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Judith "Judi" Elaine Burns (McKee)

Birthplace: Bloomington, Monroe county , Indiana
Immediate Family:

Daughter of Alvin Robert McKee and Private
Spouse of David / Dave Boswell Burns
Mother of Private and Private
Sister of Private

Last Updated:

About Judith "Judi" Elaine (McKee) Burns

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Who AM I ?

2022 - this year not much better - lost my friend Private to Stage IVB Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the lung and multiple lymph node metastases since October 2017 and recently (Decemeber 2021) 2 right side brain metastases a coragous battle of 4y 7m 11d.. Trying to figure if I will make it or not - still cleaning up the 5.3A - the price of scrape bottomed out and makinhg it hard. Been finish moving things to house and trying to get a handle on the weeds that came in the top soil. Hoping I can ; make my Pro subscription price to GENI it is coming due in September - I will not eat to have it :-)... i been slow on her for several years but being a caregiver to my friend who had lung cancer - and his dad who was not making red blood cells came first.

2021 - was a rough year - house is done but not moved into it as yet - no furniture except for small tables; dressers, piano 2 rocking chairs all i cleaned/restored. Had to wait till taxes were paid to see what was left - poor judgement on sell in the 64.5A at bank appraisal - it just covered the loan & remaining cost of the house, taxes, repairing the Bobcat - did get some rugs for house; have gotten some grass seed for front yard and being cautious as to how much I spend. Friend with lung cancer not doing good at all had 3 radiation treats 2 of 10 each and last was 19 with a gama-knife session as they found 2 lesions in his brain on right side - the radiation has not done well as all the tumors that were treated are growing - Possible to be going into a new clinical study this coming month. He has started his 6th year - being diagnoised stage IVb from the start in Oct., 2017. Bobcat was down from Sept 23 till the end of last week - the so called "drop in motors" are not drop in - its been a total PIA to get it up and running properly and hope it remains running as only thing to dig, lift, push, haul with - if not it will be wheelbarrowing the crap to finish clean up. The weather is not cooperating on clean up its rained a lot this month - Trying to stay positive.

I tried to save my 114+ year old house and have been tracing & still and its history or genealogy in order to find the date it was built - trying to restore it. it belonged to Ezra E Hawkins I am beginning to think it is a far fetched dream... I failed

and it had to be demolished and re built   for some unknown reason i want to  go back  and live in Culver  tho it becoming a total resort town dependent upon the lake people and academy to survive....  But it is basically my hometown where i grew up went to school, the local public,  my parents moved there when a was 1 year and 1 month + several days.

A friend has been diagnosed in Nov 2016 with Myelodysplastic syndrome he died on June 28, 2018 and his wife who had been in nursing home since Dec. 3, 2004 died on Dec. 26, 2018.... their son was diagnosed the Non-Small Cell Stage IVB Lung cancer in October 2017 and doing as well as expected - taking him to IU Medical/Simon Cancer Center every 3 weeks now - he was in clinical study but was kicked out because of complications of a growing neck lymph node that required radiation treatments in May 2019 and they have spread to his first to his arm pits, back shoulder blades and to front chest area; Dec 3rd 2021 they found 2 lesions in his brain - with all he has under went 8 radiation treatments 7 of 10 each and 1 of 19 plus a gama-knife radiation for the brain lesions.

I have no idea what will happen... I do finally have some "security" trying to make plans for a better place... (temporary) as I still want my house as crazy as it may be.... January 2019 all but froze in this old mobile home (1975) and only wood heat during the "polar Vortex" got down to -28 degrees one day and could not get it about 50 but felt much colder with the wind.... its so cold or feels that way when when the wind is blowing no matter the season... 2020 was little better but still had to fight the wood furnace - and to keep it warm.... March/April 2021 pushed the wood stove out the door as found a big crack in the flue pipe and had hoped to be out of here but things did not work out still hanging in here and getting more discouraged.... No furniture & bookcases/shelving for the new house people been pushing me to move in anyway - but I have been living out of boxes for so long and especially since June 2018 and had hoped to get out of here somehow.... Have refinished some of my vintage/antiques "real" wood items dressers, sideboard, a chair and small tables...

I am discouraged in many ways because there is no cure there is no answers and I can only hope I am being supportive.... Once again I am hiding behind my computer and genealogy as I did the last months of my husbands life Sep. 1989- Aug. 23, 1990.... my security blanket... my sanity....

So I have very weird working hours, sleeping hours (a lot of insomnia). But I am keeping up my work on GENI. When I feel weird I just get up walk away and go lay down.

50 years of Culver newspapers have become available through the Indiana Inspire network so I am trying to do searching and research on them to in between for the house history and material for Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy

Laptop kept shitting down in Dec. 2021 and was able to get my data off of it as none of it was on desk top; desktop is slow and 11-12 years old and slow difficult to use but I got everything from it also all is on a external drive cleaning down thousands of files that were backed up from 2-30+ of each over the years.

All i want is to get this place cleaned-up get some furniture, a new desktop keep my Geni, MyHeritage data subscriptions up; and be able to go crawl into the corner of the master bedroom and work on genealogy and forget all the bad times.... Hoping for good times for this old world but with the last 2 years of Covid (not had it) and the invasion of Ukraine I wonder if will ever be able to... thinking made the wrong decision of demolishing and rebuilding the house but its done and 2020-2021 was rough I still having a hard time accepting the demolition and re-build. People told me i made the right choice, that everything will workout and yet I wonder as things are not going right the saying If I had not bad luck I would have no luck at all.

PLEASE USE GENI to contact me about profiles on GENI either by the "Contact manager" on the profile WHY?

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Featured in GENI BLOG " Your Stories: Sharing Family History"


Greene county Indiana genealogy research; surnames: McKee, Vandeventer, Turley, Dye, Gastineau, and allied lines Emery, Hardesty, Edington, Ault, and their allied lines ; my so called brick wall Taylor, Mewhirter/McWhirter, and Whitworth;

Friends surnames: Norris (which is also Greene county related); Justice, Bussard, Barron, McCombs, Weirick, Reichard, Rumbarger, and Musselman.;

Step-family lines: Green, Schrimsher, Reed, Kline, Kistler, Richards and others.

Culver Genealogy: McKee, Overmyer, Stahl and "Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana"

With the latter research I am becoming very familiar with genealogy of Marshall, Fulton and Cass counties Indiana as well.


May 16, 2017 at 8:34 PM My DNA kit arrived today

MyHeritage DNA results are in -

  • North and West Europe 89.4%
  • * Irish, Scottish, and Welsh 60.6%
  • * Scandinavian 28.8%
  • East Europe 5.8%
  • * Ashkenazi Jewish 3.2%
  • South Europe 1.6%
  • * Italian 1.6%
July 18, 2017 at 2:30 PM  =  Think i got my raw data uploded to GENi - also got it uploaded and a tree on; got the MyHertiage burns tree hints all in and downloaded and started merging but am not home on my desk top so can't work on it today......  '''Tho as yet it does not seem to be posted to GENI I do not know why'''


Followers are most welcome even if we are distant cousins. It is a way to help with "Big Tree" and correct it without having to possibly follow every profile we descend from. Or also join a "family Group" or become "collaborators" It is a way to keep track of what is going on the world of GENI.

I am starting to work through my tree and will probably start following most of if not all eventually of the profiles that related to my direct line backwards and possibly the children of the grandparents; recovering some that should of been follow since I am the only one listed as manager & was the original data-baser for the profiler..

