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Väpnare Engebret Steffensen Stefansson

Norwegian: Väpnare Engelbrekt Staffansson Månestjerne, Swedish: Väpnare Engebrecht Staffsson Månstjerne
别名字号 "Engelbret Staffensen Skade", "Engelbret Staffensen Kraus"
出生地 Sweden
逝世 卒于 in Tunøen, Norway

Staffan Clausson Skade el. KrausNN Månestjerne之子
Ulfhild Brynjulfsdotter RoosUlfhild Brynjulfsdatter Roos Af Hjelmsäter, til Holleby的丈夫
Gunhild Engelbrektsdotter Skak; Catharina Engelbrechtsdatter Månestjerne, til Holleby og Borregård; NN Engelbertsdotter ManestjerneStefan Engelbechtsson Månestjrne之父
Oluf Staffensen Skade el. Kraus的兄弟

Occupation: Norsk riksråd (1438-50), Väpnare, Ridder, Norsk väpnare, Norsk riksråd., Riksråd, riksråd, Norsk rigsråd, Norsk riksråd, var 1440 norsk rigsråd
管理员 Thomas Sven Björnberg

About Väpnare Engebret Steffensen Stefansson

Ridder Engelbrekt Steffansen Månestjerne.

See below at bottom for definition of Ridder.

Definition of Ridder

Ridder (Dutch - "knight") is a noble title in the Netherlands and Belgium. The collective term for its holders in a certain locality is the Ridderschap (e.g. Ridderschap van Holland, Ridderschap van Friesland, etc). In the Netherlands and Belgium no female equivalent exists. It is placed between the first name(s) and the family name (as "ridder" not "Ridder", as in Dutch titles are written in lower case, which in this case also avoids confusion between the family name and the title).

   * Family: ridder van Rappard.
   * Family: ridder Huyssen van Kattendijke.
   * Family: ridder de van der Schueren.

The title Ridder descends in two ways: "op allen" (to all - i.e. every descendant, male or female, in the male line, is entitled to the title) and "met het recht op eerstgeboorte" (with the right of the first-born - i.e. descent by Salic law, i.e. the eldest male descendant of the title's first bearer may take the title, but not the others).

Ridder is a literal translation of Latin Eques and originally meant "horseman" or "rider".

Ridderschap as an executive and legislative assembly:

Before 1814, the history of nobility is separate for each of the eleven provinces that make up the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In each of these, there were in the early Middle Ages a number of feudal lords who often were just as powerful, and sometimes more so than the rulers themselves. In old times, no other title existed but that of knight. In the middle of the fourteenth century, quarrels between the feudal lords reduced many families and castles to ruins, which contributed to the Dukes of Burgundy's acquisition by conquest or inheritance of many of the provinces forming the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In 1581, Philip II of Spain, heir of the Dukes of Burgundy was abjured by representatives of the Seven Provinces, which left a great part of the executive and legislative power to the Ridderschap of each province, which consisted of the representatives of those families of the old feudal nobility. In 1798, the revolution did away with their power, and it was not before 1814, when William of Orange became King of the Netherlands that they were again appointed in another form, but by the time of the constitution of 1848, they had no influence in government affairs. In 1814, if no higher title was recognised, the men only were to bear the hereditary predicate of Jonkheer. The old feudal families obtained the title of Baron or Baroness for all their descendants.

Engelbrecht Staffensen var sønn av Staffen Clausen. Engelbrecht Staffensen giftet seg med Ulvilde Brynjulfsdatter. Engelbrecht Staffensen døde etter 1458.

    Han var Norges rigsråd. 


nævnes 1437, fik 1438 med sin svoger Knud Brynjulfsen tildømt Holeby (Tune Præstegjeld i Smålandene), som Gyrid Aslaksdatter trættede på, holdt 1440 skifte med sin hustrus moder Ingeborg Bentsdatter efter hendes ægtefælle Brynjulf Jonsen, var 1440 norsk rigsråd.


Ulvhild Brynjulfsdottir Roos af Hjelmsäter, f. 1418, d. ca. 1440


  • + 1. Karen Engelbretsdatter Skade el. Kraus, d. †
  • + 2. Staffen Engelbrechtsen Skade el. Kraus, d. †



Väpnare Engebret Steffensen Stefansson的年谱

Tune (Sarpsborg), Østfold, Norway
Tunøen, Norway