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Henry Rollins

Birthplace: Kirkby-Green, Lincoln, England
Death: Died in Centerville, Davis, Utah
Place of Burial: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Immediate Family:

Son of Austin Rollins and Elizabeth (Betsy) Wells
Husband of Sophia Rollins and Anna (Wetherogg) Weathershogg
Father of Austin Rollins; Nancy Rollins; Alice Rollins; Jane Elizabeth Tomkins; Henry Rollins and 4 others

Managed by: Della Dale Smith-Pistelli
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About Henry Rollins

Disconnected from parents John Rollins and Elizabeth Johnson Rollins. They did not have a son, Henry, and all their children were born in New Hampshire. [Hatte Blejer Feb. 17, 2015]

  • Birth: Aug., 1790 Kirkby Green Lincolnshire, England
  • Death: Jun. 9, 1865 Centerville Davis County Utah, USA

"Henry Rollins, son of Austin and Betsey Wells Rollins, was born in August, 1790 at Kirkby Green, Lincolnshire, England. He married Ann Wetherogg, born December 1, 1799 to Thomas and Ann Wetherogg of Hingle, Lincolnshire. They were the parents of five sons and four daughters, Nancy, Austin, Alice, Jane, Henry, Betsy, John, Isaac and Steuben. The Rollins family having heard and accepted Mormonism emigrated to the United States. They were living in Burns, Steuben county, New York when Steuben and Isaac were born. There is no further mention in the Rollins history of what became of the older children."

"Learning of the death of the Prophet, Joseph Smith, in Nauvoo, Illinois, the family decided to go west with other Latter-day Saint converts and establish a new home. Because of the condition of Ann's health it was thought best for her to go overland with Steuben, while Henry should take Isaac, Jane and her husband, Thomas Tompkins, also their two small daughters, Amanda and Jane E., and go via the water route around the Horn on the Brooklyn to the west coast. Henry, and this part of the family, made their home in Yerba Buena for a time then joined the little Mormon colony in San Bernardino. Two more years passed before he was able to afford an outfit for the journey to Utah where the Church had been established. Because of financial difficulties, it was not until 1851 that Ann and Steuben were reunited with other members of the family. Salt Lake City was their home for a time, then they moved north to Centerville, Davis county where they secured a farm. On June 18, 1864 Henry married as plural wife, Sophia Bray at the Endowment House on Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah. No children were born of this marriage. Both Henry and Ann preceded her in death several years. Henry died at the age of 75, June 9, 1865 and was interred in the Salt Lake City cemetery."

—Alice Rollins Ford


The following is from

Voyage of the Brooklyn, which arrived in San Francisco, California, July 31, 1846, with Captain Abel W. Richardson (although another source lists the captain as Edward Richardson).

The Brooklyn, a 445-ton ship, 125 feet long was one of the first passenger ships to make the New York to San Francisco journey, and was organized by the young Sam Brannan, an Elder in the Church of the Latter-day Saints.

Samuel Brannan, who was a printer from New York, was chosen as leader of the group, and he was authorized to charter the sailing vessel. At the request of church elders, he gathered 238 passengers for a journey to the West Coast of the Americas. This group of mostly Mormons (12 were non-members) consisted of 70 men, 68 women and 100 children.

The Saints combined resources and secured the 370-ton vessel Brooklyn under the command of Captain Richardson. The charge for the ship was $1,200 per month if they would furnish all their own provisions and if the men would handle the cargo. The captain of the ship ordered the space between decks converted into living quarters. A long table, backless benches, and sleeping cubicles with bunks were built, and all were securely bolted to the deck.

They sailed on February 4, 1846, which also happened to be the same day that the Saints began leaving Nauvoo. On board the Brooklyn there were approximately 70 men, 68 women, and 100 children living in cramped quarters with low ceilings where only the children could stand upright. Most everyone suffered from seasickness. Storms in the Atlantic blew them almost to the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Africa. Storms battered them around the Horn. Scurvy was prevalent, and the water supply dwindled, as they made their way north toward Valparaiso, Chile. Gale winds actually blew them back into Antarctic waters and on May 4, into the Juan Fernndez Islands, made famous by Defoe in Robinson Crusoe. They stopped for fresh water, and to bury a young mother of seven in what may have been the first Latter Day Saint service held in the Southern Hemisphere. She had been thrown down a hatchway in a storm and died of her injuries.

After five days' rest on the Juan Fernandez Islands, the group of pioneers sailed for Hawaii for fresh vegetables, fruits, water and arms, then to Yerba Buena.

They landed in the sleepy town on July 31, 1846. The Latter-day Saints were greeted by several American settlers and members of Spanish families and a group of Indians. Their number doubled the size of the town. They began their stay in tents pitched near what is now Washington and Montgomery Streets.

