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Samuel Fuller, I

Also Known As: "Samuel "Mayflower Compact" Fuller", "Dr. Samuel Fuller", ""Mayflower" Passenger"
Birthplace: Redenhall, Harleston, Norfolk, England (United Kingdom)
Death: between August 09, 1633 and September 26, 1633
Plymouth, Plymouth Colony, Colonial America (Sickness)
Immediate Family:

Son of Robert “the butcher” Fuller and Sarah Fuller
Husband of Alice Fuller; Agnes Fuller and Bridget Fuller
Father of Child Two Fuller; Child One Fuller; Bridget Fuller; Mercy James; Rev. Samuel Fuller, Jr. and 3 others
Brother of Thomas Fuller, of Redenhall; Edward Fuller, "Mayflower" Passenger; Anna Fuller; John Fuller, (died young); Robert Fuller and 2 others
Half brother of Mary Wilson; Sarah Spaulding; Christopher Fuller and Elizabeth Fuller

Occupation: First Physician in Colonies; Surgeon, physician, deacon, Doctor, Sayworker, Purchaser, Physician (no schooling), Surgeon and Physician
Baptism Date: 20 January 1580
More info: Passenger of the Mayflower
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About Dr. Samuel Fuller, "Mayflower" Passenger

Samuel Fuller

  • Son of Robert Fuller and Sarah Dunkhorn
  • BAPTISM: 20 January 1580 at Redenhall, co. Norfolk, England, son of Robert Fuller.
  • FIRST MARRIAGE: Alice Glascock, perhaps around 1605.
  • SECOND MARRIAGE:  Agnes Carpenter, 24 April 1613, Leiden, Holland.
  • THIRD MARRIAGE: Bridget Lee, 27 May 1617, Leiden, Holland.
  • CHILDREN (by Agnes):  two unnamed children who died young and were buried in Leiden.
  • CHILDREN (by Bridget): Samuel and Mercy.


From http://mayflowerhistory.com/fuller-samuel/

Samuel Fuller has been generally identified as the son of Robert Fuller, baptized on 20 January 1580 at Redenhall, co. Norfolk. The identification is based upon circumstantial evidence only: the fact that the names Samuel, Edward, and Ann occur within the same family; and the fact the father is identified as a butcher. Thomas Morton, writing in 1637, says that Samuel Fuller was the son of a butcher. The name Matthew also occurs in this Redenhall Fuller family. 

Samuel Fuller's 1613 Leiden marriage record indicates he had been formerly married to Alice Glascock; nothing is known of his first wife beyond her name. The name Alice Glascock is found most commonly in co. Essex, England. His second wife, Agnes Carpenter, was the daughter of Alexander Carpenter.  She was baptized at Wrington, Somerset, on 16 December 1593. His third wife, Bridget Lee, was accompanied by her mother Josephine Lee at her marriage, and also had a brother Samuel Lee living in Leiden.

Samuel Fuller came on the Mayflower in 1620, leaving behind his wife Bridget. She would come later, on the ship Anne in 1623. He was the Colony's doctor, and was a church deacon. His wife Bridget may have been the church's deaconess. Samuel Fuller spent time helping the sick at Neumkeag (now Salem) in 1629. He himself became sick in the autumn of 1633, and died, as did a number of other Plymouth residents.


Dr. Samuel Fuller, "Mayflower" passenger, was born in England and baptized at Redenhall Parish, Harleston in the English county of Norfolk on January 20, 1580. He died between 9 August and 26 September, 1633, Plymouth.

Dr. Fuller was one of the band of Pilgrims that fled from England to Leyden, Holland, in 1609. He signed the "Mayflower Compact" and practiced as a physician and surgeon in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and in Plymouth.

Parents: Not verified. See http://www.mayflowerhistory.com/Passengers/SamuelFuller.php for discussion.


  1. first, Alice Glascock, who died by 1613.
  2. second, Agnes Carpenter in Leiden, April 1613. She died by 1617.
  3. third, Bridget Lee, Leiden, May 27, 1617.

Children of Samuel Fuller and Agnes Carpenter:

  1. Two unnamed children who died young and were buried in Leiden.

Children of Samuel Fuller and Bridget Lee:

  1. possible Bridget, born 1619.
  2. Mercy, b. after May 22, 1627, but no further record;
  3. Samuel born about 1629.

