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Lady Jane Forster (Hilton)

Псевдоним: "Lady Hilton", "Jane Hilton", "Jane Ann Hilton"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Hilton Castle, Durham, England
Смерть: Умер в Hartfordshire, England
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь William II Hilton, Baron и Margery Bowes
Жена Sir Thomas Forster (III), Lord of Etherstone
Мать Thomas Forster, Knight, 9th Gov.; Margaret Mitford; Isabel Turpin; Patrick Forster; Reginald Forster и ещё 1
Сестра Sir William Hilton

Менеджер: Private User
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About Lady Jane Hilton

Photo, Hilton Castle, Durham England, Ref. < http://www.shlhs.com/thehiltonsofhiltoncastle.pdf >

  • 'Jane Hilton
  • 'F, b. circa 1455, d. after 1511
  • Father Sir William Hilton, 7th Lord Hilton b. b 1418, d. 13 Oct 1457
  • Mother Mary (Mariot) Stapleton b. b 1417, d. a 13 Dec 1472
  • ' Jane Hilton was born circa 1455 at England. She married Thomas Forster, son of Thomas Forster and Elizabeth Featherstonehaugh, circa 1484 at England. Jane Hilton died after 1511.
  • 'Family Thomas Forster b. c 1465
  • Child
    • ◦Thomas Forster+ b. c 1485, d. bt 4 Mar 1526 - 1530
  • http://our-royal-titled-noble-and-commoner-ancestors.com/p2619.htm#i78689
  • ______________
  • 'Foster genealogy; (1899) Vol. 1
  • http://www.archive.org/details/fostergenealogy01pier
  • http://www.archive.org/stream/fostergenealogy01pier#page/14/mode/1up
  • 20. SIR THOMAS FORSTER (Sir William, Sir Richard, Sir Reginald, Sir Alfred, Sir Randolph, Sir John, Sir William, Sir Reginald. Sir Hugo, Sir Richard, Baldwin IV, Baldwin III, Baldwin II, Baldwin I, Anacher Great Forester). He was of Etherston Castle, Knight, b. 1397, married Joan Elwerden, co-heiress to the Earldom of Angus, which is now in abeyance. He was succeeded by his son.
  • 21. SIR THOMAS FOSTER (Sir Thomas, Sir William, Sir Richard, Sir Reginald, Sir Alfred, Sir Randolph, Sir John, Sir William, Sir Reginald, Sir Hugo, Sir Richard, Baldwin IV, Baldwin III, Baldwin II, Baldwin I, Anacher Great Forester). He was knighted, and married the daughter of Fetherstonbaugh, of Stanhope Hall, Durham, Chief of the Fetherston clan. This family is of Saxon origin, and was seated at Fetherston, in Northumberland, before the Conquest; that part of the country having been allotted to its progenitor, a Saxon officer, for his gallant conduct against the Britons. The house in which the family resided was formerly upon a hill, where were two stones — called fether stones. The house was destroyed and a new edifice erected under the hill, which valley was locally denominated a haugh, hence the name Fetherstonehaugh. Sir Thomas' children were:
    • ' 22. i. SIR THOMAS. He was knighted, was of Etherston, and married the daughter of Lord Baron Hilton, of Hilton Castle. His children were:
      • 24. 1. SIR THOMAS, m. Dorothy Ogle.
      • 25. 2. PATRICK.
      • 26. 3. ROGER.
      • 27. 4. REGINALD.
    • 23. li. SIR ROGER.
  • 24. SIR THOMAS FORSTER (Sir Thomas, Sir Thomas, Sir Thomas, Sir Thomas, Sir William, Sir Richard, Sir Reginald, Sir Alfred, Sir Randolph, Sir John, Sir William, Sir Reginald, Sir Hugo, Sir Richard, Baldwin IV, Baldwin III, Baldwin II, Baldwin I, Anacher Great Forester). He was of Etherston, Knight, who was High Sheriff of Northumberland in 1564, and also in 1572 married Dorothy, dau. of Ralph, Lord Ogle of Ogle,* and Baron of Bothall of Bothall Castle by Mary his wife, daughter of William Gastroigne of Lawthrop, Knight in Yorkshire. His children were : ....
