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KAMSA Ugrasena

Death: Died in Mathura, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
Immediate Family:

Biological son of Gandharva GODILA DRUMILA and PADMĀVATI Ugrasena
Adopted son of King UGRASENA Ahuka
Husband of ASTI Kamsa and PRĀPTI Kamsa

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About KAMSA Ugrasena

Kamsa's birth history By:

Compiled by Mahavishnu Dasa

The Birth of Kalanemi: In days of old there was a king in Mathurapuri named Ugrasena, who married Padmavati the daughter of king Satyaketu of Vidarbha. While the couple were living happily in Mathurapuri Satyaketu wanted to see his daughter. He sent a messenger to Mathurapuri and brought Padmavati to Vidarbha. She walked along the vicinity of the palace in which she was born, enjoying the beauty of the scenery. She walked on and arrived on the mountain called Puspavan, and sat on the bank of a lake. At that time a Gandharva named Godila (Dramila) came there. He fell in love with her. He took the shape of Ugrasena and came near her and talked with her. Thinking that her husband had come from Mathura to see her she embraced him. After a while she understood that the visitor was not her husband. She began to curse him. The visitor admitted that he was Godila an attendant of Vaisravana. Godila went on his way. But she had become pregnant by that time. Her parents tried in various ways to destroy the child in her womb. One day the infant lying in her womb told her thus: "Mother ! you do not know who I am. I am the rebirth of a powerful asura named Kalanemi. In ancient days Visnu killed me in a battle between the gods and asuras. I have entered into your womb for revenge. Mother ! you need not take the trouble to destroy me." Saying so, the infant stopped speaking. After ten years Padmavati gave birth to the mighty and strong Kamsa. He was killed by Sri Krsna and he attained heaven. The killing of Kalanemi: Srimad Bahgavatam enjoins that once when there ensued a battle between the demigods and the demons, the latter over-powered the demigods. When the demigods could find no way to counteract the activities of the demons, they wholeheartedly meditated upon the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the creator of the universe, who then immediately appeared. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose eyes resemble the petals of a newly blossomed lotus, sat on the back of Garuda, spreading His lotus feet over Garuda's shoulders. Dressed in yellow, decorated by the Kaustubha gem and the goddess of fortune, and wearing an invaluable helmet and earrings, the Supreme Lord, holding various weapons in His eight hands, became visible to the demigods. As the dangers of a dream cease when the dreamer awakens, the illusions created by the jugglery of the demons were vanquished by the transcendental prowess of the Supreme Personality of Godhead as soon as He entered the battlefield. Indeed, simply by remembrance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, one becomes free from all dangers. When the demon Kalanemi, who was carried by a lion, saw that the Supreme Personality of Godhead, carried by Garuda, was on the battlefield, the demon immediately took his trident, whirled it and discharged it at Garuda's head. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari, the master of the three worlds, immediately caught the trident, and with the very same weapon he killed the enemy Kalanemi, along with his carrier, the lion. In this regard, SHrila Madhvacarya says: kalanemy-adayah sarve karina nihata api shukrenojjivitah santah punas tenaiva patitah "Kalanemi and all the other demons were killed by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari, and when SHukracarya, their spiritual master, brought them back to life, they were again killed by the Supreme Personality of Godhead." (SB 8.10.53-56) Kalanemi’s rebirth as Kamsa: Formerly an asura named Kalanemi had six sons, named Hamsa, Suvikrama, Kratha, Damana, Ripurmardana and Krodhahanta. They were known as the shad-garbhas, or six garbhas, and they were all equally powerful and expert in military affairs. These shad-garbhas gave up the association of Hiranyakashipu, their grandfather, and underwent great austerities to satisfy Lord Brahma, who, upon being satisfied, agreed to give them whatever benediction they might desire. When asked by Lord Brahma to state what they wanted, the shad-garbhas replied, "Dear Lord Brahma, if you want to give us a benediction, give us the blessing that we will not be killed by any demigod, maha-roga, Yaksha, Gandharva-pati, Siddha, Carana or human being, nor by great sages who are perfect in their penances and austerities." Brahma understood their purpose and fulfilled their desire. But when Hiranyakasipu came to know of these events, he was very angry at his grandsons. "You have given up my association and have gone to worship Lord Brahma," he said, "and therefore I no longer have any affection for you. You have tried to save yourselves from the hands of the demigods, but I curse you in this way: Your father will take birth as Kamsa and kill all of you because you will take birth as sons of Devaki." Because of this curse, the grandsons of Hiranyakashipu had to take birth from the womb of Devaki and be killed by Kamsa, although he was previously their father. This description is mentioned in the Hari-vamsha, Vishnu-parva, Second Chapter. (SB 10.1 Additional notes to the chapter)