We all should learn to play together in the sandbox  together  as eventually somehow  our lines will cross  in  the distance past  the  phrase "we are all related" is so very true... it sad that there has been  so much sniping at one another lately on GENI   and the feeling of "sole ownership" of  multi-managed profiles we do not solely own our ancestors.

Please do not encourage me to be anything more than I am on GENI - I know there are some who feel I should be and there are many who feel that I am not qualified to be anything more. Tho it would be nice to be able to do more to the profiles I manage and add - than to have to beg others to do for me and then make it difficult for me to continue to work with without again begging for assistance. Yes I do not have a degree in Genealogy or history but in reality the majority of GENI users also do not but I feel I am very qualified -

I will remain on GENI as long as I am able to do the work - and can pay for a PRO membership and I will continue to add my research to honor those who have helped me and taught me the true meaning of genealogy - sharing all with our the need of monetary compensation -

 I will  always endeavor to carry out   the true meaning of the "ONE BIG TREE" by keeping my  TREE and research  freely open  -  no private profiles   except by GENI's guidelines.


Merging and completion of merged profiles is ESSENTIAL for the BIG TREE and also for anyone who is wanting to preserve their work and bring down a GEDCOM to work with either on their own computer - or another site or even just share - NON-MERGING makes these GEDCOMS virtually almost useless and garbage they MUST TOTALLY be gone through and merged cleaned up and couples who are divorced with children MUST BE PUT BACK TOGETHER as families - there is hours, days and weeks worth of labor involved to make these GEDCOMS useful to pass on to anyone or placed on another site and it is a MUST that it be done or miss-information is being passed on. I avoid any trees that are labeled "EXPORT" on or any other site because of this - - I have found this out on personal experience .....

We have to be willing to merge and share freely on GENI to make it operate the way it is meant to exist - as ONE BIG TREE


Has been to find the 'CORRECT' and "DOCUMENTED" lineage for my Vandeventer ancestry.

I have complied and maintained the Hardesty/Edington/Ashcraft ancestry of Thomas Hardesty of Greene county Indiana - -- Still working on the Hardesty Manuscript to make it useful and salvageable... I go to there is to many years involved in it and most of my helpers are now deceased so this is there legacy also... Clarice Lynch was a great supporter along with her husband Claude who wrote a couple of small booklets on Koleen of his memories of people they pushed the booklet and drummed up the people to include their branches its how it grew from 50 pages to 75, 100 etc... [ Flora Irene Hardisty Fithen] was a very avid Hardesty researcher also and shared much of her branch with all who was willing to hel[. Then there was first Minnie Cloe (Merritt) White sent me the outline of my decent from Thomas Hardesty - both branches from Aquilla and Margaret saying I could fill in the blanks and she would help later when she felt better...that day never came she died within the next year or two from cancer & then her daughter Wilma Sophronia (White) Rollins they supplied Greene county Indiana descendants with many transcribed records in book form besides their personal ancestry of the Hardesty/Edington and allies lines and many more to long to name on all t my allied lines - but I can't forget a very special one who done a lot of my leg work on our lines as his parents where brother/sister to my grandparents Charles Leonard Edington ... and he continued up til he and his wife both got ill and tried to keep the genealogy work up some....
there was Viola Elizabeth Haynes she was a school teacher and single and was a very avid research on the Edington Philip being the Immigrant & Hardesty ancestry, Francis being the immigrant . she contributed alto on continuing the work that Talfourd C.Edington had started. Also the Haynes Family of Greene county Indiana,Greenebury Haynes . There was Marqurite Sherlock McCurry in 1985/1986 we passed reams of xerox material on the Whitworth, Gullick, Stoker, Smith, Hinckley, Van Pelt Bergen ect. lines lines back in to New Amsterdam (New York). A The Ault & Divine line was Reba McCormick Newall and several others their names for the Ault line will pop in here when I run across them. Lloyd Gastienau who updated the Genealogy done by Flossie Oaks; The Turley Association of which i was a charter member of had helped with that book. The Vandeventer line was Fred Vandeventer, Harold Wade (Mac) McIntosh, Sr. [Harold W. McIntosh], Carol (Price) Vandeventer, Mrs. Richard, Katherine (WIlkie) Vandeventer, Mrs Wilson. DIxie Kline a historian of Owen county Indiana and genealogist gave me my start on my McKee, Albert Hunter and his wife Mildred were the main researchers of the McKee, Tally & and Carpenter lines. John Dean (Jack) Hardesty, O. F. M. provide much on his branch of the Hardesty'. Just to name the "main"ones who freely shared without thought of monetary compensation - and why I am dedicated to sharing on GENI as I do.

I have re-compiled the "McKee’s of Virginia and Kentucky' and collected any and all McKee Ancestry along the way - in hopes to prove of disprove the myth of 5-10 brother coming to America and find the "Documented" lineage backwards for these brothers.

I even lost the whole manuscript back in 1987/1988 through stupidity and un-blinding trust in others - but the 'Ill wind' turned out be advantageous to the manuscript - I printed out all my group sheets of my direct line grandparents and their children and arranged them in sections section One is:
  • Chapter 2 John McKee
  • Chapter 3 William and James McKee
  • Chapter 4 Robert McKee and Mary Todd
  • Chapter 5 Joseph Howe McKee and Lucinda Bartlett
  • Chapter 6 Robert Thomas McKee and Margaret J. Mc Indoo, Elizabeth (Burdsall) Thompson, Martha (Dye) Waggoner Section two is any unconnected McKee ancestry to the above Virginia and Kentucky McKee’s.

I also got "dragged into" the McKee's of Culver (Marshall county) and Fulton county Indiana because a descendant of that branch claimed we are related... may be one day If I can get past the "brickwall" and back into Scotland and Ireland. But some of the descendant in this branch married into my Ault ancestry.

I have an on going website for my Emery heritage - and the descendants of John and Anthony Emery of Newbury, Massachusetts; and it also constrains the ancestry of 2 other branches Conrad Emery and and his descendants Jacob Emery of Sussex county New Jersey .


I am basically working with my Greene county Indiana ancestry right now getting it back in with those of my lines within the United States maybe a couple of generations into the "old country'.

I am leaving the European heritage and royalty lines to the curators and others to work with WHO ARE MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE about them or are specializing in this area.

In fact for now I have dumped them all out of my working PAF - tho I have a copy of my old paf files as yet - - those lines are just to 'screwed up' they were an inherited Gedcom which never was cleaned up. the naming patterns are horrendous and inconsistent..


As when I began it was to find my ancestors - my parents were 43 years (dad) and 30 years (mom) older than I . grandmother McKee said she always complained that she would never be a grandmother as dad and his brother got married in 1948 and their sister in 1945. she got 2 grandchildren within 3 months I in October and my aunts son in December. My brother followed the following year. In September. The family was not talked about...

I want to work within my projects - which are my family lines - with on project being a 30+ year controversy as to his parentage and being erroneously always being connected to the New England Emery's when he was born, lived and died in New Jersey with no obvious New England connection to Massachusetts and Maine

I‘d like to see any profiles form 1910 back opened up as PUBLIC profiles they are 100 years old+.

