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Konrad I mazowiecki Piast (ks. Piast-Mazowiecki), książę

Lithuanian: kun Konradas I Mazovietis, książę, Polish: Konrad I Mazovietis, Ksiaz
Birthplace: Kraków, Małopolskie, Poland
Death: Died in Cracow, Poland
Place of Burial: Plock, Płock County, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
Immediate Family:

Son of Casimir II the Just, High Duke of Poland and Helena Znojmo
Husband of Agafia Svjatoslava of Nowgorod
Father of Kazimierz Kujawski; Bolesław I mazowiecki Mazowietskij, książę; Kazimierz I Konradowic, kujawski książę; Siemowit I mazowiecki ks. Piast-Mazowiecki, książę; Eudoksja Mazowiecka and 6 others
Brother of Kazimierz; Bolesław; Leshek "the White" Piast, Grand Duke of Poland; Odon; Adelajda Kazimierzówna and 1 other
Half brother of Anastasia of Poland

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About Konrad I mazowiecki Piast, książę

Konrad I mazowiecki – w latach 1194-1200 współrządca razem z bratem Leszkiem w Małopolsce, na Mazowszu i Kujawach (według części historyków Kujawy Kazimierzowice otrzymali dopiero w 1198), od 1200 samodzielny książę kujawsko-mazowiecki, 1222-1228 w ziemi chełmińskiej, w latach 1229-1232 regent w Sandomierzu, 1229-1231 i 1241-1243 w Krakowie, w 1231 odłączył Sieradz i Łęczycę z księstwa krakowskiego i przyłączył do Mazowsza, w 1233 podział z synami i rezygnacja z Kujaw i północnego Mazowsza (płockie na północ od Wisły i Bugu), od 1233 w Żarnowie (dożywotnio), od 1241 w Radomiu (dożywotnio). Wikipedia PL


Konrad I of Masovia

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Konrad I of Masovia (Polish: Konrad I Mazowiecki; 1187? – 1247), son of Casimir II and Helen of Moravia, was the 6th Duke of Masovia.

After his father's death in 1194, Konrad was brought up by his mother. In 1199 he received Masovia and in 1202, Kuyavia. In 1205, he and his brother, Leszek I the White, had their greatest military victory at Battle of Zawichost against Roman the Great. The Ruthenian army was crushed and Roman was killed in battle. The Russian princess Agafia became his wife. His maternal grandmother (the princess-consort of Moravia, Znaim (part of Holy Roman Empire) was one Maria of Serbia, apparently a daughter of the pre-Nemanjic Zhupan dynasty.

Attempted conquests of Prussia

Konrad unsuccessfully attempted to conquer pagan Prussia in a 1209 crusade and several times after [1], 1219, 1222 Pg 45. On the advise of the first bishop Christian of Prussia, Christian of Oliva, in 1220 he founded the Order of Dobrin (Order of Dobrzyń) and was again defeated. Ongoing attempts on Prussia were answered by incursions across the borders of his lands, while Prussians were in the process of gaining control over the territory of Chełmno Land. Subjected to constant Prussian raids and counter-raids, Konrad now wanted to stabilize the north of the duchy of Masovia in this fight over border area of Chełmno Land.

[edit]The Teutonic Order

Thus in 1226, Konrad having difficulty with constant raids over his territory, invited the religious military order of Teutonic Knights to fight the Prussians, as they already had supported Hungary from 1211 to 1225. When the Order notified Hungary that they are firstly responsible to the pope, the Order was expelled by the Hungarian king though. Thus, in turn for its service, the Order wanted to have its rights documented beforehand, by a deal with Konrad that was to be confirmed by the Emperor and the Pope.

Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II issued in March 1226 the Golden Bull of Rimini, stating [2] that:

"brother Konrad had offered and promised to furnish brother Herrmann, Honorable Master of the Holy Hospital of St. Mary of the Germans in Jerusalem (Teutonic Order).. with the Culmensis[1] Land between his march and the Prussians and equip them (T.O.) well, so they may take Preussenland (Terra Prussiae) in possession... we recognize the fact, that this land is included in the realm of the empire, we trust the judgement of the Master... we recognize all land in Prussia as an ancient right of the empire ...".

In 1230, the Treaty of Kruszwica was supposedly signed, according to which Konrad granted Chełmno Land to them, and to the Order of Dobrzyń. This document does not exist however, and it is believed [2] [3] that it was never signed and the Order might have forged it.

In 1234, the pope issued the Golden Bull of Rieti, confirming the prior deals, stating that the land of the Order was only subject to the Pope, not a fief of anybody[citation needed].

