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Green McCoy

Дата рождения: (35)
Место рождения: MO, United States
Смерть: 28 апреля 1852 (35)
TX, United States
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Joseph Hill McCoy и Caty McCoy
Муж Susan McCoy
Брат Prospect Clark McCoy и Joseph L. McCoy

Менеджер: Private User
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Ближайшие родственники

About Green McCoy

Married a daughter of Zachariah and Rosanna Chinault Davis. He was the "boy from Gonzales" described in the 13 men and boy volunteers under Capt. George B. Erath who intercepted a group of about a hundred Indian raiders on the way to a nearby settlement known as Erath's Fight on 7 Jan 1837 at Elm Creek in current Milam Co. Other participants were Lishley, Robert Childers, Frank Childers and soldiers McLochlan, Lee R. Davis, David Clark, Empson Thompson, Jack Gross, Jack Houston. Other boys were Lewis Moore, Morris Moore and John Folks. David Clark, a brother of Green McCoy's mother, Catherine, that came to TX with the McCoys from Lincoln Co, MO, was killed in the fight. Green McCoy was also in Ben McCulloch's company that responded to a night raid by Indians on the town of Gonzales in 1841. The troop comprised of Arthur Swift, James H. Callahan, Wilson Randle, Eli T. Hankins, Clement Hinds, Archibald Gipson, W.A. Hall, Henry E. McCulloch, James Roberts, Jeremiah Roberts, Thomas R. Nichols, William Tumlinson, William P. Kincannon, Alsey R. Miller and William Morrison, pursued up the Guadalupe to near the headwaters and killed all but 8 of the raiders.

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Хронология Green McCoy

MO, United States
28 апреля 1852
Возраст 35
TX, United States