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Ezra Thomas Ridgard, SV/PROG

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Holywell, Flintshire, Wales, United Kingdom
Смерть: Умер в Queenstown, Stormberg District, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Место погребения: Eastern Cape, South Africa
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Benjamin Ridgard и Ann Ridgard
Муж Elizabeth Mary Ridgard, SM/PROG
Отец Andrew Ridgard; Mary Ann Ridgard; Charlotte Caroline Ridgard; Ezra Thomas Ridgard; Benjamin James Ridgard и ещё 5
Брат Frances Ridgard

Профессия: saddler
Менеджер: Private User
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About Ezra Thomas Ridgard, SV/PROG

1820 British Settler

Ezra Ridgard 29, Saddler. together with his wife Elizabeth Ekron Keen 23 and 2 children, were members of Pringle's Party of 24 Settlers on the Settler Ship Brilliant.

Party originated from Scotland.

Departure Gravesend, London 15 February 1820. Arrival Simon's Bay - 30 April 1820. Final Port - Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth 15 May 1820

Area Allocated to the Party : Baviaans River, Cradock

Children :

  • Andrew Ridgard 3,
  • Mary Ann Ridgard


Ezra responded to an advertisement in the newspaper when the Scottish party, led by Pringle, had 2 cancellations. They left England on the Brilliant from Gravesend, London on 15 Jun 1820. On board were the Erith, Pringle and Gush division of the Sephton Party. At the time of departure they had 2 children, Andrew born in 1816 and Mary Anne born in 1819. Before departure, they must have lived in the Holborn area London as both Andrew and Mary Anne were christened there. Ezra was a saddle maker and when they arrived in South Africa they settled in the Cradock area.

British 1820 settler in South Africa

http://www.albany1820.com/menu/1820%20Settlers%20-%20Full%20List.htm full list of settlers

Ezra Ridgard (b. 1791), Occupation: Saddler, Spouse: Elizabeth (b. 1797), Children... Andrew (b. 1817), Mary Ann, Party: Pringle, Ship: Brilliant


   In his book "The Scottish Settler Party of 1820", J V L Rennie went to great lengths to trace the family origins of the members of Pringle's party. He first established that Ezra Ridgard was born on 10 June 1790 at Holywell in Flintshire, North Wales, and that his baptism certificate recorded him as being the son of Benjamin Ridgard. On page 202 Rennie dealt with the Elliott/Ridgard connection:
   "The fact that Elliott was born in Sheffield and Pringle's statement that he was related to Ezra Ridgard prompted the writer to make enquiries in Sheffield for possible Ridgards there, with positive results. It appears that there was an Ezra Ridgard in Sheffield who in 1787 was recorded as a bookseller and stationer. He died there in 1815, and a note in the local press spoke of "his integrity as a tradesman for half a century". In his will he left, inter alia, six hundred pounds to "Ezra Ridgard son of my late nephew Benjamin Ridgard". There does not appear to be any reason to doubt that this beneficiary and Ezra Ridgard, Benjamin's son, baptised in Holywell and later the 1820 Settler, were one and the same person.
   "Family records in South Africa indicate that William Elliott was born in Sheffield on 22 September 1792, the son of Samuel Elliott and his wife Rebecca, but these sources give no further information about his ancestry. The writer has ascertained, however, that Samuel Elliott's wife and the wife of Ezra Ridgard the Sheffield bookseller and stationer were sisters, daughters of a William Parker, a Sheffield cutler who became a master cutler in 1761, and his wife Mary Swinden, daughter of Joseph Swinden of Royd's Mill. The Settlers Ezra Ridgard and William Elliott were thus not related other than through a marriage connection, the former the great-nephew of his namesake the Sheffield bookseller, the latter the nephew of the bookseller's wife".
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Хронология Ezra Thomas Ridgard, SV/PROG

10 июня 1790
Holywell, Flintshire, Wales, United Kingdom
11 ноября 1816
Возраст 26
London, UK
18 марта 1819
Возраст 28
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
16 октября 1821
Возраст 31
Eastern Cape, South Africa
3 июля 1826
Возраст 36
Cradock, Eastern Cape, South Africa
1 августа 1830
Возраст 40
Tarkastad, Cradock Dist, Eastern Cape, South Africa
7 марта 1833
Возраст 42
Tarkastad, Eastern Cape, South Africa
26 мая 1835
Возраст 44
Tarkastad, Stormberg District, Eastern Cape, South Africa
26 сентября 1836
Возраст 46
Bedford District, Eastern Cape, South Africa