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Jean d'Albret

别名字号 "Jean III de Navarre"
生日 (47)
出生地 Navarre, Basque
逝世 1516年6月17日 (47)
Navarre, Spain

Alain de Grand d'Albret, Comte de GavreFrançoise de Châtillon之子
Catharina I, Reina de Navarra的丈夫
Ana de Navarra; Henri II d'Albret, rey de NavarraIsabella de Navarra之父
Charlotte d'Albret; Louise d'AlbretIsabel d'Albret的兄弟

Occupation: King of Navarre
管理员 Private User

About Jean d'Albret

John III of Navarre

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John III, also known as Jean d'Albret (1469 – 14 June 1516) was jure uxoris King of Navarre.


He was a son of Alain I of Albret, Lord of Albret, and his wife Francoise of Châtillon-Limoges.

His paternal grandparents were Jean I of Albret and Catherine de Rohan. Catherine was a daughter of Alain IX, Viscount of Rohan and Marguerite of Brittany. Marguerite was in turn a daughter of John V, Duke of Brittany and Joanna of Navarre.

Jean I of Albret was a son of Charles II of Albret and Anne of Armagnac. Anne was a daughter of Bernard VII, Count of Armagnac and his first wife Bonne de Berry. Bonne was a daughter of John, Duke of Berry and his first wife Joanna of Armagnac. John, Duke of Berry was the third son of John II, King of France, and his second wife Bonne of Bohemia.

Charles II of Albret was a son of Marie de Sully and Charles d'Albret, Constable of France and co-commander of the French army at the Battle of Agincourt where he was killed.

[edit]King of Navarre

He became king of Navarre by virtue of his 1484 marriage to Catherine, Countess of Foix (1470-1517), Queen of Navarre since the death of her brother Francis Phoebus in 1483.

In 1512, Jean d'Albret was defeated by Ferdinand II of Aragon, whose second wife was Germaine de Foix (1490-1538), a cousin of Queen Catherine. Navarre south of the Pyrenees was annexed by the victorious Ferdinand and remained a domain of the Kings of Spain, who also bore the title of Kings of Navarre, until 1833, when it was completely integrated into Spain.

Lower Navarre remained with John and his successors as Kings of Navarre, increasingly under French influence. After King Henry of Navarre had mounted the French throne in 1589, he and his successors styled themselves Kings of France and Navarre until the French Revolution merged Lower Navarre with France.


He and Catherine of Navarre were parents to thirteen children:

Ana d'Albret of Navarre (19 May 1492 - 15 August 1532).

Madealena d'Albret of Navarre (29 March 1494 - May, 1504).

Catalina d'Albret of Navarre (1495 - November, 1532). Abbess of the Trinity at Caen.

Juana d'Albret of Navarre (15 June 1496 - last mentioned in November, 1496).

Quiteria d'Albret of Navarre (1499 - September/October, 1536). Abbess at Montivilliers.

A stillborn son in 1500.

Andres Febo d'Albret of Navarre (14 October 1501 - 17 April 1503).

Henry II of Navarre (18 April 1503 - 25 May 1555).

Buenaventura d'Albret of Navarre (14 July 1505 - 1510/1511).

Martin d'Albret of Navarre (c. 1506 - last mentioned in 1512).

Francisco d'Albret of Navarre (1508 - last mentioned in 1512).

Carlos d'Albret of Navarre (12 December 1510 - September, 1528). Took part in the Siege of Naples during the War of the League of Cognac but was captured. Died while still held as a prisoner of war.

Isabel d'Albret of Navarre (1513/1514 - last mentioned in 1555). Married Rene I, Viscount of Rohan.


Jean d'Albret的年谱

Navarre, Basque
Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, New Aquitaine, France
Sangüesa, Navarre, Navarre, Spain
Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Aquitaine, France
Navarre, Spain