References for him and his family

  • Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol. 1, published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants

Notes from Wikipedia

Initially Samuel learned the trade of a say-weaver, one who makes cloth or tablecloths and bedding.

In 1604 the Puritan minister John Robinson left his position at Cambridge to become pastor of St. Andrew;s Church in Norwich. In the face of persecution from King James I, Robinson left Norwich and soon made his way to the village of Scrooby. Samuel went to Scrooby as well at this time, presumably influenced by Robinson. In 1609 the Separatist congregation at Scrooby escaped to Holland and made their way to the city of Leiden, where they could worship as they pleased. Samuel went with him to Leiden and became a deacon in their congregation. uller's 1st wife Alice Glascock having died, he took as his 2nd wife Agnes "Anna" Carpenter in 1613. Anna gave birth to a child but ir died in infancy and was buried in Leiden. Anna died soon after and in 1617 Fuller took a 3rd wife, Bridget Lee. All of his wives were Englishwomen. In Leiden Fuller acquired skill in medicine, possibly while attending lectures at Leiden University. His experience in the butcher shop and with a needle served him well when he took up surgery. Fuller and the elders of the congregation enetered into negotiations with some speculators to travel to North America and establish a colony there. In 1620 a ship named the Speedwell departed Holland with a small number of Separatist colonists, Samuel Fuller among them. They docked at Southampton, Hampshire, where they met up with a ship called the Mayflower. The ships set sail for North America, but the Speedwell was found to be unseaworthy and they had to put in at Plymouth in Devon, England. Fuller took his apprentice and servant William Butten with him and sailed to North America. He left his wife behind in Plymouth to care for his young child, which later died in Plymouth. Samuel's brother Edward joined him, along with Edward's wife Ann. The settlers founded a colony in North America and named it Plymouth, after the city they had set out from. Upon arrival in the New World, Samuel was a signer of the Mayflower Compact along with the other adult male settlers. He did what he could to relieve settlers stricken with scurvy and disease, but nearly half of the settlers died that first disastrous winter. It is of interest to note that the Doctrine of Humours (the medical doctrine of that time) called for bloodletting to treat these diseases, so it is unclear exactly how much Samuel could medically do for those suffering from disease. Samuel's brother Edward and his wife Ann were among the dead, which were buried in an unmarked mound so that militant natives would not know how many colonists had died. Edward was survived by his son Samuel, which Dr. Fuller took into his home. In 1623 Bridget Fuller took passage on a ship named the Anne and came to Plymouth. Four years later they had a son they named Samuel, who became the Reverand Samuel Fuller of Middleboro. In 1629 the colony at Neumkeag (which in now Salem) sent for Dr. Fuller to come help them, which de did. Fuller became ill and died during the epidemic that struck the Plymouth colony in 1633. In his last will and testament he forgave the indigent of doctor's fees yet owed, bought gloves for many of the colonists, and bequeathed the very cloak off his back to a needy person. Some of his letters are preserved in a collection called William Bradford's Letterbook. He was survived by his wife and son as well as several children entrusted to his care upon the death of their parents.

of Interest

From Seward (1973: 63)Family in America: Toward a Socio-Historical Restoration of Its Structure. Journal of Marriage and the Family:

An extreme example is presented by Demos (1965:285) using the household of Samuel Fuller. At Fuller's death in 1633, there were nine people in his household; five of these were not family members. In addition to his wife, son, and a nephew; there were two servants, a ward, and two "additional children." The "additional children"had been sent from other families to the Fuller household for education.

Arrived on the ship, "Mayflower."

Birth: Jan. 20, 1580
Redenhall Norfolk, England Death: Aug. 9, 1633 Plymouth Plymouth County Massachusetts, USA

Samuel was son of Robert & Sarah Frances Dunkhorne Fuller. A physician and surgeon who came to Plymouth Colony on the famous 'Mayflower' with his brother Edward and their families.

He was a signer of the 'Mayflower Compact'.

Samuel married the first of his three wives, Alice Glascock in 1612.

