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Martha Lord (Wentworth)

生日 (91)
出生地 Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
逝世 1776年2月7日 (87-95)
Kittery, York, Maine, United States

夫: Samuel Lord, Capt.
子女: Mary Hodson; Samuel Lord; John Lord; Abraham Lord; Ebenezer Lord, Deacon另外1个

管理员 Gwyneth McNeil

About Martha Lord

  • The Wentworth genealogy, comprising the origin of the name, the family in England, and a particular account of Elder William Wentworth, the emigrant, and of his descendants (1870)
  • XXI. William Wentworth, who it is believed, was identical with the New England emigrant, afterwards known as Elder Wentworth. As has been seen, he was baptized at Alford on the 15th of March, 1615-16, and, assuming the identity, it is a curious fact that he died on the eighty-first anniversary of his baptism, viz: the 15th March, 1696-7.
  • If there were two wives and the name of one was not Elizabeth, the first must have died prior to 18 November, 1666-7. There is a family tradition that when he was quite advanced in years he married a second wife, who was very young even to be married, and that he had children by both wives.
  • She was certain of hearing the family talk over about the second wife's youth, her inexperience, and her making no preparation for the birth of her first child, and that her own ancestor Timothy, was a child of the first wife. She thought Mrs. Elizabeth Tozer ws one of the children of the last wife. This Mary married Samuel Bracket, of limington, Me., and had a daughter Phebe Bracket, who assured the author, during the lifetime of her mother, as follows:
  • From the first time I consulted mother about the daughter of Ezekiel Knight, of Wells she thought she was the second wife of Elder William, and the more she has thought of it the more she has thought that she was a Knight; but she will not allow me to say for a certainty. Yet she is certain that Elder William had a second wife.
  • We first find Elder William with a wife Elizabeth in 1666-7. The same tradition that gives Elder Wentworth a second wife also gives Elizabeth as her first child, and Timothy as the last child of the previous wife; and also that he had children after he had had grandchildren. The first grandchild whose birth has been found recorded was born 1666; so it may be inferred that if he had a second wife he married her between 1660 and 1665, and that Mrs. Elizabeth Tozer and sons Ephraim and Benjamin were her children.
  • The order of the birth of the prior chldren would seem to be as follows: Samuel, John, Gershom, Ezekiel, Paul, Sylvanus, and Timothy. We know he had a child in 1640; and there is every probability that Ephraim and Benjamin were born after 1670, making a difference of over thirty years in the births of children, and creating a probability that there were two wives. And there may have been other children. Indeed under the head of the "Daughters of Elder William," the claims of Sarah, wife of Benjamin Barnard, to be his daughter, upon the ground that her children, left fatherless, call Paul Wentworth their uncle, are canvassed.
  • Paul Wentworth's wife was Catherine __; nothing else in known. If the following account of the Barnard family is correct, she could not have been a sister of Benjamin Barnard, who was son of John Barnard, of Watertown, Mass.:
    • Paul (6. V.), son of Elder William Wentworth, was the last son, so far as any accounts exist, to died. He was also among the elder of Elder William's children. If twenty-five years of age when his first child was born, in 1680, Paul would have been born in 1655.
    • Paul died, probably, in 1750, not far from ninety-five years of age.
    • All efforts to find the name of Paul's wife before marriage have proved unsuccessful. Perhaps the following may yet lead to it, although so far it has failed:
