Katherine Brereton

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Katherine Brereton

Also Known As: "Catherine (Brereton) Folleshurst / Weston"
Birthplace: Cheshire , England
Immediate Family:

Daughter of Sir William Brereton, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland
Wife of Edward Fulleshurst of Crewe; Sir Roger Brereton and Richard Weston, of Brereton in Rugeley
Mother of Eleanor Barton and John Weston, of Hageley
Sister of Lady Margaret Goodman; Mary Warburton; Ellen Meere; Anne Kynaston and Richard "of the Lea" Brereton, Esq.
Half sister of Sir William Brereton

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About Katherine Brereton

  • Katherine Brereton1
  • F, #353739, d. 1559
  • Last Edited=27 Apr 2009
  • Katherine Brereton was the daughter of Rt. Hon. Sir William Brereton.2 She married, firstly, Edward Fulleshurst, son of Robert Fulleshurst.1 She married, secondly, Sir Roger Brereton, son of Sir Randle Brereton.1 She died in 1559.1
  • Her married name became Brereton. Her married name became Fulleshurst.
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  • Roger Brereton was a Welsh politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1604 to 1611
  • Brereton the third son of Owen Brereton of Borras near Gresford, Denbighshire.
  • He sat on the bench as Justice of the Peace for Flintshire from 1582 to 1617 and for Shropshire from 1598 to at least 1604. He was appointed High Sheriff of Flintshire for 1591-92.
  • In 1604, he was elected Member of Parliament for Flint.[1]
  • Brereton possibly married Katherine Fulleshurst, widow of Edward Fulleshurst and daughter of Sir William. Brereton of Brereton, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland by his second wife.[1]
  • From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Brereton ______________________________
  • Breretons of Cheshire, 1100 to 1904 A. D (1904)
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  • Sir Randle IV., of Malpas. also, built the Brereton chapel, or chantry, at the south side of Malpas church, in 1522. He and his wife Eleanor were buried in this chapel, and their tomb still exists. The Shocklach manor lies west of Malpas. It was purchased by Sir Randle Brereton V., of Malpas, in 1572, from Sir Richard Corbet. Malpas and Shocklach, at the time of the conquest, formed portions of the Barony of Malpas, of which Robert Fitz-Hugh was baron. He received it from Hugh Lupus, first Earl Royal of Chester. .... etc.
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  • (2) In the Brereton chapel within Malpas church is the tomb of Sir Randle Brereton IV., of Malpas, and his wife Eleanor, who died 1532. This is a handsome tomb in the south aisle of the church, enclosed with a well carved oak screen. This chapel now belongs by marriage and inheritance to the Egerton family.
  • https://archive.org/stream/breretonsofchesh00brer#page/36/mode/1up
  • In the feudal times in order to become a knight it was pre-requisite to be an owner of lands ; hence, the evidence we have of our original ancestor being the original Lord of Brereton. In those days there were two degrees of knighthood, one a Knight Bachelor, or lord of a manor; the other a Knight Banneret, a knight who had distinguished himself in battle before his king or his baron ; as such was Sir Randle Brereton IV., of Malpas. He was so knighted for brilliant bravery at Terouenne, and at Tourney, in France, by Henry VIII. The knight bachelor always carried a penon or pointed flag ; the knight banneret had his penon cut off square by the king.
  • https://archive.org/stream/breretonsofchesh00brer#page/45/mode/1up
