Manuel de Moura Corte-Real, 2° marquês de Castelo Rodrigo

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Manuel de Moura Corte-Real, 2° marquês de Castelo Rodrigo

别名字号 "II Marqués de Castel Rodrigo", "I Conde de Lumiares"
生日 (59)
出生地 Portugal
逝世 1651年1月28日 (59)
Madrid, Community of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Cristovão de Moura, 1º marquês de Castelo RodrigoMargarida Corte-Real之子
Leonor de Melo的丈夫
Francisco de Moura Corte-Real, 3rd Marquis of Castelo Rodrigo; Cristovão de Moura, 2º conde de Lumiares; Margarida Francisca de MeloMaria de Castro之父
Margarida Coutinho; Maria de MendonçaBeatriz de Moura的兄弟

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About Manuel de Moura Corte-Real, 2° marquês de Castelo Rodrigo

II Marques de Castelrodrigo &c y Comendador mayor de Alcantara y Christo, Embaxador en Roma, Gobernador de Flandes, del Consejo de eStado, Gentil-Hombre de la Cámara, y Mayordomo mayor del Rey.

Don Manuel de Moura Corte-Real, fegundo Marques de Caftel-Rodrigo, Conde de Lumiares, Grande de Caftilla, Comendador mayor de las Ordenes de Alcantara y Chrifto, Embaxador en Roma, Governador de Flandes y Gentil-hombre de la Camara del Rey, fu Mayordomo mayor y de fu Confejo de Eftado, cafó con Doña Leonor de melo, hija de Don Nuño Alvarez de melo, marques de Ferreyra, y de fu muger Doña Mariana de Caftro, de la Cafa de Altamira. Historia de la Muy Ilustre Casa de Sousa, España, 1770 Marqueses de Castel-Rodrigo, Oy Príncipe Pío. Pág. 425


Manuel de Moura y Corte-Real, 2nd Marquis of Castel Rodrigo, (in full, Portuguese: Dom Emmanuel de Moura e Côrte-Real, marquês de Castelo Rodrigo, conde de Lumiares (en Portugal), senhor das capitanías de Angra e São Jorge, comendador mayor de la Orden de Alcántara, comendador mayor de la Ordem dos Cavaleiros de Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo, gentilhombre de cámara del Rey y Mayordomo mayor del rey Felipe IV), (1590 – 28 January 1651), was Governor of the Habsburg Netherlands from 1644 to 1647.

Manuel de Moura y Corte Real was the second of three marquises named Castelo Rodrigo. Although the family served the King of Spain, it was Portuguese and its roots were in Lisbon. The family traced its origin to the reconquest of Moura (Alentejo, Portugal) from the Moors, during the Reconquista in 1165, but its fortune was established in the late sixteenth century, when Cristóvão de Moura (1528–1613), the first Marquis of Castelo Rodrigo backed the claims of the Spanish king, Philip II, to the throne of Portugal in the 1580 Portuguese succession crisis that led to the Iberian Union. As agents of the Spanish crown, the family gained wealth and prominence.

Manuel de Moura y Corte Real married Leonor de Melo. His oldest surviving son and heir, Francisco de Moura, destined to become the third Marquis of Castelo Rodrigo was born in 1610. Like his father, he eventually became governor of the Southern Netherlands.

Manuel entered the service of the Habsburg crown in 1615 as Gentleman of the Chamber of the future Philip IV. When the prince succeeded to the throne as Philip IV in 1621, Castelo Rodrigo was kept on the sidelines by his jealous rival Gaspar de Guzmán, Count-Duke of Olivares, still insecure in his position as favorite.

Castelo Rodrigo was transferred back to Lisbon to arm a fleet in 1627, but was recalled to court temporarily in 1630, when Olivares decided to put his rival to use in the service of Habsburg diplomacy. Castelo Rodrigo was appointed ambassador to Rome, where he was a patron to Borromini and the sculptor François Duquesnoy.

Castelo Rodrigo's embassy came to an end with the revolt of Portugal in December 1640. He remained unswervingly loyal to the Spanish Habsburg crown, suffering extensive losses of family lands in Portugal, Even so, it was impolitic to have a Portuguese serving as a Spanish ambassador during the revolt, and Olivares was not completely sure of his Castelo Rodrigo's loyalty.

In 1642, he was sent to Vienna, where he served until May 1644. From June 1644 he served in Brussels as adjunct governor of the Netherlands. He worked for the cause of peace between the United Provinces and Spain, and was instrumental in the preliminary negotiations which set in motion the peace conference of Münster. He served as Philip IV's trusted minister until his recall in 1647.

Castelo Rodrigo arrived in Madrid on 14 January 1648, where he is recorded in 1649 in the position of Mayordomo mayor in the royal palace. A portrait formerly ascribed to Velázquez shows him bearing his age with dignity . He died in Madrid in 1651 at the age of 61.


Manuel de Moura Corte-Real, 2° marquês de Castelo Rodrigo的年谱

Madrid, Community of Madrid, Madrid, Spain