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Jesse Fielding Staley

Псевдоним: "Fred"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Wilkes, North Carolina, United States
Смерть: Умер в Erath, Texas, United States
Причина смерти: Fell from a Hay Wagon and died several days later
Место погребения: Albany, Clinton, Kentucky, United States
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Adam Stailey и Margaret "Peggy" Elizabeth Stailey
Муж Lucinda Staley
Отец Alice Lakey Lawson; William Vann Staley; Henry Dier Staley; Nancy "Maggie" Margaret Lawson; Thomas Adam Staley и ещё 5
Брат Enoch Johnson Stailey; Mary Ann "Polly" Thrasher; Lucinda Caroline Stailey; Emeline Smithers; John Felix Stailey и ещё 3
Полукровный брат Edmond Stailey

Профессия: Druggist
Менеджер: Private User
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About Jesse Fielding Staley

Jesse Fielding Staley was born 1814 in Wilkes, North Carolina, USA and died 1885 in Erath Texas.

Parents: Adam Stailey (1787-1867) and Margaret "Peggy" Elizabeth Cargile (1789-1865).


  1. on 26 September 1861 to Lucinda Lawson. She was born 20 October 1841 in Campbell County, Tennessee and died on 18 January 1908 in Freewater, Umatilla, Oregon. She was the daughter of Thomas Lawson (1803-1891) and Nancy Jeffers (1808-1862).

Children of Jesse Fielding Staley and Lucinda Lawson:

  1. Lakey Alice Stailey (1862-1928)
  2. William Vann Stailey (1866-1951)
  3. Henry Dyer Stailey (1867-1926)
  4. Nancy Margaret "Maggie" Stailey (1868-1947)
  5. Ella Sarah Stailey (1874-1959)
  6. Ida Belle Stailey (1877-1960)
  7. Charles Grady Stailey (1879-1892)
  8. John Porter Stailey (1882-1930)
  9. Sherod Cleveland Stailey (1884-1913)


Photo Caption

Few of these weapons can be found today, but in the other days the old fashioned hog rifle or squirrel gun was a common thing. J. F. Stailey, Albany, KY., killed his first squirrel with this gun which was his father’s. It is now more than a 100 years old. In hog killing time the gun was put to that purpose, hence the name. --Reprinted from the Courier-Journal Nov. 11, 1918

Typewritten script approximately 1968, page 84:

It has been fifty years since this picture was printed in the Courier-Journal. the gun would now be 150 years old. Dr. Stailey attended medical school at Nashville when a young man and graduated with a M.D. degree. He practiced as a medical doctor for a few years. Due to being partially crippled he decided to put in a drug store in Albany. He operated a drug store here until his death. His drug store was located where Shearer Drug store is now.

  • cause of death:

Fell from a Hay Wagon and died several days later in Erath, Texas. (not sourced)


  1. Ancestry.com tree # 1378293 owner: jamesstaley1
  2. 1880 - US Fed Census: Age 66, Farmer; 10 in household, including Son in law Rundle Lawson, age 23. Year: 1880; Census Place: Albany, Clinton, Kentucky; Roll: 410; Family History Film: 1254410; Page: 578A; Enumeration District: 027; Image: 0362.
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Хронология Jesse Fielding Staley

Wilkes, North Carolina, United States
17 июля 1862
Возраст 48
Clinton, Kentucky, USA
ноябрь 1866
Возраст 52
Albany, Clinton, KY, USA
Возраст 53
2 июня 1869
Возраст 55
Albany, Clinton, KY, USA
8 март 1873
Возраст 59
Albany, Clinton, KY, USA
30 ноября 1874
Возраст 60
Albany, Clinton County, Kentucky, United States
12 апреля 1877
Возраст 63
Albany, Clinton, Kentucky, United States
Возраст 65