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Keziah Bryant (Arroyah)

Also Known As: "Princess of the Patawomeck tribe", "Fire Woman Warrior"
Birthdate: (55)
Birthplace: Patawomeck territory west of the Potomac River, (current Stafford County, Virginia), Virginia, United States
Death: November 1690 (51-59)
Stafford County, Virginia Colony
Immediate Family:

Daughter of Chief Wahanganoche, King of Patawomke and Ka Okee "Mary" Arroya or Arroyah Wahanganoche, of the Powhatan
Wife of Richard Bryant
Mother of James Bryant; Dr. Richard Bryant Jr.; Martha Foley; Silas Bryant; Thomas Bryant and 1 other
Sister of Ontonah Mary Arroyah Meese

Managed by: Michael Legh Waddell
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About Keziah Bryant

 Deyo, William L. The Monteith family and the Potomac Indians. (Colonial Beach, Virginia: DeJoux Publications, c2000).


Ja11 Keziah Arroyah Ja11 Keziah Arroyah was the daughter of (Ja12) Wahanganoche and possibly an unnamed daughter of Ka-Okee and granddaughter of Kocoum and Pocahontas Born: about 1640 Married: Richard or Thomas Bryant/Brian


The connection between Bryant, Keziah Arroyah and Elinor Bryant who married Robert Duncan and had Elinor, Mary and Anne Duncan is established by two deeds. There are other records establishing the basic relationships of different lines descending from Keziah Arroyah. There was also another daughter Phylis Gallop who married Thomas Monteith.Richard Bryant and Keziah Arroyah had issue: (Br10-1) Dr. Richard Bryan married Ann Meese/Amees, daughter of Henry Meese and Mary C (Br10-1-1) Dr. Joseph Richard Bryan b. ?1687. Dr. Richard Bryan is an ancestor of Bryan Reddick, PhD., Bryan or Sheila Reddick []. d 1749 King George, Va. (10-2) Thomas Bryant m Elinor his Indian Servant (Br9-3) Martha Bryant (about 1650 - after 1690) married Thomas Foley andhad 5 children, 2nd William Burton. (Br 10) Silent Bryant m Lucy Doniphan (Br9) Elinor Bryant dau. married Robert Gallup (Br10-5) Nathaniel Bryant p Mary Amees, b/d in Stafford Co. Virginia, (Br10-6) Elizabeth Bryan, b/d in Stafford Co. Virginia, An examination of the Powatan and Patawomack pedigrees shown below, which are based mor on suppositions made on the Indian ideas of matriarchical inheritance of chiefdom and the polygamous rights of chiefs shows that there was strong inbreeding. What characteristics were deemed decisive for selecting the original matriarch of the succession or choosing the order of succession among her daughters is not exactlly known, but doubtless brains and beauty and the ability to bear strong braves were all important factors. Brains in the sense of being very observant as a botanist and homeopath as well as a natural psychologist in raising children to be good, brave and diligent and advise their spouses well in tribal affairs would certainly all have been considered important. A chief had to be the son of a matriarch and would choose his favorite wife (the one he kept having children by) from the highest ranking princesses, who might be his maternal cousins or even sisters, his other wives often had only one child by him. Only the chief of the Powatan federation could have several wifes and the chiefs of the member tribes could have two wives. The chief of the federation appointed the chiefs of the member tribes, often from among his brothers, nephews or uncles. The inbreeding had the advantage of weeding out the sickly genes quickly, and if a strong and healthy chief was chosen the chances of him having numerous strong and healthy children was rather high. As the weaker braves fell in battle the number of women in the tribe was generally higher. So the women are likely to have had a lot to say about tribal affairs at least behind the scenes. A wise matriarch would have to recognize that the strength of the tribe and hence the continuance of its existence depended on all women of child bearing age having children. And so the great defender of the tribe also became the prize of all its women, and the favorite wife probably had the decision on which other wife he went to bed with when. A wise man always takes advice from his favorite wife, who probably could count the days of the month very well and kept a tally on their periods: only as much hanky-panky as was good for the tribe.Powatan PedigreeThe following Powatan Pedigree is based in part upon known history recorded in colonial Virginia and in part on assumptions from the known laws of Powatan Royal succession, which was a matriarchically inherited right of succession of eldest sons preceeding and daughters following the sons in succession. The matriarchical law of succession had probably been established for several generations. A comparison with other native American tribes might help to guess when this began, so if it were common in all the Americas it would go back to the time of their ancestors crossing the Berings Straits. If it was only peculiar to the tribes of Virginia and the Carolinas it might support the Mormon legend that the ten lost tribes of Israel crossed the Atlantic to America, if any similarities in DNA could be found between native Americans and Jews, since Hebrew nationality inherited maternally.