Sixteen families found shelter in a small adobe house on Dupont Street (now Grant Avenue in the heart of Chinatown) and others in Mission Dolores, which was deserted at that time.

The voyage of the Brooklyn was, perhaps, the longest continuous sea journey of any religious organization in history. It took six months and covered 24,000 miles. The Israelites crossed the Red Sea on their way to Canaan. The Pilgrims of 1620 crossed the Atlantic, a voyage of about 3,000 miles and and were on the water 63 days. The Saints on the Brooklyn crossed the equator on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, went from the icy Antarctic to the tropical Hawaiian Islands and then to California. There were 120 Puritan Pilgrims, whereas the Brooklyn Saints numbered approximately 240. The two groups were alike in many respects in that they were predominately young people with small children and traveled with an unshakeable faith and belief in God.

Cargo - Not listed.\


Addison, Isaac (36)

Addison, Eliza (33, wife of Isaac Addison)

Addison, (daughter of Eliza and Isaac)

Aldrich, Silas (43, died at sea)

Aldrich, Prudence Clark (43, wife)

Aldrich, Nancy Laura (17)

Aldrich, Jason

Atherton, William (32)

Atherton, Emily (27, wife of William)

Austin, Julius Augustus Caesar (36)

Austin, Octavia Ann Lane (32, wife of Julius)

Austin, Louise Maria (7, daughter of Julius and Octavia)

Austin, Edwin Nelson (5, son of Julius and Octavia)

Austin, Newton Francis (2, son of Julius and Octavia)

Brannan, Samuel (27)

Brannan, Anna Elizabeth Corwin (24, wife of Samuel)

Brannan, Samuel L. (2 mo., son of Samuel and Anna)

Bird, Elizabeth Wallace See STARK

Buckland, Hannah Daggett (43, mother of Alondus)

Buckland, Alondus de Lafayette (20)

Bullen, Newell (37)

Bullen, Clarissa Judkins Atkinson (35, wife of Newell)

Bullen, Francis Andrew (8, son of Newell and Clarissa)

Bullen, Herschel (6, son of Newell and Clarissa)

Bullen, Cincinnatus (3, son of Newell and Clarissa)

Burr, Nathan (58)

Burr, Chloe Clark (50, wife of Nathan)

Burr, Amasa (34, perhaps daughter of Nathan and Chloe)

Burr, Charles Clark (29)

Burr, Sarah Sloat (24, wife of Charles C.)

Burr, Charles Elias Washington (died at sea)

Burr, John Atlantic (Born at sea on February 24, not sure to which Burr)

Cade, Jonathan (64. Howe notes that surname might be Kincaid)

Cade, Susannah (58, wife of Jonathan)

Clark, Sophia Patterson (22)

Coombs, Abraham (41)

Coombs, Olive Olivia Curtis (26, wife of Abraham)

Coombs, Katherine (12, daughter of Abraham and Olive)

Coombs, Charles Marion (5, son of Abraham and Olive)

Coombs, Helen Mars (3, daughter of Abraham and Olive)

Corwin, Mrs. Fanny M. (42) (Samuel Brannon's mother-in-law)

Eagar, John (23 - age may be incorrect as he is noted as husband of 42-year-old Lucy and father of three children)

Eagar, Lucy Buell (42, noted as wife of John)

Eagar, Mary (18, daughter of John and Lucy)

Eagar, Thomas (16, son of John and Lucy)

Eagar, Arabella (13, daughter of John and Lucy)

Eagar, William (10, son of John and Lucy)

Ensign, Elias (died at sea)

Ensign, Jerusha (56, wife)

Ensign, Eliza (Died at sea in February.)

Ensign, John Warren

Evans, William (34)

Evans, Hannah Rogers Hines Benner (34, wife of William)

Evans, Amanda Miller (12, daughter of William and Hannah)

Evans, Jonathan Benner (8, son of William and Hannah)

Evans, Parley Pratt (6, child of William and Hannah)

Evans, William Hines (4, son of William and Hannah)

Fisher, Joseph R. (24)

Fisher, Mary Ann (23, sister of Joseph)

Fowler, Jerusha Ensign (27)

Fowler, Thomas (8, son of Jerusha)

Fowler, George (6, son of Jerusha)

Fowler, John S. (4, son f Jerusha)

Fowler, (child, died at sea)

Glover, William (33)

Glover, Jane Cowan (29, wife of William)

Glover, Jane (8, daughter of William and Jane)

Glover, Catherine (4, daughter of William and Jane)

Glover, Joseph Smith (1, daughter of William and Jane)

Goodwin, Isaac Richards (35. Noted by Hubert H. Howe as having 6 children, but 7 are on lists.)