  • There is very little recorded of this branch of the family. The Herald's Visitation Record of 1663-4 gives the pedigree commencing with Sir Roger Brereton, of Halton, the founder of the family, about 1540, and shows four generations of descent. I think this Sir Roger was the sixth son of Sir Randle Brereton IV., of Malpas, and the younger brother of John Brereton, the founder of the Norfolk branch. His mother was Eleanor, daughter of Sir Piers Dutton, the Lord of Halton and Dutton, in 1500. Sir Piers was descended from Odard, one of the companions in arms of the Conqueror. He (Odard) assumed the name of Dutton upon receiving a grant of that town from Hugh Lupus, first Earl Royal of Chester, the ancestor of Lady Ada's mother. Sir Piers was the great grandson of Sir Thomas Dutton, of Dutton, who was the Governor and Receiver of the Castle of Halton in 1330. Sir Piers was the son of Sir Lawrence Dutton, who married Johanna, daughter of Sir Andrew Brereton, of Brereton, and from whom are descended the present family of Baron Sherbourne, of Sherbourne, Gloucestershire. The Warburton family, of Arley, were also descended from the same Odard. Sir Roger Brereton married Katherine, widow of Edward Fulleshurst and daughter of Sir William Brereton IX., of Brereton, by his second wife, Eleanor, daughter of Sir Randle Brereton III., of Ipstone and Malpas, and the widow of Philip Egerton, of Egerton.
  • https://archive.org/stream/breretonsofchesh00brer#page/98/mode/1up
  • Sir Randle de Brereton II., of Ipstone and Malpas, married Joanna, daughter of William Holford. By her he had two sons : 1, Randle Brereton, founder of the Eccleston and Wettenhall branch : 2, Owen Brereton, of Bar Hill, the ancestor of Brereton of Coddington. His second wife was Katherine, daughter of William Butheley, of Eaton, Cheshire. By her he had three sons: 1, Randle, his heir, of Ipstone and Malpas; 2, Ralph Brereton, of Iscoyd Castle, Shropshire, who had one daughter, wife of John Holford ; 3, Bartholomew Brereton, of Grafton, who had three sons : a, Bartholomew ; b, John ; c, Humphrey, of Malpas, the historian of the War of the Roses.
  • Randle Brereton III., of Ipstone, died in Burgundy, France. His wife was Emma, daughter and heiress of John Carington, of Carington. By her he had two sons and two daughters : 1, Randle, his heir; 2, Humphrey, of Malpas; 3, Ellen, wife of Nicholas Bruyn, of Tarwin, Cheshire ; 4, Eleanor, wife of Philip de Egerton, afterwards wife of Sir William de Brerton IX., of Brereton.
  • Sir Randle Brereton IV., of Ipstone and Malpas ; Chamberlain of Chester 1506 to 1532; Knight of the Body to Henry VII. and Henry VIII. ; made a Knight Banneret by Henry VIII., at Boulonge, for Terrouenne and Tournay ; built the Brereton Chapel in Malpas Church in 1522, in which he was buried in 1532. He married Eleanor, daughter of Sir Piers Dutton, of Halton Castle, Cheshire. By her he had nine sons and three daughters: 1, Randle, his heir; 2, Richard, founder of the Tatton branch ; 3, John, founder of the Norfolk branch ; 4, Thomas ; 5, Peter ; 6, Roger, founder of the Halton branch ; 7, William, succeeded his father as Chamberlain of Chester ; was beheaded by Henry VIII. with Queen Anne Boleyn, in 1536; 8, Robert; 9, Urian, founder of the Handford branch. The daughters were : 1, Anne, wife of John Harcourt ; afterwards was wife of John Pershall, of Hordesley ; 2, Elizabeth, wife of Richard Cholmondeley ; afterwards was wife of Randle Mainwaring, of Over Peevor, Cheshire; 3, Jane, wife of Sir Thomas Hanmer, of Hanmer, Flintshire. (See Burosham branch).
  • https://archive.org/stream/breretonsofchesh00brer#page/99/mode/1up
  • Sir Randle Brereton V., of Ipstone, Malpas and Shocklach, married Eleanor, daughter of Sir Philip Egerton, of Egerton. By her he had one child, Anne, wife of Randall Dod, of Edge. His second wife was Izabel, daughter of Thomas Butler, of Bewsey. By her he had one son, Randle, his heir, and one daughter, Elizabeth, wife of James Starkey, of Darley.
  • Sir Randle Brereton VI., of Malpas and Shocklach, married Mary, daughter of Sir William Griffith, who was afterwards wife of Sir Hugh Cholmondeley. By her he had three sons: 1, Randle, his heir; 2, Richard, of Mitcham, Surrey; 3, Sir Thomas, of Yard, Somerset. (See these branches). _________________
