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Elizabeth Adams (Russell)

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Смерть: Умер в Burlington, Chester County, Province of New Jersey, (Present USA)
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь William Russell и Elizabeth Adams
Жена Capt. John Adams
Мать Elizabeth Adams; John Adams; Elizabeth Hollingshead; Sarah Cowperthwaite; James Adams и ещё 8
Сестра Ralph Russell и Thomas Russell

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Ближайшие родственники

About Elizabeth Adams

Life in New England: John Adams came to Plymouth Colony aboard the Fortune in November 1621. Ellen Newton (also called Helen and Elinor) arrived in the summer of 1623, either aboard the Anne or Little James. The division of cattle of May 1627 listed “John Adams”“Eliner Adams” and “James Adams;” i has therefore long been assumed that John married Ellen Newton as she was the only woman of that name in the colony. The family stayed in Plymouth where John became a freeman. Family: John Adams married Ellen Newton about 1625 in Plymouth. They had three children before his death in 1633. Elinor married (2) Kenelm Winslow in June 1634 and had four children. She was buried December 5, 1681, in Marshfield, “being 83 years old". Children of John and Elinor Adams: • James was born before May 22, 1627. He married Frances Vassall in Scituate in 1646 and had five children. The family last appeared in the Plymouth records April 8, 1657, and they may have moved to Massachusetts Bay Colony. Francis Adams was awarded 150 acres of land by the Massachusetts General Court in 1673, so they were living in New England at that time. • John was born after May 22, 1627. He married (1) Jane James in Marshfield on December 27, 1654, and had three children. The family moved to Flushing, New York after June 1660. He married (2) Elizabeth _____ before December 10, 1666, and had at least one child, and possibly twelve. • Susan was born after May 22, 1627. She was referred to in the 1633 settlement of her father’s estate, but there is no further record. Children of Kenelm and Elinor Winslow: • Kenelm was born about 1635. He married (1) Mercy Worden by 1668 and had seven children. He married (2) Damaris Eames by 1693 and had four children. He died on November 11, 1715 • Ellen was born about 1636. She married Samuel Baker on December 20, 1656, in Marshfield and had eight children. She died in August 1676. • Nathaniel was born about 1639. He married Faith Miller on August 3, 1664, in Marshfield and had eight children. He died on December 1, 1719. • Job was born about 1641. He married Ruth _____ by 1674 and had thirteen children. He died on July 14, 1720.

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Хронология Elizabeth Adams

февраль 1643
Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
3 Мая 1656
Возраст 13
Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
9 января 1665
Возраст 21
Long Island City, Queens, New York, USA
Возраст 21
24 апреля 1668
Возраст 25
Flushing, Long Island, New York Colony
4 август 1671
Возраст 28
Long Island City, Queens, New York, USA
6 сентября 1674
Возраст 31
Long Island City, Queens, New York, USA
15 декабря 1675
Возраст 32
Flushing, Queens, New York, USA
7 Мая 1678
Возраст 35
Long Island City, Queens, New York, USA