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About Isaac Arledge

on 1792 tax list; 1800 census in Fairfield Co, SC; no children by this time

Notes from Pam Wilson's Arledge Family History Project:

According to Sekanick, this Isaac was a boy (i.e. under 21) in 1790.

However, he is enumerated in the 1792 Fairfield Co SC tax list, though there is no land listed for him. [Chester Bulletin 9-1990 p. 82]

At some time in the last few years of the 18th century, Isaac seems to have married. His wife was most likely his distant cousin Lydia Arledge, daughter of William and Mary Arledge.

There are two Isaac Arledges listed as heads of household in 1800 Fairfield County census:

1. Isaac (Sr), with one male under 10, one 10-16, and one over 45, and one female under 10 and one over 45, and 3 slaves. I assume this to be the Isaac married to Sally McCormick who later moved to Rutherford County.

2. Isaac Jr. with one male aged 26-45 and one female aged 16-26. This Isaac was also one of the wealthiest Arledges in Fairfield County, with 6 slaves. I would assume this is Isaac Jr. This means his children were all born after 1800.

Did he live in Kershaw for a while in the early 1800s? It would be likely if he moved along with his father- in-law William Arledge, who relocated from Dutchman's Creek in Fairfield to Granny Quarter Creek in Kershaw around 1800.

Rec. 30 Jan 1804 . SC Kershaw Dist. William ARLEDGE Sen.of Kershaw to Isaac ARLEDGE of Kershaw 100 acres on Grannys Quarter Creek, tract of 200 acres orig. granted John Dobbins divided by a line of Acy Bells'. Signed the 26 Oct in 27th year of Independence [1803?]. WILLIAM {his W mark} ARLEDGE. Wit: John Lang, Absolom {his A mark} Arledge. Recd of Isaac Arlege $154 .

In 1806 and 1807 Amos Arledge bought 2 tracts of land (180 acres) in the SE section of Fairfield Co, but transferred these to his brothers Isaac and William in 1816 (Fairfield Co Book X, pp. 286, 365). These were land transactions on Thorntree Creek, a tributary of the Wateree River. There is a release from Richard Campbell to Amos Arledge in Book X, p. 285 for 120 acres on Thorntree Creek dated 7 Nov 1806 but not proven until 20 Dec 1815 when witnesses were sworn. There is a deed from Enoch Seal to Amos (several times spelled Adam) Arledge for 60 acres adjacent to his other property dated 13 June 1807 but sworn 2 Dec 1815. Then on 1 Jan 1816 Amos transferred to Isaac Arledge (his brother) "all that plantation lying on the South side of Big Thorntree Creek", 180 acres.

There are 3 Isaac Aldridges in the 1820 Fairfield Co SC census:

145 ALDREDGE, Isaac (100100-00100) This is the youngest of the three Isaacs, with the HOH and his wife aged 18-26 (b. 1794-1802), and one son under age 10.

155 ALDRIDGE, Isaac (100010-30010) This is the second oldest, with the HOH male as 26-45 (b. 1777-1794), as is his wife; then 3 daughters and one son all under age 10. Probably the Isaac who married Anna Bell (son of Clement)

  • *149 ALDRIDGE, Isaac (220001-12010) This is the oldest, with the HOH male as over 45 (b. bef 1775), wife 26-45 (b. 1775-1794), 2 sons under 10 and 2 sons 10-16; 1 daughter under 10 and 2 daughters 10-16. This is probably Isaac Jr, who died in 1847 and married Lydia

Rec. 30 Jan 1804 . SC Kershaw Dist. William ARLEDGE Sen.of Kershaw to Isaac ARLEDGE of Kershaw 100 acres on Grannys Quarter Creek, tract of 200 acres orig. granted John Dobbins divided by a line of Acy Bells'. Signed the 26 Oct in 27th year of Independence [1803?]. WILLIAM {his W mark} ARLEDGE. Wit: John Lang, Absolom {his A mark} Arledge. Recd of Isaac Arlege $154 .

Series: S213192

Volume: 0041

Page: 00229

Item: 002

Date: 2/16/1808




1820 SC/Kershaw Co:

         145 ARLEDGE, Absalom (111101-00101)
         145 ARLEDGE, Isaac (100100-00100)
         145 ARLEDGE, Mary (010000-00101)

3 Feb 1820 a William Cloud appoints his friend Isaac Arledge his Attorney to sell land in Fairfield Co. SC. Land was located on Rockey Branch of Little Cedar Creek, consisting of 206 & 1/2 acres. Value $1200.00. See deed book GG, pg. 50-51. Cloud and family moved from SC to AL with Bell's and Aldridge's (Arledges) sometime between 1820 and 1825. (from Creighton Bell <> WorldConnect Tree 2004)

18 March 1822, Fairfield Co SC: Isaac Arledge surveyed 12 acres on Thorntree Creek and Wateree Creek.

1830 Fairfield Co, SC census:

1830 SC Fairfield District shows a wealthy Isaac with 5 sons and 2 daughters at home; oldest son James was living on own.