[edit]Konrad's legacy

Konrad is blamed by Poles, that 'his actions began the process whereby the Teutonic Knights came to control much of the Baltic coastline through their monastic state, that had ultimately dire consequences for the Polish state'.

Marriage and children

Between 1207 and 1210 Konrad married Agafia of Rus, daughter of Prince Svyatoslav III Igorevich. They had the following children:

  • 1.Boleslaw I of Masovia (c. 1210 - 17 April 1248), Duke of Masovia (1247—1248)
  • 2.Casimir I of Kuyavia (born between 1210 and 1213 - died 14 Dec 1267) Prince of Kuyavia (1247–1267)
  • 3.Siemowit I of Masovia (c.1213 - 24 June 1262), succeeded eldest brother as Duke of Masovia (1248–1262)
  • 4.Eudoxia (1215–1240), married Count Dietrich I of Brehna and Wettin
  • 5.Ludmila (born before 1225)
  • 6.Ziemomysł (born between 1216 and 4 Jul 1228 - died between 10 July and 18 September 1241)
  • 7.Salomea (born between 1220 and 1225 - died after 30 August 1268), nun
  • 8.Judith (born between 1222 and 1227 - died 4 Dec between 1257 and 1263), married firstly to Duke Mieszko II the Fat of Opole, secondly to Duke Henry III the White of Wrocław
  • 9.Dubrawka (c. 1230-1265)
  • 10.Mieszko (b. 1235), died in infancy.


Kazimierz II "Sprawiedliwy" "the Just", Pr of Sandomir and Cracow 1177, Pr of Kujawia and Mazowia 1186, Ct of Poland (1177-94), *1138, +5.5.1194; 1m: ca 1163 Helena of Znaim (+1202/06); 2m: 1185/86 Yelena, dau.of Great Pr of Kiev; he left issue:

   * A1. [1m.] Kazimierz, *after 1164, +2.3.1167
   * A2. [1m.] Boleslaw, *1168, +16.4.1182
   * A3. [2m.] Leszek I "Bialy" "the White", Pr of Cracow and Sandomir (1194-99)+(1201)+(1202-27), Duke of Poland (1202-27), *1186/87, +Marcinkow 23.11.1227; m.1207 Gremislawa of Lutsk (+1258)
         o B1. Boleslaw V "Wstydliwy" "the Modest", Pr of Cracow (1243-79) and Sandomir (1233-79), *21.6.1226, +7.12.1279; m.1239 Kunigunde of Hungary (*1234 +24.7.1292)
         o B2. Salomea, *1211/12, +Skala, nr Krakow 10.11.1268; m.1214 Pr Koloman of Halicz (+1241)
   * A4. [2m.] Pr Konrad I of Cracow, Masovia (1202-31) and Kujavia (1228-31), Ct of Poland (1229-32)+(1241-43), *1187/8, +1247; m.1207 Agafija, dau.of Pr Svyatoslay of Novgorod-Severskiy
         o B1. Pr Boleslaw I of Masovia, *1208, +25.2.1248; 1m: ca 1232 Gertrud of Silesia (+1244); 2m: 1245/47 Anastasija of Bielsk
         o B2. Ziemowit, *1209, +1224
         o B3. Pr Kazimierz I of Kujavia (1231-67), *1211, +1267; 1m: Jadwiga N (+before 1235); 2m: 1239 Constance von Schlesien (+1253/7) dau.of Duke Heinrich II of Silesia; 3m: 1267 Euphrosyne (+1292) dau.of Duke Kasimir von Schlesien-Oppeln
               + C1. [1m.] Leszek II "the Black", Pr of Cracow and Sandomir (1279-88), *1240/42, +1288; m.1265 Aggripina (+1303/9) dau.of Gr Pr Rostislav of Chernigov
               + C2. [1m.] Pr Ziemomysl of Kujavia, *ca 1243, +1287; m.ca 1268 Salome (+1312/4) dau.of Duke Sambor II of Pomerelia
                     # D1. Pr Leszek of Inowraclaw and Sieradz, *1276, +1339
                     # D2. Przemyslas, *1277, +1339
                     # D3. Pr Kazimierz III of Inowraclaw and Gniewkowo, *ca 1278, +1345/48/50; m. before 1309 NN
                           * E1. Wladislaw "the White", Pr of Gniewkowo, +1388; m.before 1.12.1359 Elisabeth (+1360/1) dau.of Duke Albrecht of Oppeln
                           * E2. Elzbieta, +after 22.8.1345; m.1324 Stefan Kotromanic, Ban of Croatia (*1312 +1353)
                     # D4. Eufemia, +before 1278
                     # D5. Fenenna, *1276, +1295; m.1290 King András III of Hungary (*ca 1265, +14.1.1301)
                     # D6. Konstancja, Abbess of Trebnitz, +1331
               + C3. [2m.] Wladislaw I "Lokietek", Pr of Cracow, Ct of Poland (1305-20), King of Poland (1320-33), *3.3.1260/19.1.1261, +2.3.1333; m.ca 1293 Jadwiga (*1266 +1339) dau.of Pr Boleslaw of Great Poland
                     # D1. Stefan, *after 1296, +1306
                     # D2. Wladislaw, +1311/2
                     # D3. King KAZIMIERZ III "the Great" of Poland (1333-70), *30.4.1309/10, +5.11.1370; 1m: 16.10.1325 Anna=Aldona of Lithuania (*1309/10 +1339); 2m: 29.9.1341 (div 1356) Adelheid von Hessen (+1371); 3m: 1356 (separated before 8.5.1364) Krystyna N; 4m: 25.2.1363/ca 1365 Jadwiga (+27.3.1390) dau.of Duke Heinrich III of Glogau and Sagan;
                           * E1. Elzbieta, *before 16.5.1335, +1361; m.before 11.7.1343 Duke Bogislaw V of Pomerania (*1318/19 +7.12.1373)
                           * E2. Kunigunde, *1334, +1357; m.ca 1345 Duke Ludwig VI of Bavaria, Mgve of Brandenburg (*1330 +1365)
                           * E3. Anna, *1366, +1425; 1m: 1380 Gf Wilhelm von Cilli (*1361 +19.9.1392); 2m: before 16.9.1394 Duke Ulrich of Teck (+1432)
                           * E4. Kunigunde, *1367, +ca 1370
                           * E5. Jadwiga, *1368, +after 1407; m.ca 1382 NN
                           * E6. [illegitimate] Jan, *after 1342, +1383
                           * E7. [illegitimate] Niemierza, *after 1341, +after 4.3.1386
                     # D4. Kunigunde, *ca 1298, +1331; 1m: ca 1310 Duke Bernhard of Schweidnitz (*ca 1290 +6.5.1326); 2m: after 10.8.1328/23.1.1328 Duke Rudolf I of Saxe-Wittenberg (*ca 1280 +11.3.1356)
                     # D5. Queen ELZBIETA of Poland (1370-80), *1305, +Buda 29.12.1380; m.6.7.1320 King Charles II Robert of Hungary (*1288 +16.7.1342)
                     # D6. Jadwiga, +1320/2
               + C4. [2m.] Pr Kazimierz II of Kujavia, *1261/2, +1294
               + C5. [2m.] Ziemowit, +1309/14; m.before 1301 Anastasija of Halicz (+1335)
                     # D1. Leszek, *before 1302, +ca 1316
                     # D2. Wladislaw, *before 1303, +1352; m.Anna N
                     # D3. Kazimierz, *before 1304, +ca 1316
                     # D4. Boleslaw, *before 1305, +1326/9
               + C6. [2m.] Eufemia, +18.3.1308; m.before 1300 Pr Yuriy I of Halicz (*24.4.1252 +24.4.1308)
         o B4. Pr Ziemowit of Masovia, *1228, +1262; m.ca 1248 Pereyaslava of Halicz (+1283)
               + C1. Pr Konrad II of Masovia, *1248/50, +1294; m.Jadwiga of Liegnitz (+after 1280)
                     # D1. Anna, *1270, +after 13.7.1324; m.1289/91 Duke Przemislaw of Ratibor (+1306)
               + C2. Pr Boleslaw II of Plock and Masovia (1289-1302), *after 1251, +1313; 1m: 1279 Gaudemunda (+1288) dau.of Pr Trojden of Lithuania; 2m: 1291 (div before 19.12.1302) Kunigunde of Bohemia (+1321)
                     # D1. Pr Ziemowit II of Rawa, *1283, +1345
                     # D2. Pr Trojden I of Masovia, *1284/6, +1341; m.before 1310 Maria of Halicz (*bef 1293, +11.1.1341)
                           * E1. Pr Boleslaw II Jerzy of Halicz and Wladimir, +poisoned 1340; m.1331 Eufemia (+1342) dau.of Gr Pr Gedymin of Lithuania
                           * E2. Pr Ziemowit III "Starszy" of Masovia, +1381; 1m: 1335 Euphemia of Troppau-Ratibor (+ca 1352); 2m: before 1365 N, a dau.of Duke Nikolaus of Münsterberg
                                 o F1. [1m.] Pr Janusz I of Warszawa, +1429; m.shortly before 27.9.1376 Danuta Anna of Lithuania (*1362 +1448)
                                       + G1. Janusz, *before 1383, +1422; m.before 19.3.1408 Katarzyne von Melsztyn (+after 1464)