On 30 Apr 1613, he married Agnes Carpenter. She died in childbirth.

He married Bridget Lee on 27 May 1617 and they were the parents of 5 children-Thomas, Bridget (Sirkman), Mercy (James), Rev Samuel, and an unnamed infant.

He may have died of smallpox.

Family links:

 Robert Fuller (1548 - 1614)
 Sarah Dunkhorne Fuller (1558 - 1584)


 Alice Glascock Fuller (1584 - 1613)
 Agnes Carpenter Fuller (1593 - 1615)


 Samuel Fuller (1624 - 1695)*

*Calculated relationship

Burial: Unknown

Samuel Fuller was the doctor on the Mayflower. He came over with his brother Edward Fuller. Samuel was also one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact.

Samuel Fuller was a voyager on the Mayflower. See the following wikipedia page for more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Fuller_(Pilgrim).

Deacon in the Leiden Holland church, 8th signer of the "Mayflower" Compact.


THE WILL OF DR. SAMUEL FULLER, Samuel Fuller came on the Mayflower in 1620, leaving behind his wife Bridget. Bridget Lee, was accompanied by her mother Josephine Lee at her marriage, and also had a brother Samuel living in Leiden. His wife and child remained, and came over afterwards ; they had two more children Samuel fuller the elder being sick & weake but by the mercie of God in prfect memory ordaine this my last will & Testmt. And first of all I bequeath my soule to God & my body to the earth until the resureccon. Item I doe bequeath the educacon of my children to my Brother Will Wright & his wife, onely that my daughter Mercy be & remaine wth goodwife Wallen so long as she will keepe her at a reasonable charge. But if it shall please God to recover my wife out of her weake estate of sicknes then my children to be wth her or disposed by her. Also whereas there is a childe comitted to my charge called Sarah Converse, my wife dying as afore I desire my Brother Wright may have the bringing up of her. And if he refuse then I comend her to my loving neighbour & brother in Christ Thomas Prence desiring that whosoever of them receive her pforme the duty of a step ffather unto her & bring her up in the ffeare of God as their owne wch was a charge laid upon me pr her sick ffather when he freely bestowed her upon me & wch I require of them. Item whereas Eliz. Cowles was comitted to my educacon by her ffather & Mother still living at Charles Towne, my will is that she be conveniently apprelled & returne to her ffather or mother or either of them. And for George ffoster being placed wth me upon the same termes by his prents still living at Sagos my will is that he be restored to his Mother likewise. Item I give unto Samuell my son my howse & lands at the Smeltriver to him & his heires for ever. Item (worn) will is that my howse & garden at towne be sold & all my moveables there & at the Smeltriver (except my Cattle) togeather wth the prnt Croppe of Corne there standing by my Overseers heereafter to be menconed. except such as they shall thinke meet in the prnt educacon of my two children Samuell & Mercy my debts being first pd out of them, the overplus to be disposed of towards the encrease of my stock of Cattle for their good at the discretion of my overseers. Item I give two Acres of land that fell unto me by lott on the Sowth side the Towne adjoyning to the Acres of mr Isaack Allerton to Samuell my son. Also two other Acres of land wch were given me by Edward Bircher scituate & being at Strawberry hill if mr Roger Williams refuse to accept of them as formerly he hath done. Also one othr Acre by mr Heeks his Acres neer the Reed pond, All wch I give to the said Samuell & his heires for ever. It. my will is that my Cozen Samuell goe freely away wth his Stock of Cattle & Swine wthout any further recconing wch swine are the halfe of six sowes Six hogges one boare & fowr shotes Also one Cow & one heyfer. Item my will is that not onely the other halfe afore menconed but also all other mine owne propr stock of Swine be sold wth other my moveables for the use before expressed except my best hogg wch I would have killed this winter for the prnt comfort of my children. It. whereas I have disposed of my children to my Brother Will. Wright & Prisilla his wife my will is that in case my wife die he enter upon my howse & land at the Smelt River, & also my Cattle not disposed on together wth my two servts Thomas Symons & Robt Cowles for the Remainder of their several termes to be employed for the good of my children he being allowed for their charg vizt. my childrens what my Overseers shall thinke meet. But if in case my said brother Will Wright or Prisilla his wife die then my said Children Samuell & Mercy together wth the said joynt charge comitted to the said Will & Prisilla be void except my Overseers or the survivor of them shall think meet. To whose godly care in such case I leave them to be disposed of else where as the Law