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Dieter of Katzenelnbogen (von Katzenelnbogen), Count

Birthplace: Germany
Immediate Family:

Son of Heinrich II von Katzenelnbogen, Graf and Hildegard von Henneberg, Gräfin zu Katzenelenbogen
Brother of Heinrich III von Katzenelnbogen, Graf; Kunigunde von Katzenelnbogen; Bishop Hermann of Munster and Kungiund Von Katzenelnbogen

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About Dieter of Katzenelnbogen, Count

1219 72 Count Diether IV (pc) and his wife Hildegunde show that the count provided with the sign of the cross, and to drive the point above sea level, with the consent of his wife, his ministry officials and all other people accompanying him to his parents and his salvation, the church in Eberbach and his local brethren from all customs duties at his castle and in his court to St. Goar freed for their belongings, except that they upstream or go down with ships or come up with cars on land, provided that they no lead or foreign merchant goods with him. For their part, they should have free passage and be bothered by any heir of the Count because of it - Acta sunt 1219th - Present were: Bert Hart of Katzenelnbogen Dietrich and his son, Reinhold, Steward, Konrad calf and his brother Otto, sons of the overseer of Krumbach ........

                                 StA Ausf. Wiesbaden 22nd Division Coated with 69. Seal

1220 73 Count Diether of Katzenelnbogen leaves with one part of the pilgrims, the crusading army in Egypt and goes under adventurous circumstances back home. Oliveri scolastici Coloniensis relatio de Damiatina expedition (1217-19) (MG SS Col. Chron regia), p. 324 ff - See Demandt, beginnings and rise of Chapter 3

1222 74 Count Diether of Katzenelnbogen decides as arbitrator in disputes between the monks and the noble knights Eberbacher Krumbach of killing one of their tenants, that the monks to make amends to the Knights 16 lbs Mz Wr. and the heirs and relatives of the slain are to pay 10 pounds. For this promise in hand Diether, the monastery so not to complain further. Witnesses: Erkenbert abbot of Eberbach: Wiegand, Prior; Gebeno, Butler, John, warden of the convent height; Heßloch Wiegand, Dietrich von Leeheim, Heinrich von Gehaborn; Betzelo, submagister; Franko and Volbert, converses. Laity; Eberhaerd of Dornberg Hartbertstrasse of Katzenelnbogen, Reinhold, Steward of Count Diether, Heinrich von Ramstadt, Gerlach, of Eschbach and his brother Konrad, Rucker, Henry, Otto and Konrad calf, brothers of Krumbach, Hartwig and Peter Frankfurt, Peter , a relative of the Knights of Krumbach. Ludwig and Emmo, brothers of the deceased, Heinrich, Vogt Gerau, Henry, Schutheiß to Trebur, Salmann of Büttelborn. - Acta 1222nd StA Ausf. Wiesbaden, Dept. 22, 76

1223 78 approved by Count Diether Katzenelnbogen the transfer of a vineyard to Handschuchsheim by the widow and her son Ingram Ingram at Schönau Abbey.

               CSOs reported Mone 7 (1857), p. 33 (according to a note in the Palatinate in Kopiar GLA Karlsruhe Nachtr 101).

1245 99 Count Diether of Katzenelnbogen begins the castle Rheinfels build.

               Veanne. breves Rheinfelsenses at JJ Winkelmann, description of the principalities and Hersfeld Hesse (1679) 118 and Gerstenberg, Hess. Country's history (Dietmar 212)

1250 103 expressed by Count Diether Katzenelnbogen that has to be bondsman Hartlieb of Osterspay (Spay) sold his vineyard to gen Hunolt Osterspay with the count's approval Eberbacher church for 30 Mk. The count is called the free Hartlieb in body and goods, that he may dso have Suebi himself and his estate or moving possessions freely. - Sg of the exhibitor. Kop StA. Wiesbaden, Abt 22 Ocul. mem II, 513

1255 - 120 Count Diether of Katzenelnbogen belongs to the Rhine Country Peace Alliance - Rhenish League

                                                              See Weiland, constitute. II, 428 VI

Google search: TjT notes: The Rhenish League was a short-lived (1254-7) confederation of Rhineland towns which begain in Mainz and Worms. The league was founded and administered by Wolpode Arnold so as to secure the law and order in the face of a breakdown of central power and to protect property, commerce, trade and the rights of the estates.