Pocahontas and John Rolfe

Po16. possibly Nemattanon alias Don Luis de Velasco, Chief Powatan, taken by the Spanish when he was young and returned many years later. b about 1545 c 1590. He had 3 brothers Opitchapan, Opechancanough (married Cleopatra, sister of Pocahontas), and Catataughm1unknown, Princess who was probably either a sister or more likely the daughter of a maternal aunt or granddaughter of a maternal great aunt and daughter of one of the chiefs of a tribe of the realm. The as yet unnamed matriarch of this dynasty would have been born about 1550 had 4 sons as follows and succeeded in Reign as Chief Powatan, leaving a a realm of six tribes Po15Wahunsenacawh, Sachem, Chief Powatan. Powhatan was both the name of a single tribe and their chief, he inherited a realm of six tribes and form a confederation of a total of 30 between 1597 and 1607. b about 1575, d 1618. He made his first capital at Werowomocomo. He made his next capital at Orapakes, located about 50 miles (80 km) west in a swamp at the head of the Chickahominy River, near the modern-day interchange of Interstate 64 and Interstate 295. Sometime between 1611 and 1614, he moved further north to Matchut, in present-day King William County on the north bank of the Pamunkey River, near where his younger brother Opechancanough ruled at Youghtanund. By the time Smith left Virginia in 1609, the fragile peace was already beginning to fray. Soon conflict led to the First Anglo-Powhatan War, and further English expansion beyond Jamestown and into Powhatan's territory. Two of his subtribes, the Kecoughtan and the Paspahegh, were effectively destroyed at the beginning of this war. Powhatan sent the cackarous Nemattanew to operate against the English on the upper James River, though they held out at Henricus. With the capture of Pocahontas in 1613, Powhatan sued for peace. It came about after her alliance in marriage in 1614 to John Rolfe, a leading tobacco planter. Po14-1a son. Po14-2a son. Po14-3Matachanna, went to England with Pocahontas to take care of the son of Pocahontas and John Rolfe. m2Winganuske, Princess eldest of the two sisters of Chief Powatan, sister of Machumps. Po14-4Cleopatra married uncle Opechancanough Po14Matoaka "Pocahontas", Princess (Rebecca) b about 1595 d 21 March1617. Pocahontas, which means "Little Wanton," a playful, frolicsome little girl. There additional information obtained from the sacred oral history of the Mattaponi Tribe. See her biography. m11610 Ja13 Kocoum Po13Ka-Okee b about 1609/10Her existence was probably kept secret by the Patawomecks for the safety of the child. Some of the families who carry the traditional descent from Pocahontas and Kocoum are: Martin, Threlkeld, Porch, Sullivan, Fugate, Roberson, Curtis, Limbrick, Newton, Green, Butler, Courtney, Humphries, Brown, Jett, Peyton/Payton, Chilton, Burton, Hudson, Jones, Cox, Grigsby, Bates, Berry, Kitchen, Fines, Chinn, McGuire, Payne, Rollow, and many others. m1?Theodore Pettus/Pettis. He was likely a brother of Col. Thomas Pettus, who had a sister named “Christian” and owned land that adjoined that of Chief Wahanganoche which was the later home of Ka-Okee’s daughter, Christian. Col. Thomas Pettus did have a brother, Theodore, who came to Virginia in 1623 and was still in Virginia near the end of 1626, when he made a testimony in court. It is important to note that the famous Matoaka portrait of Pocahontas was found in England in a Pettus home! Col. Thomas Pettus’ uncle, William Pettus, married Elizabeth Rolfe, the daughter of John Rolfe’s own granduncle, Henry Rolfe! Ja12-1Christian Pettus, born about 1636 or 1637, known to have had much Indian blood. Multiple ancestress of the Sullivan family, known to have had much Indian blood but who did not know the name of their Indian