366 Isaac Arledge 0 0 2 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 // 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0// 19 male slaves 13 female slaves

364 James Arledge 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 // 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 // 3 male slaves 3 female slaves

14 Dec 1838 William Cloud's attorney Isaac Arledge sells land owned by William Cloud in Fairfield Co. SC. It was 224 acres and was sold to Raymond Woodman for $1,000.00. Vincent Bell, William's cousin, was a witness. (from Creighton Bell <> WorldConnect Tree 2004)

1838 Isaac ARLEDGE from William CLOUD, Letter, Bk NN, p. 84

I imagine the following letter, which is archived on the TN GenWeb page, is the same as the one listed in Fairfield Co, SC Book NN (above).

1. Letter written in 1838 from William Cloud of Alabama to his son John E. Cloud in Fairfield District, South Carolina. It was related to the sale of land left in South Carolina when William and family moved to Alabama around 1818. pp. 378-379

2. Note written in 1838 from William Cloud of Alabama to his representative in South Carolina, Mr. Isaac Arledge, Sr. regarding the proposed sale of some land that he left unsold when he and family moved to Alabama around 1818.


                             IN 1838 TO HIS SON JOHN E. CLOUD
                         IN FAIRFIELD COUNTY,   SOUTH CAROLINA
            Note: The original letter was hand written by William Cloud in 1838. It was hand copied into a deed book of Fairfield County, South Carolina; since it was related to the property transfer mentioned in the letter. The author of this book received a photocopy of the handwritten deed book record and typed this copy. Spaces with (<nowiki>-----</nowiki>)  were unreadable. Original spelling has not been corrected.
                                                        * * *
Alabama State,
Madison County
July 6, 1838
To: John E. Cloud
 Dear Sir:
  I recd. your letter rote the 4th day of June and mailed the 7th in 24 days which gve me great satisfaction to hear that all was well. I duly observed the contents of your letter and your wishes therein contained and what you said about the land and it was thought there would be some dispute about the land next to Bowels. and Isaac Aldedge's fears about making title for fear of a squabble there.
  There is no need as you said of a warranty letter from me as Isaac Arledge has the power of ---ance to make the letter. Tell him and let him see this letter and he may ask  Person <nowiki>--------</nowiki> he could be liable in any way whatever, for I am sure every Neighbor there knows my land nearly as well as I do, say those that lived there when I left which was Henry Haygood, old Mr. Haygood and old Mr. Powell and sons and General Strawther and as it is well known.
   Tell Seith Isaac Aldedges to make a warrantee title to you or who may wish to purchase the land in this <nowiki>----</nowiki> say all my rights and claims of land lying on the waters of Little Ceder Creek which I purchased of the Miles, it being part of a plot of land granted to old Look Ralls more or less, that to say all my claim, in making this title, Arledges will be perfectly safe and the purchaser also. And if they say they can't purchase it as above stated they may be safe by you and them applying in Winsborogh at the office where you or they, I expect will find my land on record, both deed and plat, if I am not mistaken, which will enable the purchaser to know the  land. I had two hundred and six acres and three quarters to best of my recollection.
I have bin thinking how there can be any dispute in the land next to Mr. Bowel's, if mine is it must be at the lower part of his plantation next to where William Broom lived. I bot a small plot of land of Wm. Miles I believe it was about an acre or two but forget whether I <nowiki>----------------</nowiki>on a branch below Bowels field by the branch is the line between me and Miles old place. I bot it to have excess to the water and give at the <nowiki>----------</nowiki>dollars per acre. The branch as I have already stated was the line for a small <nowiki>--------</nowiki>the land maybe known it is a small piece of low ground on the west side of the branch  and lies low and level, just below old Mr. Bowels plantation. I also had a small quantity (of land) on the east side of the same branch and one of my corners is just below the piece of low ground  above named and on the east side of the branch next to Wm. Miles place which a Mr. Robinson owned when I left that state.
   The least I was offered for my land when I was on it was eleven hundred dollars all down. This was offered by Mr. Powell & Caleb Powell son of old Mr. Powell knows my land as well as I did and if yet alive can show the whole of it if  he would.
   Give my complement to Mr. Powell and tell him to be so good as to show my land to anyone that wants to purchase and in so doing he will much oblige one who wishes him well. John tell Arledge to make a letter to all my right of land laying in Fairfield District, more of less, and if they wish to purchase , the land being well <nowiki>-----</nowiki> will make no difference but they will still say they are afraid to purchase on the above named way in order to get your land for  nothing.
   If they will not purchase in the way above stated let it lie till they are willing, and I would not take less than a thousand dollars unless it was every dollar paid down,  then you may take eight hundred all down and if they will not  give it for my claim more or less, let it stay there til I come.
   I am yours and give my love to all friends.   I remain yours <nowiki>------</nowiki>.
(Signed) Wm. Cloud
N.B. I wish you to send the amt of my land by John Whither in money, notes or other property. If you sell. 
(Signed) Wm. Cloud.
                                                         * * *
            Note: The following authorization was apparently written by William Cloud on the 9th of February of 1838, prior to John's travel to South Carolina. It was also recorded in the deed book on the 24th of December 1838. See Fairfield County Deed book for that year, pages 83 and 84.
                                                          * * *