At one time someone on GENI hinted I was possibly being tossed around as a candidate for curator-ship this was over three years ago when they first came into being I was told by this person it hinged on being active in the discussion boards and apologizing to a GENI member who called me a liar publicly in one of them - who at time was at time a part of GENI I have no idea if she is now or not but I had had contact with her about 2 years prior to joining GENI and finally made the connection of how I knew her - she had contacted me privately about one line I was researching and she was making wrong assumptions I just finally had to hand over my entire GEDCOM file on the family branch and told her to go for it - I did not trust her and her work - needless to say I refused to apologize – at one time I thought it would be nice to be a Curator but now I am not sure - It would be nice to be able to lock down some of my profiles etc. that I know are correct and should not be altered - I know I will probably never become one - and really do not care - just as lng as I can share and preserve my genealogical work with others I have done actively since 1976. I am just not a good "Brown-noser" as you would call it - I do my work - they way I would expect a paid Professional Genealogist to do it - presenting me with documentation, facts, and hints


COLLABORATION has always in my mind been a part of genealogy because without it we would have no genealogy at all! Outside of GENI we have done it ever since we began in genealogy - we use: census reports, databases, written works, genealogies, histories, etc. ALL DONE BY OTHER PEOPLE over the years - we have placed queries, written letters to archives, courthouses, distant relatives... Truthfully we can never claim our ancestry as our own work - as it has been done by others before us - we can only claim to have collected the information that we have and to have compiled it in some form, edited and improved upon it, hopefully :-).

We have all freely copied by handed, XEROX-ed and shared via snail mail without strings attached – yet online seems to come in the selfish part “It’s mine” do not touch or edit - but is that not what we done ourselves upon getting, finding new information and sources – so why should it be any different if its online and computer instead of pen/pencil/typewriter and snail-mail - only difference I see there is not a lot of wasted paper and ink and there is no need to constantly redo group sheets and pedigree charts and they are automatically printed out in any format we want from a genealogy program and we can even e-mail without the cost of postage.

I know that COLLABORATION is also the essence of GENI - and I know it is IMPORTANT for the out come of the "BIG TREE". I also know that there are those that feel the more Collaborators one can accumulate in of essence a 'badge under ones belt' and "the more the merrier! BUT to me it is not the LARGE number of collaborators - it is the QUALITY of work being produced.


BUT I am very very careful after my first collaboration less than two weeks after I joined GENI on 26 Nov 2009 which created and reeked total havoc, chaos and destroyed years of and research on three early generations of these families -

Children who died as infants were merged with children who also had died or a child of the same name dying either as an infant or child were merging with the last remaining child of the name who lived. every John smith, Mary Smith were merged together whether they were the correct person many times this crossed the generational lines - grandfathers were married to their grandsons wife, uncles to their nephews wife, father to their sons wife...

When reaching the help desk and GENI reps the only consultation I got from them was I had to 'dump my tree' and leave GENI - persistence paid off as one "request for help" after another finally one told me to only to SHUT OFF ALL Collaborators and this would solve the problem - I did but the merging still was going on at high speed the 2x's were growing as high as 12x's and beyond a parent had as many as 100+ children and yet another GENI rep when I sought help but I was still being told 'dump my tree" and leave GENI or apply for under another account under a different e-mail l...finally by another GENI rep I was told to follow all the blue dots, yellow triangles, and green X's and break up the bad merges as I found them.

It was a total nightmare and I went to places way beyond "MY Tree' and never could get back without having to 'opt out' and re-start and climb the tree to a 'bad merge' only to be taken back way beyond my "Immediate tree" again and back to restart.

I was told by the finally GENI rep to back out of all the merges on "MY TREE" back to my original profiles if I could but it was prefaced with "IT CAN'T BE DONE" it took 4 months of almost 24/7 and non-sleep to accomplish it and being within one family group of 5-10 a set of grandparents & their children of having it accomplished . And this was with the help of ONLY TWO other GENI PRO members- somehow one GENI PRO user found me offered me her help then enlisted another GENI PRO member who is now a curator - but in doing so I think I became the most 'hated and osterzied person on GENI.

It was at this point that I was cajoled back into Collaboration with that I made the decision of pulling all my profiles in late April 2010 that WERE NOT connected to the "BIG TREE" and had no other people connected as MANAGERS, I pulled only those that had MY NAME ONLY ON THEM as a SINGLE and SOLE MANAGER-SHIP - I did not delete any that were connected to the 'big tree', but if was and sole manager I entered a [-?- -?-] to make it a one parent line to keep the connection there. Because of this and since this time I have basically done nothing to my Smith-Hinckley line I go peek once and a while but that is it I am afraid almost to touch it - for fear of being condemned by those up there in the line. I owe a great thanks to Denise Unander who stepped up and contacted me freely offering help when no one else on GENI would not even the customer reps and enlisted another - Gene Daniels ; and to him I owe a big thanks to still being on GENI as I was at a point I was still ready to leave - he basically told me to 'take a break' and come back and look. So I took a break - and then came back with full determination to do what I had set out to do - enter my genealogy works into GENI for preservation - whether I get it done or not before I die i do not know - but I will sure try... for some reason I feel I have lost him as an ally as I never hear from him and he never responds to my "Hi's" not sure what I done to offend him...

I had seriously considered leaving GENI - but I was determined not to be beaten down only by one person who was 'nasty' and called me a "liar" - I had dealings with this person OFF OF GENI a couple of years before - on a line I was researching - Joseph Barron, the Indian Interpreter she was trying to force him into her ancestry - which was Quebec and Detroit oriented - yes Joseph Barron was born in Quebec but he lived in Vincennes Knox county (southern Indiana) and Logansport Cass county (Northern Indiana) dying in the later place not Detroit as she had claimed - and was several generations off of the 'Joseph Barron' she was trying to match him to - BUT she was bound and determined - I finally just had to GEDCOM the all the Barron information I had on him and possible ancestors and send it to her and tell her to go for it, needless to say I did not trust her work - even tho she has became a curator that is now gone off of GENI

Someone dub this as 'your GENI MOMENT"


Of 2 of my newest collaborators they found me - and are new to genealogy -

Brittany Ann Emery is my cousin's wife daughter .

Sharlene Berry told me she is working on the family at the request of a niece - she connects to my great-grandfather George Dye via his son John A. Dye who left Greene county Indiana and went to Arkansas - it looks like she could of left GENI and now that area is a total mess!!!!

Miranda Figg is a double cousin in that her great-great grandparents Noah and Minnie (Emery) Edington are brother and sister to my grandparents Clarence O. and Effie Ellen (Edington) Emery.

Larry Dean Sturgeon - is new to GENI and descends from the Hardesty clan.

another has been on GENI for awhile -

Kent Morga's wife ties into the Hardesty clan and another with Greene county Indiana ancestry and ties to the Hardesty clan J. Anita Ray' and other Hardesty cousin are - Kevin Lee Waldroup, P.E. , Lois June Hubble (Bedwell) , Phil Martin ,

On the Mckee side of Greene county is - Danielle M. Crum

I will add Collaborators as I feel necessary - as I can handle - if a curator I have activated the 'automatic-merge' feature for them without question as to help facilitate the clean-up of the 'BIG TREE'

I know possibly that many on GENI are probably against me - because of my stand on my Smith-Hinckley line - and in doing exactly what GENI reps told me to do close out my ONLY COLLABORATOR and break up the bad merges to get to my back to my original profiles -- but that does that bother me, maybe it should but it does not - since then its all been merged back together with the big tree without the "big mistake" of trying to force the CT. Smiths into the Barnstable Smith's.

