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Jan Joostsen Van Meter

Псевдоним: "van Meter", "van Metre", "John Van Metern"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Marbletown, Ulster, New York
Смерть: Умер в Apequon, Winchester, Berkley, Virginia, United States
Место погребения: Frederick County, Virginia, United States
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын John "the Indian Trader" van Metre и Sarah van Meteren
Муж Sarah van Meter и Margaret van Meteren
Отец Sarah Jansen Van Meteren; Johannes J. Van Meter; Maria Jansen Van Meter; Elizabeth VanMetre Sheppard; Rebecca Janson Hedges и ещё 6
Брат Rebekka Eltinge; Lysbeth Van Meter; Rachel Van Meter; Isaac Joosten Van Meteren; Hendrix Jansen Van Meter и ещё 4

Профессия: indian trader/horse breeder
Менеджер: Ian Thomas Gillespie
Последнее обновление:

About Jan Joostsen Van Meter

The family settled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where Jan became a wealthy land owner and horse breeder. "Kegley's Virginia Frontier in describing the earliest history of Virginia, says: 'The Van Meters cross the Potomac (Potomac River). John and Isaac Van Meter were traders who knew the country about the Potomac and the Shenandoah as early as 1728. After 1721 Isaac lived in New Jersey, but John had moved westward toward the southwest part of Maryland. In 1730 their petitions for 10,000 acres each in the forks of the Sheran do River and 20,000 more for other families were granted. This was not to interfere with the surveys of Carter and Page.' ...Jost Hite with Robert McKay began acquiring land in the Shenandoah Valley in 1731. They with one hundred families were desirous of seating (settling) themselves on the back of the Great Mountains on land lying between the land of John Van Meter, Jacob Stover, John Fishback and others. ... Hite acquired the Van Meter grants in 1734 and patents began to issue to his settlers, one thousand acres to each family ... joining the land of 'Jost Heyd' and others. Mrs. Sims' article (material provided by Mrs. Ruth Bruner Sims of Frankfort, Kentucky) says John Van Meter and his brother Isaac, were granted 110,000 acres of land in the Shenandoah Valley by the Royal Governor, William Gooch, which they later sold to their cousin, Jost Hite, after selecting choice sites for themselves, while it was still a wilderness." He died on 13 August 1745 at Apequon, Winchester, Frederick County,, Virginia and his will was probated there on 3 September 1745. "He drew up a lengthy will in which Jacob Van Meter was called 'my fourth and youngest son,' by which he inherited an equal share of 'all Staylen (stallions), geldings, mares, colts He inherited land, but not the estate 'Opequen,' on which his father lived, since he was the youngest."

Taken from GENEOLOGY OF THE VAN METER FAMILY by Olive Van Meter (Hamilton) and Arthur Ashley Van Meter

John lived for a time at Salem, New Jersey and Somerset County N.J. then moved to Maryland, and in June 1730 went to Virginia, where he and his brother Isaac secured from the Governor grants of 40,000 acres of land for colonization purposes, some of which is still in the hands of the descendents of thse two men, Jon and Isaac.

Jan or John Van Metre as he afterwards wrote his name, son of Joost Jan and Sarah (Du Boise) Van Metern, became a noted Indian trader, was of a roving disposition, and spent much of his time from home in trading with friendly Indians.

On one occasion he went in command of a band of Cough Indians on a trading expedition to Virginia, and on this excursion he explored the country then almost unknown to white people - the valley of the South Branch of the Potomac, known then by the Indian name, Wapatoma. When he returned home he urged his sons to lose not time in possessing that land, declaring that it was most beautiful land fertile.

On 30 Jun 1730 an Order of Council was made, granting leave to John Van Metre of New York to take up 10,000 acres of land lying in the fork of Sherando River, including the places called Cedar Lick and Stoney Lick and running up between the branches of the river - for the settlement of himself and family of eleven children, as soon as he could bring thirty families to settle the same.

John and his brother Isaac also obtained leave by another order of Council to take up 40,000 acres, including the 10,000 acres mentioned above.

John was born 14 Oct 1683 and died 1745. His will was probated at Winchester, Virginia 3 Sep 1745. He married first to Sarah Bodine and their three children were: Sarah, Johannes, and Maria. He married second to Margaret Mollenauer and they had 8 children: Rebecca, Isaac, Elizabeth, Henry, Rachel, Abraham, Jacob and Magdalina. http://leecase.tripod.com/vanmetre.htm


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Хронология Jan Joostsen Van Meter

17 апреля 1683
Marbletown, Ulster, New York
14 октября 1683
14 октября 1683
Kingston, Ulster Co, New York, USA
14 октября 1683
14 октября 1683
Rdc, Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
3 сентября 1706
Возраст 23
Somerville, Somerset, New Jersey, United States
30 октября 1706
Возраст 23
Somerset, New Jersey
28 апреля 1708
Возраст 25
Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey, USA
26 апреля 1709
Возраст 26
Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey