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Judith Sherman (Angier)

Псевдоним: "Anger"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Dedham, Essex, England
Смерть: Умер в Dedham, Essex, England
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь William Anger, Sr. и Ann Anger
Жена Edmund Sherman, of Colchester
Мать Ezekiel Sherman; Mary Sherman; Edmund Sherman; Judith Sherman и Anne Sherman
Сестра Priscilla Sherman; Phoebe Sherman; Mary Sherman и John Anger

Менеджер: Carol Ann Selis
Последнее обновление:
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Ближайшие родственники

About Judith Sherman

Edmund Sherman was buried at St. James, Colchester, Essex 2 September 1661.

He married in Dedham, Essex, 15 May 1611 Judith Anger/Angier, baptized in Dedham 5 June 1587, daughter of William Anger and Ann Rye.

There is a widespread misconception that this couple had descendants in New England. The 1658 will of Rev. John Sherman mentioned 'the two children of uncle Edmond Sherman' but did not name them. The nuncupative of Edmund Sherman of Colchester St James, Webster, made in August 1661 was proved in Colchester 14 October 1661 by Edmund Sherman, described in the will as his 'only child'. the sole executor', to whom he left 'all his goods and estate whatsoever.' These two wills taken together suggest that the testator's last surviving daughter died between 1658 and 1661, unless he had disowned her.

Children of Edmund and Judith Anger/Angier Sherman, all baptisms at St. James, Colchester -

  1. i. Judith Sherman, bp 22 July 1612; d. after 19 Jan. 1623/4 when named in the will of John Anger
  2. ii. Anne Sherman, bp. 22nd Sept 1614; d. after 19 Jan 1623/4 when named in the will of John Anger
  3. iii.Ezekiel Sherman, bp. 19 March 1616/17; probably died young
  4. iv. Mary Sherman, bp. 4 March 1617/8; probably d. young
  5. v. Edmund Sherman, bp. 20 Aug. 1620; d. after 14 Oct. 1661 [when he proved his father's will] m. Elizabeth, bur. St. James, Colchester, 3 Nov, 1660

Source - NEHGR; Vol 167; January 2013; Whole Number 665; Earliest Shermans of Dedham Essex, pp 45 & 51/52; Michael Johnson Wood


From http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~bowers/SOY/

6. Edmund Sherman b: 1580-1590 in "of Colchester" (guessing dates)         + Judith Anger m: May 15, 1611 in Dedham

(This Edmund had only two known daughters, and was not an immigrant. He is mentioned here only because he is often confused with the other Edmunds)

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Хронология Judith Sherman

5 июня 1587
Dedham, Essex, England
5 июня 1587
Dedham, Essex, England
31 март 1611
Возраст 23
Dedham, Essex, England
17 сентября 1611
Возраст 23
Dedham, Essex, England
4 март 1617
Возраст 23
Colchester, Essex, England
20 август 1620
Возраст 23
Colchester, Essex, England
Возраст 23
Watertown, Massachusetts