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750-802 or 755-860 or 782-?

The name of Eochaid's wife is not known in any primary sources. Some have her listed as Fergusa.


EOCHAID . m ---. The primary source which names the wife of Eochaid has not yet been identified. Eochaid & his wife had one child:

a) ALPIN (-killed in battle against the Picts in Galloway [20 Jul/Aug] 834). The Chronicle of John of Fordun records the accession of "Alpin the son of Achay" in 831, that he ruled for three years, was defeated by the Picts "20 July" and beheaded[12]. The 12th century Cronica Regum Scottorum lists "Alpin filius Eochal venenosi iii, Kynedus filius Alpini primus rex Scottorum xvi…" as kings, dated to the 9th century[13]. m ---. The name of Alpin's wife is not known. Alpin & his wife had two children:

i) KENNETH [Cinaed] MacAlpin (-Forteviot, Perthshire 13 Feb [858], bur [Isle of Iona]). His parentage is confirmed by the Annals of Ulster which record the death in 858 of "Cinaed son of Ailpín king of the Picts"[14]. He succeeded as KENNETH I King of Scotland.

- see below.

ii) DONALD [Domnall] (-Kinn Belachoir palace or killed in battle Scone 13 Apr [863], bur [Isle of Iona]). The 10th century Pictish Chronicle Cronica de Origine Antiquorum Pictorum records that "Kinadius…filius Alpini, primus Scottorum…Dunevaldus frater eius" ruled for four years[15]. The 12th century Cronica Regum Scottorum lists "Alpin filius Eochal venenosi iii, Kynedus filius Alpini primus rex Scottorum xvi, Dolfnal filius Alpini iiii…" as kings, dated to the 9th century[16]. The Chronicle of John of Fordun records that "Donald also a son of Alpin" succeeded his brother in 854, reigned for four years, died "at Scone" and was buried "in Iona beside his brother"[17]. He succeeded his brother as DONALD I King of Scotland. The 11th century Synchronisms of Flann Mainistreach name (in order) "Cinaet mac Ailpin…Domnall mac Ailpin, Custantin mac Cinaeta, (Aedh mac Cinaedha), Girg mac Dungaile, Domnall Dasachtach (mac Custantin)" as Scottish kings, dated to the 9th and 10th centuries[18]. The Annals of Ulster record the death in 862 of "Domnall son of Ailpín king of the Picts"[19]. The Chronicle of the Scots and Picts dated 1177 records that "Douenald mac Alpin" reigned for 4 years, died "in Rathinueramon" and was buried "in Iona insula"[20].

Fergusa of Picts , daughter of King Fergus of Picts and unknown. Fergusa was born in 755 in Pictland and died in Scottish Dal Riata

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Ugaria Fergusa Princess Royal


ABT 0763 - ____

BIRTH: ABT 0763, of Dalriada, , Scotland

Father: Fergus Ungus King of Dalriada or Scotland

Mother: Princess of Picts

Family 1 : Eochaidh Fionn (Achy IV) King of Argyll

MARRIAGE: ABT 0779, Ireland

+Alpin MacAodh King of Kintyre Scotland

Dungal Thane 

789-820 67. Constantine, son of Fergus [Urgust] & Ciniod I's younger sister

[note: his sister Urguisticc was wife of Eochaid IV of Dalriada & mother of Alpin of Kyntyre]

Fergusa DALRIADA(1) was born about 750. Parents: King Fergus DALRIADA and N.N. WROLD.

She was married to King Eochaid DALRIADA IV. Children were: King Alphin Mac EOCHAID .


ID: I1558


Sex: F

Birth: BET 750 AND 755


A.F. Bennett, Kinship of Families. Fugusa (born about 750), wife of Achaias, King of Dalriada.

GenServ database SMIA7MT, December 1998.

Father: FERGUS (UNGUST) , King of Picts b: ABT 735 in Scotland

Marriage 1 EOCHAID (ACHAIAS) MAC AED FIND b: BET 747 AND 750 in Scotland



ALPIN MAC EOCHAID , King of Argyll b: ABT 778 in Scotland

King Of Picts Scotland" .Fergus (b. 735, d. 825)

King Of Picts Scotland" .Fergus (son of Urgust King Of Picts) was born 735 in Pictland, and died 825.