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  • Thomas Forster who served with Earl Percy at the battle of Otterburne in 1388, married Joan De Elmedon. She was the co-heir of Thomas De Elmedon and co-heir to Gilbert De Umfreville, the last Earl of Angus (chart 506, 508). As a result he became the governor of Etherstone. Their son, Thomas Forster, fought under the Percy banner at Agencourt 25 Oct 1415.
  • He was knighted and married Elizabeth Featherstonebaugh of Stanhope Hall, Durham. This family was of Saxton origin and was seated at Featherstone in Northumberland before the conquest, that part of the country having been allotted to its progenitor, a Saxton officer for his gallant conduct against the Britains. The house in which the family resided was formerly upon a hill, where there were two stones, featherstones. The house was destroyed and a new edifice erected under the hill in a valley, which valley was locally dominated a baugh, thence the name fleatherstonebaugh.
  • Thomas and Elizabeth had 23 children, 22 boys and one girl. The second child was Roger Forster who used the spelling of Foster. His descendants immigrated to America and landed in Virginia. This is the Foster that spread throughout the Carolinas and the southern part of North America.
  • ' The first child, Thomas, married Jane Hilton (chart 146). They had seven children. Their 4th child,' Thomas Forster, married Dorothy Ogle. He died after 4 Mar 1526. Their son, Thomas, married Frances Wharton, and their son, John Thomas Forster, married Margaret Servington.
  • http://research.surnames.com/new_york/the_foster_early_history_in_england.htm
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  • 'From generation to generation. The genealogies of Dwight Stone and Olive Evans (1907)
  • http://www.archive.org/details/fromgenerationto00lcneil
  • http://www.archive.org/stream/fromgenerationto00lcneil#page/35/mode/1up
  • 26. Sir Thomas Forster of Etherston Castle, Knight, was born in 1397, and married, Joan Elverden, co-heiress to the earldom of Angus, now in abeyance.
  • 27. Sir Thomas Forster, knight, married a daughter of Fetherstanbaugh of Stanhope Hall, Durham. (This family was of Saxon origin. Their house was upon a hill where there were two fetherstones.)
  • ' 28. Sir Thomas Forster, knight, of Etherston Castle, married a daughter of Lord Baron Hilton of Hilton Castle.
  • 29. Sir Thomas Forster, married in 1572, Dorothy, daughter of Ralph, Lord Ogle of Ogle
  • http://www.archive.org/stream/fromgenerationto00lcneil#page/36/mode/1up
  • and Baron of Bothall of Bothall Castle, by Mary, his wife, daughter of William Gastiorgne. The Ogle family is of great antiquity in Northumberland. Sir Robert was the eighth in descent from Humphrey Ogle, who settled at Ogle at the Conquest. His wife was the daughter of Lord Bothall. William Gastiorgne was of Lowthorp and a knight of Yorkshire.