Goodwin, Laura Hotchkiss (33, wife. Fell downstairs during a storm one week out. Miscarried. She later died and was buried on Goat Island near Juan Fernandez on May 6.)

Goodwin, Emerette (13, child of Isaac and Laura)

Goodwin, Isaac Hotchkiss (11, son of Isaac and Laura)

Goodwin, Lewis Hotchkiss (9, son of Isaac and Laura)

Goodwin, Edwin Abijah (6, son of Isaac and Laura)

Goodwin, Nancy Ellen (4, daughter of Isaac and Laura)

Goodwin, Lucinda Ladelia (3, daughter of Isaac and Laura)

Goodwin, Albert Story (1, son of Isaac and Laura)

Griffith, Jonathan (32)

Griffith, Sarah (32, wife of Jonathan)

Griffith, Jackson (son of Jonathan and Sarah)

Griffith, Marshall (son of Jonathan and Sarah)

Hamilton, Mary (56, Mary Sparks mother)

Haskell, Ashbel Green (48)

Hayes, Jacob (52)

Hicks, Joseph (36)

Horner, John Meirs (25)

Horner, Elizabeth Imlay (20, wife of John)

Hyatt, Elisha (30)

Hyatt, Matilda (35, wife of Elisha)

Hyatt, Caleb (16, son of Elisha and Matilda)

Irea, Cyrus (22)

Jamison, Hannah Tucker Reed

Jamison, John Reed Clark

Jones, Mrs. Isabella (38)

Joyce, John (24)

Joyce, Caroline Augusta Perkins (21, wife of John)

Joyce, Augusta Brannan (1, child of John and Caroline)

Kemble, Edward Cleveland (19)

Kittleman, John (50)

Kittleman, Sarah (38, wife)

Kittleman, Thomas (27)

Kittleman, George

Kittleman, William (39)

Kittleman, Eliza Hindman (34, wife of William)

Kittleman, Elizabeth Jane (14, daughter of William and Eliza)

Kittleman, Mary Ann (daughter of William and Eliza)

Kittleman, James (daughter of William and Eliza)

Kittleman, George (daughter of William and Eliza)

Kittleman, Sarah (4 mo. twin - daughter of William and Eliza)

Kittleman, Hannah (4 mo. twin - (daughter of William and Eliza)

Knowles, Richard (58)

Knowles, Sarah Rostern (54, wife of Richard)

Ladd (alias JOHNSON), Samuel (27, Major)

Lane, Emmeline Amanda (21, Octavia Austin's sister)

Leigh, Isaac (27)

Leigh, Achsah (24, wife of Isaac)

Light, James (36)

Light, Mary Jane (26, wife of James)

Light, Mary Elizabeth (daughter of James and Mary)

Lovett, Angeline M. (19)

Marshall, Earl (47)

Marshall, Leticia Dorsey (47, wife)

McCue, Patrick (55)

McCue, Esther (45, wife)

McCue, James B. (15)

McCue, Solomon B. (6)

McCue, Amos W. (3)

McCue, William K. (1)

Meader, Moses A. (42) (Might be Meder)

Meader, Sarah Blood (40, wife of Moses)

Meader, Angeline (13, daughter of Moses and Sarah)

Moses, Ambrose Todd (51)

Moses, Lydia Ensign (46, wife of Ambrose)

Moses, Norman S. (15, son of Ambrose and Lydia)

Moses, Phoebe Maria (14, daughter of Ambrose and Lydia)

Moses, Anne Frances (12, daughter of Ambrose and Lydia)

Moses, Clarissa Cordelia (7, daughter of Ambrose and Lydia)

Mowry, Barton (47)

Mowry, Ruth Walku p (47, wife of Barton)

Mowry, Origin (21, son of Barton and Ruth)

Mowry, Rhanaldo (18, son of Barton and Ruth)

Murray, Miss Mary (36)

Naramore, Edwin (Spelling might be Narrimore.)

Naramore, Mercy M. (45?, Disembarked in Hawaii with son. Spelling could be Narrimore.)

Nichols, Joseph (31)

Nichols, Jerusha Bull (27, wife of Joseph)

Nichols, Enos (2, son of Joseph and Jerusha)

Nichols, Joseph (2 months, son of Joseph and Jerusha. Died at sea.)

Nutting, Lucy Jane (20)

Oakland, Howard

Pell, Elijah Ward (40)

Pell, Mattie (45, wife of Elijah)

Pell, Geraldine (daughter of Elijah and Mattie)

Pell, Hettie (daughter of Elijah and Mattie)

Petch, Robert (50)

Petch, Mary (42, wife of Robert)

Petch, Salina (11, daughter of Robert and Mary)

Petch, Richard (6, son of Robert and Mary)

Phillips, John (33)

Pool, Mary Cramer (57)

Pool, Elizabeth Margaret Frances (24)

Pool, Peter John (23)

Reed, Christiana Gregory (45. Spelling might be Read.)

