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About Johannes Lodewyk Putter, b9

b9 - p 513 “SA Genealogies” vol 8, Genealogical Institute of SA, Stellenbosch, 2002”

a1 Dietrich Putter of Potter van Zierenberg, in Hesse-Kassel. Jagter. Genoem as lid v.d. Kaapse gemeenskap voor 1676; gesterf: 1699. getroud: 29 Oct 1679 Zacharia Visser.

b9 Jan Lodewyk gedoop: omstr. 1696, getroud: Anna van der Swaan




Suffix ===:: b9 <ref name=ARRIE>Jul 19, 2012 by Klopper-13 | Arrie Klopper.</ref>

Name ===::Johannes Lodewijk Putter <ref name=SCHALK>Pienaar-305|Schalk Pienaar 2 May 2014.</ref>:: Jan Lodewyk <ref name=SCHALK1>Pienaar-305|Schalk Pienaar 2 May 2014. Citing: Robertson, Delia. The First Fifty Years Project. Page: Johannes Lodewijk Putter.</ref><ref name=JUDY>Pretorius-12 | Judy Potgieter, Sep 19, 2011.</ref>

:: Johanner Lodewyk <ref name=ARRIE/> :: Johannes Lodewijk <ref name=ARRIE/>:: Johannes Lodewyk /Putter/ <ref name=ANDREW>Dippenaar-12 | Andrew Dippenaar, Oct 23, 2012.</ref> :: Given Name: Johannes Lodewyk <ref name=ANDREW/> :: Surname: Putter <ref name=ANDREW/> :: Jan / given Name: Jan <ref name=ANDREW/>::Found multiple versions of NAME. Using Johannes Lodewyk /Putter/. <ref name=ANDREW/>

Birth===::Johannes Lodewijk Putter was born about 1696 <ref name=ANDREW/> / circa 1697<ref name="text-12"> Added by Pretorius-12 | Judy Potgieter, Sep 19, 2011.</ref>::Johannes Lodewyk was born about 1696. <ref>Entered by Meyer-2493 |Pieter Meyer, May 1, 2013.</ref>

:: Place: Kaapstad <ref name=ANDREW/>


:: Date: ABT 1696 <ref name=ANDREW/>


::Father: Dietrich Putter (b. c 1655, d. 1699) <ref name=SCHALK/>::Mother: Zacharia Jansz Visser (b. 23 Aug 1665, d. b 21 Nov 1721) <ref name=SCHALK/>

Marriage===:: "Spouse" Krúger-1342|Pieter Krúger was removed as spouse for obvious reasons (gender). <ref>Van der Walt-440|Philip van der Walt Sep12, 2015.</ref>::Marriage With Anna van der Swaan (b. 20 Jun 1706, d. 24 May 1778), daughter of Gerrit van der Swaan and Anthonetta Campher, circa 1724 <ref name=SCHALK/>

::Children: <ref name=SCHALK/> :::Zacharie Putters (b. b 23 Sep 1725, d. a 26 Oct 1794) <ref name=SCHALK/> :::Maria Putter (b. b 15 Oct 1730) <ref name=SCHALK/> :::Johannes Diederik Putter (b. 15 Mar 1733, d. c Oct 1792) <ref name=SCHALK/> :::Johanna Alida Putter (b. 26 Nov 1747, d. 1813) <ref name=SCHALK/>


