feb 1783 in Orange Co., NC;
  • d. unk.;
  • bd. unk.;
  • m. 14 Jun 1803 in Sumner Co., TN, to Jeremiah Murphy (b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.);
  • unk. ch.

23.02--Jesse Gwin,

  • b. 9 Jan 1785 in Orange Co., NC;
  • d. 1803 in Sumner Co., TN, age 19;
  • bd. Ellis Cem., Sumner Co., TN;
  • m. unk.;
  • unk. ch.

23.03--William Gwin, Jr.,

  • b. 12 Mar 1787 in Orange Co., NC;
  • d. unk.;
  • bd. unk.;
  • m. Elizabeth (nee unk., b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. Ellis Cem., Sumner Co., TN);
  • unk. ch.

23.04--Elizabeth Gwin,

  • b. 3 Sep 1789 in Orange Co., NC;
  • d. unk.;
  • bd. unk.;
  • m. 24 Dec 1817 in Sumner Co., TN, to Benjamin Wilkerson (b. unk.; d. unk.; bd. unk.);
  • unk. ch.

23.05--John Gwin,

  • b. 15 Jun 1792 in Orange Co., NC;
  • d. 1819 in Sumner Co., TN;
  • bd. unk.;
  • m. unk.;
  • unk. ch.

23.06--Ezekiel Gwin,

  • b. 22 Mar 1794 in Orange Co., NC;
  • moved to White Co., AR;
  • d. unk.;
  • bd. unk.;
  • m. unk.;
  • unk. ch.

23.07--James Gwin, Jr.,

  • b. 14 Jul 1797 in Orange Co., NC;
  • listed as James "Gwynne" in census;
  • d. unk.;
  • bd. unk.;
  • m. unk.;
  • unk. ch.


[Joyce Hornback Note, Jan 2011: William Rolling Quin is not the same person as William Gwin. William Rolling Quin comes from one of the families in VA.]


William Gwin

  • was born in 1744, where unknown, and
  • died Jan 27, 1827 in Sumner Co, TN, age 83.
  • William married Hannah McComb on May 7, 1783 in Orange Co NC. Hannah was born abt 1756 in Orange Co NC and died April 1841 in Sumner Co TN, age 82.
  • They are both buried in the Ellis Cemetery there in Sumner Co TN.
  • William and Hannah were the parents of 7 children, 5 boys and 2 girls.
    • 1. Sarah "Sally" Gwin
      • b. Feb 19, 1783 Orange Co NC,
      • mar Jeremiah Murphy June 14, 1803 Sumner Co TN -
    • 2. Jesse Gwin
      • b Jan 09 1785 Orange Co NC
      • d. 1803 Sumner Co TN age 19
      • buried in the Ellis Cemetery. -
    • 3. William Gwin, Jr.
      • b. Mar 12, 1787 Orange Co NC
      • mar Elizabeth ? Elizabeth is buried in the Ellis Cemetery.
    • 4. Elizabeth Gwin
      • b. Sep 03, 1789 Orange Co NC
      • m Benjamin Wilkerson Dec 24, 1817 Sumner Co TN -
    • 5. John Gwin
      • b. June 15, 1792 Orange Co NC
      • d. 1819 Sumner Co TN -
    • 6. Ezekiel Gwin
      • b. Mar 22, 1794 Orange Co NC.
      • moved to White Co Ark. -
    • 7. James Gwin, Jr.
      • b. July 14, 1797 born Sumner Co TN.
      • On the census record you will find him listed as James Gwynne.

Most of this information comes from Hannah McComb's Bible record.

Joyce Hornback, Gwin Genforum #570, June 2010

William Gwin's military history from: Guilford-Orange County NcArchives Military Records.....Gwinn Or Quinn, William - Revwar - Pension

File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by:

Nancy Poquette June 18, 2006, 2:35 pm

Constructed History Of Captain William Gwinn Or Quinn

LUDWICK ALBRIGHT-“And the said Elizabeth Albright further states upon her said oath that she has reason to believe, and does believe, that in the summer of the year of 1781, there was a draft for militia men to serve a three months tour of duty, when her deceased husband, the aforesaid LUDWICK ALBRIGHT was drafted for said tour. In this tour, WILLIAM GWINN was Captain, O’NEAL- Major, and JNO. BUTLER-Brigadier General. My deceased husband in this tour was under ROBERT MEBANE as Colonel, part of the tour, and was in the engagement at Lindley Mills [per Heitman, September 13, 1781], in the month of September, of the aforesaid year of 1781. That at the expiration of said tour, which was of three months duration, my deceased husband was duly discharged by Captain GWINN and returned home. This tour is proven by the affiant JOHN STRADER, whose affidavit is hereto annexed and marked D.”

JOHN STRADER maketh oath that he was very well acquainted with the late LUDWICK ALBRIGHT. The deponent, as a private soldier in the summer of 1781, was drafted into the United States service for a three months tour. GWINN was Captain, O’NEAL was major, BUTLER-Brigadier General (militia). Rendezvoused at O’NEAL’s, in this tour was in the engagement at Lindley’s Mills [September 13, 1781, per Heitman]. In all of this three months tour, said LUDWICK ALBRIGHT as a private soldier did serve all of said three months tour in said company and were all discharged at Colonel O’NEAL’s at the end of said tour.”