For a long time I worked by myself collecting my family history all I had was my one paid researcher, dad and then my mother's cousin (Charles Edington), and queries. Mom and her sister would help not help at all tho they would talk of things between themselves; eaves dropping sometimes paid off! . In fact they both thought I had totally lost my mind. In fact at Christmas of 1985 I was told that if I remember as that's when I had found the Gulick, Stoker, Smith, Hinckley and all the allied lines through a distant cousin in California – that’s when I had ordered 5 sets of books from NEGHS - I says "sets" as they did not loan just one book if it was a volume set or series - they loaned the full set - so you ended up with at least 10 books at a time. The set of books had arrived and had to be either returned with out getting what I fully needed from them - so I opted to take them to on Christmas vacation with me to Florida some of the some of it needed to be copied to send it to her and my partner-in-crime Charles Edington.

= Why Do I Do Genealogy?=

I just love genealogy and history - It is really all I know how to do and feel proficient in and that I have and do that is totally me - I am a 'nobody' I have never had any real self-confidence or self worth - besides for genealogy I have always done what everyone else wanted me to do or say

Genealogy is one of those activities that some people can become engrossed in to the exclusion of eating and sleeping, not to mention causing the eyeballs of their family and friends to glaze over. Other people just don't get it: "That was then, this is now. Who really cares what happened in the past? What does it matter who my great-great-grandparents were?"

My real interest if 'family" came about sometime after September 1974 when mom and dad moved to Bradenton, Florida - dad loved to talk about 'family' but then there was times he would 'clam-up' it took me a awhile to figure it out - but i did - he would not talk when mom was around - even on the phone - - when she was either out of ear-hot or gone from the house he would open-up and talk.

My first real introduction into genealogy if you will call it that was sometime between 15 October 1964 as within the next 2 weeks grandmother came to live with us and she die on 19 February 1966. One day she was just sitting in her chair in her bedroom (it was mine up till that time) at our house she one day blurted out her brothers and sisters and she made sure i knew that there was 2 separate families and she named every child of each - never saying anything about her parents - - and no I did not write them down.

As a child the "family" that I knew only circled around a very few people - Mom and dad, my brother; dads parents & his brother & his wife & sisters family; moms father and her sister & her brothers family.

We would go to mom and dad's home town Lyons, Greene, Indiana at least once a month as a 'family' when I was a child until 1962 when dad began as manager of the Enco gas station in Culver, Marshall, Indiana and then it was just mom and my brother and I that went.

These visits at Lyons was split between Saturday and Sunday; upon arrival we would promptly go to the country to Grandfather and grandmother McKee's during our times there the people that came and went were Huldah Vandeventer, Mae and Emery Calvert, and dad's brother and his wife Lowell and Manda (Leckner) Mckee, dad's sister Thelma and her husband and son Vernon and James Hennebohle, lived in northern Indiana, lower Wisconsin and then finally in Pinellas Park, Florida so they where not constant visitors on those weekends. on Sunday morning we would get up eat breakfast, pack-up the car and go into church (church of Christ) there we would be greeted by a myriad of people none never really introduced to us kids but there came also were Sam and Maggie Jeffers, Mae and Emery Calvert, Lowell and Manda (Leckner) McKee, there was one we knew as "Aunt Emma' (Emma Jane Edington Hardesty) she would always exclaim how we kids were growing so and that she was going to have to get a cement block and put on our heads.

after church we went to Mom's childhood home - the house stood on St. Rd. 67 and was a corner street. Her father Clarence Emery and sister Norma N. Emery lived there - grandmother never was around and nothing was ever said as to why - I later found out she died in 1944 when I started genealogy.. Norma's real name at birth was "Nellie' and one time I remember she exclaimed that it reminded her of a horse so she used the name 'Norma N' people there were limited to their brother Leonard his wife Louise and their son Gerald Lee.

As a child "family was never spoken of'; there were no family pictures around the house hanging on the walls, posed on the end tables. family at home existed of me, mom dad and my brother Steve. Norma and grandfather Emery would come to visit at Culver. once dad's sister Thelma and her family came - but I don't remember anything of that visit except mother tired to put on 'airs' and she brought out her Fostoria crystal glassware; and cousin Jimmy bite down to hard on the edge of the glass while drinking his milk or ice tea and took a chunk out of it, needless to say the Fostoria glassware never came out of the cupboard's top shelf again unless it was for packing up to move - which it seemed we done several times - - I can not even note the time dates for sure. I know we came to Culver in Nov 1952 and lived out on the Newman farms and in one of their houses out on 19th rd.; then we moved to the corner of State Road 10 and 17 just when I do not know and lived there until Aug. 1959/1960 and moved on west on St. Rd. 10; in Aug 1962 we moved into town to Forest Place and then to Main St and then in summer of 1964 to Plymouth Street. and then in fall of 1967/8 to Lakeshore dr. where remained till I moved out and moved to S Main Street I worked from sometime in 1970 till June 1972 as a waitress because that was all my mother would allow me to do - it was within walking distance of the house - less than a block - - from 1972 I became "only a house wife' I was not allowed to work outside the home - at least my kids had an at home mother even if they did not appreciate it, something i never had as a child.

In 1974 I was privileged to met another family member - "Aunt Minnie (Emery) Edington - really my great aunt. I have a picture of her holding my son as an infant - my prize possession - but I did not know how she was my "Aunt" and never was told - I found out eventually she was my Grandfather’s Emery's sister and that she was also my grandmother Effie (Edington) emery's sister-in-law she married Effie's brother Noah - - what became of grandmother Emery? she had died in May of 1944.

With the advent of 'roots' in 1976 and the television saga of in January of 1977 my interest in 'family history' became greater and greater -

Dad over the phone from Florida would gladly fill me in with names on his side of the family - - mother would not - - so thus began my quest for "digging" mother and her sister - well I think they thought I had lost all my faculties - they never did help or was willing to give any family data - but they wanted to read it! - comments from mother were only is she thought some of it that it was wrong but I would not change it as it was given by family members and her cousin who knew they family also and was my co-partner in genealogy research till he died in 1999.

The Indianapolis Star ran a weekly column every Sunday called 'Indiana Ancestors' - I read it as a teenager but i never saved any of them queries were limited to 50 words - but I got to be on a first name basis with the writer Victoria Hizer and I think she stretched mine a little - I would send in 2-3 at a time it was from this that I got my first real break on my mother's side. a very dear lady wrote me Minnie Cleo (Merritt) White giving me an outline and telling me i could fill in the blanks, she would help when she got "feeling better" but she never was able to - she died on 4 Jun 1979 from cancer. Her outline?

Judith E. McKee Burns

| Reba Doris Emery McKee






thus basically all my Greene county Indiana ancestors were lined up for me on my mothers side but there were no dates, places etc. other than they resided in Greene county and I could fill in the blanks...

for as dad's lines I found a researcher in the Chicago area and the Archive there for the census a dear person by the name of Lorretta Dennis Szucs - she became a noted national speaker on genealogy and wrote several chapters in the "Source" what has become of her I do not know.