In 1247 a citizen of Mainz called Arnold of the Tower had organized a movement against the heavy tolls on the Rhine and other exactions and robberies by the nobles which led to forming the Rhenish League. The archbishops, bishops, and nobles from Mainz, Cologne, Worms, Speyer, Strasbourg, Basel, and Metz gained more independence and formed a public peace treaty that spread in 1255 to the Rhineland, Westphalia, and to southern and northern Germany. When Jews of Halle were persecuted by Archbishop Ruprecht von Magdeburg in 1261, citizens protected them. Citizens of Wurzburg forced Bishop Tring to lift the interdict in 1265 and defeated his successor Berthold in a battle at Kitzingen in 1269. The citizens of Augsburg defeated Bishop Hartmann. By 1271 the League had sixty Rhenish and Swabian towns and had overcome several robber knights.

Founded in 1254, after only two years the league included over 70 cities from Lübeck in the north to Zurich in the south. Many lay and ecclesiastical princes also joined the league and it was recognized by William, Count of Holland in 1255. However, following the disputed elections of 1257 it disintegrated and was finally dissolved in 1257.

1256 121 injured by Count Diether Katzenelnbogen against the citizens of Mainz and the Rhine country of peace is besieged by then 26 cities of the Rhine country supposedly peace in federal Rheinfels. The siege lasted a year and 14 weeks and cost only to the citizens of Worms 2000 Mk; still could not take the federal government Rheinfels.

               Ann. Wormatienses a.a. 1256

Mainz, August 16 1258 128 King Richard declares that his side out of the Count Diether of Katzenelnbogen (Catsenellenboghe) that he has taken the Archbishop Gerhard von Mainz Dhaun caught and imprisoned, no harm or discomfort will be added. - Sg of Exh. - D. Maguntie XVI indiction prima augusti 1258, regni vero nostri anno secundo.

               StA Ausf. Marburg, Katzenelnbogen. From Sg.

at 1260 (contract division) 139 1. The brothers Diether and Eberhard, Count of Katzenelnbogen agree to the division of their goods, the eight of her castle vassals and friends, namely Heinemann, Thielmann and Heinrich, Ritter von Katzenelnbogen; Peter Schreiber (notarius); Conrad, Bohemund, Dietich of Laufenselden, Hermann , Steward, Burgmannen in Hohenstein, have made in the following way:

2nd Count Diether receives Ruppertshofen village with all the rights and living there following people: Emercho with his wife and children, Friedrich Rausch Hard, Bethwin with children, with his wife and children Waro, Berwig, Stollo with his children. In Himmighofen: Hartlieb, Minta with children, Wimar with his wife and children, ditto Frischo In Auel: Godebold with his wife and children. In Nochern: Henry Kaldenbächer. Emercho ditto, ditto Kaldenbächer Niederbach home in Busch Ditto In Salty's brother Heinrich and Friedrich, Sachsenhausen: Werl Bruno and Frederick with his wife and children. In Wellmich: Hein Dahl Albrand Ditto In: Kuno with his wife and children and his brother Conrad, a blacksmith in Miehlen. In Dickenschied: Hildewig with his wife and children. In Dieprode: Waro Ditto In the Mount of Olives: Hamir Ditto John Ditto in Gotzinghofen: Bethwin ditto ditto Hermann Miehlen In: Siebold and ditto In Walram Bogel: Peter Schwabe ditto ditto Ruppertshofen In: Hermann, mayor, Ditto Linza with children, Henry Bezelin with his wife and children. Oberwesel: Frederick. In Osterspay: Henry Baker, Henry Bese with his wife and children. In Obertierfenbach: Muselin. In the Mount of Olives: Gerbur with children and their son Louis with his wife and children. In Rettershain: Hahn. In Nochern: Jutta with children. In Ruppertshofen. Sibodos sons.

