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About Enygeus / Anna (Fictional)

A medieval legend says she was a sister of [6000000007249865226 St Joseph of Arimathea] and Anna the Prophetess (who some stories identify with Dôn ferch Mathonwy). The genealogy, however, is a romance, and correlates to a re-working of the semi-historical Brân the Blessed into the literary Brons the Fisher King of the Holy Grail cycle.

"The sister of Joseph of Arimathea who married Brons and became the mother of Alan." (Mike Dixon-Kennedy, Arthurian Myth and Legend: an A-Z of People and Places (London: Brockhampton, 1998), 98) The Desposyni The term Desposyni is applied to purported descendants of Jesus and his surrounding family, all of whom were of the House of David. Clearly this is an explosive claim in certain circles because it directly threatens the Roman Church’s claim of rule through an Apostolic Succession rather than through inheritance via the House of David. Furthernore it indicates that there were heirs to Jesus’ claim to be the King of the Jews, a claim that has been supported by a number of more-adventursome scholars recently. And the concept that Jesus had a wife/consort and children gives a very different picture, one of a human and one who could well be spiritually a son of God but certainly not physically. Desposyni and descendants from Abraham Line 1 Abraham = Sarai (Sarah) (Princess) bint Haran Isaac ibn Abraham = Rebekah bint Betheuel Jacob ibn Isaac (King of goshen) = Leah bint Laban Judah (Judas) ibn Jacob = Tamar Perez (Phares) 1738? BCE of Israel Hezron (Esron) of Israel Ram, (Aram) (Prince) of Israel Aminadab (Amminadab) of Israel Nashon (Naasson) (the Israelite) Salmon (Salma) (the Israelite) = Rahab (Rachab) Boaz = Ruth of Moab Obed the Ephrathite Jesse ben Obed David, King of Judah and Israel = 9th wife of David of Judah and Israel (or Bathsheba) Nathan ha-David Mattatha (Mathatha Mattathan)ha- David Menna (Menam/Menon) ha-David Melea ha-David Eliakim ha-David Jonan (Jonam) ha-David Joseph ben Jonan ha-David Judah (Judas/Jude) ben Joseph ha-David Simeon ben Judah ha-David Levi ben Simeon ha-David Matthat/Mathat ben Levi ha-David Jorim ha-David Eliazer (Eliezer) ben Jorim ha-David Jesus (Jose, Joshua) ben Eleazer ha-David Er (Her) ben Jesus ha-David Emadam (Helmadan Elmodam) ha-David Cosam ha-DavidAddi ben Cosam ha-David Melchi (Melki) ha-David Neri (Neriah) ha-David = Tamar (of Davidic dynasty) Salathial (Shealtiel) ha-David Zorobabel ha-David (aka Sheshbazzar (Zerubbabel) = Esther ha-David Rhesa Joanna (m) Juda Joseph Semei Mattathias Maath Naage Esli Naum Amos Mattathias II (Tobias), Temple Governor = Yalpath Joseph, Temple Governor Janna Melchi, Head of the Sanhedrin Levi Matthan Jacob Heli = Gadat Joseph = Mary Jesus (Yehoshua) = Mary Magdalene Josue del Graal Aminadab = Eurgen Catheloys (Castellors) Manael Titurel Frimutel Boaz (Anfortas) Frotmund Pharamond, 1st King of all the Franks = Argotta of the Sicambri, Princess of the East Franks Clodion “the Long-haired” of Tournai, King of the Salic Franks = Basina I of Thuringia Merovee = Siegse Merovee/Meroveus “The Young,” (436 CE - 481 CE), King of the Salian Franks = Meira? Childeric I, King of the Salian Franks = Basina II Andovera, Queen of Thuringia Clovis I “the Great,” King of the Franks (abt 467 CE - 511 CE) = Clotilde, daughter of Chilperic II, King of Burgundy So is she fictional? Did King David Really exist ? Yes I believe so and since Enygeus is before him in my tree ,she must've existed or been someone who used the name.