  • ________________________________________________
  • ' The Forsters of Adderstone and Bamburgh
  • http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:5LguL2f_TywJ:theforsterfamily.com/The%2520Forsters%2520of%2520Adderstone%2520and%2520Bamburgh.pdf+Florence+Wharton+1557&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESi8D3bD5x-udb8fRGZa_9PZERZ4zu8LxPuFnVGMQp_9B2nQ_kyP7ADP5vraA3MFqWTIYxHD-aw9r3udl2vWL3yWMuPagvhhEuKrT9xE-kqrzZZDr_v3_BtZozfiH4LJCQYyCmKp&sig=AHIEtbSwBnNXI5i_YUHAF_Dfi63QDD8SiQ
  • Pg. 12
  • 2. Thomas Forster II of Etherstone (Thomas Forster I of Etherstone) was born in 1394 and he died in 1446
    • This Sir Thomas is considered to be the first of the Adderstone-Bamburgh line, and so he ranks highly in family records dating back to that time. For all intents and purposes he was the first of the Bamburgh Forsters. History shows that he owned a Pele Tower in Adderstone in 1415. Later that year, as a youth of 18 or 19 he accompanie Henry V to France, where he is said to have fought valiantly at the Battle of Agincourt under the Percy family banner. (The young Earl of Northumberland, a lad of 17, was not present, having been charged by Henry V with the task of holding the Scot at bay along the Border during the King's absence in France). He returned to Northumbria with a well-earned Knighthood for his deeds in the field at Agincourt and his name on the Subsidy Roll as holding one quarter of a knight's fee in Adderstone. He had earlier married Elizabeth Featherstonhaugh and the Arms of her family were now added to Thomas's new Arms marking the start of a real dynasty. (The fee related to land granted in exchange for his outstanding military service.) Elizabeth bore him 22 children, 19 boys and three daughters. Thomas, as the elder, inherited his father's title. (GF)
    • (JF) pedigree list the first four children. (JoeF) also lists the first four and the remainder in his pedigree. (BP) pedigree list the first three males, Thomas Roger and Nicholas, and a reference for a marriage to Gerard Shaftoe. (BP pedigree also states there were 19 sons and 3 daughters. (HughF)
  • ' 3. Thomas Forster III of Etherstone (Thomas Forster II of Etherston, Thomas Forster I of Etherstone) was born in 1418 and died in 1503
    • Little is recorded of this Sir Thomas of this dynasty, except that he married the daughter of Baron Hilton a noble who lived at Hilton Castle, Co. Durham. And, by some amazing genetic fluke, they also had a huge number of children like Thomas's parents, the eldest three of their 19 sons being Thomas, Roger and Nicholas.
    • The story of the three Forster borthers' dubious excapade as youths is remarked upon in the family history. Let it suffice here to say that it involved the death of a family foe during a fight after they were waylaid by three Karr brothers. Roger, who struck the fatal blow, had to flee to the south of England to avoid the long arm of the law. It is worth noting, however, that he stayed in the Sough long enought to marry Joan Hussey, daughter of Lord Sussex, and begin a new branch of the Forster family with four sons, Thomas, John, Emile and Richard, who later bred several High Court Judges! One, Sir Robert Forster, became the Lord Chief Justice of England under Henry VIII! (GF)
  • ' Thomas married Jane Hilton daughter of Sir William Baron of Hilton Castle. They had the following children:
    • 10. M i. Sir Thomas Forster IV of Etherstone was born in 1466 and died in 1520
    • 11. M ii. Robert Forster of Durham and Heslecton was born in 1468 Died without issue. (BP)
    • 12. M iii. Patrick Forster Died without issue (BP)
    • 13. M iv. Reginald Forster Died without issue (BP)
    • 14. F v. Constance Forster Married James Gower of Stainsby
    • 15. F vi. Margaret Forster Married Gawen Mitford
    • 16. F vii. Eleanor Forster Eleanor married Lionnal Grey of Berwick son of Grey of Horton Grey was a Porter of Berwick (JoeF)
    • Pg. 14
    • 17. F viii. Isabella Forster Married Turpin Turpin was Governor of Morpeth. (BP)
  • 10. Sir Thomas Forster IV of Etherstone (Thomas Forster III of Etherstone, Thomas Forster II of Etherstone, Thomas Forster I of Etherstone) was born in 1466 and died in 1520 in England
  • Born at Adderstone, he married Dorothy, the 6th daughter of Robert, Lord Ogle, and he was created Marshall of Berwick-on-Tweed by King Henry VIII. Whilst there he was given command of a troop of sixty cavalrymen just before the Battle of Flodden Field in 1513, a great battle in which he and his troops played a valiant part. He was the father of eight children.
  • He was described at that time as “The Chief of one of the most numerous Border Clans” and, quite apart from its humorous inference regarding his prolifically fecund father and grandfather, it appears to have been an actual fact. His eldest son became the next Thomas. But his younger son, John, was to become a notorious figure on the Border Marches. Whilst John was born an Adderstone Forster, he also heads up the Bamburgh list as Sir John Forster of Bamburgh. (GF) Will dated 3 March 1526 (BP)
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Etherstone Castle, Buckton, Durham, England
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