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  • RANDLE BRERETON, of Malpas, younger son of sir William Brereton of Brereton, kt. by Margaret, daughter of Henry Done of Utkinton. = ALICE, daughter and heiress of Wm. Ipstones of Ipstones.; ch: RANDLE (m. JOANNA Holford & KATHERINE Bulkeley), WILLIAM, . . . . (m. . . . . Spurstow) BRERETON.
  • RANDLE BRERETON, of Ipstones. = ch: RANDLE (of Eccleston), OWEN (of Barrel, or Bar Hill) BRERETON; = 1. JOANNA, daughter of Wm. Holford.; = 2. KATHERINE, dau. to Wm. Bulkeley, of Eaton., ch: RANDLE (m. EMMA Carington), RALPH, BARTHOLOMEW BRERETON.
    • RANDLE BRERETON, of Eccleston and Wetenhall.
    • OWEN BRERETON, of Barrel, or Bar Hill, ancestor of Brereton of Cuddington.
    • RANDLE BRERETON of Ipstones, died in Burgundy. = EMMA, daughter and heiress of John Carington, of Carington, sister to Hamlet and Thomas., ch: SIR RANDLE (m. ELEANOR Dutton), HUMPHREY, ELLEN (m. Nicholas Bruyn), ELEANOR (m. Philip de Egerton) BRERETON.
    • RALPH BRERETON, of Iscoyd, second son. = ; ch: MARGARET (m. John Holford) BRERETON.
      • SIR RANDLE BRERETON, of Ipstones, Shocklach, and Malpas, kt. chamberlain of Chester, 21 Hen. VII. to 23 Hen. VIII. kt. banneret, and kt. of the body to Henry VII.= ELEANOR, daugh. to Piers Dutton of Hatton, esq. living 1522, buried at Malpas., ch: Sir RANDLE (m. ELEANOR Egerton & ISABEL Butler), Sir RICHARD, (m. Jane Massey), JOHN (d.1542), THOMAS (d.1511), Sir ROGER (m. Katherine Brereton), Sir WILLIAM (m. Elizabeth dau. of earl of Worcester, beheaded 1536), ROBERT, Sir URIAN (m. Margaret Honford & Alice Trafford), ANNE (m. John Harcourt & John Pershall), ELIZABETH (m. Ric. Cholmondeley & Randel Mainwaring), JANE (m. Thos. Hanmer), EMMA (m. John Dod), ANNE (m. John Stringer), CATHERINE (m. Rawlin Warburton) BRERETON.
      • HUMPHREY BRERETON, of Malpas.
      • ELLEN, wife of Nicholas Bruyn of Tarvin.
      • ELEANOR, wife of Philip de Egerton, esq.
        • SIR RANDLE BRERETON, of Shocklach and Malpas, knt. = ELEANOR, dau. to sir Philip Egerton of Egerton and Oulton, kt., ch: ANNE (m. Randal Dod) BRERETON; = ISABEL, dau. to Thos. Butler of Bewsey. second wife., ch: Sir RANDLE (m. MARY Griffith), ELIZABETH (m. James Starkey) BRERETON.
        • 2. SIR RICHARD BRERETON, kt. marr. Jane, daughter of Geoffrey Massey of Tatton, died at Islington, 3 and 4 Phil. and Mary. Had issue.
        • 3. JOHN BRERETON, rector of both moieties of Malpas and of Astbury, Bebington, and of St. Mary's in Chester, died 1542.
        • 4. THOMAS BRERETON, rector of the higher moiety of Malpas, died 1511.
        • 5. PETER BRERETON, a priest.
        • 6. SIR ROGER BRERETON, kt. marr. Katherine daughter of sir William Brereton, of Brereton, kt. widow of Edward Fulleshurst of Crewe.
        • 7. SIR WILLIAM BRERETON, kt. chamberlain of Chester, and groom of the chamber to Hen. VIII. mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Charles, earl of Worcester, widow of sir John Savage; beheaded May 17, 1635.
        • 8. ROBERT BRERETON, living 1566.
        • 9. SIR URIAN BRERETON, of Honford, kt. mar. 1st, Margaret, dau. and heiress of Wm. Honford of Honford, and 2dly Alice, dau. of sir Edmund Trafford, kt.
        • ANNE, wife of John Harcourt, and after of John Pershall of Hordesley.
        • ELIZABETH, wife 1st. of Ric. Cholmondeley, and secondly of Randel Mainwaring of Peover.
        • JANE, wife of sir Thos. Hanmer, of Hanmer, kt. ___________________________
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  • Pg.74
  • SIR ANDREW BRERETON, of Brereton, Knt, m. Agnes, dau. of Robert Legh, of Adlington, and had Issue,
    • I. WILLIAM (SIR), his heir.
    • II. John, .... etc.
  • The eldest son and heir,
  • SIR WILLIAM BRERETON, of Brereton, Knt.; chief justice and lord marshal of Ireland, m. 1st, Alice, dau. of Sir John Savage, Knt., of Clifton, and by her had a son,