ancestor. mJohn Martin. Ja9-1-1Christian (Pettus) Martin, born about 1636 or 1637, known to have had much Indian blood. Multiple ancestress of the Sullivan family, known to have had much Indian blood but who did not know the name of their Indian ancestor. m1Evan Williams and was the ancestor by Williams . Po9-1-2+descendants of the Families of Elkins, Grigsby, Redman, and Peyton. m2Rev. John Waugh. Rev. Waugh’s descendants by his first wife carry the strong tradition of Indian blood. Ja9-1-3x Martin, mRev. John Waugh, her sister's widower. Ja12-1-4Mary Martin married Josiah Fugate Ja12-2daughter who married a Mr. Goldsby ?Ja12-3Robert Pettis, who lived in the same area and had a daughter named Rebecca, Robert is named in the will of Thomas Maddison as his godchild. Thomas Maddison is said to have been the son of Isaac Maddison, who lived for a while at the Patawomeck Village. Rebecca Pettis may have been the same Rebecca who was the first wife of John Meese, her cousin of Indian blood, and would explain why the later Mees/Mays family of Stafford County claimed a descent from Pocahontas.. ?Ja12xx who married Wahanganoche see below. This marriage is the basis of the Patawomeck Tribe and its strong connection to the Pamunkey Indians. m2John Rolfe was born in Heacham, Norfolk, England as the son of John Rolfe and Dorothea Mason, and was baptized on May 6, 1585. Rolfe was one of a number of businessmen who saw the opportunity to undercut Spanish imports by growing tobacco in England's new colony at Jamestown, in Virginia. Rolfe had somehow obtained seeds to take with him from a special popular strain then being grown in Trinidad and South America, even though Spain had declared a penalty of death to anyone selling such seeds to a non-Spaniard. He married first Sarah Hacker, who embarkt for Virginia but died in Bermuda with their child, Bermuda. After finally settling in Virgina in 1610, although his first wife and child had died, Rolfe began his long-delayed work with tobacco. The native tobacco from Virginia was not liked by the English settlers, nor did it appeal to the market in England. However, Rolfe wanted to introduce sweeter strains from Trinidad, using the hard-to-obtain Spanish seeds he brought with him. In 1611, Rolfe is credited with being the first to commercially cultivate Nicotiana tabacum tobacco plants in North America; export of this sweeter tobacco beginning in 1612 helped turn the Virginia Colony into a profitable venture. Rolfe named his Virginia-grown strain of the tobacco "Orinoco". When Rolfe married Pocahontas, Powhatan gave the newlyweds property that included a small 20' x 40' brick house just across the James River from Jamestown. Pocahontas and John Rolfe never lived on the land, which spanned thousands of acres to the River. In 1619, Rolfe married Jane Pierce. They had a daughter, Elizabeth, in 1620. Elizabeth died in 1635 at the age of 15. John Rolfe, who had been living in or near Bermuda Hundred, died suddenly in 1622, but it is unknown in what manner. A photograph of the "Sedgeford Portrait," said to represent Pocahontas and her son. Po11-2Thomas Rolfe, born at Smith's Plantation in Jamestown, Virginia. After growing up in England, on 13 September 1632 and in 1635 after Elizabeth's death Rolfe returned to Virginia, leaving his daughter with his cousin Anthony Rolfe. Rolfe became a powerful leader in the tribe his grandfather was the leader of, Powhatan. He served in the English military until 1675. In 1675, Rolfe died at the age of 59 or 60, and was survived by his wife and child. m1Elizabeth Washington, at St James's church, Clerkenwell, London. Elizabeth died shortly after Anne’s birth, Po11-2-1Anne Rolfe was born in 1633. In 1659, Anne Rolfe married Peter Elwin (1623-1695), of