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Jean-Noel Langlois, Immigrant

French: Noël Langlois, Immigrant
别名字号 "Langlois", "Lachapelle", "La Chapelle"
生日 (78)
出生地 St-Leonard-des-Parcs, Alencon Sees, Normandie, Orne, France
逝世 1684年7月14日 (78)
Beauport, Québec City, Communauté-Urbaine-de-Québec, Quebec, Canada
葬于 Beauport, Québec, Canada

父母: Guillaume LangloisJeanne Langlois
妻: Francoise Grenier, Que; Francoise LangloisMarie-Françoise Crevet
子女: Marguerite Langlois dit Boisverdun; Robert Langlois; Marie-Anne Langlois; Jean-François Langlois dit Boisverdun; Jeanne Langlois另外4个
异母(或异父)兄弟姐妹: Marguerite Langlois; Anne Langlois; Augustine Langlois; Judith Langlois; Pierre Langlois另外6个

Occupation: pilote de navire, matelot ~ ship navigator, sailor, Marin
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About Jean-Noel Langlois, Immigrant



LANGLOIS, NOEL, pilot of the St. Lawrence River, early settler on the seigneury of Beauport; b. c. 1603 at Saint-Leonard in Normandy, son of Guillaume Langlois and Jeanne Millet; d. 15 July 1684.

Following the relinquishment of New France by the British in 1632, Robert Giffard, the seigneur of Beauport, persuaded Langlois to become a settler in the new land. It is probable that Abraham Martin dit L'Ecossais, the king's pilot at Quebec, and possibly related to him by marriage, greatly influenced his decision. Langlois and his future wife, Francoise Grenier (Garnier), left France with Giffard's prospective settlers in the spring of 1634 and arrived at Quebec on 24 June. Following his marriage at Quebec in July, Langlois settled at Beauport. Three years later he received from Giffard a grant of land in perpetuity. His wife, the mother of 10 of his 11 children, died in November 1665. In July 1666 Langlois married Marie Crevet, the widow of Robert Caron. Langlois himself died at Beauport in July 1684, survived by his widow and 8 of his 11 children.


He was baptized June 4, 1606 in Saint-Leonard, Paris, Ile-de-France, France 2, 7, 10, 19, 20, 21, 22. It is a pilot 10. He was a farmer 7. He immigrated about 1634. He married Francoise Grenier July 25, 1634 at Notre Dame, Quebec, Capitale-Nationale, Quebec, Canada 2, 10. Christmas Boisverdun Langlois said witnesses to the marriage contract of Robert Drouin and Anne Cloutier July 27, 1636 in Beauport, Capitale-Nationale 23, 24, 25. Noel Langlois said Boisverdun Concession Granted to Robert Giffart, lord of the manor in Beauport Beauport, Quebec June 29, 1637 in front of Jean Lespinasse 26. Abraham Albert Jacques Masson, Jean Langlois, Langlois said Traversy Christmas and Christmas Langlois said Boisverdun living in 1666 in Beauport 2. Jacques Masson is committed domestic Christmas Boisverdun Langlois said in 1666 in Beauport 2. Abraham Albert is committed domestic Christmas Langlois said Boisverdun from 1666 to 1667 in Beauport 1 2. The contract of marriage of Mary and Christmas Crevet Langlois said Boisverdun was signed July 7, 1666 by Claude Aubert before. Crevet He married Mary, daughter of Pierre and Marie Crevet Le Mercier July 27th, 1666 at La Visitation-de-Notre-Dame, Château-Richer, Capitale-Nationale 1, 3, 27. Noel Langlois said Boisverdun Michel ACAU, Albert Abraham, Jean Langlois, Langlois said Traversy Christmas, Aimee Marie Caron and shrimp live in 1667 at the Beauport shore, Our Lady of the Angels or other places, Quebec, said Noel Langlois has Boisverdun cattle and sixty eight acres of land worth 1. Michel is home ACAU Christmas Langlois said Boisverdun in 1667 to shore of Beauport, Notre-Dame-des-Anges and other places 1. He is the godfather of François Langlois 5. He is the godfather of Marie-Catherine Bourgouin 18. It may be the father of Marie-Anne Langlois 10. Marie Crevet and Noel Langlois said Boisverdun live in 1681 at the manor of Beauport, Quebec 3. He died July 14, 1684 in Beauport 7, 8, 28, 29. He was buried July 15, 1684 in Beauport 10.

