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Katherine Dean (Stephens)

Дата рождения: (79)
Место рождения: Plymouth, Devon, England
Смерть: 12 июня 1727 (79)
Taunton, Bristol County, Province of Massachusetts
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь Thomas Stephens и Elizabeth Stephens (Starkey)
Жена Thomas Dean
Мать Hannah Densmore; Thomas Dean, Jr.; Deborah Tisdale; Mercey Williams; Catherine Leonard и ещё 2
Сестра Richard Stephens и Henry Stevens

Менеджер: Hatte Blejer
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Ближайшие родственники

About Katherine Dean

CATHERINE STEPHENS (THOMAS3, THOMAS2, ANTHONY1) aks Katherine Stevens was born Abt. 1648 in Little Sodbury, Glouscestershire, England, and died June 12, 1726 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts.

How do we know she was the daughter of Thomas and not Nicholas?

1) An Affidavit of Jonathan Lincoln affirms she was his daughter. This is proved by the affidavit of Jonathan Lincoln in 1768.(Bristol Co. Mass. Rec. Vol. 53, p. 514, or Plowden p. 14)Jonathan Lincoln was a close relative to 13)Richard's wife Mary Lincoln.Jonathan swore that he "well remembers Richard Stephens of Taunton .....and that sometime after Richard came, his father whose name was Thomas, and mother, and sister Cathrine, and some time others of ye family came over to Taunton."This is first class evidence. I gave some evidence in Chapter III that 14) Thos., 15) Cyprian, and 17) Mary were brothers and sister of 13) Richard and Cathrine. So far as I know all genealogists of 15) Cyprian agree his father was a Thomas Stephens (Stevens) of London and Mrs. Holman and her Stevens-Miller Gen. and others say that Thomas, the Armourer, was not the father as some have claimed. In fact the Armourer could not have been for he died long before 15) Cyprian was born. So only a little evidence is needed to show that 15) Cyprian's father was 2) Thomas Jr. of London. (*)perhaps also 12a) John4 Stevens in Albemarle (now N. C.) given in Stevens-TrippGen. by M. S. Ghastin, p. 2.

2) Her brother Richard Stephens took an inventory of Thomas Dean's estate on June 30, 1697 (Thomas Leonard, John Dean, Richard Stephens and Isaac Dean). So that is likely a brother of Katherine Stephens since the others were her brothers-in-law or her husband's brother-in-law (Thomas Leonard) most likely.

She married THOMAS DEANE January 05, 1669/70 in Little Sodbury, Glouscestershire, England, son of JOHN DEANE and ALICE???. He was born Abt. 1648 in England, and died July 15, 1697 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts.

Stephen Deane was a brother of Walter Deane, q.v., John Deane in his will dated 25 April 1660, proved 7 June 1660, called himself aged about sixty years, and he named his wife Alice; oldest son John; second sonThomas; third son Israel; youngest sons Isaac and Nathaniel; his daughter Elizabeth; and his brother Walter Deane (MD 17:158). He became a freeman on 4 December 1638, with the other principal menof Taunton, including his brother Walter (PCR 1:105). He served on many juries, as constable of Taunton, and as highway surveyor for Taunton (PCR, passim). He became a selectman of Taunton for the year 1657 (PCR 3:122). He and his brother were on a list of ancient freemen and sundry others to get land to the north of Taunton in 1662 (PCR 4:20; this was after his death), and in 1667 Alice Deane, widow of John Deane, was on a list (in the right of her husband) of ancient freemen to get land west of the Taunton River (PCR 4:160). On 3 June 1662 widow Alice Deane and Lt. James Wyatt posted a bond to hold the court harmless in the matter of their permitting a legacy of £10 to be paid by Thomas Trowbridge of New Haven to Isaac Deane, underage (PCR 4:16). Their son Lt. Israel Deane died between 7 August and 27 September 1677 (his will is Ply. Colony PR 3:2:96), and widow Alice Deanedied intestate shortly after in the same year (Ply. Colony PR 3:2:97); the heirs of Alice and her son, Israel, were Isaac, John, and Thomas Deane, and Josiah and Elizabeth Edson; and Israel mentionedalso his sisters-in-law Sarah and Katherine. A widow Rachel Deane married Joseph Beadle 28 October 1636 (PCR 1:45), but nothing has been found to connect her to any of the other Deanes living in Plymouth Colony. TAG 59:227 (see under Walter Deane, below) gives the marriages of the children of John and Alice Deane as follows: John Deane married Sarah Edson; Thomas Deane married Katharine Stevens; Israel Deane died unmarried; Isaac Deane married Hannah Leonard; Nathaniel Deane diedwithout issue; and Elizabeth Deane married Josiah Edson.

Katharine Stephens, the "sister Catharine", mentioned, married, January 5, 1669/70, Thomas Deane. Children: Thomas, b. February 1, 1670;d. February 26, 1670 Hannah, b. 14 February 1671; d. January 2, 1749 Thomas, b. 1673; d. September 10, 1747; m. January 7, 1696/97, Mary Kinsly of Milton Deborah, m. John Tinsdale Katharine, m. April 17, 1701 Lydia, m. George Hull of Easton Mercy, m. Daniel William February 1, 1719 Elizabeth, b. 1688, d. in Norton, March 18, 1758 m. December 4, 1707, Dea. Benjamin Williams

KATHERINE STEVENS / STEPHENS, we learn from the Deane family record, was married on January 5, 1669 to Thomas Deane. They settled at Taunton. His will was proved July 15, 1697. Her will was proved June 12, 1726-7. A book which belonged to Katherine Stevens is now in possession of one of her descendants.

