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Hugh Kelly

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Itereery, Monaghan, County Monaghan, Ireland (Ирландия)
Смерть: 10 февраля 1924 (83)
Yankton County, South Dakota, United States (США)
Место погребения: Springfield, Bon Homme County, South Dakota, United States
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Patrick Kelly и Maria McMahon
Муж Anna Cassidy
Отец Mary Ann Stevens; Patrick Emmett Kelly; Elizabeth Angella Torrence; Annetta Beatrice Thomas; Frederick Hugh Kelly и ещё 1

Профессия: Logger, Farmer, Transportation
Менеджер: Private User
Последнее обновление:

About Hugh Kelly


Hugh Kelly, who resides in Running Water precinct, Bon Homme county, dates his residence in Dakota from the 15th of May, 1877, covering a period of almost four decades. He filed on a preemption claim on section 8 and it is still his place of residence. Money was scarce in those days and as he did not have the cash to make the final payment he changed this to a homestead right which he proved up on in due time, securing the deed thereto in 1886.

Mr. Kelly is a native of Ireland, his birth having occurred in County Monaghan, near the town of Monaghan, on Easter Sunday of 1842. His father, Patrick Kelly, married a Miss Scallon. The mother died in 1846 and the father passed away in Nova Scotia in 1849, leaving Hugh Kelly an orphan when a lad of but seven years. He has brothers and sisters in Ireland but has seen none of them since the death of the father, for at that time the family became separated. He was reared by James Mansfield, of Nova Scotia, an old friend of his parents, to whom the father paid board for the boy while he lived. The Mansfield home was at Wolfstown, in the county of Wolf, sixty miles from Quebec. When fourteen years of age Hugh Kelly left Canada and went to Vermont, where he obtained work in the sawmill of Enos Woodward at Higgins, Woods. He remained with Mr. Woodward for seven years and then removed westward to Wisconsin. He worked at Grand Rapids, Wood county, and in Ripon, Wisconsin, and while in that city was married to Miss Anna Cassady, a daughter of Patrick and Mary A. (Scallop) Cassady.

Soon after their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Kelly removed to Franklin county, Iowa, where he purchased a farm and lived for five years, after which he came to Dakota in 1877. The first year he broke the sod but planted no crops and thereby he escaped the scourge of grasshoppers. He made a living in the early days of his residence here by freighting from Yankton to Fort Randall and he was out in the blizzard of January 12, 1888, until eleven o'clock at night. He was down on the river cutting wood and tried to return with the team but could not make them go against the storm. He found a sheltered gulch in which he left them and on foot made his way to shelter, returning for his team the next day. One of his greatest disasters when times were the hardest came as the result of a prairie fire which burned his stable and his team. He had intended soon to go into the Elkhorn valley of Nebraska and work on the railroad which was being built there. By the time that he had secured another team it was too late to secure railroad work. It was very hard in those days with no money and little credit to secure a team and farm work could not be carried on without one. George Meade bought a condemned mule at Fort Randall which he sold to Mr. Kelly on easy terms and an old horse was secured elsewhere, thus giving him a start again. As the years advanced the privations and hardships of pioneer life gave way before an advancing civilization and farming came to be a profitable undertaking, good crops being harvested and bringing a substantial income when placed on the market.

In 1895 Mr. Kelly was called upon to mourn the loss of his wife, who passed away on Christmas Eve of that year. They were the parents of six children, all of whom survive: Mary, the wife of Albert Stevens, a farmer of Mitchell, South Dakota, by whom she has one child; Elizabeth, the wife of George Torrance, of Burke, this state; Patrick Emmett, who is employed away from home; Anetta, the wife of George Thomas, of Redfield, South Dakota, by whom she has four children; Fred, who is living at Redfield; and Pearl, the wife of Frank Kirchman, of Stanley county, South Dakota, by whom she has two children.

The religious faith of the family is that of the Catholic church and Mr. Kelly gives his political allegiance to the democratic party. He is truly a self-made man, having been dependent entirely upon his own efforts from the age of fourteen years. He has worked persistently and energetically and whatever success he has achieved is the direct and merited reward of his industry, perseverance and determination.

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Хронология Hugh Kelly

12 января 1841
Itereery, Monaghan, County Monaghan, Ireland (Ирландия)
1 декабря 1841
6 февраля 1874
Wood County, Wisconsin, United States (США)
8 июля 1878
Ackley, Iowa, United States (США)
25 июня 1880
Running Water, Bon Homme, South Dakota, United States (США)
29 января 1883
Bon Homme, South Dakota, United States (США)
5 января 1885
Running Water, Bon Homme, South Dakota
10 февраля 1924
Возраст 83
Yankton County, South Dakota, United States (США)
Возраст 82
St. Vncent Cemetery, Springfield, Bon Homme County, South Dakota, United States (США)