Thurning, Norfolk, England, and left descendants. m2During the time of Rolfe's leadership in the tribe, he met and married Jane Poythress. Po11-2-2His only child by his second wife, called Jane Rolfe, was born on October 10, 1650, and m in 1675 Colonel Robert Bolling the son of John and Mary (Carrie) Bolling. He was born at Tower Street, All Hallows, Barking Parish, in London on December 26, 1646. His father John, was one of the Bollings of Bolling Hall, near Bradford, England. Robert's ancestry could be traced to Robert Bolling, Esquire, who died in 1485 and was buried in the family vault in the church of Bradford. According to Bolling family oral tradition, the original deBolling family was Norman French, and came to Barking Parish with William the Conqueror. October 2, 1660, at the age of fourteen, Bolling arrived in the colony of Virginia. In 1681, after his first wife died, Col. Bolling married his second wife Anne Stith, daughter of John Drury and Jane (Gregory) Stith. They had the following nine children together. He died on July 17, 1709, and was buried on his plantation Kippax, in Prince George Co., Virginia, where his tomb still stands. However, in 1858, his remains were removed from Kippax to the Bolling mausoleum at Blandford Cemetery in Petersburg, Virginia erected by his great grandson. Po11-2-2-1 John Bolling (born January 26, 1676) and many Americans claim descent from Rolfe,He was an ancestor to Edith Bolling Wilson, Nancy Reagan, and John McCain.. Po11-2-2-2 Rebecca Bolling.Po15-2Opechancanough, Chief of the Youghtanund TribePo15-3Opitchapam officially became Chief Powatan upon the death of his elder brother, Wahunsunacock, in 1618; however, the regime now effectively belonged to Opechancanough, the youngest brother. By starting the Indian Massacre of 1622, and attacks in 1644, he attempted to force the English from Virginia. These attempts met with strong reprisals from the English, ultimately resulting in the near destruction of the tribe.Patawomeck TribeJa13-1 Great King of Patawomeck his death likely occurred on 22 May 1623 at the famous Poison Plot, in which Dr. John Pott prepared a poison punch that killed over 200 Indians at Patawomeck, including many chiefs. Ja13Japasaw Chief Passapatanzy/demi Chief of of the Patawomeck Indian Tribe d 1622. The legend that he was the half brother of Wahunsenacawh and Opechancanough is probably incorrect. If Japasaw was not the brother of Opitchipam and Cief Powhatan, his own brother, the Great King of Patawomeck, was not their brother by blood but was their brother by marriage to their eldest sister and father of Powhatan’s favorite wife, Winganuske. m1Paupauwiske had a son about 1610 m2Ontonah ?daughter of Chief Powatan and Winganuske, mother of Pocahontas Ja12Wahanganoche alias Whipsewasson (first cousin to Pocahontas) Wahanganoche is believed to have also been the young King of Patawomeck when Father Andrew White visited in March of 1634. Since he was still under age at that time, he had a guardian named Archihu, who was his uncle. Since Archihu had not inherited the kingship, he was evidently an uncle by marriage to a deceased sister of Wahanganoche’s mother of the royal blood. mprobably married a daughter of Ka-Okee, b about 1609/10, daughter of Pocahontas and Kocoum. Ja11Keziah Arroyah b about 1640 m Richard / Thomas Bryant Br10-1Dr. Richard Bryant, Jr. b about 1655 m= abt.1720 Anne (Meese) Redman, was the daughter of Henry Meese, whose first wife is also believed to have been a daughter of Chief Wahanganoche, Br10-1-1Dr. Richard Bryan(t)'s son, also a Dr. Richard Bryan(t)(d. 1749, King George Co., VA), mSeth Anderson, also of Indian blood of the royal line of the Pamunkey Tribe, who was also his cousin through the Patawomecks Br10-1-1-1Margaret Bryant m =abt.1744 to Samuel