Marjorie Douglas, Countess of Atholl

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Marjorie Douglas, Countess of Atholl

Псевдоним: "Marjorie (Douglas) Stewart Halyburton", "Baroness of Dacre"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Hermiston, East Lothian, Scotland
Смерть: Умер в Dirleton Castle, Dirleton Castle, Direleton, East Lothian, Scotland
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь Archibald Douglas "The Grim", 3rd Earl of Douglas и Joanna Moray, Lady of Drumersgard
Жена David Stewart, Duke of Rothesay и Sir Walter Halyburton, Lord Halyburton of Dirleton
Мать Sir John Halyburton, 1st/2nd Lord of Dirletoun; Walter Halyburton; William Halyburton, of Dirleton и Robert Halyburton, of Dirleton
Сестра Catherine Douglas; Joan Rutherford; Joan (Joanna) Douglas; Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas; James Douglas, 7th Earl of Douglas и ещё 1
Полукровная сестра William Douglas of Nithsdale; Lady Mary Kennerley и Joanna de Moray

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About Marjorie Douglas, Countess of Atholl

  • Marjory Douglas1,2
  • F, #4353
  • Father Sir Archibald Douglas, 3rd Earl of Douglas, Earl of Wigtown, Lord of Galloway & Bothwell2 b. c 1325, d. 24 Dec 1400
  • Mother Joanna Moray d. b Aug 1409
  • Marjory Douglas married David Stewart, Duke Rothesay, Earl Carrick & Atholl, Steward of Scotland, son of Sir Robert III Stewart, King of Scotland, Earl of Atholl & Carrick and Annabella Drummond, in February 1400 at Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland.3,2 Marjory Douglas married Sir Walter Haliburton, son of Sir John Haliburton and Margaret Cameron, in 1403.
  • Family 1 Sir Walter Haliburton d. b 10 May 1447
  • Children
    • John Halyburton, 1st Lord Haliburton+ d. a 5 Jul 1454
    • Margaret Halyburton+4
    • Walter Halyburton, Lord Halyburton+
  • Family 2 David Stewart, Duke Rothesay, Earl Carrick & Atholl, Steward of Scotland b. 24 Oct 1378, d. 26 Mar 1402
  • Citations
  • [S523] Unknown author, Burke's Guide to the Royal Family, p. 318.
  • [S4] Douglas Richardson, Royal Ancestry, Vol. I, p. 648.
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  • [S11620] The Douglas Archives.
  • From:


  • Name Marjory (Mary) Douglas
  • Born Abt 1377
  • Gender Female
  • Died 1421
  • Father Archibald The Grim (3rd Earl of Douglas) Douglas, b. Abt 1346, d. 24 Dec 1400 (Age ~ 54 years)
  • Mother Joan\Johana (of Strathearn) Moray, b. Abt 1350, d. Aug 1409, Threave Castle, Galloway (Age ~ 59 years)
  • Family 1 David (Duke of Rothesay) Stewart, b. 24 Oct 1378, d. 27 Mar 1402, Falkland Palace, Starved To Death By His Uncle Duke Of Albany (Age 23 years)
  • Married Feb 1399-1400
  • Family 2 Sir Walter (of Dirleton Castle) Halyburton, b. Abt 1380, d. Bef 5 Oct 1447 (Age ~ 67 years)
  • Married 1403
  • Children
    • 1. John (of Dirleton Castle) Halyburton, d. Between 31 Oct 1452 and 5 Jul 1454
    • 2. Walter Halyburton
    • 3. Robert Halyburton
    • 4. William Halyburton
    • 5. Jean (of Dirleton Castle) Halyburton
    • 6. George (of Gogar) Halyburton
    • 7. Margaret Halyburton
  • Sources
  • [S883] Hamish Maclaren.
  • From:


  • Archibald Douglas, Earl of Douglas and Wigtown, Lord of Galloway, Douglas and Bothwell, called Archibald the Grim or Black Archibald, was a late medieval Scottish nobleman. Archibald was the bastard son of Sir James "the Black" Douglas, Robert I's trusted lieutenant, and an unknown mother. .... etc.
  • Around 1362 Douglas married Joanna de Moravia, daughter of Maurice de Moravia, 1st Earl of Strathearn. They had four children.
    • Archibald Douglas, who succeeded as 4th earl
    • James Douglas, later the 7th earl
    • Marjory Douglas, married 1st David Stewart, Duke of Rothesay, 2nd Walter de Haliburton the Treasurer of Scotland
    • Helen, married Sir George de Lawedre of Haltoun,[14] Lord Provost of Edinburgh
  • Lord Douglas had an illegitimate son:
  • Sir William Douglas of Nithsdale (assassinated c. 1392), married Egidia Stewart daughter of Robert II
  • From:,_3rd_Earl_of_Douglas


