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John Abbe, Jr.

生日 (62)
出生地 Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts Bay Colony, (Present USA)
逝世 1700年12月11日 (62)
Windham, Windham County, Province of Connecticut, (Present USA)
葬于 Windham City, Windham, Connecticut, USA

John Abbe, Sr., of SalemMary Abbe之子
Unknown wife Abbe; Mary AbbeHannah Jennings的丈夫
Sarah Welch; John Abbe, I; Thomas Abbe; Joseph Abbey; John Abbe, II另外8个之父
Sarah Mercy Abbey; Rebecca Kimball; Obadiah Abbe; Samuel Abbe; Thomas Abbe, Sr.另外2个的兄弟
Mary Maxcy的异母(或异父)兄弟

Occupation: Farmer
管理员 Private User

About John Abbe, Jr.

There were 2 other children named John Abbe born to John Abbe, Sr. and Hannah. They both died after a very short time, but to differentiate them from their 3rd child named John, John Abbe Jr., historians have named these children John Abbe 1, John Abbe 2, and John Abbe 3. This has caused confusion about the generations, but it is clear when you research their birth/death dates. The first two who died seem to be from a first wife of Johns' (Goodale). The surviving John Abbe, Jr., is born after his marriage to Hannah.

Marriage: 25 November 1674 to Hannah to death Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

From FamilySearch:

BEFORE MAKING ANY CHANGES TO THESE FAMILY MEMBERS, PLEASE REFER TO THE BOOK CALLED 'Abbe--Abbey genealogy : in memory of John Abbe and his descendants' :

Abbe-Abbey Genealogy page 7 states: John (2) Abbe married (1) _______. Isaac Goodale, who was perhaps the son of Isaac and Patience Goodale, called John Abbe his uncle, so this first wife may have been a Goodale. There were also ntermarriages between the Killams and Goodales.

Married (2) HANNAH _______. She was a widow with children at the time of her marriage to John Abbe. She was perhaps Hannah Goldsmith, daughter of Richard Goldsmith of Wenham, and Mary Goldsmith who married her father. She married (2) in Windham, November 16, 1703, Jonathan Jennings, sr., of Windham, and died March 8, 1724. On June 16, 1710, Hannah, relict of John Abbe, deceased, divided property to Mary, Abigail, Obadiah, and five children under age. (Windham Deeds, Liber D.) One of the provisions was moved by the love and affection I bore to my beautifull daughter, Mary Abbe."

Children by first wife, (__________), births recorded in Wenham, Mass.:

John (1) Abbe, b. May 5, 1665; d. May 15, 1665. "John, the son of John Abye, born 5 May, 1665. John, the son of John Abey, died the 15th of May, 1665," (Wenham Records).

John (2) Abbe, b. Dec. 15, 1666; probably d. young. "John, the son of John Abbie, borne the 15th of December, 1666" (Wenham Records).

Thomas Abbe, b. Dec. 5 (or Nov. 4), 1667; probably d. young. "Thomas, son of John Abbey, b. the 5, 12 mo., 1667" (Wenham Records).

7 Joseph Abbe, b. Aug. 13 (or 18), 1673; m. Abigail Severance.

8 Obadiah Abbe, b. about 1675 ; m. Elizabeth Wilkinson.

Abigail Abbe, b. about 1677; m. March 18, 1701, Daniel Sabin of Windham, Conn. Child: Sarah, b. March 27, 1703, recorded in Windham; d. May 3, 1737; m. in Windham, May 12, 1724, Israel Robinson and had children : Elisha, b. Feb. 25, 1725; Daniel, b. Jan. 18, 1733; Eliezer, b. July 8, 1734, and Abigail, b. Feb. 22, 1737.

Children by second wife, (Hannah _______), births recorded in Windham, Conn., but all but last probably bom in Wenham, Mass.

9 Richard Abbe, b. Feb. 9, 1682-3; m. Mary Jennings.

10 Mary Abbe, b. Sept. 16, 1684; m. James Pease.

Mercy Abbe, b. March 5, 1689; d. Dec. 5, 1771; m. in Windham, Dec. 11, 1734, as

his third wife, Nathaniel Flint of Windham, who d. June 3, 1766. He m. (1) Sarah Martin, (2) Mary Davis, but had children by the first wife only.

11 John (3) Abbe, b. April 20, 1691; m. (1) Mary Bingham, (2) Mary Palmer, (3) Abigail (Gary) Ripley, (4) Mrs. Sarah Dodge.

12 Hannah Abbe, b. Aug. 13, 1693; m. Thomas Welch.

13 Lydia Abbe, b. May 21, 1696; m. Benjamin Bidlack.

Sarah Abbe, b. March 11, 1699, in Windham; m. John Welch of Windham, April 11, 1729. They sold land to Richard Abbe, Nov. 14, 1728, were then of Plainfield. Marriage recorded in Plainfield, Conn., as are the following records of the family. Children: i. Hannah, b. Dec. 11, 1730; ii. John, b. June 12, 1732; m. Sarah ________, and had children : Eunice, b. Sept. 4, 1760, and Rufus, b. April 2, 1766. L


John Abbe, Jr.的年谱

Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts Bay Colony, (Present USA)
Wenham, Massachusetts, United States
Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States
Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts Bay Colony, (Present USA)
Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts, USA