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King Launcelot, {Fictional}

Birthplace: Ullswater
Death: (Date and location unknown)
Immediate Family:

Son of Ban, Launcelot's Father, Malory Text and Elayne, Launcelot's Mother, Malory Text
Partner of Elaine, Launcelot's Partner, Malory Text; <private>; Lady of Astolat, Malory Text and Gwynevere, Malory Text
Father of Galahad, Malory Text and unk Lake
Brother of Ector, Launcelot's Brother, Malory Text

Occupation: Kyriakos = "Of the Lord" Desposyni = "of or belonging to the master or lord"
Managed by: Sarah Elizabeth Oberle
Last Updated:

About Launcelot, Malory Text

Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur, composed in the middle of the 15th century, and published in 1485 by William Caxton, is the version of the Arthurian legend that became the foundation for most of the treatments of the legend known now -- White's The Once and Future King, for instance, upon which the musical Camelot is based, and Tennyson's Idylls of the King. Malory's work is an amalgamation of several earlier Arthurian texts, including both French and English sources, and adds some original material. The work is readily available in print; an e-version can be found here: _________________ The following material refers to an amalgamated version of Lancelot stories, not the Malory text alone:

After wandering the countryside, for 3yrs after all was said and done, (whichever story you believe) Lancelot wandered the country side aimlessly and slovenly. Unshaven and unrecognizable by locals, Elaine of Corbenic Castle (The fairest maiden in all the land) (the fairest of them all) who was the only child of Amfortas (the last Grail King, hence, the title going to King Arthur's male line) and who loved Lancelot unrequited, did recognize him and took him in and cleaned him up. She once again proposed to Saint Lancelot and this time he agreed to, but he refused to live at Corbenic Castle, so she settled with him in his favorite town of Castleford. Lancelot used to always stop at the Abbey water well in Castleford and drop silver coinage into the well to keep the water purified for the next passing. This is where the wishing well originated. Also, in Castleford, Lancelot au du Lac is known for building a town over the sand purified water pond (to protect from sunlight and city just had to dip a bucket in each home to get fresh water) The posts are still around and in the ponds to this very day. The sand has been since mined and the hidden spring river revealed.

Sir Lancelot, King of Benwick Arthurian Literary Character

Sir Lancelot was the son of King Ban of Benwick (possibly Guenet in Brittany) by his wife Elaine. After his father's death, he was left near a lake by his mother and was taken in by the mystical Lady of the Lake who raised him. When he grew up, Sir Lancelot travelled to the British Royal Court and set up home at Castle Joyous Guard (Bamburgh Castle) in Northern Britain. He became King Arthur's trusted companion and a Knight of the Round Table. Unfortunately however, he fell in love with Queen Guinevere and commenced a prolonged affair with her. When Guinevere was abducted by King Meleagant of the Summer Country (Glastenning), Lancelot pur­sued him in a cart, a humble mode of conveyance in which the knight was reluctant to travel. The two fought, but the villain’s father pleaded with Guinevere to spare Meleagant’s life. So their combat was stopped. After further insults however, Lancelot eventually slew him at Arthur's court. Sir Lancelot was also the object of the affections of Elaine the Lily Maid of Astolat (supposedly Guildford) who died of a broken heart when he rejected her. An old story tells how, while visiting her father, Lancelot went riding in Windsor Forest. He fell asleep by St. Leonard’s Well (in the grounds of Legoland), just as a lady and her hunting party arrived chasing a deer. She immediately shot the poor knight in the buttocks and rode off! Another Elaine was the daughter of King Pelles of Ebrauc (York) and, when Lancelot stayed with them, the family nurse arranged for their illustrious guest to sleep with Elaine, whom he mistook for Guinevere. As a result, Sir Galahad was conceived. When this happened a second time, Guinevere discovered the pair in flagrante delicto and sent Lancelot packing. The lovers were, however, soon reunited. Years later, Sir Galahad arrived at court. He was knighted by his father and the Grail Quest began. During this adventure, Galahad outshone his father. Sir Lancelot was unable to succeed because of his sinful relationship with Guinevere, despite his promise to end the affair and to perform acts of penance. When he tried to approach the Holy Grail, he was knocked unconscious. Lancelot and Guinevere were eventually discovered together by the evil Sir Mordred. Sir Lancelot fled, but returned to rescue Guinevere from being burnt at the stake. He killed Sirs Agravaine, Gaheris and Gareth in the process. War between him and King Arthur followed but was broken off when the the latter had to return to Britain to deal with Sir Mordred's rebellion.

PB: Hugh Dancy

disappeared around 570AD, --finally married Elayne, daughter of Amfortas III who loved Lancelot. Lancelot and Ghalahad are the same person, he was undefiled by women and therefor never had a child with the sister of Amfortas III, Elaischoye

King and landowner of France including Normandy and Anjou, Prince of Wales.

After wandering around for 3yrs (570-573A.D.) aimlessly and unshaven, unclean, and unrecognizable, Elayne who loved Lancelot unrequited, recognized him by her heart and took him in to Corbenic Castle of which Elayne had inherited. She cleaned him up and again proposed marriage. Lancelot did not want to live at Corbenic Castle so Elayne asked where he wanted to live and he said in his favorite place, Castleford by his favorite water well in all the land, (the source of the wishing well as Lancelot used to drop silver into it to keep the water purified for the next time he might pass by) Once in Castleford Lancelot built an experimental town over a pond for ease of access to drinking water and to keep the sunlight off at the same time. It did not pan out but the remnants can be seen to this very day of the elaborate plan with drainage ditches and settling ponds for the waste as well as a perfect sand purification process ahead of the pond (today is being dug up for the sand and you can see the spring exposed from Google Earth). Yes this story did end happily ever after despite all works of deception to the contrary. Including the lie that it is myth or fictional, I Prince Corey, am living proof and have met Jesus and God in person just as they did, some call it the Grail, I call it the infilling of the spirit by Jesus, seek and you shall find, wherever you find Jesus, so too will you find God, Praise, Jesus, Praise God!

The way is through Jesus and is an individual Journey but remember, 2 men who walk with Christ is 10 fold the energy or power, 3 men in Christ is 100 fold the power and wherever 3 men in Christ gather, so too will Jesus and God be there.

Galahad, Bors, and Percival; note: Lancelot never had a son named Galahad, he WAS Galahad.

1994: Corey, Jay, Kirt; with Mike and Morgan as witnesses.

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