ote: According to Frere Eloi Gerard Talbot, Marist & Genealogist, this is w hat is written in the burial record of Noel Langlois. Noel Langlois a gé d' environ 80 ans, le plus ancien habitant du pays, decede le jour d e devant, dans la piete chretienne, apres avoir recu tous les sacrement s de L' Eglise, et mené une vie exemplaire avec l' approbation de toute l a paroisse. Francoise Garnier deceda a Quebec le 1er novembre 1665.

4th June 1634 : Noel Langlois arrived with Samuel De Chaplain aboard the ship St Jehan, a member of the first group of settlers recruited by Robart Giffard.

25th June 1634 : Francoise Grenier arrived by ship with Robart Giffard.

25th July 1634 : In Quebec Noel married Francoise. attending Robert Giffard surgeon and Noel Jinchereau.

29th June 1637 : Noel awwarded 300 arpents west of Montmorency Falls in Beauport.

1641 : Noel and Jean Cote contracted to supply 500 bundles of hay at 80 livres a bundle.

1643 : Noel and family lived in Motreal.

1665 : Francoise was gravely wounded

( or possibly very ill ).

1/11/1665 : Francoise died age 61 Quebec.

The names of our ancestory Noel Langlois and his wife Francois Garnier / Grenier are on the monument in Quebec City, Canada erected to honor the first forty seven couples who came to Quebec as colonists.

Their names are also included among the names of the fourteen couples on the Canadian Souvenir Medal "To the first colonists of Canada".

Noel Langlois was a river pilot and boatbuilder.

His shipyard was situated on the north shore of the

Isle d Orleans.

It is believed that Noel Langlois was born at Saint Leonard Des Parcs, Normandy, France.

He apperently came to Canada with Champlain in 1633.

He established himself near Beauport where he and his wife Francoise Grenier raised a large family.

As of 1667 Noel Langlois had 60 arpents of cultivated land which at that time was very remarkable.

Noel Langlois second marriage was to Marie Crevet Caron in 1666 at Chateau Richer.

On 14th July 1684 Noel Langlois died and was buried the next day.

In the parish register is recorded the following :

Noel Langlois, age of about 80 years and the oldest inhabitant of this area, died the day before yesterday in Christian piety after having received the sacrements of the church and having led an exemplary life....

Note: According to Frère Éloi Gérard Talbot, Marist & Genealogist, this is what is written in the burial record of Noël Langlois. Noël Langlois agé d'environ 80 ans, le plus ancien habitant du pays, décède le jour de devant, dans la piété chrétienne, apres avoir recu tous les sacrements de L' Église, et mené une vie exemplaire avec l' approbation de toute la paroisse. Francoise Garnier décèda a Quebec le 1er novembre 1665. MY TRANSLATION; Noël Langlois, approximately 80 yrs old, the oldest habitant of the country, died the day before in Christian piety after receiving all the sacrements prescribed by the church after leading an examplary life with the approval of the entire parish. Francoise Garnier died in Quebec City on Nov 1 1665. The Family of

Noel Langlois

& wife

Francoise Garnier/Grenier

of Canada

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Noel Langlois was Born June 4, 1606 St. Lemard-des-Pares, Dept of Orne, Normandy, France, son of Guillaume Langlois (see below) & wife Jeanne Millet. He died July 14, 1684 @ Beauport, Canada.

Noel Langlois received a Land Grant in 1634, where he settled at Beauport. His occupation was fisherman and ship's carpenter. (Tanguay lists his occupation as (boat) pilot)

Noel married Francoise Grenier/Garnier, Born CA 1610, Parentage Unknown, @ Quebec on July 25, 1634. This was only the third marriage in the New World. Francoise Garnier/Grenier died @ Quebec, Canada, on Nov, 1, 1665.