OWENS Br10-1-1-1-1Leah OWENS m=1763/08/23 to James MONTEITH Br10-1-1-1Enos MONTEITH=MANTOOTH The Monteith book includes a discussion on the Ashton lineage of England of the Elkins family. Ralph Elkins' wife was a sister of Col. Peter Ashton, who, along with Henry Meese, was a favorite of Chief Wahanganoche. m=1792 VA,King-George-Co to Eleanor "Ellen" Thorn REDMAN=REDMON(D) Br10-2-1-1-1Eleanor "Ellen" Thorn MONTEITH m=abt.1836 to Gustavus "Gusty" NEWTON n=abt.1805 VA,Stafford ...1-1Albion?Alvin NEWTON m=1876/01/20 to Silvestra SULLIVAN ...1-1-1Broady=Brodie NEWTON m=1907/02/27 to Nellie JONES ...1-1-1-1Patrick NEWTON m=1939/08/19 VA,Fredericksburg to Evelyn M. SMITH (of Cherokee descent) ...1-1-1-1-1(Carson) Wayne NEWTON (LasVegas entertainer) n=1942/04/03 VA,Roanoke (but grew up in AZ, Phoenix where they moved because of his asthma) m1=1968 to Elaine OKAMURA (an airline stewardess) had daughter Erin NEWTON n=1976-1977 who is an interior designer m2=1994/04/09 to Kathleen "Kat" McCRONE (an attorney) had daughter Lauren Ashley NEWTON n=2002/04/29 via surrogate mother Br10-1-2Elizabeth Bryant b about 1698 in Stafford Co. Va., mm Richard Elkins died in King George Co. Va., son of Ralph Elkins and Anne Ashton Br10-1-2-1 Richard Elkins, d 1 May 1751 mMary Gallop in 1710 Br10-1-3Nathaniel Bryant m Br10-1-4Silent Bryant, (a daughter named after her uncle) Br10-2Thomas Bryant m Eleanor x, probably his Indian servant of that name, and had issue Br10-3Martha Bryant (about 1650 - after 1690) m1Thomas Foley and had 5 children, m 2nd William Burton. Br10-3-xBryan Foley co-owner of land grant with his cousin's husband, Robert Gallop see below. Br10Silent/?Robert Bryan b about 1665 m1 Lucy Doniphan m1Lucy Doniphan, as her descendants in the Hansbrough family claimed to be descended from "Lord Donathan [Doniphan]"). most likely, is from the immigrant (Captain) Alexander Doniphan, Sr. who is believed to have originally been from Spain and then England before immigrating to Old Rappahannock County, Virginia. His 1st wife was A(i)mee/Amy Partridge who immigrated from England to Virginia with siblings, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary, & Sarah, and then Alexander's 2nd wife was Margaret Mott and his 3rd wife was Susannah ?/Smith?. Br9Elinor Bryant b about 1690 (granddaughter of Keziah Arroyah she was apparently the daughter of Silent Bryant m1Robert Gallop. Ga8-1Phyllis Gallop b 1712. mmarried Thomas Monteith son of James Monteith Dalyell and Magdalen Dalyell, daughter of Thomas Baronet Dalyell and Katherine Drummond Ga8-1-1Magdalen Monteith ancestor of Pres. Harry S. Truman. A Maj. Thomas Truman was in Westmoreland Co. in 1676. mAnderson Doniphan b about 1726 son of Mott Doniphan b about 1700 d about 1776 and Rosanna Anderson b about 1704 Ga8-1-1-1-1Elizabeth Doniphan mRichard Jonathan Shippe b 12 Nov. 1747 son of Thomas Shipp b 1727 d. 1777 and Elizabeth Grant Ga8-1-1-1-1Emma Grant Shippe married William Truman Jr. and had Anderson Shippe Truman ancestors of Pres. Harry S. Truman Ga8-2Elinor Gallop b 1713 m John I Owen Ga8-3Mary Gallop b 1714 mRichard Elkins and had a son Richard. Ga8Anne Gallop b 1715 m1 Robert R Duncan Du7-1 John Duncan (about 1727 - 7Jun 1788) m 1st Elizabeth Holtzclaw and had issue 2nd Wilkie McClanahan and had issue Du7-2Mary Duncan ( 1735 - 7 Jun1788) m 1st Joseph Hackley d 23 Apr 1754, 2nd Thomas Greening ?Du7Samuel Duncan b: 1740 in Prince William County, Virginia Du6-1John Duncan (31 Jan 1765 - 23 Feb 1846) m. Asenath Lee (24 Jan 1785 - 6 Sept 1853) and had issue Du6-2Susana Duncan (Aug 1766 - ) m John McNeely Du6William Withers Duncan m 3 JAN 1793 in Lincoln County, Kentucky, Nancy Jennings b: 27 AUG 1769 in Fauquier, Virginia Du5-1Cynthia Duncan abt 1793 m. y Scott and had issue Du5-2Lucy J. Duncan 