  • David Stewart (24 October 1378 – 26 March 1402) was prince and heir to the throne of Scotland from 1390 and the first Duke of Rothesay from 1398. He was named after his great-great-uncle, David II of Scotland, and also held the titles of Earl of Atholl (1398–1402) and Earl of Carrick (1390–1402). He shares with his uncle and arch-rival, Robert Stewart, first Duke of Albany, the distinction of being first Dukes to be created in the Scottish Peerage. David never became King. His marriage to Marjorie Douglas, daughter of Archibald the Grim, the third Earl of Douglas, was without issue.
  • David Stewart, as eldest son of the King Robert III of Scotland and his Queen, Anabella Drummond, was heir to the throne of Scotland. In 1399, at the age of 21, he was appointed "Lieutenant" of the kingdom, partly due to the infirmity of his father and at a time of civil unrest and conflict with England. Although this gave him an opportunity to flex political muscle, his room for manoeuvre was significantly constrained, however, by a combination of youthful inexperience and the ultimately mortal rivalry of his uncle, Robert Stewart, who had been protector of the kingdom prior to David's lieutenancy. Albany was a ruthlessly effective politician with a well developed power base, and his designs on the throne were well understood. David's subsequent marriage to Marjorie, forming a Douglas alliance with the throne, also caused a serious rupture with George Dunbar the tenth Earl of March, whose daughter Elizabeth had originally been betrothed to the Prince. David is known to have involved himself in the political life of the kingdom, playing a role for instance in peace negotiations with John of Gaunt in the Marches.
  • .... etc.
  • From:,_Duke_of_Rothesay


  • Lady Marjorie Douglas1
  • F, #107987, d. before 11 May 1421
  • Last Edited=16 Jan 2016
  • Consanguinity Index=0.39%
  • Lady Marjorie Douglas was the daughter of Archibald Douglas, 3rd Earl of Douglas and Lady Joan Moray.1,2 She married, firstly, David Stewart, 1st and last Duke of Rothesay, son of Robert III Stewart, King of Scotland and Annabel Drummond, in February 1399/0 at Bothwell Church, Scotland.2 She married, secondly, Sir Walter Haliburton, son of Walter Haliburton and Lady Isabella Stewart, in 1403.2 She died before 11 May 1421.2 She died before 11 May 1421.3
  • As a result of her marriage, Lady Marjorie Douglas was styled as Countess of Atholl in February 1399/0. From February 1399/0, her married name became Stewart. From 1403, her married name became Haliburton.2
  • Children of Lady Marjorie Douglas and Sir Walter Haliburton
    • John Halyburton, 1st Lord Dirletoun+2 d. bt 1452 - 1454
    • Walter Haliburton, 1st of Pitcur+2 d. c 10 May 1447
    • Robert Haliburton2
    • William Haliburton2 d. a 1439
  • Citations
  • [S11] Alison Weir, Britain's Royal Families: The Complete Genealogy (London, U.K.: The Bodley Head, 1999), page 219. Hereinafter cited as Britain's Royal Families.
  • [S11] Alison Weir, Britain's Royal Families, page 227.
  • [S6] G.E. Cokayne; with Vicary Gibbs, H.A. Doubleday, Geoffrey H. White, Duncan Warrand and Lord Howard de Walden, editors, The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct or Dormant, new ed., 13 volumes in 14 (1910-1959; reprint in 6 volumes, Gloucester, U.K.: Alan Sutton Publishing, 2000), volume IV, page 383. Hereinafter cited as The Complete Peerage.
  • From:


Marjorie Douglas, daughter of Archibald the Grim, the third Earl of Douglas


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Хронология Marjorie Douglas, Countess of Atholl

Hermiston, East Lothian, Scotland
Возраст 34
Возраст 42
Dirleton Castle, Dirleton Castle, Direleton, East Lothian, Scotland
11 мая 1421
Возраст 44
Dirleton Castle, Dirleton Castle, Direleton, East Lothian, Scotland
Dirleton Castle, Dirleton Castle, Direleton, East Lothian, Scotland
Dirleton Castle, Dirleton Castle, Direleton, East Lothian, Scotland