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John Clayton

Псевдоним: "Cleayton"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Aldingham Parish, Gleaston, Lancashire, England
Смерть: Умер в Chesterfield, Burlington , New Jersey
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Edmond Clayton и Margaret Cowsill
Муж 1st wife of John Clayton; Alice Clayton; Alice Clayton и Sarah Clayton
Отец Zebulon Clayton; Joseph Clayton; Leah Clayton; Sarah Mott; Asher Clayton и ещё 4
Брат Richard Clayton; Ann Easton; Henry Clayton,; Edmond Clayton,; David Clayton и ещё 4

Профессия: Planter
Менеджер: Private User
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Ближайшие родственники

About John Clayton, of Burlington

John Clayton

  • Birth: Circa 1631 - Gleaston, Aldingham, Lancashire, England
  • Death: June 2 1704 - Chesterfield, Burlington, New Jersey
  • Parents: Edmond Clayton, Margaret

He was also known as John Cleayton

http://pages.prodigy.com/NY/cranfanassoc/ne.html has:

"John Cleayton, B. 1631, Swarthmore, Lancaster. d. Burlington Co., NJ 1704.


  1. 1st 1658/59 UNKNOWN (1 child);
  2. 11 Dec 1661 Alice Miers in Swathmore (who d. 1666/67 in Swarthmore) They had 3 children;
  3. 1669, Portsmouth, RI, Alice Cooke (5 children).
  4. Sarah

With John's parents as Richard Cleayton and Anne Askew of Swarthmore.

John, son of Edmond Clayton, may have been married up to 4 different times. First wife is unknow. Second marriage was to Alice Myers in 1661. She died around 1668 (maybe in childbirth). He is believed to have moved to Rhode Island abt 1671 then Monmouth County, NJ, in 1675. He married Alice Cooke (date unk) and moves to Burlington County, NJ, in 1699. Fourth marriage may be to Sarah (unk).


  1. Page: 97 Name: John Cleayton Clayton Date: 16 May 1704 Location: Chesterfield, Burlington Co. planter; will of. Sons--Ashar, John and Yellen (?); daughters--Lea Broune, Wasse (Masse, Mosse ?) and Rechell Newbould. Real property in Chesterfield, bought from William Betell, personal estate. Executors--sons Ashar and John with son-in-law Mickel Newbould and friend William Wood as assistants. Witnesses--William Wood, Benjamin Kimble and John Morcott. Proved 02 Jun 1704. Lib. 1, p. 65, and Burlington Wills 02 Jun 1704 Inventory of the personal estate, £415.5.-, incl. 160 in bonds, 70 in furniture and 82 in cattle.


From http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/CLAYTON/1998-10/0909364820

It sounds like your information was taken from Raymond Martin Bell's "A Study of The Claytons of Monmouth County, New Jersey." A more recent study by Mary J. and Matthew Hilt Murphy, "Origins of John Clayton of Shrewsbury and Burlington, New Jersey, 1603-1704," indicates that Bell may have been mistaken. The Murphy's believe the family line is as follows:

  • Robert de Clayton (Accompanied William the Conquerer to England)
  • William de Clayton (d 1141)
  • Robert de Clayton
  • William de Clayton (d 1152, married Elizabeth Farrington)
  • Robert de Clayton (m 1151)
  • John de Clayton (d 1209)
  • Thomas de Clayton
  • John de Clayton (m 1263, d 1280)
  • Ralph I
  • John (d 1399)
  • John (d 1404)
  • Thomas (d 1426, m Dorothy Thelwell)
  • John (b 1419, m Mary Mainwaring, m 1445 Jane Clifton)
  • Thomas (b 1442)
  • Robert (Raphe)de Clayton (bc 1475, d 1510, mc 1496 Jane Farrington)
  • John II (b 1499, d 1585, m Mary)
  • Rafe (Ralf) (bc 1560, mc 1590 Ann Challoner
  • Richard (b 1601, mc 1622)
  • John (b 1630, d 1704, m1 ??, m2 1661 Alice Myers/Meires, m3 1669 Alice Cooke?, m4 Sarah)

The ancestors from Richard on back are based on an article in a British journal, THE GENEALOGIST, New Series, Vol 26, London, George Ball & Sons, 1900, pp 129-142. I came across both the Murphy's study and a copy of THE GENEALOGIST during a visit this past summer to the Family History Library.


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Хронология John Clayton, of Burlington

Gleaston, Lancashire, England
27 сентября 1663
Возраст 32
Halebank, Lancashire, England
6 июля 1666
Возраст 35
Halebank, Lancashire, England
Возраст 38
Hallbank, Pa
20 февраля 1671
Возраст 40
Halebank, Lancashire, England
Возраст 43
Halebank, Lancashire, England
Возраст 44
Возраст 44
Widnes, Halton, Enlgand