Reed, John Haines (17. Might be Read.)

Reed, Rachel (15. Might be Read. One source notes her as Christiana Rachel Reed.)

Robbins, Charles (31)

Robbins, Isaac Rogers (41)

Robbins, Mary Ann Shinn Burtis (35, wife of Isaac.)

Robbins, Joseph Reeves (12)

Robbins, Wesley Burtis (5)

Robbins, Margaret Burtis (2)

Robbins, John Rogers (36, Dr.)

Robbins, Phoebe Ann Wright (34, wife of John Rogers)

Robbins, Charles Burtis (11, son of John and Phoebe.)

Robbins, George Edward (6, son of John and Phoebe. Died at sea in February.)

Robbins, John Franklin (1. Died at sea.)

Robbins, Georgiana Pacific (Born June 14 in tropical waters just before reaching Honolulu)

Rollins, Henry (55. This might be Roulan or Rowland.)

Rollins, Isaac (17)

Savage, Susan Eliza (20)

Scott, James (34)

Serrine, George Warren (27. Spelling might be Sirrine.)

Serrine, John (34)

Serrine, Nancy Smith (26, wife of John.)

Serrine, George J. (1, son of John and Nancy.)

Skinner, Horace Austin (28)

Skinner, Laura Ann Farnsworth (26, wife of Horace.)

Skinner, James Horace (4, son of Horace and Laura)

Smith, Orrin (40, family left in the Sandwich Islands due to illness with 6 children)

Smith, Amy Ann Dodd Hopkins (35, wife of Orrin)

Smith, Henry (H.M., 14, son of Orrin and Amy.)

Hopkins, Ellen Mariah (10, daughter of Orrin and Amy.)

Smith, Amelia A. (9, daughter of Orrin and Amy.)

Hopkins, Emily Marilla (7, daughter of Orrin and Amy.)

Smith, Francis (3, son of Orrin and Amy.)

Smith, Orrin Hopkins (6 months. son of Orrin and Amy. Died at sea.)

Smith, Robert (33)

Smith, Catherine Clarke (28, wife of Robert)

Smith, Daniel Clark (2, son of Robert and Catherine.)

Smith, Hyrum Joseph (1, son of Robert and Catherine.)

Snow, Zelnora Sophronia (22)

Sparks, Quartus Strong (25)

Sparks, Mary Holland Hamilton (24, wife of Quartus.)

Sparks, Quartus Strong, Jr. (8 months, son fo Quartus and Mary.)

Stark, Daniel (25)

Stark, Anne Cook (24, wife of Daniel.)

Stark, John Daniel (4 months, son of Daniel and Anne.)

Bird, Elizabeth Wallace (1 month., foster daughter of Stark)

Still, George (65)

Still, Mary (41, wife of George)

Still, Laura

Still, Julia

Still, Sarah

Stivers, Simeon (20, nephew of Earl Marhall)

Stout, William (30)

Stout, Mary Ann (18?, wife of William)

Stout, Malone (child of William and Mary Ann)

Springfellow, Jesse A. (22)

Tompkins, Thomas King (29)

Tompkins, Jane Rollins (26, wife of Thomas King)

Tompkins, Amanda (4, daughter of Thomas and Jane.)

Tompkins, Jane Elizabeth (3, daughter of Thomas and Jane.)

Von Pfister, Edward

Ward, Frank

Warner, Caroline E. (34)

Warner, Myron (child of Caroline)

Warner, Sarah (6, daughter of Caroline.)

Warner, Henry J. (2, son of Caroline.)

Winner, George King H. (39)

Winner, Mary Ann (37, wife of George.)

Winner, Elizabeth (17, daughter of George and Mary.)

Winner, Mary Ann (17, daughter of George and Mary.)

Winner, Louisa (15, daughter of George and Mary.)

Winner, Emmagene Dembra (7, daughter of George and Mary.)

Winner, Moroni (3, child of George and Mary.)

Winner, Israel J. (1, son of George and Mary.)

Winner, Sarah (4 months, daughter of George and Mary. Died at sea)

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Henry Rollins's Timeline

August 1790
Kirkby-Green, Lincoln, England
October 15, 1814
Age 24
Lincolnshire, England
Age 25
Lincolnshire, England
Age 28
Lincolnshire, England
May 1, 1821
Age 30
Boston, Lincolnshire, England
Age 33
Steuben, Steuben, New York
Age 35
Steuben, New York
Age 37
Steuben, New York
Age 39
Dansville, Steuben, New York