The line of migration for these lines were:

Edington == new jersey, to Hunterdon county Pennsylvania to Coshocton county Ohio to Greene county Indiana

Emery== Essex Massachusetts to Philadelphia county Pennsylvania to Greene county Pennsylvania to Coshocton County Ohio to Greene county Indiana

Ault/Alt == York County Pennsylvania to Coshocton County Ohio to Greene county Indiana

Hardesty == Anne Arundel county Maryland to Coshocton County Ohio to Greene county Indiana

Mewhirter / McWhirter== is basically a brick wall -back from Robert , from Coshocton county to Greene county Indiana

Williams== is basically a brick wall -back from Thomas , from Coshocton county to Greene county Indiana

Ferguson== is basically a brick wall -back from John of Harrison county Ohio dying early, his children went to Coshocton county to Greene county Indiana

Whitworth== is basically a brick wall -back from Thomas born in Virginia, married in Kentucky to Greene county Indiana

Gullick== New Amsterdam heritage went to Kentucky

McKee== Pennsylvania, to Rockbridge county Virginia to Mercer and Fayette counties Kentucky to Owen and Greene counties Indiana

Dye / Duyts== New Amsterdam heritage went to Kentucky then to Lawrence and Greene counties Indiana

Gastineau== Virginia to Kentucky then to Lawrence and Greene counties Indiana

My intent was to get enough to get started - put the notebook on the bottom of the bookcase self till 'old age" and work on it after my children grew up --- it never happened

The only break I took from it was for about 3 years from aug 1990 to some time early 1994 - I answered mail, done some computer data entry but with the death of my husband I had to get my then 16 and 17 year olds of high school first 1991 and 1993. I had to try to find work which was impossible except odd part time jobs that did not pay good I even went back to college and graduated with a computer science and business administration Associate degree and it done no good - - I did find one job but it lasted about 4 months - from then on I have lived with friends as a caregiver etc. it gives me a roof over my head, food and my internet connection our clothing comes from a "good Samaritan shop which we haul their surplus from store it till enough is gathered to call Goodwill and they come pick-up by the truck load. medical and dental care does not exist , and I guess in many people's eyes i am a complete failure in life - - enough....

Up till 1990 I belonged to the New England historic genealogical Society and got books on loan on a regular basis as fast as I could abstract data and mail them back and get another set in return and also the same with the national Genealogical Society. i was also a member of the Heritage Quest before it turned library only and when it was known as AGLL (American genealogical lending library). I join DAR on Jonathan Edington and then filed papers for Leonard divan, Valentin alt and Ambrose emery. I had papers started for Robert Hardesty and Samuel Chaney and there were 3-4 on dads side I was contemplating on but all the ceased when David died - money was needed for life not for genealogy...

==My dreams my Hopes==

When I started genealogy back in 1976-1977 it was my dream on day to -

  • Travel to Ft. Wayne, Allen, Indiana and research in the Allen county Library Genealogy section as it is only about an hours away ( and about 80 miles one way) but alas it's never going to happen
  • Just maybe even the LDS Library out in Salt Lake city and be able to research
  • To visit Newbury, Newburyport, Massachusetts from whence my Emery ancestors came from - but that will not happen either
  • To be able to afford to have hired more done or do my own research on David's (my husband's) lines as they are all Scotland based
  • There was even that far fetched dream of possibly being able to travel to Scotland - the year David died he said we were offered a paid trip there and expenses by some Lake or academy person - but in reality I know that was one of his "white lies'

like as the years past I will have to settle for 'arm chair genealogy' - while David was alive i could afford Membership in New England historical Genealogical Library and their library loan program - the last to go was the National Genealogical Society as it was the cheapest and finally it went when they moved the loan library to the St. louis library this is a great collection and it is all available for free or for a nominal fees (probably now since economy and budgets are being cut) through your local library.

  • While David was alive able to afford to joining the cheaper “life membership" societies which included Monroe county Indiana Historical Society; Kentucky historical Society; and the Sons & Daughters of 1st Settlers of Newbury Massachusetts - the $100 spent back there one a year has been well spent money
  • I did belong to a local D.A.R. chapter but had to give it up because I could not afford to keep up the dues - was behind and the local chapter was unwilling to help me stay a member whether thorough them or 'at-large' - I joined on Jonathan Edington and then had supplements on Ambrose Emery, Valentine 'Flety" Alt/Ault Jr., and Leonard divan. In the works were supplements for Frances Hardisty and Samuel Chaney (as double lineage); and Ferdinand Gulick and Edward Stoker the later four never were able to be filed and all my paper the paper work for them burned; except for the application paper of descendants who had joined on them.

I am finding out that it is better not to hope... to dream... but be content with what one can do without what one can find for "free'; as I know I will never be able to afford or do the things I have wanted to do or to travel etc....

==Generational misfit ==

I call my self the "Generational misfit" - I was born in 1951, dad in 1908 and mom in 1920. Dad and his father was okay 1908 & 1880 - but Grandfather McKee and his dad was another 'generational misfit" grandpa born in 1880 and great grandfather in 1834 - he had 3 families all dying but 2 of the girls and only one of them lived to marry and have a family.

I am no longer coordinator on INGenWeb for Indiana counties of Carroll, Greene Owen, and Sullivan and have moved to trails of the Past (this did not work out) - I have this feeling that there will be changes made and not for the good of the coordinators that have worked hard on INGenWeb for the past seven years and I do not want to be a part of it i hope I am wrong but I have this nagging feeling.....

The Who am I does for all my web projects is more detailed about me with pictures.

To prove it here is my family tree from mother back me back

The surname - List

Burns-McKee Heritage

This will have to be re-done, my friend was hit by a very vicious hacker in May and just starting to get things to work right again Vicious i am going to have to make all my TNG files over again - but my PAF at the moment is crashing in the middle of making a GEDCOM so cleaning and stripping it down - may have to break it up into smaller files - not sure - it all been frustrating....

Main Projects / Websites

My pet projects are the

1 - Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History and Genealogy and I designed some of the backgrounds from maps, postcards etc. for the site;

2 - Emery Family Research website Descendants of John Emery & Anthony Emery of Newbury, Ma . - Conrad Emery of Pennsylvania and it has - my ancestry through John Emery of Newbury, Massachusetts there - I updated his section of the book in 1982 and had it published - collected anything relating to the Emery name - and I put the book of Conrad Emery a German branch into PAF and have updated it some as inquiries have come in

my great-grandfather's Robert Thomas McKee civil war diary is here

PAF files I maintain

my lines and my husbands - which i am entering now - 25,501

  • Hardesty Family - 22,204
  • Conrad Emery descendants - 8,842
  • Rumbarger Family - 1,291 (from the chart)
  • Stahl family of Marshall & Fulton counties Indiana 494
  • McKee's of Marshall & Fulton county their ancestry 1,608
  • Norris Book of Maryland 24,670
  • Mansfield 334
  • Reichard 4,967 needs compared to manuscript
  • Schrimsher ancestors 797
  • Alt/Ault 4,574
  • Reed 1,497
  • Bussard - Justice Wirick, justice, Norris, Rumbarger Joseph Barron the Indian Interpreter's descendants - I researched this for "FREE" for [Marie (Ruth Marie) Reichard Marie (Bussard) Reicard and well as the Recihard family ancestor listed below as a manuscript

The Schrimsher and Reed were also done for "FREE" for step-daughter and her husband - some she had already presented to here but needed updated - rest I have added to more since I have been online -

hopefully with time I can input these all into my family tree line if the Lord gives me enough time health wise and i vie long enough - - it took ten years just to change my group sheets to PAF form - I have been working almost 24/7 till 2, 3 and 4 in the morning inputting what I have to date into my Geni file - whether anyone appreciates any of it I do not know -

Data basing in Progress - & entering into GENI

Sextons, The Donald Jr. and Georgie Benton, Sextons, The, - no date manuscript. This is 2 big notebooks about 4" thick and a Xerox project no index - and no good numbering system lots of good data tho. it has newspaper clippings documents etc.

