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Mary Davis (Meddowes)

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Lynn, Massachusetts Bay Colony
Смерть: Умер в Concord, Middlesex County, Province of Massachusetts
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь Philip Meadows и Elizabeth Meddowes
Жена Samuel Davis, Sr.
Мать John Davis; Mercy Davis; Sarah Cady; Samuel Davis, of Concord; Barnabus Davis и ещё 6
Сестра Hannah MEADOWS и Hannah Meadows

Профессия: House Wife
Менеджер: Private User
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About Mary Davis (Meddowes)

Mary Meddowes was born in 1641 in Lynn, Massachusetts Bay Colony, now Essex County.{5} She was the daughter of Philip Meddowes and Elizabeth Iggleden.{5,6}

Mary Meddowes married Samuel Davis, son of Dolor Davis and Margery Willard, on 11 January 1665/66 in Lynn, Massachusetts Bay Colony.{2,1,3,4}

Mary Meddowes died on 20 October 1710 in Concord, Province of Massachusetts Bay.{7,3}

Mary was also known as Medos or Meddowes.

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Mary Davis (Meddowes), born Abt. l639 in Lynn, Essex Co., MA. died October 17, 1710 in Concord, Middlesex Co., MA; married Samuel Davis. Mary (Medos) (Meddowes) Davis (born Meddowes) Birth: 1639 - Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts Death: 3 OCT 1710 - Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts Parents: Philip Meddowes, Elizabeth Meddowes (born IGGLEDEN) Sister: Hannah MEADOWS Husband: Samuel DAVIS Children: Marcy DAVIS, Mary DAVIS, Daniel DAVIS, Mercy DAVIS, Mary (Marcy) DAVIS, Eleazer DAVIS, Simon DAVIS (DAVIES), Stephen DAVIS

Dolor Davis A Sketch of his Life With A Record of his Earlier Descendants by Horace Davis printed in 1881 page 40 the paragraph is a direct quote it states: " Samuel Davis, son of Dolor and Margery, birth unknown; married at Lynn, January 11, 1665 or 66, Mary Meddowes. She died at Concord, October 3, 1710. Samuel married second wife October 18, 1711, Ruth Taylor. Ruth died August 6, 1720. Samuel was a freeman March 21, 1689 or 90. He settled in that part of Concord which afterward became Bedford, and his homestead is owned by his descendants to-day. He is my lineal ancestor , (Mine too) and I visited his farm on the back road ( now this description is back in 1881 or so) from Concord to Bedford, about three miles from Concord, on the edge of the river meadow. A well is there which Samuel is said to have dug. Mr. Benjamin J. Davis, the owner of the property, kindly loaned me some ancient deeds, dating from 1694 to1712, and containing signatures of Samuel Davis and some of his family. From these I learned that he was still living March 15, 1714, and had already settled upon his sons most of his land during his own lifetime. Samuel's name sometimes appears on the Concord records, but he took little part in public affairs. In his deeds he styles himself husbandman and yeoman. The date of his death and place of burial are unknown."

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Хронология Mary Davis (Meddowes)

Lynn, Massachusetts Bay Colony
10 март 1664
Возраст 25
Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
27 октября 1666
Возраст 27
Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States
12 август 1667
Возраст 28
Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
21 января 1669
Возраст 30
Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
17 апреля 1672
Возраст 33
Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
26 март 1673
Возраст 34
Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Bay Colony
Возраст 36
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States
12 август 1677
Возраст 38
Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States