Noel Langlois (M) #2 Marie Crevel, (Crevet) widow of Robert Caron, on July 27, 1666 @ Chateau-Richer.

Children: Langlois (Ref: Tanguay)

1. Robert Born July 18, 1635, Montreal Died June 19, 1654.

2. Marie Born Aug. 19, 1636 Died 1640

3. Anne Born Sept 2, 1637, Quebec Died Mar. 17, 1704 Riviere Quello, Kamouraska, Canada

(M) Jean Pelletier Nov 9, 1649 Quebec, Canada (She aged 12 yrs)

4. Marguerite Born Sept 3, 1639 Beauport, Canada Died: Sept 25, 1697 Beauport, Canada

(M) Paul Vachon October 22, 1665 Quebec, (She age 14 yrs)

5. Jean dit Boisverdun Born Feb. 24, 1641 Quebec Died Aug 26, 1687, Quebec

(M) Francoise Charlotte Bellanger Oct. 19, 1665, Chateau-Richer

6. Jeanne Born Feb 24, 1643 Montreal Died: After Kuly 13, 1687, Montreal

(M) Rene Chevalier Jan 9, 1656 @ Quebec

7. Elizabeth Born March 7, 1645 Quebec Died Nov 19, 1696 Cap St Ignace

(M) Louis Cote' Nov 6, 1662 @ Quebec

(M) #2 Guillaume LeMieux Dec 15, 1669 @ Quebec

8. Marie Born Oct. 18, 1646 Died Aug 15, 1687

(M) Francois Miville-Deschennes Aug 10, 1660 @ Quebec (she age 14 yrs)

9. Jean (dit St. Jean) Born Dec 20, 1648 Died: Oct. 21, 1690

(M) Marie Cadieu Dec, 5, 1675 , daughter of Charles Cadieu, sieur de Courville, inhabitant of Beauport, and Madeleine Macard

She (M) #2 1694 @ Quebec Jean Goslselin

10. Noel dit Traversy Born Dec 7, 1651 Died: Oct 9, 1693 Beauport

(M) Aymee' Caron Jan 6, 1671


1666 Census

Habittans de Beaupre'

Louis Coste' 30 habittant, Elizabeth Langlois 20 sa femme

Marie Coste 4 fille , Louis Coste 18 mois fils

Marie Crevet 45 vefve de jean Robert Caron

and her 4 Caron Ch

Habittans De Beauport

Noel Langlois 56 Veuf habitant, Jean " 16 fils, Noel" 14 Fils,

Jacques Masson 20 domestic, Abraham 15 aussy domestic

Jean Langlois dit bois Verdun 23 charpentier de Navires

Marie Charlotte Bellanger 14 sa femme

Mre. Paul Vachon 36 Notaire, Margueritte Langlois 22 sa femme

Paul Vachon 9 fils, Margueritte " 7 fille, Vincent " 5 fils, Louise " 3 fille

Marie Magdelaine " 16 mois, fille

Et Michel Aubin 22 domestique

Rene' Chevalier 40 Masson & tailleur de pierre

Jeanne Langlois 23, sa femme, Louise Chevalier 7 fille

Jean " 3 fils, Guillaume " 8 mois fils

Isle D'Orleans

Jean Pelletier 35 habitant, Anne Langlois 24 sa femme,

Noel Pelletier, 11 fils, Anne " 10 fille, Rene " 8 fils, Jean " 3 fils, et une filles qi nest encore baptistee' .. 8 jours fille; et guillaume LeMieux 17, travaillant au mois

Jean Langlois 25 charpentier, habittant (enum 2nd time)