Books At one time I owned -

Loyd D. Gastineau, Compiler, Our Gastineau Family, 3rd Edition (1994, Windmill Publications Inc., Mt. Vernon, In.),

Joyce Lee Mills, Compiler, Laurens Duyts/Dye Family History Vol. 3 Bk. 1 (William and Margaret (Salter), The (Aug 1990),

Joyce Lee Mills, Laurens Duyts/Dye Family History Vol. 1 Bk. 1 First Three generations & Vincent and Sarah Artesse Dye,

there were others but I donated them to the National Genealogical Society and there collection is now held in the St. Louis library open to all to get through their local library on interlibrary loan @

Mothers lines are heavy with New England, New Amsterdam heritage, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio. One branch of mother's goes into the Queens and Kings and i was trying to sort out information that I was sent back in the late 1990's and do research on line - but computer failures from 1997 and household sickness has prevented me from completing it - lack of funds for paid sites also.

Dads lines are of the south, Kentucky and Virginia, and he has 2 branches of New Amsterdam Ancestry.

No genealogy is worth its salt if it is not documented, annotated in some manner - any genealogy that is not documented and annotated is not to be taken for fact - for that to happen there has to be documentation for a greater share of the dates, places and facts given within - it will not be accepted by linage societies unless fully documented to their standards.

I have researched my stepdaughter's and her husband lines: Schrimsher, Reed, Kistler, Kline/Cline, Richards, Green, Seese and many more and have PAF files on them -

MY REASON for joining GENI was to preserve my genealogical research - to recover from the many computer failures since 1997 - to salvage what I have to clean up what I have - and so that in case of another computer failure i have material else where other than poor back-ups etc. and that others have access to what I have collected over the years and the material others have shared with me - I lost my dearest genealogical companion in genealogical researching - Charles L. Edingon my mothers double cousin on 24 Mar. 1999 he done all the "leg work' of interviewing cousins and courthouse material in Greene county Indiana

I have been working almost 24/7 till 2, 3 and 4 in the morning in putting what I have to date into my Geni file - whether anyone appreciates any of it I do not know - why I am really doing it I do not understand - but it keeps me going - keeps me alert...maybe one day my children will want it appreciate it...

I have tried guard , protect, preserve and document my heritage I am not into it to the great ancestor hunt to seek out the "royalty", the "famous" , the "wealthy' and connect to them. There is no one in the my near direct line that is wealthy, famous or rich... they were just farmers the salt of the earth those that made America, those who fought to preserve her freedom...

Since 2004 I have belonged to an internet class that is free to gain a professional genealogical certificate and not completed it - because of household sickness, computer failures and trying to play catch-up. I can access sources to complete my tree and document it so i have been trying to do that.

over the years I have given my research away for free - - or just from the basic cost of Xeroxing it and mailing cost back when I had no access to internet - - now its given away freely through my websites and through GEDCOMs via e-mail....

I consider my self considerable knowledgeable in Greene county Indiana ancestry of all Surnames; and for the Surname knowledge database is Emery, Hardesty, Vandeventer, Dye, Edington - no one is an "Expert" as we all continue to learn and gain knowledge through our research.

Maybe I have the wrong since of values - like I said before I am not out to rack up the greatest number of ancestors, I am not seeking out the famous or the royalty etc. i have gotten some of my ancestors on the so called 'silver platter' handed to me but i have had to dig for the documentation - - dad's lines were the hardest to come by it took work to come up with since they were of the dreaded Kentucky migration. when I started on my trek in genealogy I was told if you could get through Kentucky you would possibly have it made which I have found to be so true Kentucky Ancestry is the hardest to archive to document to gather.

Back in 1994/5 I rescued the Stahl Genealogy from out between a bunch of reading books at a yard sale which if did not sell was destined for a nearby garbage dumpster and same with the one Overmyer genealogy book at an auction. they were of culver people I grew-up with, went to school with. and were connected to the lake Maxinkuckee history I am doing.

My step-daughter (along with her dad) weaseled me into researching her ancestry for free and her father was no help as he really had offered my services without asking me.

The other lines of Reichard, Barron, justice, Buzzard, McComb, Wirick and Rumbarger I done out of respect to an elderly lady the mother & mother-in-law of the friends i lived with - when she asked she had an old yellowed piece of paper which she handed me and asked me to "fill in the blanks if I could" but as she did so she paused with it long enough over a lighted candle which started to scorch it and was near on fire when I rescued it with the remark "that was one way to get rid of your ancestors'.


The whiners, complainers, about being merge into the "BIG TREE" - that is and what GENI's goals was, has been and is.

Like I was told back in November 2009 by a customer representative who I did not catch the name of - "If I did n not like it I could pack up my bags, leave GENI and close my account out.

I know GENI has been less than prefect, changed rules, and membership criteria etc. in mid stream but it is there company, we are only the users, subscribers, and some of us even PAY them to enter our data, and they in essence OWN EVEN OUR PROfILE NOT US - once we put our data on (in) to GENI we no longer own it nor do we control it control it - we might think we do but we do not.

Above all else I am tired of the 'Sole ownership" theory that some have about their ancestors - NONE Of us has "Exclusive ownership" of our ancestors - there is not one of us that is a single child from our 1st ancestor down to our last ancestor some lines grant it may only have a single child for generations -but we "All are related" in some way shape or form.

I have to much work to back out of GENI - but you can bet I have my copy on my computer, besides other places that where I have placed it in the past and in the future - and shared it in the past either by snail-mail or through e-mail the last 36 years

Those who are unwilling to share, to compromise are the losers not those who are willing to share, to bend to grow their family tree by claiming "sole ownership" and felling threatened by merging. .


Books, CD', Mauscrip, Micro FIche t & PDF files on hand


  • Greene County Historical Society, Cemeteries of Eastern Greene County, Indiana.
  • Cemeteries of Western Greene County Indiana Vol. III, Fairview Cemetery, Linton, Indiana
  • Cemeteries of Western Greene County, Indiana Vol. I & II
  • Four Generations of the Descendants of John Webster of Ipswich, Ma. in 1635 Cecile N. Pimental & Noreen C. Pramberg, (1983 - Parker River Researchers).
  • Gone But Not Forgotten An Anthology of Fact & Folklore, {Greene county Indiana]Mildred Uland, 1986.
  • Grandview Cemetery Richland Township Bloomfield, Indiana, Greene County Historical Society.
  • Greene County Indiana - Index to Births 1885 -- 1920 Vol. 1 A-J Vol. 2 K- Z
  • Greene County Indiana - Index to Death Records 1893 - 1920, 1939.
  • Greene County Indiana - Common Pleas Court Abstracts Boxes 80/1 to 88
  • History of Greene County Indiana 1885 - 1989, 1990, Taylor Publishing Company Dallas, Tx.
  • History of Marshall County Sesquentenial 1836 -- 1986, 1986 Taylor Publishing Company
  • Koleen, Indiana Recollections of Orginal Settlers and Their Familes, No Date. Claude Lynch
  • Koleen, My Home Town A brief History, No Date. Claude Lynch
  • McDaniel Family Our Hertiage, The, 1982, McDowell Publications Utica, Ky. Marcella McDaniel
  • Monroe County Indiana Family Hertiage 1987, 1987 Taylor Publishing Co. Dallas, Tx.
  • Revised Genealogical Records of The Descendants of John Emery of Newbury, Massachuetts, The, 1982, Gateway Press Inc. Baltimore, Md. Transcript 1982-?, 82-83136 Library of Congress. Revised from the Genealogical Records of the Descendants of John and Anthony Emery of Newbury, Ma. (1891) Rufus Emery.Judith Elaine Burns, Compiler,
  • Genealogical Records of the Descendants of John and Anthony Emery of Newbury, Ma. (1891) Rufus Emery
  • Rose Hill Cemetery 1821 - 1976, Bloomington, Monroe, Indiana (Aug, 1976, Ye Old Genealogie Shoppe, Indianapolis, In.).Donald K. Matson,
  • Essex Antiquarian (The) (Reprint 1988, Anundusen Publishing Co., Decorah, Ia.).Sidney Perley, Editor, Full set
  • Ashcraft Family Descendants of Daniel, The 1994, Gateway Press Inc., Baltimore, Md.).Martha Ashcraft Neal
  • Original Naturalization application of Greene county Indiana
  • Greene co. In. Will Abstracts 1825-1904 Bks. 1-3 book form
  • Greene co. In marriage indexes May 1983-Sep. 1989;
  • Greene co. In marriage indexes Sep 1989-dec 1995
  • Turley Family records Beth Mitchell Etal, (1981), Turley Family Historical Research Association


