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About George Pigot-Moodie SV2b4 Grahamstown baptisms 1826-1836, image no 29 (entry No 558 in register).äki%20Harri.pdf?sequence=1 (Municipal Engineers in South Africa before 1910, by Harri Mäki, Tampere University Press ePublications 2013).

1864 - appointed surveyor and engineer in Pietermaritzburg, Natal.

February 1866 - during a period of economic depression he was given notice for dismissal; he asked for reconsideration and was retained as surveyor only; in late 1866 he resigned and left Pietermaritzburg and was admitted as a land surveyor in the Zuid-Afrikaanse Republiek (Transvaal).

1870–1872 - he represented Wakkerstroom District in the Volksraad.

1872 - The first concession to build a railway in the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR, aka Transvaal) was given to Mr. George Pigot Moodie on 26 August 1872 -

1881-1884 - he became Surveyor-General to Paul Kruger's government of the Transvaal and pioneered the railway through Portuguese territory to Lourenco Marques. He discovered gold and became the proprietor of Moodie's Gold Mines, Barberton, on land which he had accepted in lieu of salary from the Transvaal government; and became a wealthy man.

1886 - he returned to the Cape Colony.

1889-1890 - he sat in the Cape Legislative Council.

After 1889 he hyphenated Pigot-Moodie.

1891 - MLC for West Province, Cape Colony.

He died, at Westbrooke, Rondebosch, (which later became an official residence of South Africa's State President).

He is credited with having given the name of his mother's Berkshire home, Chievely, to the small siding on the railway line between Estcourt and Ladysmith where Winston Churchill was captured by Boer forces in November 1900.


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From Natalia 34: : George Pigot Moodie (1829–1891), the second Moodie son, later Surveyor-General of the Transvaal, and a gold-mining pioneer.

"South Africa, Church of the Province of South Africa, Parish Registers, 1801-2004," images, FamilySearch (,44975802,49802601,49802602 : accessed 24 Sep 2014), South Africa > Cape of Good Hope > Grahamstown Cathedral, St George > Baptisms 1826-1836 > image 29 of 80; citing William Cullen Library, Wits University, Johannesburg.

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Хронология George Pigot-Moodie SV2b4

22 января 1829
Grahamstown, Cape Colony, South Africa
8 февраля 1829
Grahamstown, Albany, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
26 сентября 1882
Возраст 53
Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa
29 сентября 1885
Возраст 56
Brighton, England
3 ноября 1888
Возраст 59
Cape Province, South Africa
30 мая 1890
Возраст 61
South Africa
Возраст 61
Cape Colony, South Africa