    • I. WILLIAM, who m. Anne, dau. of Sir William Booth, of Dunham, and predeceasing his father, left issue,
      • 1. .... etc.
  • The chief justice m. 2ndly, Eleanor, dau. of Sir Ralph Brereton, of Ipstones, co Stafford, and widow of --- Egerton, and by her had issue,
    • I. John, a captain in Ireland.
    • II. Ralph, m. Thomasine, dau. and heiress of George Ashley, of Ashley, and had issue.
    • III. Henry
    • I. Margaret, m. 1st, to William Goodmam, and 2ndly, to William Mostyn.
    • II. Katherine, m. 1st, to Edward Fulleshurst, and 2ndly to Roger Brereton.
    • III. Elen, wife of Robert Dokenfeld, of Dokenfeld.
    • IV. Anne, wife of David Kynaston, of Hanney.
    • V. Mary, wife of Sir John Warburton, of Arley.
  • Sir William, who was buried at Kilkenny, in Ireland, 4 February, 1541, was s. by his grandson, .... etc. ______________________________
  • The visitation of Cheshire in the year 1580 (1882)
  • https://archive.org/details/visitationchesh00fellgoog
  • https://archive.org/stream/visitationchesh00fellgoog#page/n59/mode/1up
  • Pg.43
    • Brereton of Malpas. Chart Pg.43-44
  • Randoll Brereton second sonne to Sr Wm Brereton of Brereton = . . . . d. to . . . . Ipstons of Ipstons in Comitatu Staff.; ch: William (m. _ Wyld), Sr Randoll of Ipstones and Mallpas. Brereton.
  • Sr Randoll Brereton of Ipstones and Mallpas. = ; ch: Randoll (m. Emma Carington) Brereton
  • Randoll Brereton. = Emma Heiress to John Carington of Carington.; ch: Sr Randoll (m. Elenor Dutton) Brereton.
  • Sr Randoll Brereton of Mallpas was made Knight Banerett at the Siege of Tirwin and Tourney and was after Chamberlaine of Chester. = Elenor d. to Piers Dutton of Dutton [In a later hand.]; ch: Sr Randoll (m. Elenor Egerton & Isabell Butler, Sr Ric., John, Tho. (a Preist), Peter (a Preist), (Pg.44 Sr Roger (m. Katherine Brereton), Wm. (m. Elizabeth Somerset), Rob't, Sr Urian, Elenor (m. Sr William Brereton), Jane (m. Sr Jno Hanmer), Anne (m. Jno Harcourt & Jno Persall), Elizabeth (m. Rich. Cholmeley) Brereton.
    • Sr Randoll Brereton of Mallpas. = 1. Elenor d. to Phill. Egerton of Olton.; ch: Anne.; = 2. Isabell d. to Sr . . . . Butler of Beausy.; ch: Sr Randoll (m. Mary Griffeth) Brereton.
    • Sr Ric. Brereton of Tatton de quo in suo loco.
    • John 3d sonne.
    • Tho. 4th sonne a Preist.
    • Peter 5th sonne a Preist.
    • https://archive.org/stream/visitationchesh00fellgoog#page/n60/mode/1up
    • Pg.44
    • Sr Roger Brereton of Wolsacre in Mallpas parish 6th son. = Katherine d. to Sr Wm Brereton of Brereton.; ch: Roger (m. Mary Bagnall), Elizabeth (m. _ Barwick), Elenor (m. _ Brackenbury & Ralfe Barton) Brereton.
    • Wm Brereton Chamberlain to K. H. 8 7th sonne. = Elizabeth d. to Charles Somerset Earle of Worc'r wid. to Sr Jn0 Savage.; ch: Henry, Thomas Brereton.
    • Rob't 8th sonne now living 1566.
    • Sr Urian Brereton of Hanford de quo in suo loco.
    • Elenor vxor Sr William Brereton of Brereton.
    • Jane vxor Sr Jn0 Hanmer.
    • Anne vxr Jn0 Harcourt of Ranton in Com. Staff. & after to Jn0 Persall of Horsley.
    • Elizabeth vxr Rich. Cholmeley & after to Sr Randoll Mainwaring of Peever. ________________________________________
  • 'Brereton02'
  • Sir William Brereton of Brereton
  • m. Philippa Hulse (dau of Sir Hugh Hulse)
    • 1. William Brereton of Brereton (dsp)
    • m. Katherine Byron (dau of Sir John Byron)
    • 2. Sir Andrew Brereton of Brereton
    • m1. Agnes Legh (dau of Robert Legh of Adlington)
      • A. Sir William Brereton of Brereton (b c1483, bur 04.02.1541, Chief Justice and Lord High Marshal of Ireland)
      • m1. Alice Savage (dau of Sir John Savage of Clifton)
        • i. William Brereton (b c1500, dvp 1534)
        • m. Anne Booth (dau of Sir William Booth of Dunham)
          • a. .... etc.
        • ii. Sir John Brereton (dsp 1549, Constable of Wexford Castle)
        • m. Jocose St. Leger
