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Corinne Douglas Cole (Robinson)

生日 (85)
出生地 Orange, New Jersey, United States
逝世 1971年 (84)
Avon, Connecticut, United States

Douglas Robinson, Jr.Corinne Roosevelt之女
Joseph Wright Alsop, IVFrancis Watkinson Cole的妻子
Joseph Wright Alsop, V; Corinne Roosevelt Chubb; Stewart AlsopJohn deKoven Alsop之母
Theodore Douglas Robinson; Monroe Douglas RobinsonStewart Douglas Robinson的姐妹

管理员 Noah Philip Ban

About Corinne Douglas Robinson

Corinne Douglas Robinson (born July 2, 1886 in Orange, New Jersey – June 23, 1971 in Avon, Connecticut) was an American politician and the maternal niece of President Theodore Roosevelt.

Corinne was the second of four children and the only daughter of Douglas Robinson, Jr. and Corinne Roosevelt. She enjoyed a childhood of privilege and grew up on her parents' New Jersey estate. Travel and horseback rides were part of Corinne's childhood. Her father was a great-grandnephew of President James Monroe

Like her cousin Eleanor, she attended Allenswood Academy in England under the tutelage of Mlle. Marie Souvestre and though she enjoyed Souvestre and the school itself, she found Souvestre abrasive and threatening. Upon her return to the states, she participated in the wedding of Franklin and Eleanor, being a bridesmaid to Eleanor. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Robinson gave a debut party for their only daughter in 1904, which according to The New York Times, "was not a large affair."

In 1909, Corinne Douglas Robinson was married to Joseph Wright Alsop IV and they had four children:

Joseph Wright Alsop V (1910–1989)

Corinne Roosevelt Alsop (1912–1997)

Stewart Johonnot Oliver Alsop (1914–1974)

John deKoven Alsop (1915–2000).

She was elected to the Connecticut House of Representatives in 1924, serving two terms, from 1924–1927 and from 1931–1933 and was a leader in the Republican Party of the state. Corinne frequently spoke to large crowds and was highly effective and influential due to her stature, position and intelligence. On June 10, 1936, Alsop addressed the 1936 Republican National Convention.

During Franklin D. Roosevelt's tenure in the White House, Corinne was a frequent guest. Though as a Republican she disagreed politically with her cousin, she and Eleanor Roosevelt remained close throughout their lives. Mrs. Alsop's trips to Washington, D.C. caused other family tensions. When in D.C., Alsop was often asked by both Eleanor and Alice, a leader in Washington society, to stay at her home. Mrs. Alsop's decision was usually made based on who had asked her first.

Joseph Wright Alsop IV died in March 1953 and she married a second time to insurance magnate, Francis W. Cole in 1956. This marriage was to last ten years with Francis dying in 1966 and Corinne herself in 1971 at 84.


Corinne Douglas Robinson的年谱

Orange, New Jersey, United States
Avon, Connecticut, United States
Avon, Connecticut, United States
Avon, Connecticut, United States
Avon, Connecticut, United States
Avon, Connecticut, United States