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Judith Hubbard (Knapp)

别名字号 "Hobart"
生日 (65)
出生地 Ipswich, Suffolk, England
逝世 1657年5月28日至1661年 (63-69)
Massachusetts Bay Colony

John Knapp, IMartha Knapp之女
William Hubbard, of Essex & Ipswich的妻子
Mary Knight; John Hubbard; Rev. William Hubbard; Nathaniel Hubbard; Rev. Richard Hubbard另外1个之母
John Knapp; Leonard Knapp; Ann Rookes; John Knapp, II, of Stoke-beside-Ipswitch; Abigail Knapp另外10个的姐妹
Nicholas Knapp的异母(或异父)姐妹

管理员 Scott David Hibbard

About Judith Hubbard

Judith Knapp, daughter of John Knapp and Martha Blois, was born between 1592-1594 in Ipswich, Suffolk, , England and died between 28 May 1657 and 1661 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

She was the 2nd wife of William Hubbard of Ipswich (born abt 1595 - died before 19 Aug 1670 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts).

Note that Richardson disagrees with the Great Migration Project slightly, and suggests that Judith Knapp married William Hubbard by 1615, making her the mother of all his children except Martha, the oldest.


MIGRATION: 1635 on the Defence (on 18 July 1635, "W[illia]m Hubbard," husbandman, aged 50, "Judith Hubbard," aged 25, "John Hubbard," aged 15, "W[illia]m Hubbard," aged 13, "Nathaniel Hubbard," aged 6, "Richard Hubbard," aged 4, "Martha Hubbard," aged 22, and "Mary Hubbard," aged 20, were enrolled at London as passengers for New England on the Defence [Hotten 106-7])


From http://mauriceboddy.org.uk/Knapp.htm

By John Knapp's will, the beneficiaries included:

Martha his wife -- (house in occupation of testator, & houses, yards, gardens, etc. in St. Peter's Ipswich, and after Martha's death this passes to daughter Mary and her husband John Randes; also tenement in occupation of Robert Barwicke, in St. Mary Key [viz St. Mary-at-Quay, Ipswich], and after Martha's death this passes to son Thomas; also lands & houses in Stoke next Ipswich, free & copyhold, and after Martha's death this passes to son John; also house & lands called "Parnells" in Ipswich, Kesgrave, Rushmere & Playford, and this passes to son Thomas when he is 21; also rent from rent charge purchased of Robert Sampson, esqr, at Netherhall, in Harsteed, Suffolk. [Query Harkstead]; ....

...Judith, Dorcas and Phebe, three youngest daughters -- (£200 apiece; also after Martha's death, £100 from house bequested to Martha by testator, & houses, yards, gardens, etc. in St. Peter's Ipswich);

Judith, married William Hobart of Essex;


From The Great Migration Project sketch for William Hubbard ([http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/GEN-MEDIEVAL/2006-05/1146684632, and also attached]):


  • (1) By about 1613 _____ _____.
  • (2) By about 1629 Judith _____. She was living on 28 May 1657 [NLR 1:55].

Children with 2nd wife:

With second wife

  • v NATHANIEL HUBBARD, b. about 1629 (aged 6 on 18 July 1635 [Hotten 107]); m. by about 1668 (or earlier) _____ _____ (on 25 March 1672, he had two daughters, Mary and Anne [SPR 7:224]).
  • vi RICHARD HUBBARD, b. about 1631 (aged 4 on 18 July 1635 [Hotten 107]); Harvard College 1653 [Sibley 1:342-43]; m. by about 1658 Sarah Bradstreet, daughter of SIMON BRADSTREET {1630, Boston} [GMB 1:213].
  • vii MARGARET HUBBARD, b. say 1636; m. (1) by about 1656 Thomas Scott (he d. in 1657 leaving two children and a third who was born posthumously on 24 March 1657[/8] [Phoebe Tilton Anc 119-20; EPR 1:258-59]); m. (2) by about 1661 Ezekiel Rogers (eldest known child b. about 1661 [EQC 6:345; NEHGR 5:316-17]). (In her will of 22 June 1678, Margaret Rogers, widow, referred to the estate of "my son Tho[mas] Scott to which I am executrix" [EQC 9:227-28]. On 15 April 1684, in a dispute over the estate of Thomas Scott, son of Thomas and Margaret (Hubbard) Scott, "William Hubbard and Mary Hubbard testified . that they saw the will and Thomas had left everything to his mother, who was at the time the widow of deponent's brother Ezekiel Rogers" [EQC 9:224].)

Note: William Knight (d 1696) was the son in law of William Hubbert of Ipswich (d 1670) and his 2nd wife Judith Knapp. (Plantagenet Ancestry, attached).


From http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/GEN-MEDIEVAL/2006-05/1146754569

Since Rev. Knight was not presented until 1655, the Knapp pedigree in Volume II must date after that date. Also, please note that Mr. Candler refers to the multiple daughters of Judith Knapp, making it clear that she was the mother of both older Hubbard girls, Martha and Mary.

From http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/GEN-MEDIEVAL/2006-05/1146762170

(2) If William Hubbard's wife in 1635 was a much younger second wife, we should expect them to produce a flock of children between 1635 and 1652, when Judith last occurs in the records. Instead, it appears that there was but one additional child born to this couple, a daughter, Margaret, born say 1636 (Mr. Anderson's guesstimate). If we place Margaret's birth at the extreme end of Judith Knapp's child bearing years at age 42-44, it gives us a birthdate for Judith Knapp of 1592-1594. This estimated birthdate agrees well with the fact that Judith Knapp was an unmarried minor in 1604, but married before 1612.


Judith Hubbard的年谱

Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Essex, England
Essex, England
Essex, England
Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Tendring, Essex, England, United Kingdom
Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts
Massachusetts Bay Colony