3rd Count Diether also receives the village (Lower) with accessories and following Meilingen own people: Wasmud, Schultheiss, Wolfram, mayor, with the children of his former wife, Arnold and his wife and children, Hedwig, Wasmuds sister and her children, the same as above Mechthild mother of the mayor ditto ditto Hildegunde Osterlind Ditto the Konrad Weber, Helwig and his wife and children, the Long ditto ditto Jutta Heinrich Coppelin with children, ditto Herbord bird with his wife and children, Hole, ditto in Willow Creek: Henry Ditto in Obermeilingen: Jutta with children, Helwig with his wife and children, in the thickness difference: Petrissa with children, in Dornach, the sons of the mayor, in Obermeilingen: Mechthild with children. Berndroth in the farmer's wife Christine.

4th Diether Graf continues to receive the village with all the fruit Egenroth own people and the following gradients: Heinrich Schäfer there himself, with his brothers and sisters, Peter and wife, Richwin with his wife and children, the wheelwright Dietmar Wiegand ditto ditto ditto the Rudolf Schuster Siegfried Ditto . Wichmann. In Dickenschied: Wichmann with his wife and children and his brother Henry to the children of his former wife. In anger: Bert Hart with his wife and children. Weidenbach in humility with her children and her brother Konrad in Rettershain with his wife and children. In Grebe Roth Sturmo Ditto the black Hermann with the children of his former wife. Blanchett in Hain: Hedwig with children. In Espenschied: Irmagard Ditto the mayor in Egenroth with his wife and children and his brother Konrad in arable creek ditto ditto Hertwin Laufenselden In: Helwig with the children of his former wife, Guda with children, their son Goßwin, in Rettershain: Benigna with children , difference in surge: Eberhard with his wife and children, Coppo Ditto humility with children. in Egenroth: Adelheid with children, Hedwig and her four children, his brothers and sisters with Ulrich, Saxo's son Rupert, in Acker Bach: Eisentraut with children and their brother or son Rudolf.

5th Count Diether also receives the village with all accessories and Schwalbach own people following: In Kesselbach: Rudolph and Henry. Limbach: Hartmud. In Roth, the brothers Heinrich and Emicho, inWerschau: Heinrich, Anselm and Hildewig. In Strinz: Hermann and Werner. Schwalbach: Vollecop with his wife and children, Leo, Konrad, paunch, Henry, son Richolfs, with his wife and children, Eberhard, Heinrich and Hermann Breme, his son, Henry, and Henry Büden, Richwin, Wolfram's son Henry, the red Konrad, Berholf, Hertwin with his wife and children, Henry's brother of the mayor, in Oberhausen: Rulo, Ebernand, Albert, Weber, Konrad, Konrad, son of the mayor, tungsten. In Kesselbach: the two women Salmud and Mechthild. A warped to Idstein woman and her children. In Wolf creek: the daughter Mechthild with their children. In Gassenbach: two women in Wörsdorf Ditto: a woman. Bubenheim in two women with children. In Eufinger, a woman in Limbach Ditto: Ditto deslg two women in red woman. in Hedendal: Ditto a woman in chains Bach: a woman deslg. in Rückershausen, a woman with a boy. Hausen: Gernot with his wife and children. In Oberhausen: The wife of Kohler with children. Schwalbach: the wife of Leo, deslg. Ditto Ditto's daughter Matilda RichWin and a woman in Limbach.

