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Henry Semple, Sr

生日 (72)
出生地 Swinhill, Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
逝世 1953年7月17日 (72)
Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Dade, FL, USA (Deferred Pending Microscopic Reports)
葬于 North Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States

Henry Barr Semple (1849-1918)Jeanie "Janet" Campbell (Stewart) Semple (1851-1925)之子
Jane 'Jeanie' Scott Pollock (Jack) Semple (1886-1966)的丈夫
Henry "Hank" Semple, Jr (1911-1993); James Semple (1912-1944); Janet (Semple) Cassady (1916-1982); Mary Semple (1914-1914)Anna Semple (?-c.1918)之父
William Semple (1871-1944); Jane Campbell (Semple) Whitelaw (1872-1953); Janet (Semple) Lang (1876-1953); John Semple (1879-1941); Marion (Semple) Mauchline (1883-1955)另外3个的兄弟

Occupation: Miner, Truck Driver for Builders
管理员 Jim Semple, Jr

About Henry Semple, Sr (1881-1953)

SEE "Timeline" for chronological order of life events including any photos and documents as available; SEE "Media" for any documents and photos included from "Timeline" as available.

MEMORIAL: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=126623079

Henry Semple was born on April 11, 1881 in Swinhill, Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, a son of Henry Barr Semple and Jeanie "Janet" (Stewart) Semple. His name was said to include being named after a prominent Scottish Presbyterian Minister, Henry Angus Paterson, but that part of his name had not been shown on record (a). He had clear blue eyes and a slender build as an adult (b).

He became the brother of William Semple (1871); Jane Campbell (1872); Janet (1876); John (1879); Marion (1883); Thomas (1886); Agnes Nancy (1889) and Isabella "Isabel" (1891) Semple. In Scotland, Henry Semple was a member of the accomplished "Stonehouse Pipe Band" with the experience of special performances and accolades received.

On Oct 12, 1903, Henry Semple, age 22, occupation of miner, immigrated from Stonehaven, Glasgow, Scotland, on the ship "Columbia" to arrive at Ellis Island, USA with Robert Wilson, also a miner (c).

In November 1909, Henry Semple, living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for 5 months, was to be married to Jeanie Scot Pollack Jack who immigrated from Scotland and had arrived on the ship "Hesperian" at the port in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada (c).

On Nov 16, 1909 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Henry Semple, age 28, married Jeanie Scot Pollack Jack, age 23. His best friend was Willie Flockhart who signed as a witness on their Marriage Registration (d). They became the parents of Henry "Hank", Jr. (1911); James (1912); Mary (1914), Janet S. (1916) and Anna Semple who died during the flu epidemic (circa 1918).

In 1915, Henry Semple, coal miner, and his family lived in Red Lodge and Washoe, Montana, Grey Bull, Wyoming. In 1916, daughter, Janet, was born in Montana. In 1923, the Semple family moved to Miami, Dade County, Florida in search of success and prosperity. In 1926, they had to quickly seek shelter elsewhere when a devastating hurricane, one of the worst on record, destroyed their house (e).

In 1930 at age 49, Henry Semple, Sr. lived in Miami with his wife, Jeanie, age 43, and children Henry, Jr., age 19, James, age 17, and daughter Janet, age 13.

In 1935, Henry rented a house at 161 N.W. 52nd St. in Miami with wife Jeanie and son, James, stenographer at age 22, and daughter, Janet, a student at age 18. All the family members had a High School education.

In 1942, Henry Semple was a truck driver for Gunn & Goll, Inc. builders of Miami. Henry would use his talent playing the bagpipes to lead in the city parades, like the Miami Orange Bowl college football parade (d). There was an incident remembered about him in Miami where he fell off a ladder at home and injured himself (b).

On July 17, 1953, Henry Barr Semple, age 72, died at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Dade, Florida. Cause of death was noted as deferred pending "Microscopic Reports". His burial in Southern Memorial Park North, Section 5, Lot 289, Space 2A, Miami, Dade County, Florida.

References: (a) Comments of son, Henry Semple, Jr. told to his son, James (b) 6-10-2013 Comments of Betty Semple, wife of grandson, James; (c) Ships "Columbia" & "Hesperian" passenger manifest passenger lists; (d) 6-10-2011 comments of grandson, James; (d) 1909 Marriage Registration & Certificate; (e) Written in sermon message by grandson and minister, James H. Semple; 1901 Scotland Census record; 1949 Grave Marker application; 1953 Death Certificate; U.S. Census; Florida Census; 1942 Miami, FL city directory; SEE Documents if available under “Media” or “Timeline” events

Note: Overview arranged by family researcher and great grandson, Jim Semple, Jr., subject to additions & corrections.


Henry Semple, Sr (1881-1953)的年谱

Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom

SEE Documents for Birth Record verification, listed # 32

Record of Birth copy provided by John Semple (Born 1942, Hamilton, Scotland):

Birth Record Document: 1881 April Eleventh, 6 h. A.M., Swinhill, Dalserf, Father Henry Semple, Coalminer, (Mother) Janet Semple, Stewart, Date & Place of Marriage: 1869 December 31 Stonehouse, (Signed) 1881 April 26th at Dalserf, William Jim, Registrar

Information written on back of bagpipe band (See Event) photo states Henry's full name as Henry Angus Patterson Semple, born in 1881 in Stone House (Stonehouse), Scotland. However, the copy of his Birth Record document shows only Henry Semple, Swinhill, Dalserf, Lanark (Scotland).

Old photo included of Henry Angus Paterson (correct spelling) has written on back by son, Henry Semple, Jr:: "Henry Angus Patterson, Pastor of same Presbyterian Church for 60 years. Dad was named Henry after him". The original copy of this written information is included with photos enclosed.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada