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Grace O'Neill, [FICTITIOUS]

别名字号 "Lady Grace O'Neill", "not Grace (Neale) Waters Robins"

Arthur Mcshane O'Neil, [FICTITIOUS]Grace O'Hara, [FICTITIOUS]之女

Occupation: fictional / fraudulent pedigree
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About Grace O'Neill, [FICTITIOUS]

See: Grace Robins

  • Her name was not O'Neil, it was Neale.
  • Her father's name was Edmund, not Arthur.
  • Her mother's name was Elizabeth, not Grace.
  • They were not Irish, they were English.
  • The family line is completely ordinary.
  • John Neale, whose orphaned daughter William Waters took in, was her brother.


There is no "Arthur O'Neill" who married a Grace O'Hara daughter of Charles O'Hara at any point in time in any O'Neill lineage that they could have had a daughter Grace born in the early 1600s.

There *was* an Art Og (called Arthur) O'Neill (son of Sean (Shane) MacBrian O'Neill of Clandeboyne), who married a Grainne (Grace) Ni Eadhdra (O'Hara), daughter of Cahall (Charles) Ui Eadhra (O'Hara), BUT -- *HE* was born in 1600!!! And he is on record as having two sons and NO daughters.


Her father was not any known son of Shane O'Neil.

The sons of Shane – The Mac Shanes

Shane had at least ten sons by his various wives. All of these ten are considered legitimate, but there may be others of a base origin. Many of them were later fostered in various O'Neill clans after their father's death, and eventually became the rival force to Hugh O'Neill in his climb to power in the 1580-1600 timeframe. His known sons are:

  • Shane Og, mother was Catherine MacDonnell. He died in 1581 on a raid, was tanist to the O'Neill, Turlough Luineach, in 1579.
  • Henry MacShane O'Neill, His mother was Catherine MacDonnell, he died 1622. Father of [Eanruig Og] Sir Henry O'Neill [DO NOT confuse with the Protestant Sir Henry O'Neill who was the son of Sean MacBrian O'Neill of Clandeboyne!] and Con Boy McHenry. Perhaps the most famous of Shane's sons. Granted a large Estate in Orior County Armagh.
  • Con MacShane O'Neill, died in 1630. Mother was either the daughter of Shane og Maguire or Catherine MacLean, sources disagree. He invaded Ulster in 1583 with 3000 Scottish warriors and was named the Tanist of The O'Neill, Turlough Luineach, in the 1580s. During the 9 Years War, he fought against his cousin the Earl and was rewarded with a large estate (1,500 acres (6.1 km2)) and the Manor lordship of Clabbye in Fermanagh. He played a part in Ulster politics until his death in 1630/1. His sons continued to serve in Ireland and abroad. Two of his grandsons were made Spanish Counts.
  • Turlough, mother was Catherine MacDonnell of the Route. Died 1598.
  • Hugh Gaveloch, died in 1590, most popular of the Mac Shanes. Led an army of his MCLean kinsmen into Ulster to support his claim to The O'Neill Mór title. He was captured and hanged by his 1st cousin, Hugh, Earl of Tyrone.
  • Naill, mother thought to have been Catherine O'Donnell.
  • Art, mother was Catherine MacLean, died of exposure while escaping from Dublin Castle with Red Hugh O'Donnell [in 1592].

[Additional comment: "Art" is not derived from "Arthur" - it is an independent development. (See O Corrain & Maguire, Irish Names, p. 24 - this is a standard and mostly reliable resource for authentically Irish names.)]

  • Brian Laighneach, mother was Catherine MacLean, died after 1598.
  • Edmond, died fighting against Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone.
  • Hugh McShane O'Neill, mother was Catherine MacLean, died in 1621. Became Chief of the O'Neill sept inside Glenconkeyne forest and known from that point on as the "MacShanes". (Sources point to the fact that Hugh may have been the son of Conn Mac Shane).
  • Cormac, mother was Catherine MacLean, died after 1603. Stayed with brother Hugh MacShane as did his son Cormac Boy.
  • Rose married into the MacDonnell clan.


Lady Grace O'Neill, born 1603 Dunluce Castle, near Giant's Head, Ireland; died Abt. 1681 in Elizabeth City County, VA.

Parents: daughter of Sir Arthur O'Neill-Buidhe (b. =Abt 1602=, Craigbilly, Antrim, Ireland d. Abt 1639, Ireland) and Grace O'Hara.