                                       + G2. Boleslaw III, *1385/6, +1428; m.before 1413 Anna Holczanski (+1458)
                                             # H1. Konrad, *1413, +1427
                                             # H2. Pr Boleslaw IV of Warszawa and Plock, *before 1421, +10.9.1454; m.before 1446 Barbara, a Russian princess
                                                   * I1. Boleslaw, +ca 1453
                                                   * I2. Janusz, +ca 1454
                                                   * I3. Boleslaw, +ca 1454
                                                   * I4. Janusz, +ca 1455
                                                   * I5. Pr Konrad III "Rudy" of Warszawa, *1448/50, +28.10.1503; 1m: before 13.6.1468 Magdalena Stawrot (+ca 1477); 2m: before 20.7.1477 NN; 3m: 6.10.1496-2.4.1497 Anna Radziwill (*1476, +14/15.3.1522)
                                                         o J1. Pr Stanislaw of Warszawa, *1501, +1524
                                                         o J2. Pr Janusz III of Warszawa, *1502, +1526
                                                         o J3. Sophia, *1497/98, +ca 1543; 1m: ca 1521 Stephen Báthori, Palatine of Hungary (+3.5.1530); 2m: after 1530 Ludwig Pekri (+1551)
                                                         o J4. Anna, *1498/9, +after 26.1.1557; m.ca 1536 Stanislaw Odrowaz von Sprowy (+1545)
                                                   * I6. Pr Kazimierz III of Plock, Bp of Plock (*1448/49 +1480)
                                                   * I7. Pr Boleslaw V of Warszawa and Plock, +1488; m.1477 (div ca 1480) Anna, dau.of Zygmunt Uhnowski, Voivode of Belz
                                                   * I8. Pr Janusz II of Plock, +1495
                                                   * I9. Anna, *1446/50, +1477/80; m.Duke Premislaw II of Teschen (*1420 +1477)
                                                   * I10. Zofia, *before 1453, +after 10.9.1454
                                             # H3. Eufemia, *before 1420, +ca 1436; m.ca 1435 Pr Michael Boleslaw of Lithuania
                                       + G3. Konrad
                                 o F2. [1m.] Pr Ziemowit IV of Plock and Kujavia, *before 1352, +30.4.1426; m.ca 1387 Alexandra of Lithuania (+1434)
                                       + G1. Pr Ziemowit V of Gostyn, *1389, +1442; m.1435/37 Margareta of Ratibor (*1410 +1459)
                                             # H1. Margareta, +1483; m.Duke Konrad of Öls (+1471)
                                       + G2. Alexander, Cardinal, Patriarch of Aquileia, *1400, +1444
                                       + G3. Pr Kazimierz II of Plock and Kujavia, +1442; m.1442 Margareta Szamotuly (+1464)
                                       + G4. Pr Trojden II of Plock, +1427
                                       + G5. Pr Wladislaw I of Plock, +1455; m.ca 1444 Anna (+1481) dau.of Duke Konrad of Öls
                                             # H1. Pr Ziemowit VI of Plock, *1446, +1462
                                             # H2. Pr Wladislaw II of Plock, +1462
                                       + G6. Jadwiga, +after 19.2.1439; m.after 3.1.1410 Janos Garay, Obergespan of Temes and Pozsega (+ca 1428)
                                       + G7. Zimburga, *Warszawa 1394, +Türnitz 28.9.1429; m.1412 Duke Ernst I of Austria(*1377 +10.6.1424)
                                       + G8. Euphemia, +1447; m.1412 Duke Bolko I of Teschen (+6.5.1431)
                                       + G9. Amelia, +after 17.5.1424; m.1413 Landgrave Wilhelm of Thuringia, Mgve of Meissen (+1425)
                                       + G10. Anna, +ca 1435; m.before 26.5.1427 Pr Michael Boleslaw of Lithuania
                                       + G11. Maria, *ca 1410, +18.2.1454; m. Posen 16.5.1433 Duke Bogislaw IX of Pomerania (*1407, +7.12.1446)
                                       + G12. Katarzyna, +after 29.3.1475; m.1440/5 Pr Michael Boleslaw of Lithuania
                                 o F3. [1m.] Anna, a nun in Ratibor, *before 1345, +after 16.3.1403
                                 o F4. [1m.] Malgorzata, *before 1358, +1388/96; 1m: 1369 Duke Kasimir IV of Pomerania (+1377); 2m: 1379 Duke Heinrich VII of Lüben and Brieg (+1399)
                                 o F5. [2m.] a son, *1361/4, +ca 1378
                                 o F6. [2m.] a son, *1362/5, +ca 1378
                                 o F7. [2m.] Henryk, Bp of Plock, *1368/70, +1392/3; m.1392 Rymgajla-Anna of Lithuania (+1433)
                           * E3. Pr Kazimierz I of Warszawa, *1314, +1355
                           * E4. Euphemia, *1310, +after 1373; m.1321/24 Duke Kasimir I of Teschen (+1358)
                     # D3. Anna; m.after 13.8.1325 (div before 13.1.1329) Duke Wladislaw of Liegnitz (+after 1352)
                     # D4. [2m.] Pr Waclaw of Plock, *ca 1293, +23.5.1336; m.before 6.12.1320 Elzbieta (+1364) dau.of Gr Pr Gedymin of Lithuania
                           * E1. Pr Boleslaw III of Plock, *1322/30, +20.8.1351
                     # D5. [2m.] Eufrozyna, +after 1327; m.1304/09 Duke Wladimir of Auschwitz (+1321/24)
               + C3. Salomea, a nun, +1301
         o B5. Ziemomysl, *1225, +1241
         o B6. Mieszko Choscisko, *after 1229, +1238
         o B7. Eudoxia, *before 1222, +after 1238; m.Gf Dietrich I von Brehna (+1266/67)
         o B8. Ludmilla, a nun in Plock, *before 1223
         o B9. Salomea, a nun, *before 1224, +after 30.8.1268
         o B10. Judyta, *1222/25, +1257/65; 1m: 1238/39 Duke Mieszko I of Oppeln (+1246); 2m: 1252 Duke Heinrich III of Breslau (+1266)
   * A5. [1m.] Maria, *1164, +1194; m.1178 Great Pr Svyatoslaw III of Kiev (+1215)

