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Maredydd ap Tudor

Псевдоним: "ap Tewdwr", "Meredudd", "Maredudd", "ap Tudur"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Llanbedr, Meironethsire, Wales
Смерть: Умер в Wales
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Tudor ap Howel и Susanna verch Maredudd
Муж Efa verch Ieuan
Отец Rhys "Fawr" ap Meredydd и Robert ap Meredydd
Брат Einion Lydan Ap Tudor и David ap Tudor

Менеджер: Stanley Welsh Duke, Jr.
Последнее обновление:

About Maredydd ap Tudor

See Lloyd, "The History of the Lords Marcher," 1884, Whiting and Co. vol IV, p. 102. His information is taken from Harley MS 4181.

Born in Plas Iolyn, Wales on 1351 to Tudor Ap Howel and Susanna. Maredydd married Efa Ferch Ieuan and had a child. He passed away on 1426 in Wales.

All the following: NOTES not fact... just trying to piece things together. One source has Maredydd ap Tudur as being the son of Tudor Ap Howel and Susanna ... another as the son of Tudur ap Goronwy...

••••Do not use the following as fact for this particular tree!

"The earliest Tudors can be traced to an area known as the Four Cantrels, which eventually became the lordship of Denbigh in North Wales. The family began as landowners, and when the area became controlled by Llywelyn ab Iorwerth - "the Great" (d. 1240) some family members entered the service of the Prince." from: http://tudorhistory.org/topics/origin.html

(FROM A SELF-DESCRIBED amateur genealogy {not reliable} but, perhaps a good jumping off place)

http://www.ffish.com/family_tree/Descendants_Gwilym_ap_Gruffydd/D1.htm in which is cited: From Welsh Biography Online (http://yba.llgc.org.uk/en/s1-GRIF-PEN-1300.html)

"His wife's uncles (Rhys, Gwilym, and

Maredudd ap Tudur)

gave full support to their cousin, Owain Glyndwr (q.v. , and see under Ednyfed Fychan ); Gwilym himself was more cautious, but he was forced by family and other circumstances to throw in his lot with the rebels about 1402. (As has been said, his father and uncle died in Glyndwr 's service.) His brother, Robin of Cochwillan, was also in rebellion but abandoned Glyndwr before 1408, when he appears as a crown official in Caernarvonshire. Gwilym also made his peace with the king before Nov. 1407, when he was restored to his forfeited possessions and was granted, in addition, the lands of twenty-seven Anglesey adherents of Glyndwr who had probably died in rebellion. By 1410 he had been granted the forfeited lands of his wife's uncles, Rhys and Gwilym ap Tudur, both of whom adhered to Glyndwr to the last. His will, dated 1430, also refers to lands which he had obtained from his Tudor kinsmen; his brother-in-law, Tudur ap Goronwy, appears to have d. c. 1400 and his share of the Tudor possessions undoubtedly came into Gwilym's hands. In all, Gwilym ap Griffith appears to have succeeded, through his father's marriage, his own, and the effects of the Glynd rebellion, in gaining control of most of the patrimony of the Tudors; not the least important of the probable consequences was the departure of Owain Tudor (q.v.) to seek his fortunes at the court of Henry V.

(also speculative) Tudur ap Goronwy had five sons: Goronwy, Ednyfed, Rhys, Gwilym and Maredudd. All held important positions in North Wales, several holding positions as bailiff. Maredudd also attained the title of burgess in Newborough, a part of Anglesey. These brothers were loyal servants of Richard II and Rhys and Gwilym accompanied the king on his campaign in Ireland.

^^^^^ also from: http://tudorhistory.org/topics/origin.html

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Хронология Maredydd ap Tudor

Llanbedr, Meironethsire, Wales
Возраст 25
Возраст 60