THOMAS BIPPY maketh oath that he was acquainted with the late LUDWICK ALBRIGHT. That when the soldier left the Guilford Battle [per Heitman, March 15, 1781] and rendezvoused at Ramsour’s Mill in Chatham County, he then became acquainted with LUDWICK ALBRIGHT. They then marched to Wake Courthouse and there they stayed until they received their discharge and come home. Together it was a three months tour. He [ALBRIGHT] did not serve as cook in this tour, but served as a militia man under the command of General BUTLER…”

…“B- On the 25th day of November, 1839, personally appeared before the undersigned, [etc], LUDWICK MAY, a resident of Orange County, aged about 77 years…maketh oath that he was acquainted with the late LUDWICK ALBRIGHT...The said witness states on oath that he was known to LUDWICK ALBRIGHT being a soldier in the Revolutionary War. His Captain was GWINN, O’NEAL was his Colonel. He cannot testify the length of time he served.

GEORGE STRADER-Supplemental declaration: “That after he had made his escape from the British as stated…he informed General GATES of his intention to rejoin the army, but was dissuaded from doing so by General GATES. Deponent, after his said escape from the British, went out in the militia of North Carolina in Captain WILLIAM GWINN’s company of the regiment commanded by Colonel WILLIAM O’NEAL. Deponent thinks this was in the latter part of 1782. That during this tour, he was engaged against the Tories on Deep River. That the Tories against whom we were engaged, were commanded by Colonel FANNING, and declarant was out about two weeks this tour.”

“Deponent further saith that after the time spoken of, he was again engaged as a volunteer militiaman in Chatham County, NC under Captain GWINN, in a regiment commanded by Colonel ROBERT MAYBEN, and had a battle with the Tories at Cain Creek [per Heitman, September 13, 1781, many called it the Battle at Lindley’s Mill] in said county…”

JOHN STRADER-“That he was drafted into the service about the 20th day of July 1781, in the County of Orange and state aforesaid and was placed under the command of Colonel WILLIAM O’NEAL and Major ELI ?MCDANIEL, field officers, Captain EDWIN GWINN, WILLIAM GWINN, lieutenant, CHAMBERLAIN HUTSON [HUDSON?], 1st sergeant, company officers. He was drafted for the term of thee months. He was marched first to Lindley’s Mills on Cain Creek, Orange County, and thence to Chatham, Moore, Randolph, Guilford and Orange Counties, reconnoitering the Tories under the command of the Tory Colonel FANNING. He was not engaged in battle with the Tories this tour, except in the skirmish [per Heitman, September 13, 1781, called Cane Creek] at Lindley’s Mills aforesaid. His service was arduous, particularly so on account of the predatory warfare waged throughout the section of country aforesaid by the Tory Colonel FANNING. At the end of the said term of service, he was discharged at the dwelling house of Colonel O’NEAL in Orange…”

“About two or three weeks afterwards…he volunteered in the county of Orange…in a troop of light horse, commanded by the same officers [Capt. EDWIN GWINN, Lt. WILLIAM GWINN], under whom he served as a foot soldier…it being ascertained by experience that foot soldiers are inadequate to contend as successfully with the enemy as mounted men. During this term of service, he was employed in ranging the section of country in North Carolina mostly infested by the Tory Colonel FANNING as follows. He ranged in Orange, Guilford, Randolph, Montgomery, Moore, Chatham, Cumberland and Bladen Counties, and was in active employment the whole of his term of service, but was engaged in no battle except to an assault on the Tory Colonel FANNING and his men at the Brown Marsh in Bladen County or the upper part of New Hanover in this state. At the end of this term of service, or eleven days thereafter, he was Discharged. He knows of no person or persons except JAMES and GEORGE HOLT…who can testify to his service…”

EFLAND, JOHN-enlisted in Orange County, served under Capt. GWINN. No useful details.

Additional Comments:

Constructed History is my term for a soldier who did not file for a pension himself, but about whom there is enough evidence from other soldiers to form an equivalent to a pension application. Most of the testimony comes from other men mentioning the officer or non-comm. officer, but in some cases, the actual soldier himself testified on behalf of other men, thus revealing his own history.

From Sumner County, Tennessee - Selected Cemeteries

Ellis Cemetery 10-37

Sumner County, Tennessee

We wish to express our gratitude to Margaret Cummings Snider and Joan Hollis Yorgason for their diligent work in compiling the Sumner County Cemetery Book ©1981, and our thanks for allowing us to post these records.

Typed by Linda Carpenter - 2007

7 miles northeast of Gallatin on Hwy 31E; then 7/10 mile northwest on Reese Road. Cemetery is approximately 350 yds. northeast of the road on Reese property.

GWIN, Anna - Died A. D. - 1841 Aged 82 yrs

GWIN, William - Died A. D. - 1829 Aged 83 yrs


Captain William Gwin的年谱

Orange County, Province of North Carolina
Sumner County, Tennessee, United States
Sumner County, Tennessee, United States