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Apie kun Konradas I Mazovietis (Lietuvių)

Konradas I Mazovietis (1187 m. ar 1188 m. – 1247 m. rugpjūčio 31 d.) – nuo 1202 m. Mazovijos ir Kujavijos, 1229–1232 m. ir 1241–1243 m. Krokuvos kunigaikštis.


Kilęs iš Piastų dinastijos. Lenkijos kunigaikščio Kazimiero II Teisingojo sūnus. Brolis Lešekas Baltasis. Valdymas

Nesėkmingai vienijo Lenkijos žemes. Padedamas katalikų bažnyčios kovojo su prūsais ir jotvingiais, puldinėjančiais Mazovijos (Mozūrijos) žemes. Popiežiaus Honorijaus III palaimintas 1217, 1218, 1219, 1222, 1223 m. surengė lenkų kunigaikščių kryžiaus žygius prieš prūsus. 1222 m. Kulmo žemės dalyje įkurdino vyskupą Kristijoną. 1226 m. kitą jos dalį atidavė Vokiečių ordinui ir suteikė jam teisę plėsti valdas nukariautose prūsų žemėse. Jis tikėjosi, kad kryžiuočiai parems jo valdžią ir siekius.

1228, 1230 ir 1235 m. patvirtino ir išplėtė Vokiečių ordino teises, pripažino jo suverenumą Prūsoje. 1233 m. jo žygyje prieš prūsus dalyvavo ir Vokiečių ordino kariuomenė. 1228 m. su vyskupu Kristijonu įsteigė Dobrynės ordiną.

Dėl Konrado I Mazoviečio savanaudiškų tikslų baltų žemėse įkurdintas Vokiečių ordinas tapo agresyviu prūsų, jotvingių, lietuvių ir lenkų žemių užkariautoju. Dėl jo netoliaregiškumo daugeliui amžių pasikeitė Prūsos, gretimų šalių ir visos Europos istorija.[1] Šaltiniai

   Edvardas Gudavičius. Konradas I Mazovietis. Visuotinė lietuvių enciklopedija, T. X (Khmerai-Krelle). – Vilnius: Mokslo ir enciklopedijų leidybos institutas, 2006. 501 psl.


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