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Kattrine Sinclair

Псевдоним: "Catherine Sinclair"
Дата рождения:
Смерть: Умер
Ближайшие родственники:

Жена N. N. и Master William Mudie of Breckness
Мать Johne Robsoun; Adam Mudie of Breckness; Francis Moodie и Thomas Mudie

Менеджер: Ellen Dahl
Последнее обновление:
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Ближайшие родственники

About Kattrine Sinclair


Kattrine Sinclair is noticed as the wife of William Mudy on 27 May 1554. Records of the Earldom of Orkney The Moody book identifies her as Catherine Sinclair. The Moodie Book

It cannot be regarded as being certain but it is possible that Kattrine Sinclair was a relative of Oliver Sinclair of Breckness. The possibility is suggested by the fact that she seems to have inherited half of the lands of Leirquhy in the Outertown of Stromness which might originally have belonged to the Sinclairs of Breckness. Moreover, her husband afterwards purchsed the mansion house of Breckness, and the land associated with it, from Oliver Sinclair of Breckness, who speaks of William Mudie as his well-beloved friend and kinsman. The degree of kinship between them cannot presently be explained but it is possible that Kattrine Sinclair was Oliver's aunt. Records of the Earldom of Orkney

Charter for Half the Lands of Leirquhy in the Outertown of Stromness

Kirkwall 27 May 1554: Be it kend till all men be this present writ, me Johne Robsoun, son and ane of the lauchfull airis of umquhill Kattrine Sinclair my moder to have sauld, annaleit, and ofhent, and be the tenour of thir presentis sellis, annaleis, and ofhentis fra me my airis, executouris, and assignais, to [my] weilbelovit broder William Mudy, his airis and assignais, all and haill the ane half of Leirquhy land in Wttertoime in Stromness in Orknay, with all rycht and roytht pertenand thairto, with housis, begynnis, toftis, croftis, and uthir pertenance quhatsumevir, for the soume of four poundis usuall money of Scotland, thankfullie giffin and payit to me the said Johne Robsoun be the handis of the said William in my gret mister and urgent necessity. [He discharges William Mudy of the price and warrants him in the land, 'as weill as ony siclik land is brukit within the lordschipe of Orknay,' along with ' all rycht titill of rycht roytht.'] In witnessing of the quhilk thing, becaus I the said Johne hed nocht ane proper seill of myne awine, I have procurat with instance the seill of ane venerabill man Maister Petir Huxtone subdane of Orknay to be hungyne to thir presentis chartour of alienatioun, at Kirkwall the twenty sevin day of Maii in the yeir of God m. v c fyfty four zeris, befoir thir witnes, venerabill and discrct men, Maister Petir Huxtone subdane forsaid ; Schir Johne Gifferd, chorist of the cathedral] kirk of Orknay ; Maister Johne Huxtone, scoill maister ; Alexander Cromarty ; Henry Chahnir ; Andro Scartane, with uthiris divers. (Signed) ' Petrus Houstoun, subdecanus Orchaden.' Records of the Earldom of Orkney

Charter for The Mansion House of Breckness in the Outertown of Stromness

Kirkwall 10 September 1565: Oliver Sinclair, son and one of the heirs of the deceased Robert Sinclair of Breckness, and 'dominus' of the pricipal messuage mansion, and one merk land thereof, sells to his well-beloved friend and kinsman Mr. William Mudy of Donra, the aforesaid principal messuage or mansion and merkland of Brecknes, lying in the Wttirtoun (Outertown) of Stromness and sheriffdom of Orkney, with consent of Robert Sinclair, his son and apparent heir, for a certain sum of money. Records of the Earldom of Orkney


Kattrine Sinclair died before 27 May 1554. Records of the Earldom of Orkney

First Marriage

Kattrine Sinclair had a child named John Robsoun from a marriage which pre-dates her marriage to William Mudie of Breckness. The name of her husband is not known, although it is possible that his christian name was Robert. Records of the Earldom of Orkney

Child of First Marriage

  1. Johne Robsoun

Second Marriage

Kattrine Sinclair married William Mudie of Breckness. Records of the Earldom of Orkney

Children of Second Marriage

  1. Adam Mudie of Breckness
  2. Francis Moodie
  3. Thomas Mudie

Published Accounts

  1. Records of the Earldom of Orkney
  2. The Moodie Book
  3. County Families of the Shetland Islands
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Хронология Kattrine Sinclair

27 мая 1554
Orkney, Orkney, United Kingdom