shall direct them. By cattle not disposed on o to be employed for the good of my children I meane three Cowes & two steere calves Six old ewes & two ewe lambs two old wethers & three wether lambs together wth such overplus upon the sale of my goods before expressed as my Overseers shall adde heereunto. It. I give out of this stock of Cattle the first Cow calfe that my Browne Cow shall have to the Church of God at Plymouth to be employed by the Deacon or Deacons of the said Church for the good of the said Church at the oversight of the ruling Elders. Item I give to my sister Alice Bradford twelve shillings to buy her a padre of gloves. Item whatsoever is due unto me from Capt Standish I give unto his Children. It. that a pr of gloves of 5sh be bestowed on mr Joh. Wynthrop Govr of the Massachusets. It. I give unto my Brother Wright aforesaid one cloath suit not yet fully finished lying in my trunk at Towne wch I give notwthstanding my wife survive. It. whereas Capt John Endecott oweth me two pownds of Beaver I give it to his sonnet It. my will is that when my children come to age of discretion that my Overseers make a full valuacon of that Stock of Cattle & thencrease thereof, & that it be equally devided between my children. And if any die in the meane time the whole to goe to the survivor or survivors. It. my will is that they be ruled by my Overseers in marriage. Also I would have them enjoy that smale porcon the Lord shall give them when my Overseers thinke them to be of fit discretion & not at any set time or appointmt of yeares. It. whereas my will is that my Overseers shall let out that stock of Cattle wch shall be bought wth the Overplus of my goods to halves to such as shall be as well carefull as honest men. My will is that my brother Wright have the refusall of them. It. I give unto John Jenny & loin. Wynslow each of them a padre of gloves of five shillings. It. I give Unto mrs Heeks the full sum of twenty shillings. It. I give to old mr William Brewster my best hat & band wch Lh(worn) never wore. Item my will is that if my children die that then my stock be thus distributed. ffirst that what care or paines or charge hath been by any about my children be fully recompensed. Next at the discretion of the Overseers I thus bequeath the rest vizt so as it may redownd to the Governing Elder or Elders of this Church at Plymouth aforesaid & towards the helping of such psons as are members of the same & are [illegible] as my Overseers shall thinke meet. It. I give to Rebecca Prence 2sh 6d to buy her a padre of gloves It. my will is that in case my sonne Samuell & other my children die before such time as they are fitt to enter upon my land for inheritance that then my kinsman Saml ffuller now in the howse wth me enjoy wtsoever lands Lam now possessed of except my dwelling howse at town or whatsoever shall be due to me or them. It. I give to him my Rufflet Cloake & my stuffe sute I now weare It. I institute my son Samuell my Executor. and because he is young & tender I enjoyne him to be wholly ordered by Edw Wynslow mr Wil Bradford & mr Tho. Prence whom I make his Overseers & the Overseers of this my last will & Testmt. so often menconed before in the same. And for their paines I give to each of them twenty shillings apeece. It. I give to Mercy my daughter one Bible wth a black Cover wth Bezaes notes. It. I give all the rest of my bookes to my sonne Samuell wch I desire my Brother Wright Will safely preserve for him. It my will is that when my daughter Mercy is fitt to goe to score that mrs Heeks may teach her as well as my sonnet It. whatsoever mr Roger Williams is indebted to me upon my booke for phisick I freely give him. Last of all whereas my wife is sick & weake I have disposed of my children to others my will is if she recover that she have the educacon of them, & that the other gifts & legacies I have given may be pformed And if in case any of my Overseers or all of them 13] die before my children be judged by them of age of discretion then my desire is they will before such time when they dispose of their owne affaires depute some other of the Church to pforme this duty of care & love towards my children, wch I allow & binde my children to obedience to them as before. In witnes that this is my last will & Test I have set to my hand & seale the 30th of July Anno 1633. Samuell ffuller Memorand that whereas the widow Ring comitted the Oversight of her sonne Andrew to me at her death, my will is that mr Tho Prence one of my Overseers take the charge of him & see that he be brought up in the ffeare of the Lord & See that he sustaine no wrong by any. Witnesses hereunto Robt Heeks Jon Winslow

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Samuel Fuller, son of Robert Fuller and brother of Mayflower passenger Edward Fuller, was baptized at Redenhall, Norfolk, England, 20 Jan 1580.