19 February 1838

Mr. Isaac Arledge Sr.

            I wish you and my son John to sell my land lying on the waters of Ceder Ceek, it being part of the Look Ralls Plot. Which plot I left with Wm. Kitheart to give you when I left the state. He must pay you the taxes and for your trouble and when you a rite warrant the whole more or less, it being all my claims of the above named plot which I will warrant. In Witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 19th day of February 1838.
(Signed)  Wm. Cloud  (SEAL)


1840 Fairfield Co, SC census p 186 (p 75

I. ALRAGE 001020001 // 00001001

males 60-70, two 20-30, and one 10-15 (Isaac the father, sons John & Austin, and grandson)

females 50-60, 20-30 (Lydia and daughter Eliza)


FAIRFIELD Co, SC LAND SALE RECORDS (recorded by Pam Wilson from Deed Book Index, Winnsboro, SC)

Which of these might be for *this* Isaac Arledge, and not a grandfather, uncle or cousin named Isaac??

1791 Isaac ARLEDGE from Elizabeth FELLOWS, Bill of Sale, Bk A, p. 113 [this is

probably the Isaac son of Elizabeth Arledge Fellows]

1795 Isaac ARLEDGE from Henry SANDERS, Convey, Bk I, p. 354

1796 Isaac ARLEDGE from William LEWIS, Convey, Bk K, p. 305

  • 1804 Isaac and William ARLEDGE from Mabry and Rachel HILL, Relinq. Legacy, Bk

O, p. 369

1804 Isaac ARLEDGE to John KING, Sr. Release, Bk. P, p.15

1805 Isaac ARLEDGE from Thomas SANTE, Release, Bk P, p. 101

1816 Isaac ARLEDGE from Amos ARLEDGE, Release, Bk X, p. 286

1816 Isaac and Lydia ARLEDGE from William ARLEDGE Sr., Deed of Gift, Bk X, p. 298 [This may be another Isaac and Lydia]

1816 Isaac ARLEDGE from Austin PEAY, Release, Bk X, p. 317

1816 Isaac ARLEDGE to Reuben HARRISON, Release, Bk Y, p. 28

1817 Isaac ARLEDGE from Paul S.H. LEE, Release (2), Bk Y, Pp. 498, 500

1819 Isaac ARLEDGE to Reuben HARRISON, Release, Bk AA, p.83

1819 Lydia and Isaac ARLEDGE from William ARLEDGE, Sr., Deed of Gift, Bk AA, p.

407 [This may be another Isaac and Lydia

1825 Isaac ARLEDGE to Abner ROSS and other trustees, Deed Gift, BkGG p. 27

For a School


This indenture made between Isaac ARLEDGE planter of Fairfield District of the one part and Abner ROSS, James ROCHELLE, Charles MOORES and John RIVES trustees of the Long Town Academy of the other part for the time being witnesseth that the said Isaac ARLEDGE as well for an in consideration of the good wishes I have and bear toward the present and rising posterity for their improvement and Education of all youth and more especially for all those which are in reach and also all those which may come in reach of the aforesaid Academy, also for the better maintenance and support of the aforesaid Academy, hath given granted and confirmed and by these presents doth give grant and confirm unto the aforesaid trustees and their successors for ever three acres of land lying on the So. East side of the aforesaid Academy having such shape and form as a plat will represent made by M. Cashel D.L. which three acres of land is inserted in a plat of five acres more which the aforesaid Trustees are to get a letter from Major W. WHITAKER for the same purpose which said track of three acres of land. Together with all and singular the rights, members, hereditaments and appurtenances . . . Witnesseth my hand and seal this 4th day of August in the year of our Lord eight hundred and twenty five.

In the presence of

James W. ROSS, John A. Ross


Fairfield Dist.

Personally appeared James ROSS and made oath that he saw Isaac ARLEDGE sign seal and deliver the within deed of conveyance for the uses and purposes therein mentioned and that he together with John A. ROSS in the presence of each other witnessed the due execution thereof Sworn to before me the 4th Oct 1825

James W. ROSS

Abner ROSS

NOTE: The plat shows the tract surrounded by Major WHITAKER land, Reuben HARRISON land, and Isaac ARLEDGE's land.