    • Paul Wentworth, of Rowley, Mass., is made guardian, 19 December 1705 of Sarah Barnhard, in her fifteenth year, and Benjamin Barnard, in his therteenth year, children of Benjamin (deceased and Sarah Barnard, of Watertown, Mass. Benjamin Barnard, senior, died 12 January, 1694; and his widow married, 12 January, 1698-9, Samuel Winch, of Framingham, Mass. Paul is called, in the papers on file, the uncle of these children. Bond's History of Watertown give the names of the sisters of Benjamin Barnard, but there is no Catherine among them. Paul's wife Catherine, therefore, must have been a sister to Barnard's wife Sarah; or, Barnard's wife Sarah must have been a sister of Paul Wentworth. This question has been considered in connection with the daughters of Elder William.
  • Paul's wife wife was living in 1726; but doubtless deceased before 1746, when Paul gave property to his son Benjamin.
    • The births of Paul's children were all recorded (as below) at one time, - sometime between 1718 and 1721. There is an evident error somewhere in the dates given to the first two children, but the author in unable to correct it, and follows the record.
    • Paul and Catherine Wentworth had children:
      • 37. I. William, born 25 December, 1680 [184]
      • 38. II. Sylvanus, born 28 February, 1681. [185]
      • 39. III. Paul, born 10 May, 1682. [187]
      • 40. IV. Ebenezer, born 18 Jun, 1683. [191]
      • 41. V. Martha, born 9 February, 1684 [5?] married in Kittery, Me., Samuel Lord. [198]
      • 42. VI. Mercy, born 18 July, 1686; baptized, in Rowley, Mass., May, 1697; married, 5 April 1707, John Chapman, of Rowley. Nothing more is known.
      • 43. VII. Aaron, born 1 January, 1687. [204]
      • 44. VIII. Moses, born 17 April, 1689; baptized, may 1697. Nothing found of him afterwards.
      • 45. IX. Mary, born 25 December, 1692; married Joseph Chapman, of Rowley. [213]
      • 46. X. Katherine, born 28 July, 1694; married Daniel Chapman. [221]
      • 47. XI. Sarah, born 8 April, 1697; married Colen Ffresior. [232]
      • 48. XII. Benjamin, born 28 December, 1698. [234]
      • 49. XIII. Edward, born 20 June, 1700. [241]
      • Martha3 (41. V.), daughter of Paul2 and Catherine Wentworth, born 9 February, 1684 ; married at Kittery, Me., 19 October, 1710, (by Rev. Jeremiah Wise), Capt. Samuel Lord. He was born 14 June, 1689, and was son of Nathan Lord who married, 22 November, 1678, Martha, daughter of Richard (senior) and Judith (Smith) Tozer. Samuel Lord made his will 23 February, 1761 ; he was dead before 7 September, 1764, when his widow made her will. He willed property to sons John, Nathan, Abraham, Samuel and Ebenezer, and to daughter Mary Grant. He willed to wife Martha, his dwelling-house in Quamphegan ; to son Abraham the farm which was formerly his uncle Tozer's, at Salmon Falls, meaning his (Samuel's) mother's brother, Richard Tozer, jr. ; and also meaning the farm where Richard, jr. built the garrison-house which still remains in South Berwick, near Salmon Falls. (See the account of Elder William1 Wentworth's daughters, for "Lord" and "Tozer.") Widow Martha3 made her will 7 September, 1764, which was proved October 1766. She willed property to the sons and daughter above mentioned, and to granddaughter Martha,
      • who married ___ Marshall. She willed to the second parish in Berwick, a pewter flagon ; and to
      • "my beloved brother William (37) Wentworth, one bed, bedstead, and bedding for his sole use and improvement during his natural life, and at his decease, I give and bequeath the said bed and bedding to Ebenezer Lord and heirs forever."
      • This implies that William3 did not go to Connecticut with his father.
      • Samuel and Martha3 (Wentworth) Lord had children as mentioned in wills :
        • 199. I. John4 Lord.
        • 200. II. Nathan4 Lord. [605]
        • 201. III. Abraham4 Lord. [608]
        • 202. IV. Samuel4 Lord.
        • 203. V. Ebenezer4 Lord, born about 1720. [614]
        • 204. VI. Mary4 Lord, who married ___ Grant.