  1. Abt. 1620 in Elizabeth City, VA. to Capt Edward Waters, born 30 Nov 1589 in Hertfordshire, England161; died 20 Aug 1630 in Great Hornmead, Hertfordshire. He was the son of William Waters, Sr and Alice Canon.
  2. Abt. 1634 to Col. Obedience Robins of Northampton County; Burgess; as his second wife. He was b. 12 Apr 1600, Longbuckie, Northamptonshire, England and died Bef 30 Dec 1662, Northampton county, Virginia

5 children of Edward Waters and Grace O'Neill:

  1. Col. William Waters, Sr, born Abt. 1622 in Elizabeth City, and Northampton County, VA; died Bet. 1685 - 1689 in Accomack, VA; married (1) Catherine Abt. 1645; married (2) Dorothy Marriott Abt. 1663; married (3) Margaret Robins 1653.
  2. Margaret Waters, born Feb 1624/25 in Elizabeth City, VA; died Unknown.
  3. Susanna Waters, born 1633; died Unknown; married William Tyrrell; born 1629; died Unknown.

5 children of Lady Grace O'Neill and Obedience Robins:

  1. Col. William Robins of Northampton County, Virginia, b. 1620; d. 1689; was member of the Assembly, Northampton County, Virginia, 1654-1660; Burgess, 1666-1676; Officer Colonial Army; Major, 1659; Colonel, 1676; Vestryman Hungar's Parish, Northampton County, 8th May, 1676.
  2. Dorothea Robins, b. Abt 1639, Cherrystone, Northampton County, VA d. Bef 2 Mar 1681/82, Northampton county, Virginia, USA
  3. Frances Robins b. Abt 1632, Northampton County, VA , d. Abt 1672, Northampton County, VA .
  4. Obedience Robins b. 18 Jul 1637, Cherrystone, Northampton County, VA , d. Abt 1650, VA
  5. John Robins, b. 6 Jul 1636, Cherrystone, VA , d. Between 25 May 1707 and 28 May 1709
  6. Mary Robins, b. Abt 1641, Northampton County, VA , d. Abt 1690, Cherrystone, Northampton County, VA

It is said she fled England for Jamestown in disguise to escape a distasteful and obnoxious court marriage

GRACE [O'NEAL] or O' NEILL's home was Dunluce Castle, near Giant's Head, Ireland. Apparently she was in London, England, in the king's court as a young girl. It is said she fled England for Jamestown, VA, in disguise to escape a distasteful and obnoxious court marriage. After surviving a shipwreck near the coast of Bermuda [error?], GRACE O'NEAL arrived in Bermuda aboard H.M.S. Diana in 1618. She married Lt. Waters and they made their home on a plantation near Elizabeth City, VA. They were captured during the Indian Massacre of Elizabeth City, VA, in 1622, but later escaped to Jamestown.

Her story seems to have been the inspiration for the best selling 1900 novel and the 1916 & 1922 film adaptations, Mary Johnston's To Have and to Hold


  • Migration: 1618, Ireland to Virginia aboard the Diana [1]
  • Probate: 02 Mar 1681/82, Estate probated in Northampton County, VA


Estate Records of Grace O'Neil, 2 March, 1682, Northamption Co., VA Admtr: Capt. John Robins, Son William Cowdrey as marrying Mary, daughter. Children of Dorothy Andrews dec'd and daughter of Obedience Robins dec'd. Secs: Lt. Col. Waters, Capt. William Whittington, Apprs: Thomas Hunt, Capt., Nathaniel Walker, Charles Gelding, William Nicholls She was estate on 2 Mar 1682 in Northampton Co., Virginia.

  • Robins Grace, Mrs., widow 3-2-1682 Admtr: Capt. John Robins son of the dec'd on behalf of himself, William Cowdrey as marring Mary the daughter , and the children of Dorothy Andrews dec'd also the daughter of Col. Obedience Robins dec'd. To admtr upon the estate of his said father, lately left by their dec'd mother, mother in law and grand mother Secs: Lt. Col. Waters, Capt. William Whittington, Apprs: Thomas Hunt, Capt. Nathaniel Walker, Charles Gelding, William Nicholls probated on 2 Mar 1682 in Northampton Co., Virginia. (Marshall p 285)


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Grace O'Neil arrived in Virginia on the Diana in April 1619, became the wife of Lt. Edward Waters, was captured by Indians and escaped with him, and had three children by him: William, Margaret, and Susannah.

On learning of his death in England in 1630, she took Col. Obedience Robins as her second husband. She lived until 1681.


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