Deed Book GG, p. 1

Longtown Academy was mentioned in Fairfield Sketchbook]


1826 Isaac ARLEDGE from William CLOUD, Power of Atty, Bk GG, p. 50

1829 Isaac ARLEDGE from William MOORE, Shf. Title, Bk II, p. 228

1831 Isaac ARLEDGE from James E. GRAHAM, Release, Bk KK, p. 145

1834 Isaac ARLEDGE from Alex W. YONGUE, Shf. Title, Bk LL, p. 200

  • 1834 Isaac ARLEDGE to Lucas A. BROOM and wife [the former Charlotte

ARLEDGE, Isaac's daughter], Deed in Trust, Bk LL, p. 235 1834

Isaac ARLEDGE from Zach CRUMPTON, Release, Bk LL, p. 250 1837

Isaac ARLEDGE from Samuel and Robert McCANTS, Release, Bk MM, p. 250

1838 Isaac ARLEDGE from William CLOUD, Letter, Bk NN, p. 84

1841 Isaac ARLEDGE, Jr. from Isaac ARLEDGE, Sr. Deed Gift, Bk NN, p. 374

1841 Isaac ARLEDGE, Jr. from William ARLEDGE, Obligation, Bk NN, p. 375

1841 Isaac ARLEDGE from Eliza Ann ARLEDGE, Obligation, Bk NN, p. 376

  • 1841 Isaac ARLEDGE, Sr. to Robert CATHCART, In Trust, Bk. NN, p. 524
  • 5 Nov 1841 Isaac ARLEDGE to Charlotte BROOM, Deed of Gift , Bk L, p. 463


1847 Will of Isaac Arledge Junior (Vol. 3 p. 10 Office of Probate Judge, Fairfield Co, SC): the full text is in Franklin Rudolph Aldridge's Aldridge Records (Vol. II, p. 200). Summarized here (it's very long):

1st item: 200 acres on which my dwelling house stands, to my beloved wife LYDIA ARLEDGE. Also to her the following negro slaves: Jack, Sam, Dave, Phebe and Souvinia; also all the household and kitchen furniture, 2 good horses or mules, 2 cows and calves, and all my hogs--also the blacksmith's tools, and as many of the plantation tools as may be necessary for her, and a plentiful supply of provisions for one year....

Item 2nd: I have made advances in property or money to some of my children as follows: to son James ARLEDGE deceased $3500; to daughter Charlotte BROOM $2500; to WILLIAM ARLEDGE $2400; to ISAAC ARLEDGE $2000, to ELIZA HUGHES $1500; to JOHN ARLEDGE $800; to LYDIA ARLEDGE $500 to Austin D. ARLEDGE $300. Asks that these advances be taken into account in the division of his estate so that there is an equal division of property among his children.

Item 3rd: Wants his whole estate, both real and personal (except what is given to his wife) to be divided into eight equal shares.

Item 4th: Gives and devises to grandchildren (the children of deceased son James), one of the eight shares.

Item 5th: Leaves one of the shares to Robert BAILEY, in trust for the children of my deceased daughter LYDIA ARLEDGE.

Item 6th: Leaves one share to JOSIAH BINNANT, in trust for the use, support and maintenance of daughter CHARLOTTE BROOM during the time of her natural life, and at her death to be divided among her children.

Item 7th: One share to daughter Eliza HUGHES.

Item 8th: Remaining four shares to executors, in trust for sons Isaac, John, William and Austin D. ARLEDGE for their use, support and maintenances during their natural lives, but not to be subject to any of their present or future creditors...[If any of these sons dies childless, then that share shall revert back to the family and be equally distributed].

Item 9th: Buggy and harness to wife.

Item 10th. It is my wish and desire that the money going to my daughter Charlotte Broom shall be invested by the trustee in negroes for her

Item 11th: Names friends Nicholas A. PEAY, George HUNTER and William E. Rofs (Ross?) as Executors. Written 20 June1847. Witnesses John J. Myers, Charles Slemaker and John A. Kennedy. Date proved not found. Recorded in Book No,. 19, p. 205. Fairfield Co, SC.

Fairfield CO, SC estate files: Arledge, Isaac Jr. (will) 1847 Apt. 86, Pkg. 247


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Isaac Arledge's Timeline

Fairfield, South Carolina
Fairfield Co, SC; in 1830 FF census; in 1853 FF court case
SC; HOH 1820, 1830 Fairfield SC census; did he marry cousin Elizabeth Arledge?
Fairfield Co, SC; went to Bossier Parish, LA bef 1860
Fairfield SC; went to Bossier Parish, LA in early 1850s
SC; in LA by 1855; in Arkansas by 1860 census (Lafayette Co, AR)
South Carolina