Imagecaption=Homestead. :: "I was related to your aunt Selena who died," said Tant Sannie. "Mymother's step-brother's child was married to her father's brother's step-nephew's niece." "Yes, aunt," said the young man, "I know we were related ..." - Olive Schreiner (1855-1920) from "Tant Sannie Holds An Upsitting, and Gregory Writes A Letter" ["The Story of an African Farm"] <ref name=MANSD/> :: 5 July 1706: Marriage of Visscher-77|Zacharia Jans {Visser}, widow of Pötter-2142|Diederik Pötter {Putter} (from Zierenberg) to2nd husband Krugel-23|Andreas Krügel (from Tennenlohe). <ref name=MANSD/> :: Prior to her 2nd marriage she shacks up with the unmarried Cape-born Basson-20|Johannes Basson (legitimate son of Basson-4|ArnoldusWillemsz Basson (from Wesel) aka Jaght by his wife the famous freedslave woman Van_Bengale-1|Maaij Ansela van Bengale whose voorzoonis the slave-born, executed, halfslag free-burgher Van_As-83|Jantjevan As) & mothering an illegitimate, politically troublesome, [grand?]son (Basson-56|Arnoldus Johannes Basson). <ref name=MANSD/> :: Also noteworthy, is the collective role - a veritable family affair- played by her many legitimate (Putter / Krügel) & illegitimate (Basson) offspring & relatives by marriage in supporting Estienne BARBIER- executed rebel or ‘social bandit’. <ref name=MANSD/>:: Historians overlook this very important aspect of his rebellion. These related 'rebels' are listed by name <ref name=MANSD/>: ::: Krugel-25|Hendrik Krügel; ::: Putter-6|Lodewyk Putter; ::: Kampfer-8|Frans Campher; ::: Basson-56|Arnoldus Johannes Basson; ::: Ras-29|Hendrik Ras; ::: Ocker-37|Jan Olivier; ::: Van_Dyk-208|Sybrand van Dyk {?} & ::: Ras-24|Johannes Ras. :: Significantly, some again undertake (1738) an illegal expedition (punitive raid?) to the !Ariep [Gariep or Orange River] – with Van_Wijk-412|Willem van Wyk [%E2%80%98Willem Namaqua’] - notorious cultural broker who ‘goes native’ undertaking the Nama ‘t Kammi (urination or ‘golden shower’ initiation ceremony aka "pisplechtigheid") <ref name=MANSD/>: ::: Putter-6|Lodewyk Putter, ::: Ras-29|Hendrik Ras, ::: Willemsz-23|Matthys Willemsz {?}, ::: Swart-402|Jacob Swart {?}, ::: Kampfer-8|Frans Campher, ::: Andriesz-6|Andries van der Walt, ::: Van_Dyk-208|Sybrand van Dyk {?}, ::: Augustus LOURENS & ::: Jan GOUS - Servants of Krugel-25|Hendrik Krügel. :: Historians, sensing that the people supporting Barbier are a “closely related group”, however, eschew exploring more fully the actualfamily ties: :: Putter-6|Lodewyk Putter, Basson-56|Arnoldus Johannes Basson & Krugel-25|Hendrik Krügel are all half-brothers - being sons of Visser-133|Johannes Coenraedsz Visser (from Ommen) aka Grof’s legitimate daughter Visscher-77|Zacharia Jans Visser. Their mother, 1st marries hunter Pötter-2142|Diederik Putter, but subsequently when widowed, has an illegitimate son by mesties burgher Basson-20|Johannes Basson & then marries colonist Krugel-23|Andreas Krügel. Ras-29|Hendrik Ras & Ras-24|Johannes Ras, in turn, are step-uncles to the 3 afore-mentioned half-brothers, being brothers to their stepmother Ras-124|Maria Ras, 2nd wife to Krugel-23|Andreas Krügel after the death of his 1st wife Visscher-77|Zacharia Jans Putter, née Visser. Ocker-37|Jan Olivier is brother-in-law to Basson-56|Arnoldus Johannes Basson whose Ockers-11|wife is his sister. Sybrand van DYK is 1st cousin to Ocker-37|Jan Olivier &to Basson-56|Arnoldus Johannes Basson's wife Ockers-11|Catharina Olivier. [Mansell Upham] <ref name=MANSD>[Mansell Upham] Source: First Fifty Years - Project collating Cape of Good Hope records Facebook Community Page: Jul 5, 2016 at 9:37 am Seen and added by Van der Walt-440|Philip van der Walt Aug 20, 2016.</ref>


:: Date: 4 March <ref name=SCHALK/> 1765. <ref name=ANDREW/> :: Place: Kaap <ref name=ANDREW/>


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Johannes Lodewyk Putter, b9's Timeline

April 3, 1696
Caep de Goede Hoop, South Africa
September 23, 1725
Stellenbosch, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
November 7, 1728
Cape Town, Cape, South Africa
October 15, 1730
Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
March 14, 1733
Caep de Goede Hoop
March 14, 1733
Cape Town, Caap de Goede Hoop, South Africa
July 30, 1741
November 26, 1747
Stellenbosch, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa