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Margaret Warren (Bayly)

Псевдоним: "Margaret (Bayly) Fowle Warren"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: of Westbury parish, Gloucestershire, England
Смерть: Умер в Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Bay Colony, (Present USA)
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь William Bayley и Ann Bayley
Жена William Fowle и John Warren, of Watertown
Мать Joseph Fowle; William Fowle; Susan Warren; Elizabeth Warren; Sarah Warren и ещё 7
Сестра {$w0} {$w1} / Bayley; {$w0} {$w1} / Bayley и {$w0} {$w1} / Bayley
Полукровная сестра Lewis Bailey

Профессия: b. 27 Apr 1587
Менеджер: Private User
Последнее обновление:
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Ближайшие родственники

About Margaret Warren

Margaret Bayly

  • Birth: Abt. 1587 in Middlesex, England
  • Death: Nov 06, 1662 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.1,2. 
  • Parents: William Bayly & Ann

Comment: her name is seen in older genealogies as "unknown" or "Clear.". Her father's 1614 will names her as widow of William Fowle & wife of John Warren (see notes).


  1. William Fowle Bef. 1613.  He died Bef. Mar 02, 1613/14. 
  2. John Warren 3,4 Bef. Mar 02, 1613/14. He died December 13, 1667; son of John Warren & Elizabeth Scarlett.

William and Margaret Fowle had two surviving children:

  1. Joseph
  2. William

John and Margaret Warren had four surviving children:

  1. John, born 1622. Married Michal (Jennison) Blois
  2. Mary, born in England, 1625; married, October 31, 1642, John Bigelow.
  3. Daniel, born England, 1628. Married Mary Barron.
  4. Elizabeth, born England, 1630: married, about 1654, James Knapp.


Will Abstract from "English Wills of Colonial Families" by Noel Currer-Briggs WILLIAM BAYLY of Everleigh, parish of Westbury, Gloucestershire, gentleman. GCC 256/1613 2 Mar 1613/14:

"To wife Ann. To son-in-law John Warren. To Joseph FOWLE, younger son of William FOWLE, late of Huntley, deceased, by him begotten of the body of Margaret, his wife, my daughter. Mentions Joseph BAYLY, my son, lately deceased. William FOWLE, eldest son of my daughter, Margaret. John WARREN, now husband of my daughter Margaret."


(XXIX) John Warren, married in England. Margaret, and came to New England in 1630, in the same fleet with Sir Richard Saltonstall. and settled at Watertown, Massachusetts, where he died in December, 1667. He was made freeman, 1631, was a selectman from 1636 to 1640, and also was commissioner for laying out roads in the town. He owned a houselot of twelve acres, and possessed other lands to the extent of one hundred and seventy-six acres. In October, 1651, John Warren was fined twenty shillings for not complying with the law relating to baptism, and in 1661 the houses of "Old Warren" and "Goodman Hammond" were ordered to be searched for Quakers.


From Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of the State of Massachusetts, Volume 4 (Google eBook) William Richard Cutter, William Frederick Adams.  Page 2165:

Discredited pedigree

  • (X) Herbert IV, Count of Vermandois and Valois, died 1080, leaving a daughter
  • (XI) Adela de Vermandois, married Hugh the Great, son of Henry I, of France, and Count of Vermandois and Valois. They had a daughter
  • (XII) Elizabeth (Isabel), married William de Warren, second Earl of Surry, and Warrenne and Mortimer in Normandy. He was born about 1040 and died 1130. They had a son
  • (XIII) Reganal de Warrenne, married Adela, daughter of Roger de Mowbray. They had a son
  • (XIV) William de Warren, married Isabel, daughter of Sir William de Hayden, and had a son
  • (XV) Sir John de Warren, who married Alice, daughter of Roger de Townshend, and had a son
  • (XVI) John de Warrenne, married Joan, daughter of Sir Hugh de Post, and had a son
  • (XVII) Sir Edward de Warrenne, married Maud, daughter of Richard de Skeyton, and had a son
  • (XVIII) Sir Edward de Warren, married Cicely, daughter of Sir Nicholas de Eaton, and had a son
  • (XIX) Sir John de Warren, married Agnes, daughter of Sir Richard Wynnington, and had a son
  • (XX) Sir Laurence de Warren, married Margery, daughter of Hugh Bulkley Esquire, and had a son
  • (XXI) John de Warren, married Isabel, daughter of Sir John Stanley, and had a son
  • (XXII) Sir Lawrence de Warren, married Isabel, daughter of Sir Robert Leigh, in 1458, and had a son
  • (XXIII) William de Warren, by wife Anne had a son
  •  (XXIV) John de Warren, by wife Elizabeth had a son
  • (XXV) John Warren of Headbury, Devonshire, England, who had a son 
  • (XXVI) Christopher Warren, who had a son 
  • (XXVII) William Warren, married Anne Mable, and had a son 
  • (XXVIII) Christopher Warren, married Alice Webb, and had Not true
  • (XXIX) John Warren, married in England. Margaret, and came to New England in 1630, in the same fleet with Sir Richard Saltonstall. and settled at Watertown, Massachusetts.  
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Хронология Margaret Warren

Gloucestershire, England
Возраст 24
Huntley, Gloucestershire, England
апрель 1612
Возраст 25
Nayland, Suffolk Coutny, England
23 апреля 1615
Возраст 28
Nayland, Suffolk, England
25 июня 1619
Возраст 32
Nayland, Suffolk Coutny, England
20 апреля 1620
Возраст 33
Nayland, Suffolk, England
12 мая 1622
Возраст 35
Nayland, Suffolk, England, (Present UK)