1796 -1800, m Abraham Adams Du5Elizabeth Jennings Duncan b: 1796 in Virginia m 2nd Cousin Thomas Pope Bland see below Du5-3Nancy J. Duncan m Daniel Adams Du5-4Sarah W. Duncan m. William Richardson Du5-5William Withers Duncan (9 Jun 1802 - 16 Sept 1866) moved to Shelby Co. Ky., m. 1st Elzina Turner, 2nd Elizabeth King and had issue Du5-6Augustine J. Duncan (about 1804 in Garrard County, Kentucky - 4 Aug 1870) m. Eliza Comely and had issue Du5-7Daniel B. Duncan (26 Nov 1806 - 20 May 1884) m Eleanor Cook and had issue Du5-8Narcissa Duncan (1812 - ) m John Thorpe and had issue Du6-4Elijah Duncan m Nancy Jennings Du6-5Elizabeth Duncan (1771 - 1825) m Humphrey Pope ( - 1840) Du6-6Daniel B. Duncan (1773 - Sep 1856) m 1st Elizabeth Finney, 2nd Lucy Lee (1776 - ) and had issue Du6-7 Hannah Duncan m Stephen Wilkerson Du7-4Robert R Duncan Jr b: 1740 Du7-5Phyllis Duncan (1742 - 16 Mar 1826) Cpt. John Barbee and had issue (Du7-6) Rosy Duncan (1743 - 7 jun 1788) m James Jett Du7-7Joseph Duncan Sr b: ABT 1744 m 1st Sarah Fletcher and had Joseph Duncan Jr., m. 2nd Hannah Freeman Du7(Du7) Ann Duncan (1745 - 19 Jul 1839) m. Thomas Pope Sr and had issue Po6-1Jane Gale Pope Po6-2Mary Ann Pope Po6-3 Alexander Pope b: BEF 1770 Po6-4John Pope b: ABT 1770 Po6-5 Humphrey Pope b: ABT 1771 Po6-6Thomas Pope Jr b: BEF 1772 Po6Phyllis Ann Pope b: 26 May 1773 in Fauquier, Virginia m Charles Bland Bl5Thomas P. Bland Birth: 10 DEC 1791 in Lincoln County, Virginia Colony Death: about June 1844 in Pike County, Missouri Burial: 1844 Pike County, Missouri m 2nd Cousin Elizabeth Jennings Duncan see above. Bl5-2Nancy Bland b: 04 Jan 1793 Bl5-3Sally Bland b: 11 Oct 1794 d: 05 Nov 1822, m. Erasmus Wilmot b: 1790 d: 18 Apr 1829 Bl5-3-1Sally Wilmot, m. William H. Crow .......... Bl5-3-1-1 Benjamin F. Wilmot b: 20 Sep 1818 Bl5-4Mildred Bland b: 01 May 1796, m. Thomas Austin Bl5-5) Prudence Bland b: 01 Oct 1797, m. Robert Austin ........... Bl5-5-1 unknowwn Austin ............Bl5-5-2 Will Austin Bl5-6Benjamin Bland b: 07 Mar 1799 Bl5-7Mary Bland b: 10 Sep 1800, m. James S. Alderson b: 18 Jul 1798 Bl5-8Elizabeth Bland b: 21 Feb 1802 Bl5-9John Bland b: 21 Jul 1804 d: 28 Feb 1858, m. Cynthia Ann Cox 5-10Kisiah Bland b: 12 Jan 1806 d: 19 Feb 1860, m. James Brown Bl5-11James Bland b: 12 Jun 1808 Bl5-12Julianne Bland b: 17 Jan 1810, m. Thomas A. Pope Bl5-13Charles Josiah Bland b: 05 Mar 1812 d: Abt. 01 Jul 1894 Bl5-14Hiram Bland b: 09 Feb 1814 d: 18 Feb 1858 Bl5-15Alemander Bland b: 20 Oct 1817 d: 04 Dec 1897, m. Margaret Bourne b: 31 Aug 1819 d: Aft. 1897 and had issue Po6-8Elizabeth Pope b: ABT 1780 Po6-9Robert Pope b: BEF 1781 in Virginia Colony Po6-10William Pope b: 25 FEB 1785 Du7-9Gallop Duncan b: ABT 1746 m Lucy Covington and had issue Du7-10Lavina Duncan (1750 - 7 Jun 1788) Du7-10-John Barrow Lightfoot Du7-10-and had numerous issue Du7-11Charles Duncan (11 DEC 1751 - 17 Jul 1818) m Elizabeth Dillard and had numerous issue. m2married 2nd John Owens. ?Br10-5Nathaniel Bryant p Mary Amees, b/d in Stafford Co. Virginia, ?Br10-6Elizabeth Bryan, b/d in Stafford Co. Virginia, Ja12-2+Mary and Elizabeth, accompanied Pocahontas to EnglandJa13=14Kocoum married PochohantasRolfe Pedigree 1y Rolfe 1Henry Rolfe Elizabeth Rolfe, mWilliam Pettus, 2y Rolfe John Rolfe Doniphan Pedigree 1Captain Alexander Doniphan m1Amy Partirdge 1Amy Doniphan m1John Kelly b about or after 1660 in Virginia, son of Matthew Kelly b before or about 1640 and Elizabeth Norton, daughter of Thomas Norton and Penelope. Ann Kelly.mWilliam Jennings b about 1695 in Richmond Co. Va, had issue Alexander Doniphan Kelly co-guardian of niece Martha Jennings. Matthew Kelly co-guardian of niece Martha Jennings. m2Edward Ransdell 2Lucy Doniphan 3Alexander Doniphan mSarah Sallis daughter of Samuel Sallis and Sarah Catlett, daughter