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Mark Antony De Wolfe Howe

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Смерть: Умер
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Сын Mark Antony De Wolfe Howe и Eliza Whitney
Брат Wallis Eastburn Howe

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About Mark Antony De Wolfe Howe


Mark Antony De Wolfe Howe (also Anthony, DeWolf and Jr; August 28, 1864 in Bristol, Rhode Island – December 6, 1960 in Cambridge, Massachusetts) was an American editor and author.

Early life and education

In 1886, he graduated from Lehigh University and in 1887 from Harvard (A.M., 1888), where his son later taught law. He received an honorary Litt. D. from Lehigh in 1916.


He was the son of Bishop Mark Antony De Wolfe Howe.

He married Fanny Huntington Quincy (1870–1933), also an essayist and author, who was a sister to Josiah Quincy (1859–1919) and the daughter of Helen Fanny Huntington (1831–1903) & Josiah Phillips Quincy, poet, writer, and publicist.

He had two sons and one daughter: Quincy Howe (1900-1977), news analyst and author, Helen Huntington Howe (1905-1975), monologuist and novelist who married Reginald Allen, and Mark De Wolfe Howe (1906-1967), Harvard law professor, historian, biographer, civil rights leader.


He served as associate editor of the Youth's Companion from 1888 to 1893 and again from 1899 to 1913, as assistant editor of the Atlantic Monthly in 1893-1895, and as editor of the Harvard Alumni Bulletin until 1913. He was also Vice President of the Atlantic Monthly company from 1911 to 1929. As an author he won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography for Barrett Wendell and His Letters. He was the editor of Harvard Volunteers in Europe in 1916.

Published works


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Хронология Mark Antony De Wolfe Howe

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