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KAMSA Ugrasena's Timeline

Mathura, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India


The Slaying Of Kamsa
Here in 'Mathura, Kamsa was beginning to feel more and more alarmed. Keshi, another rakshasa whom he sent, was also killed. Kamsa threw Vasudeva and Devaki into the prison and planned to invite Krishna to Mathura and kill him there. He, therefore, sent his cousin Akrura to Brindavan to bring Krishna. Akrura was a great devotee of Krishna. He told Krishna of Kamsa's evil intentions. Krishna rejoiced. He said, "Let us all go to Mathura." With him went Akrura, Balarama, Nanda and some other gopalakas.
The news of the visit of Krishna spread in Mathura. So everywhere there was curiosity, excitement and joy.
As Krishna and Balarama were approaching the palace a big elephant of the name Kuvalayapida rushed towards Krishna. Kamsa had deliberately stationed the elephant there to kill Krishna. Krishna cut off the trunk. The huge animal fell down and died.
As the brothers approached Kamsa's court two wrestlers, Mushtika and Chanura by name, stepped forward. They were famous all over the country for their wrestling. They were very strong. The spectators were filled with pity and murmured, "Poor boys! What can they do against these rocklike? Wrestlers!"
Krishna took on Chanura and Balarama took on Mushtika. And the two wrestlers were killed. When he saw his two formidable wrestlers killed by the boys, Kamsa was bewildered and filled with fear. Krishna pounced on Kamsa, caught hold of his hair and pushed him to the ground. Kamsa tried to get up to save himself. He tried to fight. But Krishna killed him. The people of Mathura sighed in relief. They celebrated Krishna's victory with great joy because Kamsa had been a tyrant. Krishna did not ascend the throne, but crowned Ugrasena, his grandfather.
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About Krishna

Krishna Kills Kamsa

This is Kamsa Tila, the place where Krsna killed Kamsa. Tila mean hill, and it was upon this hill that Kamsa was sitting when Krsna pulled him from his dias. Our temple, Sri Kesavaji Gaudiya Matha, is situated in part of Kamsa's wrestling arena, and it is also where Krsna and Balarama killed the elephant demon.
Kamsa was very, very cruel. He had invited all of Krsna's relatives -- Ugrasena, Vasudeva, Devaki, Nanda Baba, and some of the sakhas -- to the wrestling arena. He wanted Krsna killed in front of them, as this would add to his happiness. When Krsna dragged Kamsa from the dias, He was pulling him by the hair, because Kamsa had caught Devaki by the hair on her wedding day. Krsna then threw him on the ground and jumped onto his chest. Because Krsna' s body contains all of the universes, the weight of all of the universes was felt by Kamsa at that time. He specifically jumped on Kamsa's chest because Kamsa had struck Vasudeva on the chest with rocks during the time he was in prison.
Because Kamsa had the strength of one hundred thousand elephants, there was doubt that he was really dead. Some thought that perhaps he was just unconscious. Therefore, to show everyone that he was dead, Krsna pulled him around the wrestling arena. When Kamsa's body was later dragged down to the ghata, it made a gully called panca-pada which is now the sewage drain behind the Matha. After Krsna killed Kamsa, He went to the jail and unchained Devaki and Vasudeva. Vasudeva and Devaki offered prayers, addressing Krsna as Bhagavan. After this they asked Him, "What sinful activities could we have done that You left us for ten and a half years, and that we were put into chains in Kamsa's jail?" Krsna replied, "O Ta, father." Krsna called him 'Ta,' and at the same time He called Yogamaya to cover Vasudeva so that he would think Krsna his own son. Without doing this He could not continue His lila. Thus covered by Yogamaya, Vasudeva thought, "O my son", and he forgot about his previous question. When Yogamaya covers the devotees for lila, she is known as Samukha Mohini. When she covers the conditioned souls, however, she is called Bahirmukha Mohini, or Mahamaya. Vasudeva Krsna had appeared in the heart of Vasudeva, and Vasudeva had impregnated Devaki by mantra. This is called sambhanda-jnana. The guru gives his disciple a relationship with Krsna by mantra.
Ugrasena now called Krsna to make Him the King of Mathura, but Krsna said that He could not be King because the Yadus had been cursed never to become kings. Krsna told Ugrasena that he was in the Bhoja dynasty, and therefore he should be the King.
As these incidences transpired, Nanda Baba was waiting at the bank of the Yamuna. He was thinking that Devaki and Vasudeva must be showing Krsna and Balarama so much affection that They would not want to go back to Vrndavana with him. They came in the evening, and each sat on his knee. Krsna sat on his right side, and Baladeva sat on his left. He asked Them, "Why did you wait three days to come? Do You think You are the sons of Devaki and Vasudeva?" They replied, "No, father. As soon as We were born, Devaki and Vasudeva made us leave their house, whereas you have fed us from a young age". Whoever shows love and affection is the parent. Nanda Baba was so kind that he was thinking, "How can I take them from Devaki and Vasudeva? Maybe Baladeva can stay to pacify Devaki." When he suggested that, however, Baladeva said that He could not stay without Krsna.