Samuel Fuller Sr. (bef. 1580 - 1633)

Doctor Samuel (Deacon Samuel) Fuller Sr. Born before 20 Jan 1580 in Redenhall, Norfolk, England


Son of Robert Fuller [uncertain] and Sarah (Dunkhorn) Fuller [uncertain] Brother of Elizabeth (Fuller) Spaulding, Mary Fuller, Thomas Fuller, Edward Fuller, John Fuller, Robert Fuller, Edmund Fuller and Ann (Fuller) White Husband of Alice (Glasscock) Fuller — married [date unknown] [location unknown] Husband of Agnes (Carpenter) Fuller — married 24 Apr 1613 (to before 3 Jul 1615) in Leiden, Holland Husband of Bridget (Lee) Fuller — married 27 May 1617 in Leiden, Holland DESCENDANTS descendants Father of Unknown Fuller, Mercy Fuller and Samuel Fuller Jr. Died 28 Oct 1633 in Plymouth Colony, New Englandmap Profile managers: Becky Syphers private message [send private message], Pamjoy Major private message [send private message], Mayflower Project WikiTree private message [send private message], John Putnam private message [send private message], Julia Howard private message [send private message], Brent Bowen private message [send private message], Elsie Fuller private message [send private message], and Crayton Smith private message [send private message] Profile last modified 17 Sep 2018 | Created 22 Dec 2009 | Last significant change: 17 Sep 2018 12:40: Bea (Timmerman) Wijma edited the Biography for Deacon Samuel Fuller Sr.. (added some new links to sources (for the ones that no longer were working ) [Thank Bea for this] This page has been accessed 4,889 times.

Categories: Mayflower Passengers.

The Mayflower. Deacon Samuel Fuller Sr. was a passenger on the Mayflower. Join: Mayflower Project Discuss: MAYFLOWER Contents

[hide] 1 Biography 1.1 Birth 1.2 Marriages 1.3 Children 1.4 Migration 1.5 Plymouth 1.6 Death 2 Sources Biography


Samuel Fuller, son of Robert Fuller and brother of Mayflower passenger Edward Fuller, was baptized at Redenhall, Norfolk, England, 20 Jan 1580.


1. His first wife was named Alice Glascock this we know because he is mentioned in the record of the marriage with Agneijs Carpenter as widower of Els (probably Alice) Glaescoock (Glascock) , so after her death he remarried Agneijs Carpenter.

Marriage of Samuel Fuller and Agneijs Carpenter, 24 April, 1613 Leiden 2. Samuel married April 24, 1613 Leiden: 't Ie den 16.3.1613 't IIe den 23.3.1613 't IIIe den 30.3.1613 zyn getrout voor Andries Jaspersz van Vesanevelt ende Jacob Paedts schepenen desen XXIIIIen Aprilis 1613. Samuel Fuller saeywercker van Londen in Engelant weduenaer van Els Glaescoock, vergeselschapt met Alexander Carpenter Willem Hoyt zyn zwager Rogier Wilsum ende Eduwaert Saetwoot zyn bekenden met Agnyes Carpenter jongedochter van Wrenten in Engelandt vergeselschapt met Agnys Weyt ende Els Carpenter haer zuster.[1] Description: Marriage certificate of Samuel Fuller (M), widower of Alice Glascock, say worker from Londen in England, and Agnes Carpenter, spinster, from Wrington (Somerset) in England, with Alexander Carpenter, William White (M), the groom's brother-in-law, Roger Wilson and Edward Southworth, acquaintances of the groom, and Ann White (nee Fuller, M) and Alice Southworth nee) Carpenter (ALJ), sister of the bride, as witnesses .[2]

