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Hendrick Abraham de Vries, SV/PROG1

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Amsterdam, Government of Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands
Смерть: Умер в Cape Town, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Abraham Hendrik de Vries и Ermpje Jacobsz Blanchart
Муж Johanna van Es, SM и Maria Martha Marijke de Vries
Отец Hendrik De Vries; Pieter Jurgen DeVries; Johannes de Vries; Ermtje de Vries; Hermina Johanna Maria de Vries и ещё 10
Брат Annetje De Vries; Aefien De Vries; Aefje De Vries; Jacob De Vries; Aefje de Vries II и ещё 1

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About Hendrick Abraham de Vries, SV/PROG1

Hendrik de Vries and his family had lived in the Noordwyk flats area of Mauritius and, upon the abandonment of the Dutch East India Company's settlement there in 1708, he was one of the Mauritius freemen who elected to go to the Cape (rather than to Batavia). According to a letter of 24th August 1708, he requested permission to proceed with his family from Mauritius to the Cape in the 'Blenheim', an English ship.

It has not yet established if this was indeed the ship that carried them to the Cape but the timing seems right since their four chidren were baptised in Cape Town on 4th November 1708 .



The details of this family come from the Deceased Estate Accounts

of Daniel Zaaijman, dated 1714 and also from those of Hendrik de

Vries and his second wife, Johanna van Es.


He became a member of the Cape Town NGK church on 21 September

1717 when he made his profession of faith with his 2nd wife, Johanna van

Es as the witness.

Kwam in 1708 samen met z'n vrouw Maria en hun 4 zonen van Mauritius naar Kaap

de Goede Hoop.

Vermelding in de archieven:

31-12-1712 Monsterrol de Caab, p. 259 "Hendrik de Vries & Maria



Hendrik Abraham DE VRIES was born in Amsterdam and served the VOC for a number of years in Mauritius. He returned to the Cape in 1708. He married Maria Zaayman. She was the daugher of Daniel Zaayman and Pieternella van de Kaap. Thus Maria's grandparents were Pieter van Meerhof and Eva, also known as Krotoa, a native Khoikhoi. Van Meerhof was murdered in 1667 at Antogil on an expedition to Madagscar. Eva was banished to Robben Island. Maria's mother was raised in the house of Jan Reyniers from 1669-1677. Eva died 1674.

In 1724 he purchased the farm Louwvleit and Questenburg from Jan Valk. After four years he sold these farms to his son Jacob for 10,000 guilders. The family swam cattle out to passing ships which called for supplies.

De Vries was a partner in the cattle business with Henning Huising, and also with Gysbert le Febre. He was also a corporal in the Brugher Militia and a deacon in the church. In 1719 he obtained a liquor license at ronde boschje. He also owned a block of land on the corner of the present Castle and George's streets.

Shortly before he died he obtained a freehold grant near Mamre, which he named Vriesfontein onder die Klein Dassenberg. Today it is known just as Dassenberg.

a1 Hendrik Abraham de Vries

v. Amsterdam. Aank. 1708 van Mauritius met sy vrou Maria Zaaiman en 4 kinders; xx 24.9.1719 Johanna van Es, v. Amsterdam, d.v. Willem van Esfen Maria van Aelwyk, v. Rhenen.

Gr - C C de Villiers Vol 2 bygewerk deur Cor Pama


  • Crampton, Hazel (2014) The Side Of The Sun At Noon. South Africa: Jacana p 121 has Eva's husband as Smith
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Хронология Hendrick Abraham de Vries, SV/PROG1

17 июля 1676
Amsterdam, Government of Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands
4 ноября 1708
Возраст 20
4 ноября 1708
Возраст 20
4 ноября 1708
Возраст 20
Возраст 20
12 апреля 1711
Возраст 23
Cape Town, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Возраст 26