6th Count Diether receives under the spell of arbitrators continue Dörsdorf the village with all legal and accessories and these people own: the son of Konrad Ergeshausen Gans, Hermann with his wife and children, his brother Herbord and his other brothers and sisters. Jutta's sons in the Bleidenbach with women and children, Bremo with the children of his former wife. In Kördorf: Richwin with his wife and children, his brother, Vinco, Adelhard with his wife and children, his brother Henry in Heuchelheim with his wife and children. In Neesbach: Hartung. in Muders Stockhausen: Henry with his wife and children, Rupert Ditto in Klingelbach: Wezilos son Peter Ditto and his brothers and sisters, Hartmann and his wife and children. In Upper Klingelbach: Helfrich deslg. in Ebertshausen: Helwig Ditto in Allendorf: Volmar, the mayor Rudolf Heinrich Scebeir, the wheelwright Hermann with his wife and children. Deslg the Heinrich Mueller with his wife and children, Volknand: In Berghausen. Ditto his son Heinrich Kunze Thielmann Ditto his son Rudolf Ditto ditto Henry Volmar, Jutta's son, his son Wenzo Ditto the boys of the Liutgard, Dietrich Veltmages son with his wife and children. In Oberhausen: Kunze Ditto in Dörsdorf: Ortlieb Ditto Ditto the local bell-ringer Konrad Heinrich Spielmann ditto ditto Sturzecop Heino Heinrich Wolf Ditto with the children of his second wife, Louis and his wife and children, Wiegand Ditto Ditto the Red In Acker Bach: Friedrich Ditto Schuz In: Henry Schuster, ditto the Bertolf in Kördorf:: Adelaide and her children, the woman Wallbrunnstraße ditto ditto dieFrau Bremos in Berghausen: the sons of Henry's first and second wife. In Gutenacker: the sons of Simon. In Dörsdorf: The sons of Schutheißen, the baker Hedwig with children, the wife of Werner's ditto ditto Liutgard Starkos the widow ditto ditto in Mechthild Eisighofen: Irmgard ditto ditto Germud Berthrad Metze ditto, ditto the boys Scheele's daughter Jutta. Women in Rheinfelden: The sister Heinos with children, Firlinger with the children of his second wife. In Gutenacker: Jutta's sons.

7th Count Diether continues to receive half of the village Nastätten, which has been divided by the difference in people along the road that leads to the church, with all accessories and subsequent self-people: Reiner Rauschehecke, Konrad Werner with his wife and children, Conrad and his brother and sister, Rucker and his wife and children, Matilda Arnold Ditto with children, Benigna ditto ditto humility Hedwig Emercho Ditto with his wife and children, Frederick Hildewig Ditto Ditto the red Konrad with children, Walkun, Walpurg with children, with her son Konrad wife and children, Heidenreich ditto ditto Elizabeth Henry Gesser with children, Osterlind Heinemann Ditto with his wife and children, Helwig ditto bag Konrad Weber, John, with his wife and children, Gerbert ditto ditto Heinrich Konrad predator mouth guard with children, the host Helwig, Walter with his wife and children, Sturmo ditto Henry and his sister, the furrier and his wife and children, ditto Bishop Palmer with his wife and children, Herman, Sophie, daughter of the mayor with children, and their daughter Matilda, wife of Conrad Kulerim and children, Set pledge Irmtraut Ditto with children, Helwig Ezelin with his wife and children, and their daughter Irmtraut, Sturmo with his wife and children. In Holzhausen: Thiemo Ditto Ditto and his brother Hermann. In Mart Roth Volknand with his wife and children, Wiegand Ditto Espenschied In: Hildebrand Guda Ditto the daughter Jutta with children. In Welterod: Henry. In Strüth: Hedwig with children. In anger: Businessman with his wife and his brother Udo. Roth, Munich: Walter mitFrau and children, his and his brother John Buder Abert with his wife and children. of old trees: a man with a wife and children. Ransel by: Henry Buder and his wife and children. in Weisel: Emercho with his sister and children. In Dörscheid: Guda with children and Reiner. In Kaub: Eberhard, Emercho. InWiebelsheim: Bertolf and his sister (Upper) wesel with children. In Bornich: Emercho Richwin and his brother with his wife and children, Helwig, tungsten boys. In queen: a woman. In Kaub: Aperture fish, a woman with children. Rettershain in Frederick with his wife and wheelwrights. In Niederwalmenach: Burden of the last Udo, Hedwig. In Reitzenhain: Bremo and a woman. In Auel: Thiemo her brother with his wife and children. In Lierschied: Konrad with his wife and children, in Werner Ditto Kasdorf: Richwin ditto ditto Isfried Napilo ditto ditto in Frederick Offenthal: Christine. In Dornbach: Christine with children. In Bogel: Heidenreich's daughter, Volknand with his wife and another woman. Also belongs to Count Diether of oats, which is due to the Bailiwick of Holzhausen and Olives.

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