  • A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing ... (1862) Vol. 4
  • WENTWORTH BENJAMIN, Dover, s. prob. youngest of William, by w. Sarah Allen, m. a. 1697, had William, b. 14 Aug. 1698; Sarah, 16 Apr. 1700; Tamasin, 4 Jan. 1702; Benjamin, 5 Dec. 1703; Ebenezer, 9 Sept. 1705; Susanna, 9 Dec. 1707; Joseph, 22 Dec. 1709; Eliz. 8 June 1712 ; Dorothy, 26 July 1714 ; Martha, 25 July 1716 ; Abra, 14 Feb. 1718; and Mark, 30 May 1720; and was drown, in the summer of 1728. EPHRAIM, Dover, br. perhaps youngest, of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Ephraim Miller, had sev. ch, but the geneal. in the Reg. IV. 327, owing to the lateness of bapt. in that ch. of sev. adults, so that gr.childr. seem to he confua. with ehildr. was exceeding, difflcult, and elud. the persever. dOig. of Hon. John W. of our day, wh. suppos. him to be the man, whose will of 16 Mar. 1738, was pro. 29 June 1748. EZEKIEL, Dover, perhaps fourth s. of Elder William, by w. Eliz. thot. confident, to be d. of Ezekiel Knight of Wells, was taxable at D. 1672, had six s. and two ds. prob. the foll. Paul, Thomas, John, Gershom, Eliz. Tamosine, William, and Benjamin, wh. is presum. to be the youngest, bapt. Sunday, 25 Nov. 1722, as capt. Benjamin W. and d. 1714. GERSHOM, Dover, perhaps third s. of William, taxable 1670, m. 18 Mar. 1696, Hannah French of Salisbury, there had Mary, b. 14 May 1697; Samuel, 5 Dec. 1699; soon aft. went again to D. there had Ezekiel, 4 Feb. 1702 ; and Gershom, 4 Apr. 1705 ; and John, wh. was k. by the Ind. at Rochester, with three others, 27 June 1746. He was deac. 1717, had good est. and d. 2 Mar. 1731, at Somersworth. JOHN, Dover, perhaps sec. s. of Elder William of the same, tax. 1668, sw. fidel. next yr. with his elder br. rem. 1675, or earlier, to York, there m. Martha, d. of Ephraim Miller of Kittery, had sev. ch. but where b. or when, can hardly be made out with any satisfact. From York he rem. to Falmouth, and betw. the first and sec. destr. of that town, i. e. a. 1685, his s. Charles was b. but an elder one, John, had been b. perhaps at Kittery or York, some time a. 1677. From the doomed Falmouth, in the gr. East. war, he had rem. to Dorchester, and spent the resid. of his days in the part since call. Canton, and there Edward, Shubael, Eliz. and Abigail, or most of the four may have been b. He was d. bef. Jan. 1710, when his wid. Martha, gave receipt in full to Judge Sewall, for all she had ever done for the Punkipaug Ind. Compare the discord. reports that the unwearied genealog. of the fam. (the Mayor of Chicago) had to encounter in Reg. IV. 327, VI. 213, and VIII. 246. PAUL, Dover, s, of William of the same, tax. there 1682, sold his est. at D. says the fam. acco. 15 Apr. 1696, then call. hims. of Newbury, but Mr.
  • Coffin omits him. He belong, to Rowley at that time, where eleven of his ch. by w. Catharine were bapt. 17 May 1696, said Farmer, but only ten had been b. at that time. However, he had thirteen, as he caused them to be put upon rec. at Norwich, whither he had rem. from New London, if Farmer be right, as he gives him recommend. from R. to that place, June 1707 ; but prob. Miss Caulkin's would not have been silent on so good a point, and we may presume his change was only from R. direct to Norwich. The ch. may have been b. at Dover, Newbury, or Rowley; but more import. is the name and date of ea. William, 25 Dec. 1680; Sylvanus, 28 Feb. 1682; Paul, 10 May 1682 (wh. or the two preced, must be wrong); Ebenezer, 18 June 1683; Martha, 9 Feb. 1685; Mercy, 18 July 1686; Aaron, 13 July 1687; Moses, 17 Apr. 1689; Mary, 25 Dec. 1692; Catharine, 28 July 1694; Sarah, 8 Apr. 1697; Benjamin, 28 Dec. 1698; and Edward, 20 June 1700. He was liv. May 1746 (but his w. was then d.), and d. bef. Jan. 1751. See Reg. VII. 265. SAMUEL, Dover, eldest s. of William of the same, tax. 1659, sw. fldel. 