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Edward Parrish, II

Дата рождения: (40)
Место рождения: England or Virginia, USA
Смерть: 1680 (36-44)
West River Hundred, Herring Creek, MD, USA (Drowned in the Chesapeake Bay)
Место погребения: Herring Creek, MD, USA
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Capt. Edward Parrish, Sr. (Immigrant) и Dorthy Parrish
Муж Clara Parrish
Отец Humphrey H Parrish, I; Edward Parrish, III; John B Parrish, Sr.; Ann Hawkins (Parrish); Mary Hawkins и ещё 2
Полукровный брат Robert Parrish; Richard Parrish; William Parrish и Charles Parrish

Профессия: Planter, Farmer, land owner, Slave Owner
Менеджер: Vance Barrett Mathis
Последнее обновление:

About Edward II Parrish

Edward became a large landowner in the area of present-day Baltim. A 2000 acre patent became known as Parrish's Range. Part of this 2000 acres along with part of a 350 acre tract known as Parrish's Fear and owned by Edwards' son, Edward III, now makes up a major part of the municipally owned Druid Hill Park of Baltimore.

Edward drowned in 1680 when his boat capsized in Maryland waters.


Artist Maxfield Parrish is a descendant.

"Was imported into the Colony of Maryland in 1655 by William Piper of the Isle of Kent. (Ref. Land Office, Annapolis, Maryland, Vol. 5, page 489.) Edward Parrish demanded land for performing his time of service in this Province, 50 acres, November 26, 1662. (Book 5, page 486, Land Office, Annapolis, Maryland.) On the same date, George Pascall demanded 50 acres in the name of his wife, Mandeley, for performing her time of service. This 50 acres was assigned to Edward Parrish. (Same reference.) This is the earliest record of Edward Parrish found in Maryland and this 100 acres, plus the additions to it, were called "Parrishes Park." The next actual record is found in the archives of Maryland, Vol. 2, page 228, dated April-May, 1669, showing that 8,000 pounds of tobacco were ordered paid to Edward Parrish, John Thurston, Mathew Axton, and Abram Duttenat. Every man was allowed 50 acres of land for himself or for anyone of age he transported into the Colony. They were called "headrights" and were granted to all free men, upon application. In this way, he acquired several hundred acres of land, He acquired land rapidly, making a practice of leasing it instead of working it himself and sold only one piece. Therefore, there was little chance for his wife to appear on the records. Parrishes Park, 100 acres located on the south side of West River at the head of Cuttle Creek, 1662/3 Clary's Hope, 100 acrees, 1663/4. Parrishes Delay, 100 acres in Herring Creek Swamp, 1664. Parrishes Choice, 150 acres surveyed March 18, 1670. Parrishes Chance, 1670. Locust Neck, 1671 Papa's Ridge, 155 acres on the south side of West River, 1673. Parrishes Range, about 2,000 acres in Baltimore County, Maryland, 1678. This land remained in the family for many generations. A part of Parrishes Range and part of Parrishes Fear are now included in the Druid Hill Park, owned by the City of Baltimore, Maryland. Died intestate in the early spring of 1680 at his home place in West River Hundred, on Herring Creek, about seven miles south of Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Buried with wife." --Erin Spiceland

WARNING: Some show him born in Yorkshire, England.

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Хронология Edward II Parrish

England or Virginia, USA
Возраст 29
W. River Hundred, Anne Arundel, Maryland
Возраст 30
Virginia, United States
Возраст 32
West River Hundred, Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Возраст 34
Baltimore, Baltimore County, Province of Maryland, (Present USA)
Возраст 36
West River 100, Anne Arundel, Maryland
Возраст 38
Anne Arundel, MD, USA
Возраст 39
W. River Hundred, Anne Arundel, Maryland