of Col John Catlett and Elizabeth Underwood (who also married Taylor Lightfoot, Slaughter and Butler) m2Margaret Mott 4Mott Doniphan married Rosanna Anderson 4-1Anderson Doniphan mGa8-1-1 Magdalen Monteith 4-1-1Elizabeth Doniphan mRichard Jonathan Shippe b 12 Nov. 1747 son of Thomas Shipp b 1727 d. 1777 and Elizabeth Grant Emma Grant Shippe married William Truman Jr. and had Anderson Shippe Truman, ancestors of Pres. Harry S. Truman ?5Richard Donnahan b about 1650 participated in Bacon's RebellionDalyell PedigreeTaken from and Robert Dalzell of that Ilk and Margaret Hamilton, circa 29 January 1551 1-1. Robert Dalzell of Ilk, married 1stunknown 1-1-1Robert Dalzell of that Ilk+1 d. b Feb 1610 1-1-2Andrew Dalzell 1-1-3Christian Dalzell 1-1-4Margaret Dalzell m2Christine Dundas, daughter of James Dundas, She married, secondly, James Robertson. 1-1-5.John Dalyell was living at Midlothian in Edinburgh 2 Apr 1574 Gen. Thomas Dalyell 1-1-1-1Thomas Dalyell m8 Oct 1601 Janet Bruce, daughter of Edward Bruce, 1st Baron Bruce of Kinlosse. General Thomas Dalyell of the Binns was born in 1599. He died on 1 October 1685. General Thomas Dalyell of the Binns gained the rank of Colonel in 1642 in the service of the forces in Ireland.1 In 1649 he had charge of the customs of Carrickfergus.1 He fought in the Battle of Worcester in 1651, where he was captured and imprisoned in the Tower of London.1 He gained the rank of General in 1651 in the service of the royalist army. In 1652 he escaped to the Continent.1 He gained the rank of Lieutenant-General in 1655 in the service of the Russian Army, against the Poles and Turks.1 In 1666 he helped suppress the Covenanters.1 He was Commander-in-Chief of the Scotland between 1666 and 1685.1 He was invested as a Privy Counsellor (P.C.) [Scotland] in 1667.1 He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Linlithgowshire between 1678 and 1685.1 In 1681 he raised the Scots Greys. mAgnes Ker, daughter of John Ker of Cavers. Sir Thomas Dalyell, first Baronet Dalyell of Binns, the rank of Army Captain.1 He was created 1st Baronet Dalyell [Nova Scotia] on 7 November 1685, with remainder to his eldest son and heirs male and tailzie succeeding him in the estate of Binns.(Charles Mosley, editor, Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke's Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 1, page 1025. Hereinafter cited as Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition. ) m Katherine Drummond daughter of William Drummond of Riccarton and Magdalen Dalyell. Magdalen Dalyell mJames Montieth later Dalyell Thomas Montieth married Phylis Gallop and had Magdelen Montieth 1-1-6.James Dalzell was living at Midlothian in Edinburgh 2 Apr 1591 1-1-7.Catherine Dalzell, married John Robertson, Sheriff Clerk of Lanark.. 1-1-8.Helen Dalzell, married John Stirling circa 16 November 1590, lived at Baldoran, Scotland..1-2William Dalzell, d 8 May 1555 slain by John Douglas. (L. G. Pine, The New Extinct Peerage 1884-1971: Containing Extinct, Abeyant, Dormant and Suspended Peerages With Genealogies and Arms (London, U.K.: Heraldry Today, 1972), page 55. Hereinafter cited as The New Extinct Peerage)1-3Paul Dalzell, d. after 1512 1-4John Dalzell, d. after 4 Jul 1524 1-5Christian Dalzell, She married, firstly, John Somervill, lived at Cambusneth, Scotland.. She married, secondly, John Lindsay, lived at Covington, Scotland..1 She married, thirdly, John Crichton in 1556, lived at Ryhill, Yorkshire, England..1-6Margaret Dalzell , The part of this pedigree on the entertainer on Wayne NEWTON is from: "NICOLE" <> Subject: Re: [Poca] Re. Wayne Newtons' search for Pocahontas Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 10:21:03 -0400 References: <> Also on the Bryant line is Sherri Holmberg (Hampton)