Charlotte Belanger 16 sa femme

1667 Census-

Cote De Beauport, Notre-Dame-Des-Anges Et Autres Lieu

Paul Vachon freffier et notarie de Beauport 37

Marguerite Langlois, sa femme, 28

Paul Vachon 11, Marguerite 9, Vincent 7, Louise 5, Marie-Madeleine 3, Marie-Charlotte 1

7 bestiaux, 20 arpents en valeur

Noel Langlois 60; Marie Crevel, sa femme 50

Jean Langlois 19, Noel 17, Aimee Carron 11, Michel Acau 21

Abraham Albert 19

8 bestiaux, 60 arpents en valeur

Rene Chevallier 40 Jeanne Langlois sa femme 22

Louise 8; Jean 5, Guillaume 2

Petit Cap De La Madeleine

Francois Miville 30, Marie Langlois 22

Francoise 4, Marie 3, Francois 8 mois;

12 arpents en valeur

Ile D'Orlleans

Jean Langlois 25

Charlotte Belanger sa femme 16, Jean-Francois 10 mois

4 bestiaux, 6 arpents en valeur

Jean Pelletier 36

Anne Langlois sa femme 30

Noel 12, Anne 10, Rene' 8, Jean 4

6 arpents en valeur

1681 census

Jean Pelletier 56; Anne Langlois sa femme 22

enfants: Rene 25, Jean 18, Marie 15, Charles 10, Marie 7,

1 fusil; 9 betes a cornes; 5 arpents en valeur

La Bouteillerie

Guillaume Lemieux 33; Elizabeth Langlois ,sa femme 32 enfants: Madeleine 18, Louis 17, Jean 15, Guillaume 10, Elizabeth 9, Pierre 8, Joseph 6, Francois 4, Marthe 3 Anne 2,

3 fusils; 40 betes a cornes; 6 arpents en valeur

Noel Langlois 78; Marie Crevet (veuve de Robert Caron) sa femme 71

Noel Langlois 30 Edme' (Aimee) Carron, sa femme, 25, enfants: Francois 8, Marie 6, Madeleine 2, domestiques Guillaume Poncet 27, Jacques Boutin 14, 4 fusils; 1 pistolet; 1 cheval; 17 betes a cornes; 30 arpents en valeur

Jean Langlois,**charpentier, 33; Marie Cadieu sa femme 25,; enfants: Charles 5, Marie 3; Francois, domestique 21; 1 fusil: 5 beste a cornes; 35 arpents en valeur

  • *dit St Jean

Paul Vachon 53; Margueritte langlois, sa femme 43

enfants: Vinvent 22, Madelaine 17, Charlotte 15, Noel 13, Pierre 10, Anne 7, Marie 5, Madelaine 2, Pierre,domestique 61;

2 fusils; 1 pistolet; 13 betes a cornes; 35 arpents en valeur

Jeanne Langlois, veuve (of Chevalier?)

enfants: Jean 19, Guillaume 17, Jacques 14, Michel 11, Jeanne 8, Marie 6,

2 fusils, 9 betes a cornea; 40 arpents en valeur

Comte' De St-Laurent

Jean Langlois, ** charpentier, 40; Charlotte Belanger, sa femme 30

enfants: Jean 14, Genevieve 9, Marie 6, Pierre 4, Joseph 1

1 fusil; 4 betes a cornes; 15 arpents en valeurI

  • *dit Boisverdun

Seigneurie De Lauzon

Francois Miville, (Deschennes) menuisier 49

Marie Langlois 34

enfants: Marie 16, Francois 14, Joseph 12, Jeanne 10, Anne 8, Jacques 6, Jean 4, Charles 2, Jean-Francois 6 semaines;

1 pistolet; 3 betes a cornes; 6 arpents en valeur


Your Ancient Canadian Family Ties (Olivier)

Noel Langlois, a courageous fisherman and pilot, originated from France. He was born in 1606, settled at Beauport, in 1634 and married Francoise Garnier at Quebec on 25 July 1634. They had ten children. Noel is the first ancestor of this large family that is known today under the names of Langlois and Langlais. After the death of his first wife on 1 November, 1665, he married Marie Crevet, widow of Robert Caron on 27 July, 1666, at Chateau-Richer. Noel died at Beauport, on 15 July, 1684.