  • HISTORY THE HOUSE AND CLAN MACKAY, For connection and elucidation, Besides account of many other Scottish families, A variety of more particularly of those relating to the Northern Division of Scotland during the most critical and interesting periods; with a Genealogical table of the clan. by Robert MacKay, writer, Thruso, Edinburgh
  • The Mackeys and Allied Families (Variously spelled) by Beatrice MacKey Doughtie (Bowen press, Decatur, Ga., 1957 1002 pgs.)
  • The Mackeys and Allied Families (Variously spelled) by Beatrice MacKey Doughtie Errta Sheet #2, Including supplelmnetal data, 1973
  • JOHN MASON DYER FAMILY of Union County, Kentucky Ancestors and Decendants Researched and Compiled by JANE DYER ARNOLD (Mrs. J. P.) 338 West Cedar Street Franklin, Kentucky 42134 - 1972 (fully in Geni)
  • A HISTORY OF THE DESCENDANTS OP DAVID McKEE, OF ANAHILT, With a General Sketch of the Early McKees by Prof. JAMES Y. McKEE. PHILADELPHIA : JOSEPH D. McKEE. 1892. (fully in Geni)
  • The book of Mackay (1906 Edinburgh : N. Macleod ) Agnus Mackay
  • VanDeventers in America complied by Sarah V. Kirby, October 6, 2006
  • The Book of McKee by Raymond W. McKee (Hodges, Figgis & Co. Ltd.; Dublin, Ireland, 1959 559 pgs.)
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  • Descendants and Ancestors of Joseph Howe McKee of Owen County, Indiana (McKee's of Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana,
  • * Section One McKees' of Ky & Virginia
  • * Chapter 1 McKee Preface
  • * Chapter 2 John McKee
  • * Chapter 3 William and James McKee
  • * Chapter 4 Robert McKee and Mary Todd
  • * Chapter 5 Joseph Howe McKee and Lucinda Bartlett
  • * Chapter 6 Robert Thomas McKee – Margaret J. McIndoo
  • * Elizabeth (Burdsall) Thompson
  • * Martha (Dye) Waggoner
  • * SECTION TWO - ALEXANDER MCKEE/McKie Sir Patrick McKie; m. Susanna Kennedy
  • * SECTION THREE - John McKee and Polly Mc Coy
  • * SECTION FOUR - Anthony McKee and Nancy [-?- -?-] - culver Indiana McKee's now in PAF form also trying to connect McKee’s together
  • * Section Five - James McKee and Elizabeth Moore
  • * Section Six - James McKee and Nancy Robinson
  • * Section Seven - John McKee and Jane Cloyd
  • * Section Eight - Patrick Mckie and Jane MacDonall
  • * Section Nine - Thomas McKee and Susannah Waugh
  • * Section Ten - John O. McKee and Mary Parks
  • * William H. McKee and Emily Helen Lewman
  • * Section Eleven - WILLIAM MCKEE m. MARIAM BROWN
  • * DAVID MCKEE of McKeesport, Allegheny, & Pa.; MARGARET [-?- -?-]
  • * Section Twelve ALEXANDER MCKEE of Tn. Said to be s/o Robert & Agness, MARY BEAN McKee said to be daughter of JOHN & JANE LOGAN.
  • * Section Thirteen - GRIZEL* DELL (GRACE)4 MCKEE m. William Dyer



  • 1) Absolum Vandeventer and 1) Susanna Coghill 2) Mary Ellen Huffman
  • 2) James and Nancy Ingrum
  • 3) Thomas and Adaline Farris
  • 4) Josiah and Emilie "Milly" Hugh/Hughes
  • 5) John and Nancy Franklin [he m. 2nd Deliah Vandeventer & that line is under James & Nancy Ingrum]
  • 6) Jacob and Mary Driscoll
  • The Kistlers of Cass, Pulaski, and White Counties, Indiana (Transcript, 1970), Barbara (Mrs. Bert) Wolfe 1850, 1860, 1880 Census Transcripton Greene county Indiana
  • ”Record of family of Bartholomaus Ramberger (Emigrant Ancestor) and Descendants compiled in 1965 by another
  • Bays (Bay/ Bayse) of Greene county Indiana (not my lines but married into distantly, started for a genealogy buddy back in the 1980's) Descendants of John Bayes John Bayes Sr. b. c 1736 Va. D. 14 Jun 1794 Pittsylvania co., Va m. Lucy [-?- -?-]. He is said to have been recognized for public service during the Revolutionary War. Judith Elaine (McKee) Burns,


  • clipped Obituaries from the Bloomfield News from 1980's to 2004+
  • Odd & ends of computer files of older obituaries and newer.


  • Greene County Indiana - 1882-1893 Supplemental Marriage Transcript, 1939.
  • Greene County Indiana - marriage Supplement 1905-1911 microfiche
  • Greene County Indiana - Applications and Returns Marriage Records 1920 - Oct 1987, Microfiche copy of records Vol. 14 1920/1 to Vol. 44 Jul. 1985-Oct 1987
  • Greene County Indiana - Index to Estates Etc. 1853.
  • Greene County Indiana - Index to Estates May 1884 to Dec 1928.
  • Greene county Indiana - Index to Guardian Bonds Oaths & Letter Book 1 Oct. 1855 to Mar 1870.
  • Greene county Indiana - Marriage Record Index 1823/53 to 1920 Vol 1 A - F Vol 2 G - M Vol 3 N - Z
  • Greene County Indiana - Wills
  • Greene County Indiana - Probate Order Bk.
  • Greene County Indiana - Record of Birth - Court Order Book Record - 3 Vols

Databases=== (I databased into Personal Ancestral File)