A LITTLE OF THE ANCESTRY OF SOME WIVES OF STEVENS / STEPHENS MEN We have only a little of this line, a part of which is based on an article by William Reed Deane of Boston printed in the New Eng. Hist. & Gen. Register, Oct., 1849, p. 379, Vol. III, 4. The reader is referred to The Descendants of John Dean who came to Dedham, Mass., with related families compiled by Marion Deane Cooper, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 1951, as it may include the John of Taunton branch of the Deane family. Thomas2 Dean or Deane (John1 of Taunton), the husband 16) Kathrine4 or Cathrine Stevens or Stephens, was a cousin to the great grandfather of the noted Silas Dean, who in 1776 was appointed one of the ambassadors with Thos. Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin to France to procure their military help in the Am. Revolution, in which they were very successful. Also a great grandaughter, Eliza, of Samuel, the brother of Thomas was the wife of U. S. Supreme Court Justice Levi Woodberry.

16) Cathrine or Kathrine4 Stevens or Stephens (Thos. 3-2, Anthony1) b. ca.1650 in England -m- on Jan. 5, 1669 Thomas Dean (John1) b. ca. 1648. His will was proved in 1697 and hers in 1726/7.A book which had belonged to her was in the possession of a descendent in 1844, as given by Dr. E. S. Barney without citation.The citation is the above Register. They settled at Taunton, Mass.Tradition asserts that John, the brother of Thomas, was the first white child born at Taunton, Mass.

They had issue:

1. 1081) Thomas5 Dean, b. 1670 lived only 25 days.dy

2. 1082) Hannah5 Dean, b. Jan. 14, 1671, d. unmarried ca.1750.

3. 1083) Thomas5 Dean, b. ca. 1673 (d. Sept. 1747 in his 74th year) -m- in 1696 Mary, dau. of John Kingsley of Milton, Mass.She d. 1750 aged 74 years.Their grandson was Josiah Dean, (d. 1818) of Raynham, Member of Congress, 1807-9.This Congressman was the great grandson of Cathrine Stevens above.

4. 1084) Deborah5 Dean, b. ca. 1675 -m- John Tisdale.nt(No other record of them in TVR)

5. 1085) Kathrine5 Dean, b. ca. 1680 -m- on April 17, 1701 Deacon Samuel Leonard. (The cited Register says 1710 but this is an error as proved by Taunton Vital Records.Also she had 4 children born before 1710.)

6. 1086) Lydia5 Dean,-m- George Hall of Eaton.

7. 1087) Mercy5 Dean, c. 1682-1766 -m- in 1719 Daniel Williams, 1681-1735. nt but perhaps to Raynham.

8. 1088) Elizabeth5 c. 1688-1758 -m- in 1717 Dea. Benjamin Williams, b. 1686, who d. 1757, age 71 at Norton, (by Taunton); perhaps removed to Raynham.



i. THOMAS22 DEANE, b. February 01, 1669/70, England; d. February 26, 1669/70, England.

ii. HANNAH DEANE, b. January 14, 1670/71, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts; d. January 02, 1748/49.

iii. THOMAS DEANE, b. 1673, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts; d. September 10, 1747; m. MARY KINGSLEY, January 07, 1696/97; d. 1750.

iv. DEBORAH DEANE, b. 1675, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts; m. JOHN TISDALE.

v. KATHERINE DEANE, b. 1680, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts; m. SAMUEL LEONARD, DEACON, April 17, 1701.

vi. LYDIA DEANE, b. 1681, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts; m. GEORGE HALL.

vii. MERCY DEANE, b. 1682, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts; d. 1766; m. DANIEL WILLIAMS, February 01, 1718/19.

viii. ELIZABETH DEANE, b. 1688, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts; d. 1758; m. BENJAMIN WILLIAMS, DEACON, December 04, 1707; b. 1686; d. 1757, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts.


Genealogy of the Dean family descended from Ezra Dean, of Plainfield, Conn. and Cranston, R. I., preceded by a reprint of the article on James and Walter Dean, of Taunton, Mass., and early generations of their descendants, found in volume 3, New England historical and genealogical register, 1849 by Dean, Arthur Denorvan, 1849-

"Stevens - Stephens Genealogy and Family History" Author: Clarence Perry Stevens Call Number: CS71.S844 This book contains the history and genealogy of the Stevens-Stephens family of North Carolina. Bibliographic Information: Stevens, Clarence Perry. Stevens-Stephens Genealogy and Family History.Privately Published. 1968. https://archive.org/stream/genealogyofdeanf00dean#page/22/mode/2up

Descendants of John Dean (1650-1727) of Dedham, Massachusetts" https://archive.org/stream/descendantsofjoh00coop/descendantsofjoh00coop_djvu.txt

The New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Volume 3 https://books.google.com/books?id=UATv4fSk6xkC&vq=Thomas%20DEAN&pg=PA384#v=snippet&q=Tho mas%20DEAN&f=false

Plymouth Colony: Its History and People 1620-1691 Part Three: Biographical Sketches Biographical Sketches

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Хронология Katherine Dean

Plymouth, Devon, England
Возраст 25
Возраст 25
Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, United States
Возраст 27
Taunton, (Present Bristol County), Plymouth Colony (Present Massachusetts)
Возраст 31
Taunton, Plymouth Colony
август 1680
Возраст 32
Возраст 36
Taunton, (Present Bristol County), Plymouth Colony (Present Massachusetts)
Возраст 40
Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA
12 июня 1727
Возраст 79
Taunton, Bristol County, Province of Massachusetts