Marriage, Samuel Fuller and Brygit Lee May 27, 1617 Leiden 3. He buried his child in June 29, 1615, and a few days later his wife Agnes (Agneijs) Carpenter was buried July 3, 1615 , about two years later Samuel remarried Bridget Lee on May 27, 1617 at Leiden : 't Ie den 13.5.1617 't IIe den 20.5.1617 't IIIe den 27.5.1617 zyn getrout voor Willem Tybault ende Dirck van Hogeveen schepenen dezen XXVIIen May 1617. (Aenget. den XIIen May 1617) Samuel Foller saeywercker uyt Engelant weduenaer van Anna Carpenter, wonende op de Veste by de Marenpoorte, vergeselschapt met Samuel Lee zyn bekende ende toecomende zwager met Brygit Lee jongedochter mede uyt Engelant vergeselschapt met Joos Lee haer moeder Description: Marriage certificate of Samuel Fuller, widower of Agnes Carpenter, from England, living on the Vest near the Marepoort, say worker, with Bridget Lee (ALJ), spinster, from England, with Samuel Lee, future brother-in-law of the groom, and Josephine Lee, mother of the bride, as witnesses.[3][4] Children

Child Fuller bur. at Leiden 29 June 1615 (child of second wife ?) Child "who came after" [Bradford 442] Anderson suggests (Possibly) Bridget Fuller, b. say 1619; m. Plymouth 30 Sept 1641 Henry Sirkman. This child was not named in Samuel's will Mercy Fuller b. after 22 May 1627 (1627 cattle division); named in her father's will; named in Bradford's accounting of 1651. Samuel Fuller, b. about 1629; m. (1) ____ _____ and (2) Elizabeth (Nichols) Bowen, d/o John Nichols and widow of Thomas Bowen. Migration

Samuel came on the Mayflower in 1620, from Leiden, Holland, and settled in Plymouth. His wife followed later on the Anne.


Samuel acted as a Surgeon and had a chest of surgeon's tools at his death. He was early a freeman of Plymouth and was the tax assessor in 1633. He served as deacon of the church.


In 1633 there was an epidemic among the Plymouth colonists, which took Samuel. "... in the end, after he had much helped others, Samuel Fuller who was their surgeon and physician and had been a great help and comfort unto them. As in his faculty, so otherwise being a deacon of the church, a man godly and forward to do good, being much missed after his death [Bradford 260]

His will was made 30 July 1633 and proved 28 Oct 1633. His wife was also sick, so he made provision for his children Samuel and Mercy, leaving them to his brother William Wright and wife Priscilla (Carpenter). He also had several other children living in his household, which he secures their disposition. [5][6][7]