1669, freem. 1676, by w. Mary, whose fam. name was prob. Benning, and perhaps she was d. of Ralph, had Samuel, b. 9 Apr. 1666; Daniel, 21 Oct. 1669, d. at 21 yrs.; John, 16 Jan. 1672, wh. was made Lieut.-Gov. of the Prov.; Mary, 5 Feb. 1674; Ebenezer, 9 Apr. 1677 ; Dorothy, 27 June 1680 ; and Benning, 28 June 1682, d. young ; and the f. d. at Portsmouth, 25 Mar. 1690, of smallpox. In 1681 the Treasr. of Mass. was direct, to pay him £30. but the serv. is not ment. Rec. V. 317. His wid. m. next yr. Richard Martin, as his third w. SYLVANUS, Dover, one of the younger s. of Elder William of the same, it is said, m. at Rowley, 7 Nov. 1685, Eliz. Stewart, possib. d. of Duncan, but why the est. on wh. he was liv. 1693, was then giv. by his f. to s. Benjamin, unless he took dislike to Sylvanus, may be hard to conject. nor is any thing more told of him in the fam. acco. See Geneal. Reg. IV. 327 and VI. 213. TIMOTHY, Dover, br. of the preced. m. Sarah Cromwell, perhaps d. of Philip of Dover, tho. by extrav. tradit. she has been by some equal, ignorant and credul. thot. d. of Richard, Lord Protector, for short time, of Eng. rem. aft. 1702 to Berwick, there d. 17 July 1719, aged 70, says Geneal. Reg. VI. 213, but on the same p. a little lower, the writer wild. says 1748, and at Dover. His will of 3 May, pro. 8 July in that yr. 1719 as my memo. reads, ment. w. and ch. Timothy, Samuel, Mary, and Sarah. But his w. d. near the same time with him, it is said, and was bur. in the same gr. WILLIAM, Dover, rul. Elder, had first been at Exeter, 1639, in the orig. combina. with thirty-four others, and it may be that he had accomp. his fr. John Wheelwright across the ocean in 1636. He had foll. him from E. fo Wells, where he was made constable 1648, but in 1650 seems to have fix. his resid. at D.
  • where he was selectman 1665, as resolute for Mass. jurisdict. as he had been against it ; preach. in 1666, had w. Eliz, and ch. Samuel, b. 1641, perhaps at E perhaps at W.; John; Gershom; Ezekiel; Timothy ; Paul ; Sylvanus , Ephraim; and Benjamin ; yet the order of success. is conject. d. 16 Mar 1698, aged near 90, it is thot. His only d. Eliz. whose date of b. is uncert. but suppos. a. 1663, m Richard Tozer the sec. A plausible case for ano. d Sarah, was furnish. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 304, because Paul W. being guardian of those ch. by their own choice, as appears in Bond, 14, is call. uncle of Sarah and Benjam Barnard, ch. of Benjamin and Sarah B. To tlhis in the next vol. of Reg. p. 48 is repl. that perhaps the w. of Paul was a Barnard sis. of their f. and again it may be equal. prob. that their mo. was sis. of the w. of Paul ; so that the chance is two to one against the suppos. Six of this fam. as Farmer notes, had been gr. at Harv.




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Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States
Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
Kittery, York, Maine, United States
Kittery, York, Maine, United States
Kittery, York, Maine, United States
Berwick, York, Maine, United States
Berwick, York, Maine, United States