Children of King Of Picts Scotland" .Fergus are:

+Fergusa" Queen Of Scotland Urgusia, b. 755, Alba, d. 830.

Princess of Picts

Queen of Scots

Princess Royal of Picts, Unuisticc of Fortrenn (Uisneachdan)

A bit of history:

The Picts practiced matrilinear descent. Princess Unuisticc was Princess of the Royal family of Uisneachtan of the Kingdom of Fortrenn.

Fortrenn, or Fortriu, is the ancient area of Strathearn and Monteith in Perth. Ancient Fortriu extends from the headwaters of Loch Lomond west to the Firth of Tay and includes Stirling, Dunblane and Loch Tay.

McNitt's description of Fortrenn says most of it would be contained in present day Perthshire and Forfarshire. Within this area we find such places as Nechtansmere, Dunnichen, where in 685 the Pict army had a great victory over the Northumbrians, Abernethy where King Nechtan built a church in the early 700's, the river Nethy, all these placenames cognative to clan Uisnechtan, the Royal Sons of Uisnech.

The first King Nechtan reigned 458 AD to 482 AD. The latter King Nechtan died in 732 AD. The Pict Kings moved their capitol from place to place. Sometimes it was in Scone in Fortrenn. King Nechtan's palace was on the river Ness according to Bede. The river Ness is about 5 miles long and extends from Loch Ness to the Moray Firth. If King Nechtan's palace was that close to Moray his clansmen must have occupied much of Moray.

There are few or no Nechtan placenames in Moray. Here we have the King of the Picts located on the eastern end of Scotland's Great Glen, that natural rift that devides Scotland into two sections, a natural pathway from east to west.

On the western end of the Great Rift we find Dal Riada. Dal Riada occupies the lands which anciently belonged to the Sons of Uisnech. The MacHenry clan of Glencoe descend from Big Henry, Son of King Nechtan. Most of the Picts of that royal family, from the first Nechtan King (458- 482) had to move eastward along the Great Glen, and that is how they came to Moray and the River Ness.

There was friction betweent the Dal Riadans and the Uisnechtan Picts. Ultimately a unification of the two peoples could come about through marriage. So, when Eochaid IV the Venomous of Dal Riada married Pictish Princess Unuisticc of Fortrenn this marriage is supposed to have united the Picts and Scots under one monarchy for the first time. Their son was the Great King Alpin of Alba, the first 'real' king of all Scotland and eponymous ancestor of: The House of MacAlpin

1. The father of Kenneth MacAlpin of Scotland was King Alpin of the Picts (778 AD. -- 834 AD)

2. The father of King Alpin was Eochaid IV the Venomous, King of Argyll, (747 AD -- 819 AD).

3. The wife of Eochaid IV the Venomous was Princess Royal of Picts, Unuisticc of Fortrenn, born 755 AD.

Urgaria, Urgusia, Fergusia, Unuisticc.

Name aka Urgusin.

1) GENEALOGY: Royal Ancestors of Magna Charta Barons; Page 226, G929.72;

C6943ra; Denver Public Library; Genealogy

This Queen of Scotland is known in some geneologies as Urgusia or Fergusia. She is also called Princess Royal of the Picts. (Notes on the mother of Unuistice: Matrilinear Pictish Princesses Royal of Fortrinn(Verturiones) from at least circa 250, whose brothers reined as High Kings of Alba(Albany) by 5th century, probably in pagan times with the throne name of Bruide.)
Notes for Princess Royal Of The Picts Unuisticc: Echoaid's father, his idol, was killed in the war against the Picts so he spent his life in retaliation (hence his nickname of "The Venomous". In the war he waged against the Picts, he captured Unuistic, Princess of the Picts, forced her to become his wife. Alpin, his son through this marriage tried to use his genealogy to claim the Pictish throne, and was killed in so doing. Alpin's son, Kenneth was the one who finally united both nations.

Children of Princess Royal Of The Picts Unuisticc and Eochaid IV MacFergus are: i.+Alpin Mad Eochaid King Of Scotland, b. 778, Kintyre, Scotland, d. 20 Jul 834, Galloway, Wigtownshire, Scotland.

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