One of the few sources is a booklet called "MONTEITH Family & the Potomac Indians" by William "Bill" L. DEYO & available for $24.99 from DeJoux Publications, P.O. Box 1826, Dahlgren, Virginia, USA 22448.

DEYO is also descended from Japasaw & is a past president of the Virginia Genealogical Society. His booklet outlines the royal ancestry of Thomas MONTEITH (1694-1747) of Scotland & Virginia with some info on his descendants of Potomac/Patawomeck Indian blood & allied families. Some important inclusions are:

(1) true ancestry of the NEWTONs of VA,Stafford-Co who connect to Major William NEWTON, II d=1789 (son of William NEWTON, I & Elizabeth BERRYMAN) There is some never before published information on the family & descendants of his son, John NEWTON, who married Mary THOMAS.

(2) notes on HANSBROUGH family of "Salubria" & identification of "Indian Pete" HANSBROUGH

(3) identification of "Indian John" REDMAN of VA,Loudoun-Co

(4) names & distribution of some Nanzattico Indian children among certain families in 1705

(5) photos & portraits (including Scottish color portraits of the parents of Thomas MONTEITH) & info touching on many other families of VA,Stafford-Co & VA,King-George-Co.


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Keziah Bryant's Timeline

Virginia, United States
Age 15
Age 16
Westmoreland, Virginia, United States
Age 17
Stafford, VA
Age 25
November 1690
Age 55
Stafford County, Virginia Colony