      • m2. Eleanor Brereton (d 1570, dau of Sir Ralph Brereton of Ipstones)
        • iii. Randle Brereton (d unm)
        • iv. Richard (not Ralph) Brereton
        • The following is supported by Visitation (Cheshire, 1580 & 1613, Brereton of Ashley).
        • m. Thomasine Ashley (dau of George Ashley of Ashley)
          • a. .... etc.
        • v. Henry Brereton (Captain in Ireland)
          • a.+ issue - John, Randle (a 1594, Sheriff of Dufferin, had issue)
      • BIFR1976 reports that "It is not clear by which marriage Sir William Brereton had his daus". Visitation shows only 1 daughter, Mary, dau of Eleanor. BE1883 shows them all as Eleanor's.
        • vi. Margaret Brereton
        • m1. William Goodman, Mayor of Chester (d 1554)
        • m2. William Mostyn
        • vii. Katherine Brereton
        • m1. Edward Fullehurst of Crewe (dsp 1525)
        • m2. Roger Brereton of Woolsacre (d 1559, son of Sir Randale of Malpas & Ipstones)
        • viii. Elen Brereton
        • m1. Robert Dokenfield of Dokenfield (d 02.09.1548)
        • m2. William Meere of Sutton (d 03.09.1548)
        • ix. Anne Brereton
        • m. David Kynaston of Hanney
        • x. Mary Brereton
        • m. Sir John Warburton of Warburton and Arley (d 1572)
      • B. .... etc.
  • Main source(s): BE1883 (Brereton) with some support from TCP (Brereton of Laghlin or Leighlin), Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Brereton of Brereton), BIFR1976 (Brereton)
  • From: Stirnet.com
  • http://www.stirnet.com/genie/data/british/bb4fz/brereton02.php#top ______________________
  • 'Brereton03'
  • Randle Brereton of Malpas
  • m. Alice Ipstones (dau of William de Ipstones)
    • 1. Randle Brereton of Ipstones & Malpas
    • m. Katherine Bulkeley (dau of William Bulkeley of Eaton)
      • A. Randle (Randoll) Brereton
      • m. Emma (heir of John Carington of Carington)
        • i. Sir Randle Brereton of Ipstones, Shoclach and Malpas (a 1522, Chamberlain of Chester)
        • m. Eleanor Dutton (dau of Piers Dutton of Hatton)
          • a. .... etc.
          • c. Sir Roger Brereton of Wolsacre in Mallpas (6th son)
          • m. Katherine Brereton (dau of Sir William Brereton of Brereton)
            • (1) Roger Brereton
            • m. Mary Bagnall (dau of Sir Ralfe Bagnall)
              • (A) Roger Brereton
            • (2) Elizabeth Brereton
            • m. _ Barwick
            • (3) Elenor Brereton
            • m1. _ Brackenbury
            • m2. Ralfe Barton of Nottinghamshire
          • d. .... etc.
  • Main source(s): BEB1841 (Brereton of Honford (both main & supplement)), Visitation (Cheshire, 1580 & 1663, Brereton of Malpas) with support/input as reported above
  • From: Stirnet.com
  • http://www.stirnet.com/genie/data/british/bb4fz/brereton03.php _________________________________
  • Links
  • http://www.brereton.org/Cheshire%20January%202013.pdf - SOME DATES ARE NOT CORRECT IN THIS LISTING & CONNECTIONS VERY CONFUSING


Katherine Brereton was born Abt 1502 in Brereton, , Cheshire, England, United Kingdom. She was the daughter of William Brereton and Alice Savage

She married

  1. Edward Fulleshurst. He was born 1495 in of Brewerton, York., Eng..
  2. Richard Breireton WESTON. He was born 1496 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England, and died 1558 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England.
  3. Roger Brereton 1526 in of Brereton cum Smethwick, Cheshire, England. He was born 1486 in of Malpas, Cheshire, England, and died Mar 1559 in Flintshire, Wales. He was buried Mar 1559 in Malpas, Cheshire, England.

From page 302 of Collections for a History of Staffordshire: Vol. I By William Salt Archaeological Society

Sir Roger [Brereton], the 6th son, married Katherine, daughter of Sir William Brereton, of Brereton, knight, widow of Edward Fulleshurst, of Crewe.

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Katherine Brereton's Timeline