Norris PAF Files [24,670 profiles]  - The Norris Family of Maryland & Virginia; Genealogy of Thomas Norris 1361 - 1930 Harry Alexander Davis 4 vol. 1941 Washington D.C. Transcript I put into PAF form and updating descendants - Wirick, justice, Bussards, Rumbarger
  • The Norris Family of Maryland & Virginia; Genealogy of Thomas Norris 1361 - 1930 Harry Alexander Davis 4 vol. 1941 Washington D.C. Transcript
  • Kentucky Descendants of Thomas Norris of Maryland 1630 - 1953 and Allied Families Gertrude Cleghorn Josserand (Mrs. Guy D.) (1916) Edwards Brothers Inc. Ann Arbor, Mich.
  • Pennsylvania Descendants of Thomas Norris of Maryland 1630 - 1959 and allied Families Marjorie (Butler) (Mrs. Henry Norris) Harrison 1959 Edwards Brothers Inc. Ann Arbor, Mi.
  • Norris Family Aquilla and Priscilla Norris Descendants of Thomas Norris and Ann Hynson Herbert S. Norris 25 Oct 1997, update 27 Feb. 1999 computer generated manuscript
  • The Norris Family of Maryland Thomas Miller Myers (1916) William Clemens, Publisher New York, New York
  • Plus any sources found to update the paf,
  • Christain Rumbarger Descendants and Ancestors Mrs. Walter A. Rumbarger & Mrs. John L. Merkling 1930-1967 Hand written chart - 35" inches wide and 12.5 feet long
  • McKee'S of Culver (Marshall county) & Fulton county Indiana Manuscript & PAF [ 1608 profiles]=
  • Alt/Ault Manuscript & PAF [5629 profiles] = paf - 'Valentin Alt family in America -
  • Valentin Alt - His Children & Grandchildren - Chartered Records of The Valentin Alt Family In America (1963) by Nellie Wallace Reeser this is 4 vols of handwritten or typed = I got some of the groups sheets back in the 1980's of my direct line
  • Valentin Alt, His Children and Grandchildren Nellie Wallace Reeser 1949
  • Alden Ault reprinted adding some info to the later - and I continued to do so over the years of the Greene county and Fulton county Indiana aults.
* Hardesty PAF file [13, 0033 profiles]  '''THOMAS HARDESTY''' OF GREENE COUNTY, INDIANA AND HIS ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS Robert, Francis Hardesty of Anne Arundell county Maryland; Edington Ashrcraft families also -

* Stahl PAF files 484 profiles Stahl Family History, The Jacob peter Stahl, Historian Dayton, Ohio, August 10, 1924; publisher not stated - I put into PAF and updating -

  • Overmyer [8,842 profiles]
  • Overmyer History and Genealogy, from 1680 - 1905 Barnhart B. and John C. Overmyer Freemont, Ohio, Chas S. Beelman, Printer 1905, I put into PAF and updating
  • Overmier History and Genealogy 1813-1962, Lineage of Peter III 1680-1905
  • Daniel Overmyer History and Genealogy 1832 to 1978 Mabel Brucker, Monterey, Indiana
  • Obituaries from the Rochester’s Sentinel to verify and update
  • Reichard PAF files [4967 profiles] REICHARD THE HOUSE OF REICHARD'S that JOSEPH AND MARIAH APOLLONIA REICHARD'S DESCENDANTS BUILT 600 = page manuscript well documented and a files drawer full of documents of varied kind - wills, obits, biographies from county histories.
  • Emery of New Jersey & Pennsylvania [7237 profiles] - Conrad Emery and His Descendants Frederic B. Emery, M.D. 1970, Unique Publishing Service - PAF and updating
  • Mansfield PAF files [471 profiles] - Jacob/ Walter Jacob Mansfield and his 3 wives and their descendants - of Pennsylvania, Coshocton county Ohio and Greene county Indiana
  • Rumbarger paf files [1291 pofiles] - Christain Rumbarger Descendants and Ancestors Mrs. Walter A. Rumbarger & Mrs. John L. Merkling 1930-1967 Hand written chart - 35" inches wide and 12.5 feet long I put into paf and want to update descendants - Wirick, justice, Bussards, Norris


  • Biographical Memoirs of Greene County Indiana, 3 Vols. (1908 B.F. Bowen & Co., Indianapolis, Ind.
  • Greene & Sullivan County History - 1884
  • Biographical Profiles Freemason of Bloomfield Indiana No. 84 F&AM 1849-1949
  • Uncle Jack Babers Greene county History
  • Generations Archives by Heritage Quest Indiana Vital Records - Marriage Index ACD 0113 DIsk 1 A-K; Dsk 2 L-Z
  • Generations Archives by Heritage Quest Indiana Vital Records - Birth Index ACD 0112 Births Index 1850-1920

Family Tree Maker (Broderbound) V8.0

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  • Installation Program - Clip Art Images
  • Family Tree Maker Volume 1: A-C
  • Family Tree Maker Volume 2: D-I
  • Family Tree Maker Volume 3: J-P
  • Family Tree Maker Volume 4: Q-Z
  • Family Tree Maker Family Viewer Archive V3.02
  • Genealogy Library. Co. 4 month subscription Access CD
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 2 Marriage Index: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, 1720-1926 by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 4 Marriage Index: Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, 1624-1915 by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 5 Marriage Index: AR, MO, MS, TX, 1766-1981 by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 11
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 110 SSDI 1937-1995 Vol. 1 A-l, M-Z
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 110 SSDI 1937-1997 Vol. 1 A-l, M-Z
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 110 SSDI 1937-1997 Vol. 1 A-l, M-Z
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 118 International Records: Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 119 Military Records: Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865 by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 134 Mlitary Records: Massachusetts Civil War Soldiers and Sailors, 1861-1865 by Broderbund Software In
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 146 United States Soldiers, 1784-1811 [1784] by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 156 Family History: Mid-Atlantic Genealogies, 1340-1940 by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 164 Mortality Index: United States, 1850-1880 by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 177 Ohio Vital Records #2, 1750s-1880s by Broderbund Software Inc
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 193 (2 vol) County and Family Histories: Pennsylvania, 1740-1900 by Broderbund Software Inc
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 216 Vital Records: Indiana Deaths, 1882-1920 by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 225 Marriage Index: AZ, CA, ID, NV, 1850-1951 by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 255 Land Records: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, 1790-1907 by Broderbund Software Inc
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 256 Passenger and Immigration Lists: Boston, 1821-1850 (Family Tree Maker's Family Archives 256) by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 258 Naturalization Records: Philadelphia, 1789-1880 by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 273 Passenger and Immigration Lists: New York, 1820-1850 by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 403 Selected U.S./International Marriage Records, 1560-1900: From Yates Publishing by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 449 Local and Family Histories: New England, 1600s-1900s by Broderbund Software Inc
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 500 Family History: Southern Biographies and Genealogies, 1500s-1940s by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 513 Local and Family Histories: Connecticut, 1600s-1800s by Broderbund Software Inc.
  • Family Tree Maker Cd# 518 Genealogical Records: Early Georgia Settlers, 1700s-1800s by Broderbund Software Inc.

I know these are about worthless - but were fun to look through and laugh at -

  • World Family Treea Volume #1 pre 1600 to present
  • World Family Treea Volume # 2 pre 1600 to present
  • World Family Treea Volume # 3 pre 1600 to present
  • World Family Treea Volume # 4 pre 1600 to present
  • World Family Treea Volume # 5 pre 1600 to present
  • World Family Treea Volume # 6 pre 1600 to present
  • World Family Treea Volume # 7 pre 1600 to present
  • World Family Treea Volume # 33
  • World Family Treea Volume # 34
  • World Family Treea Volume # 35
  • World Family Treea Volume # 36
  • World Family Treea Volume # 37
  • World Family Treea Volume # E-1 European Origins