French Canadian & Acadian Review Vol 9-some extracts shown here:

P 208-209 Noel Langlois was a native of Saint-Leonardes-Parcs, Canton of Courtomer, arrondissement of Alencon, Department of Orne. This village is in Normandy, close to its boundary with Perche. Actually it is nearer to Mortagne than it is to Alencon...... It has been said that Noel Langlois was a pilot. This is unlikely, since he could neither read nor write. However, it can be said that he was a ship's carpenter, a trade that his sons Jean Langlois dit Boisverdun and Jean Langlois dit Saint-Jean both practiced. As was the custom, they undoubtedly learned this trade from their father.

In 1665, when Noel Langlois was 59, his wife was gravely wounded. In anticipation of her death, the couple on 31 Oct, 1665, made donations of their property to their two youngest sons. Francoise Garnier died, as expected, and was buried on 1 Nov, 1665.

In the following year, there was a family dispute over the inheritance of the 3 sons of Noel Langlois. The issue arose over the ownership of property on the Isle of Orleans. In 1663, Nicholas Juchereau de Saint-Denys cosiegneur of the fief La Chavallerie on the Isle of Orleans, son of Jean Juchereau de Maur, granted a concession of this fief to the two youngest sons of Noel Langlois. However, upon the marriage of his oldest son, Jean Langlois dit Boisverdun, to Francois-Charlotte Bellanger, in 1665, Noel Langlois purported to give this property to the young couple. This was followed by the donation of the Beauport property to the two youngest sons. The dispute was settled according to the intentions of Noel Langlois, and the property on the Isle of Orleans went to Jean Langlois dit Boisverdun.

On 17 July, 1666, Noel Langlois married Marie Crevet, widow of Robert Caron, whom she had married in 1637 at Quebec. Noel Langlois died on July 14, 1684, at age 78 yrs


Guillaume Langlois was born CA 1581 of St. Leonard, DesParcs, Orne, France, and died prior to July 25, 1634 in Normandie, France. His parentage is unknown.

He married Jeanne Millet, born CA 1585 St. Leonard, Orne, France, and she apparently died in Normandie, France. Her parentage is also unknown.

Their Children: Langlois

1. Noel (See ABOVE) Born June 4, 1606 Alenon, Normandie, France Died: July 14, 1684 Beauport, Canada.

(M) Francoise Garnier/Grenier on July 25, 1634 @ Quebec, Canada (third marriage in Canada)

2. Jean Born ____ Died After Sept 1, 1656 Quebec


For More information see

Memories de La Societe Genealogique Canadienne-Francaise

(Vol XXVI, No. 2, Apr-Jun 1975)

Noel arrived in New France (Canada) in 1634.

Brother of Jean Langlois, pilot, who was in New France (Quebec City 1649 and 1658 (did not marry)


Jean-Noel Langlois, Immigrant的年谱

St-Leonard-des-Parcs, Alencon Sees, Normandie, Orne, France
Saint-Léonard-des-Parcs, Normandie, France
Québec City, Communauté-Urbaine-de-Québec, Quebec, Canada

From Burleigh ( "Following the relinquishment of New France by the British in 1632, Robert Giffard, the seigneur of Beauport, persuaded Langlois to become a settler in the new land. It is probable that Abraham Martin, dit L’Écossais, the king’s pilot at Quebec, and possibly related to him by marriage, greatly influenced his decision. Langlois and his future wife, Françoise Grenier (Garnier), left France with Giffard’s prospective settlers in the spring of 1634 and arrived at Quebec on 24 June. Following his marriage there on 25 July, Langlois settled at Beauport. "

Québec, Quebec, Canada
Québec, Québec, Canada
Beauport, Montmorency, Québec, Nouvelle-France
Québec City, Communauté-Urbaine-de-Québec, Québec, Canada
Montréal, , Quebec, Canada
Beauport, Quebec, Canada