↑ Source : doop-, trouw- en begraafregister | Leiden | Trouwen Gerecht B. juli 1611 - april 1633. Marriage Samuel Fuller Leiden 24-04-1613 Groom- bruidegom Place-Plaats: Leiden Date marr int-Datum ondertrouw: 15-03-1613 Source- Bron: Schepen huwelijken (1592-1795) Groom-Bruidegom: Samuel Fuller Place of Birth-Plaats geboorte: Londen (Engeland) Occupation-Beroep: saaiwerker Wid.-Wed.: Els Glaescoock Bride-Bruid Agnyes Carpenter Place of Birth-Plaats geboorte: Weenten Engeland Source-Bron: Archiefnr: 1004 Archiefnaam: Schepenhuwelijken (1592-1795) Inventarisnummer: 198 Folio: B - 018v Remarks- Opmerkingen: Witnesses Groom-Getuigen bruidegom: Alexander Carpenter bekende - Willem Hoyt zwager - Witnesses Bride-Getuigen bruid: Agnys Weyt - Els Carpenter zuster - Witn. Groom-Get bruidegom: Roger Wilsum en Eduwaert Sadtwoot, bekenden. See also literature-Zie ook literatuur: Tammel. Last name deceased wife added by rsearcher -Achternaam ovl vrouw bruidegom toegevoegd door onderzoeker.Source Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken scan marriage 24 April, 1613 ↑ Source: Pilgrim Archives : Marriage Date 1613, April 24 Register of marriages before aldermen Place: Leiden Names: Fuller, Samuel, Glascock, Alice, Carpenter, Ann (Agnes), Fuller, Ann (Agnes), Carpenter, Alexander, White, William, Wilson, Roger, Southworth, Edward, White, Agnes, Carpenter, Alice, Southworth, Alice, Paedts, Jacob, Vesaneveldt, Andries Jaspersz. van . Recordnumber: 1004 Sequencenumber: B Pagenumber18 v from the Pilgrim archives Leiden (which is no longer available, but see also Leyden documents relating to the Pilgrim fathers ↑ Source: Leiden Register of marriages before aldermen Recordnumber: 1004 Sequencenumber: B Pagenumber: 64 Date: 1617, May 27 Names: Fuller, Samuel, Carpenter, Agnes, Lee, Bridget, Lee, Samuel, Lee, Josephine, Fuller, Bridget, Thybault, Willem Cornelisz., Hogeveen, Dirk van Place : Leiden Residence : Street: Vest, Marepoort Leiden Pilgrim Archives ↑ Source: trouw- en begraafregister | Leiden | Trouwen Gerecht B. juli 1611 - april 1633. Samuel Foller, 27-05-1617 : Index: Samuel Foller Leiden: 27-05-1617 Groom- bruidegom Place-Plaats: Leiden Int Mar. Date- Datum ondertrouw: 12-05-1617 Bron: Schepenhuwelijken (1592-1795) Bruidegom: Samuel Foller Place of Birth- Plaats geboorte: Engelant Residence Groom- Woonplaats bruidegom-Marepoort. Bij de - op de Veste Occupation-Beroep: saaiwerker Wid-Wed.: Anna Carpenter Bride-Bruid: Brygit Lee Place of Birth-Plaats geboorte: Engelant. Source-Bron: Archiefnr 1004 Archiefnaam: Schepenhuwelijken (1592-1795) Inventarisnummer: 198 Folio: B - 064 Remarks- Opmerkingen: Wintnesses groom- Getuigen bruidegom: Samuel Lee future brother in law- toekomstig zwager - Witnesses Bride- Getuigen bruid: Joos Lee mother- moeder doop-, Leiden Archief index Leiden archief scan ↑ The Mayflower descendant : a quarterly magazine of Pilgrim genealogy and history Author Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants. Vol. 1, Page 24 Will of Samuel Fuller 30 July 1633 ↑ Mayflower History.com Will of Samuel Fuller Dated: 30 July 1633 at Plymouth. ↑ "Massachusetts, Plymouth County, Probate Records, 1633-1967," images, FamilySearch (30 July 1633, Will of Samuel Fuller : 17 Sep 2018), Wills 1633-1686 vol 1-4 > image 10 of 616; State Archives, Boston. Anderson, Robert Charles. The Pilgrim Migration: Immigrants to Plymouth Colony 1620-1633. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2004) pp 217-221. Bradford: Anderson cites William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647, Samuel Eliot Morison, ed. (New York 1952) which edition is not online. See instead History of Plymouth Plantation pp 448 and 451 https://www.sail1620.org/biographies/overview-edward-samuel-fuller Source: Samuel Fuller, Dr., the Pilgrim Samuel Fuller Source: Bangs, Jeremy Dupertus, Strangers and Pilgrims, Travellers and Sojourners - Leiden and the Foundations of Plymouth Plantation, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, Massachusetts, 2009 Source: Sherman, Ruth Wilder and Robert Moody, both FASG, Re-Edited by Wakefield, Robert S., FASG, Mayflower Families through Five Generations, Volume 10, Family of Samuel Fuller, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, MA., 2013 Wikpedia Samuel Fuller (Pilgrim)

Mayflower Compact

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Dr. Samuel Fuller, "Mayflower" Passenger's Timeline

January 20, 1580
Redenhall, Harleston, Norfolk, England (United Kingdom)
January 20, 1580
Redenhall, Harleston, Norfolk, England (United Kingdom)
January 20, 1580
January 20, 1580
Redenhall, Norfolk, England
January 20, 1580
Redenhall, Harleston, Norforl, England
January 20, 1580
Redenhall, Norfolk, England
January 20, 1580
Redenhall, Harleston, Norforl, England
January 20, 1580
Redenhall, Norfolk, England
January 20, 1580
Redenhall, Harleston, Norforl, England
January 20, 1580
Redenhall, Norfolk, England