Dragon, Queen of Anjou (Fictitious Person)

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Vere, King of Anjou (Fictitious Person)的妻子
Raymond of Vere, count of Anjou (Fictitious Person)之母

管理员 Douglas John Nimmo

About Dragon, Queen of Anjou (Fictitious Person)

Raymond de Vere, Count of Anjou, married Melusine de Lusina, daughter of Elinas, King of the Picts, and Bruithina MacBrude. Her totem tribal badge was the Dragon, hence the fairytale connotations. The Dragon Motif was depicted in 1200 AD on the seal of Hugh de Vere.

The goddess myth surrounding Melusine's life formed the basis of works composed by literary and musical titans such as Jean d'Arras, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Felix Mendelssohn, Marcel Proust, Sir Walter Scott and Claude Debussy.

Many Arthurian scholars consider her life as the basis of the Lady of the Lake myth. According to the myth, she was Lancelot's foster mother who later bestowed Excalibre to King Arthur.

Martin Luther regarded her as a succubus. Almost five hundred years after her death, Richard I of England, a descendant of the Countess of Anjou, even believed she was in reality the fairy Melusine. He regularly maintained, as a result, that his whole family "came from the devil and would return to the devil."

From a historical perspective, there are few, if any, women who matched her in terms of her ability to instill abject fear in the hearts of men. The mermaid myth may have also been predicated on her lengendary life.

Notice the six-point star depicted in the ancient Royal Seal of the House of Vere as shown above. The modern seal, at least as of the 12th century, instead features a five-point star.


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